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Lot # Description Catalogue Value
or Estimate
1 Australia #45-52, 54, 60-62, 121-127, 206. Used collection of 18 different (21 stamps total) 1915 to 1932 issue Kangaroos (plus a few George Heads) all hinged on the two original quadrille album pages. The odd fault noted but otherwise a decent selection of Aussie Earlies. 2018 Scott US$631.00= $788.75 $100.00
2 Australia - Mint NH Selection. Over 1,500 duplicated F/VF mint NH stamps, mostly late GeoVI period to 1980s QEII issues. All laid out on seven double-sided Vario brand stocksheets. Fresh, post office "new issue" quality throughout. Noted a good number of premium value SG listed "coil perf" pairs and blocks, all conservatively valued by basic Scott catalogue. Lots of complete sets and no damaged material. A great lot to use as a basis for expansion, with some elusive "goodies" in the mix. Owner's 2016/2018 Scott US$855.00= $1,068.75 $210.00
3 British Commonwealth - 1937 GeoVI Coronation Omnibus. The complete Omnibus series for the 1937 KGVI Coronation (Scott design CD 302), plus all the additional non-common design types (including the long Newfie set). All fresh, fault-free and VF mint LH. Neatly hinged on quadrille pages in a small format special Coronation springback album. 189 stamps total. 2018 Scott US$173.85= $217.31 $100.00
4 British Commonwealth - Commonwealth Conference Collection. Archival quality VF mint NH 1983 issue Commonwealth Conference commemorative sets and souvenir sheets from dozens of different countries and colonies plus two additional Post Office authorized presentation proof sheets (Falkland Islands and Canada). All neatly laid out in a deluxe, specially prepared and profusely annotated "Commonwealth Collection" album with matching slipcase. The extra specially prepared items in this collection include a Falkland Islands presentation print and a Canadian $2.00 presentation black print (only 20,000 of each produced). HUGE original issue price in 1983. The sun will never set on this collection! Estimate $200.00 $110.00
5 Canada #4 (x 2), 7. Mixed condition trio of 1852-1855 imperf pence issues. The 3p Beavers are in decent shape but the 10p Cartier has significant damage. 2018 Scott US$2,900.00= $3,625.00 $120.00
6 Canada #4c. Fine used example of the 1852 issue 3p Beaver imperf on horizontally ribbed machine made paper. An elusive pence issue paper type. Note clear Sock-on-the-Nose 7 ring target cancel. The ribbing is easily seen when the stamp is in watermark fluid. 2018 Scott US$575.00= $718.75 $46.00
7 Canada #9. F/VF appearing used example of the 1857 issue 7p yellow green imperforate Victoria. Nice light face-free cancel. Faults including shallow thins but still a very attractive key Canadian Classic. 2018 Scott US$3,500.00= $4,375.00 $450.00
8 Canada #12. Moderately cancelled, Fine used example of the 1858 issue 3p red Beaver "perforated pence" stamp. A rare Canadian classic with a very short period of use, missing from most collections. 2018 Scott US$1,350.00= $1,687.50 $270.00
9 Canada #14 // 19. Study lot of 17 used "First Cents" issues, many with faults. Owner has noted many Unitrade catalogue listed subtypes (some that I don't agree with). All catalogued as basic Scott types. Owner's 2010 Scott US$1,870.00= $2,337.50 $110.00
10 Canada #15. Shades and Varieties. Twenty used 5c Beavers from a long-time, old-time study and auction purchase group of 1959 "First Cents" series. Includes paper types, imprints, plate flaws, marginal examples, etc. Expect some faults in a lot of this type but all the stamps have been conservatively valued as the basic type as listed in Scott catalogue. Sure to be finds! 2018 Scott US$750.00= $937.50 $170.00
11 Canada #15P. Superb quality imperforate plate proof of the 1859 issue 5c beaver in vermilion, on india paper with card backing. 2017 Unitrade. $300.00 $90.00
12 Canada #18, 18a, 18ii. Clean, used no fault shade and perforation trio consisting of yellow green #18 (12 x 12), blue green 18a (11.75 x 12) and green #18ii (12 x 11.75). 2018 Scott US$380.00= $475.00 $100.00
13 Canada #22. Fresh and VF mint no gum example of the 1868 issue 1c brown red Large Queen. Very well centered, the odd shorter perf noted for the record. 2018 Scott US$800.00= $1,000.00 $110.00
14 Canada #22b. Fresh and Fine mint example of the 1868 issue 1c brown red Large Queen on thin paper. Sond stamp, the trace of gum is probably not original. 2018 Scott US$950.00= $1,187.50 $85.00
15 Canada #24, 24b, 24iv. Study lot of eleven used examples of the 2c green Large Queen, further identified by knowledgeable collector for papers, perfs and shades. All with faults (as noted), still an excellent reference group. Owner's 2010 Scott US$1,045.00= $1,306.25 $80.00
16 Canada #25, 25i, 25viii. Used and faulty study group of 18 x 3c Large Queens, all further identified for papers, perfs and shades by a knowledgeable collector. Owner's 2010 Scott US$675.00= $843.75 $34.00
17 Canada #26, 26a, 26iv. Decent looking but all faulty used study lot of 20 x 5c Large Queens, all identified by a very knowledgeable and exacting collector for perfs, shades, paper types and relative condition. The #26a varieties (perf 11.9 x 12.1) are what most people accept as the 12 x 12 type but are priced here as the cheaper 11.5 x 12 types. All catalogued by Scott as basic #26 types. Owner's 2010 Scott US$3,800.00= $4,750.00 $240.00
18 Canada #28, 28v. Mixed condition used group of 7 x the 12.5c Large Queen, all with legible dates. Knowledgeable collector has further identified and described each stamp for papers, perfs and shades as well as for relative condition. All catalogued as basic #28 as per Owner's 2010 Scott US$805.00= $1,006.25 $120.00
19 Canada #28a. Fresh and F/VF used example of the watermarked 12c blue Large Queen, showing portions of the letters "M" and "A" of the E. & G. BOTHWELL CLUTHA MILLS watermark. Moderately cancelled and very decently centered. 2018 Scott US$800.00= $1,000.00 $170.00
20 Canada #29 Shades, 30, 30a. Sound and F/VF mint quartet of 15c Large Queens, consisting of two grey violet/lilac types (both no gum), as well as the later grey and blue grey types (both OG Hinged). 2018 Scott US$360.00= $450.00 $90.00
21 Canada #29c. Fine/VF appearing rare used WATERMARKED example of the 15c grey violet Large Queen showing a portion of the "S" of the watermark at bottom. Note clear 2-ring "8" cancel (Ottawa). The stamp has perf faults at right, noted for the record. 2018 Scott US$1,250.00= $1,562.50 $350.00
22 Canada #34 (x 18), 35 (x 5), 36, 42, 43. Mint group of Queen Victoria Small Queens, generally sound and Fine. Mixed NH, Hinged and no gum (the #46 is no gum). Some variety in shades and papers in the c and 1c values. 2018 Scott US$1,391.00= $1,738.75 $95.00
23 Canada #34/680 plus Back of the Book. All mint (mostly Hinged, a few no gum noted in the earlies) collection of 469 stamps, 1870 to 1975 period issues. Not many complete sets and faults are to be expected. The stamps are all contained in a large format Darnell Canada album with pages to the end of 1975. See the detailed hand written inventory for more details, including the higher catalogue valued items. 2018 Scott US$1,917.35= $2,396.69 $65.00
24 Canada #35. Mint accumulation of 28 x 1c Small Queens. The odd small fault noted but generally sound and Fine OG H / NH. A good lot for the plate flaw flyspecker, paper and shade collector. Owner's 2010 Scott US$1,330.00= $1,662.50 $140.00
25 Canada #35 (x 6), 36 (x 21), 41 (x 11). Very mixed condition selection of mint 1c, 2c and 3c Small Queens. Stamps run from sound and NH to small faults and no gum. A pretty looking group. Owner's 2010 Scott US$2,520.00= $3,150.00 $120.00
26 Canada #35, 53, 74, 90A, 97, 135, 156, J6. A top quality septet of VF mint NH 1897 to 1930 period issues, plus a VF mint full OG VLH 1c orange yellow Small Queen. Unitrade catalogue is $840.00 for the VF mint LH/NH group. 2018 Scott US$497.50= $621.88 $110.00
27 Canada #38. Just Fine mint OG NEVER HINGED example of the 5c slate green Small Queen, the key 1876 prinitng. Comes with a 2011 Vincent Graves Greene photo certificate which states in part "OG, NH, genuine in all respects". 2018 Scott Classic for NH US$2,000.00= $2,500.00 $130.00
28 Canada #38, 39, 42, 43, 44. Used accumulation/study of 5c, 6c and 8c Queen Victoria Small Queens. Consists of early and late printings/shades, various perfs and papers (including better), with decent cancel interest also. All valued as the basic stamp, with #38 (x 29), #39 (x 27), #42 (x 66), #43 (x 24) and #44 (x37). Expect a few faults in the mix due to the nature of a lot of this type. 2018 Scott US$2,429.00= $3,036.25 $210.00
29 Canada #42, 43. Fresh and VF mint examples of the later printing 5c grey and 6c red brown Queen Victoria "Small Queens". Both no gum, otherwise a sound and attractive duo. 2018 Scott US$470.00= $587.50 $95.00
30 Canada #44c. Fine mint OG Hinged example of the gray shade of the 8c Small Queen. 2018 Scott US$300.00= $375.00 $40.00
31 Canada #46, 47. Fresh and F/VF mint no gum examples of the 1893 issue 20c vermilion and 50c deep blue Queen Victoria "Widows Weeds" high values. The 50c value is particularly well centered. 2018 Scott US$850.00= $1,062.50 $80.00
32 Canada #50P. Superb sheet margin proof pair in the jet black colour of issue of the c 1897 Jubilee issue. Archival quality. Fewer than 500 pairs exist. 2017 Unitrade. $180.00 $110.00
33 Canada #51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 59, 60. Unchecked accumulation of used 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee issues (received in glassine envelopes but laid out by us for your inspection). The lot consists of the 1c orange (x 50), the 2c green (x 25), the 3c rose (x 74), the 5c deep blue (x 15), the 8c dark violet (x 19), the 20c vermilion (x 7) and the 50c ultramarine (x 2). Offered as received. Expect faults in a lot of this nature, but valued by Scott as the basic types/shades with no checking of plate varieties papers or shades. 2018 Scott US$4,675.00= $5,843.75 $140.00
34 Canada #52. Fresh and F/VF mint NH upper sheet margin "OTTAWA - No - 8" inscription block of four of the 2c green 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee. Conservatively valued by Scott catalogue as four mint NH singles but plate pieces are scarce and worth a premium. Very fragile and separating along the perfs. 2018 Scott US$370.00= $462.50 $110.00
35 Canada #52P. Select quality imperf proof pair in rich dark green of the 2c 1897 Jubilee issue. Fewer than 500 pairs exist, especially as nice a pair as this. 2017 Unitrade. $130.00 $95.00
36 Canada #54. Perfectly centered VF mint NH upper sheet margin pair of the 5c deep blue 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee issue with full "OTTAWA - No - 10" inscription in the selvedge at top. Some minor perf separation noted and there is some hinge residue in the selvedge but any kind of Jubilee plate piece is worth a premium. Unitrade is $600.00 for the two perfect VF mint NH stamps alone. 2018 Scott US$360.00= $450.00 $210.00
37 Canada #54, 59. Two different fresh and Fine mint NH 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee issues, consisting of the 5c deep blue and 20c vermilion values. 2018 Scott US$830.00= $1,037.50 $80.00
38 Canada #55. Sound, fresh and Fine "Sock on the Nose" CDS used example of the 1897 issue 6c yellow brown Queen Victoria Jubilee. 2018 Scott US$175.00= $218.75 $20.00
39 Canada #55P. Archivally fresh VF+ quality imperforate proof of the 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee 6c value in the rich yellow brown colour of issue. This is the key low value Jubilee proof, with only 600 printed. Pristine condition, even without any hinge mark on the reverse. 2017 Unitrade. $350.00 $110.00
40 Canada #56. Fresh and Fine MNH upper sheet margin pair of the 1897 issue 8c dark violet Queen Victoria Jubilee issue with full "OTTAWA - No - 20" plate inscription in selvedge. Vibrant deep shade. The left hand stamp has a small pinpoint gum thin noted for the record. Jubilee plate pieces are scarce to rare. Conservatively valued as one NH stamp only but worth more. 2018 Scott US$325.00= $406.25 $85.00
41 Canada #61. The 1897 issue $1.00 Jubilee, mint hinged with one tiny pulled perf at botom. Rich colour and well centered. 2018 Scott US$1,000.00= $1,250.00 $190.00
42 Canada #62. Vibrantly fresh, MNH, rich dark purple shade of the 1897 issue $2.00 Jubilee. A welcome addition to any 19th century collection. 2018 Scott US$1,400.00= $1,750.00 $400.00
43 Canada #65. Very Fine 1897 $5.00 olive green Jubilee with perfect centering. MNH but small area of gum disturbance at bottom and counted as MH. Unitrade cataloghue value for VF MH is $2,000.00. Fresh! 2018 Scott US$1,500.00= $1,875.00 $925.00
44 Canada #66-73, 74-84, 89-95. All used and generally F/VF complete sets of the 1897-1898 Queen Victoria "Leaf", 1898-1902 Queen Victoria "Numeral" and 1903-1908 "Edwards". 2018 Scott US$699.05= $873.82 $65.00
45 Canada #74, 77a. Two F/VF mint Queen Victoria "Numeral" multiples, consisting of a 3NH/1LH block of four of the 1/2c black and an upper left corner sheet margin strip of three of the 2c carmine (Type II). 2018 Scott US$607.50= $759.75 $42.00
46 Canada #84. Fresh and Fine mint NH margin example of the 1900 issue 20c olive green high value Queen Victoria "Numeral". A good looking Victorian era showpiece. 2018 Scott US$1,300.00= $1,625.00 $160.00
47 Canada #85i. VF mint NH JUMBO margin example of the 1898 issue 2c Xmas stamp with the Unitrade listed grey oceans. This is the world's first Christmas stamp and a real beauty to boot! 2017 Unitrade. $180.00 $95.00
48 Canada #89-95, 90A (pair). Complete set of the 1903-1908 KEVII issue including the 2c imperforate in a pair. All Mint hinged with hinge remnant. The 5c has no gum and the 10c is regummed. 2018 Scott US$ $2,825.00 $210.00
49 Canada #90A, 131iv, 137, MR6. VF quality quartet of very scarce used EdwardVII and GeoV period items. Consisting of imperf pairs of the 2c carmine Edward and 2c green Admiral, the "Toronto Experimental" 1c green Admiral coil, used on piece and a strip of three of the 2c + 1c carmine War Tax coil (valued as a used pair plus one single). A difficult group to duplicate. 2017 Unitrade. $425.00 $95.00
50 Canada #94, 94i. The 1903 issue 20c EdwardVII in the normal and dark shades of olive green. #94 is VF M OG with light HR and 94i is used VF with a light blue (possibly Vancouver) cancel. 2017 Unitrade is $1,320.00. Hard to find a nicer looking pair. 2018 Scott US$850.00= $1,062.50 $100.00
51 Canada #96i-103. Select quality, all CDS used complete set of 1908 Quebec Tercentenary commemoratives. Note that the c value is the Unitrade listed Major Re-entry and that all the dates of usage are within the proper period of use. The owner's Unitrade value is $917.00 for this group. Seldom offered this nice. 2018 Scott US$694.00= $867.50 $190.00
52 Canada #103. Fresh and VF mint full OG Very LH example of the 1908 issue 20c yellow brown "Arrival of Cartier" high value from the Quebec Tercentenary commemorative set. Rich original colour, pristine and impeccable original gum except for the tiny hinge mark. Unitrade is $400.00 for VF mint H. 2018 Scott US$250.00= $312.50 $95.00
53 Canada #105. Fresh and F/VF MNH block of 10 of the 1c yellow KGV Admiral, Die I, wet printing. An attractive Admiral multiple, with some very nice individual stamps in the block. 2018 Scott US$600.00= $750.00 $110.00
54 Canada #116, 117, 118. VF mint OG Hinged/HR trio of all three 1912 to 1925 issue 10c Admirals, consisting of the plum, blue and bistre brown shades. 2018 Scott US$362.50= $453.13 $80.00
55 Canada #122. Fresh and VF centered mint NH sheet margin straight-edge pair of the 1925 issue $1.00 orange high value GeoV Admiral, dry printing. 2018 Scott US$480.00= $600.00 $75.00
56 Canada #140. The 2 line overprinted 2 cent Admiral. Post office fresh VFNH block of 4 and a VF single. 2017 Unitrade is $500.00 for these. Hard to find better centered than this! 2018 Scott US$237.50= $296.90 $80.00
57 Canada #149-157. Fresh and F/VF mint NH partial 1928-1929 issue GeoV "Scroll" set, from the 1c value up to and including the 20c value. A great start to a Never Hinged set. 2018 Scott US$427.00= $533.75 $80.00
58 Canada #149-159, 160-161. Mint 1928-1929 complete GeoV Scroll set plus both coils. Mixed MH and MNH. The MNH stamps are #149-154, 157 and 160. The 50c and $1.00 are not particularly nice. 2018 Scott US$920.00= $1,150.00 $90.00
59 Canada #155, 156, 157. Trio of VF quality MNH medium value KGV Scroll issues consisting of the 10c, 12c and 20c values. Unitrade is $410.00 for the VF mint NH group. 2018 Scott US$247.50= $309.38 $75.00
60 Canada #160. VF MNH pair of the 1929 issue 1c orange KGV "Scroll" coil. Unitrade for this quality is $240.00. 2018 Scott US$150.00= $187.50 $50.00
61 Canada #162-174. VF mint NH examples of the 1c to 12c values from the 1930-1931 KGV "Arch" issue. Unitrade is $360.00 for the VF mint NH group. A nice start to a NH "Arch" set. 2018 Scott US$237.00= $296.25 $100.00
62 Canada #177. Fresh and VF MNH example of the $1.00 dark olive green Mount Edith Cavell high value from the 1930-1931 KGV Arch issue. A choice quality stamp, worthy of a first-rate collection. Nice large margins. Unitrade is $600.00 for VF MNH. 2018 Scott US$350.00= $437.50 $230.00
63 Canada #217-227. VF MNH complete 1935 issue GeoV "Champlain" set of eleven. Unitrade is $292.50 for a VF mint NH set. A select quality group. 2018 Scott US$200.60= $250.75 $110.00
64 Canada #258, 260. VF mint NH plate blocks of two different 1942 GeoVI "War" issues consisting of the 13c dull green "Ram Tank" (plate 1, lower right position) and the 20c chocolate "Corvette Ready for Launching" (plate 1, upper left position). Both blocks are Post Office fresh and have pristine and unblemished gum. 2018 Unitrade. $202.50 $75.00
65 Canada #268. VF mint NH matched sets of plate #1 and plate #2 plate blocks of the 1946 "Peace Issue" 8c red brown Eastern Farm Scene. This is the complete run of plates for this issue. 2017 Unitrade. $153.00 $130.00
66 Canada #271. VF mint NH matched sets of plate #1 and plate #2 plate blocks of the 1946 "Peace Issue" 20c slate black Combine Harvester. This is the complete run of plates for this issue. 2017 Unitrade. $360.00 $140.00
67 Canada #273. Post Office fresh and VF mint NH lower left position plate #1 plate block of the 1946 Peace Issue $1.00 red violet "Train Ferry". A choice quality block. 2017 Unitrade. $450.00 $160.00
68 Canada #274/324. Mint collection of early 1947-1953 period stamps, 693 stamps total, mostly in matched sets of plate blocks. Unfortunately many have been lightly to moderately stuck down to the quadrille album pages. A test of some of the pages showed that quite a few stamps could probably be salvaged by rolling the page on a table edge. Valued as stamps only, not as plate blocks. 2018 Scott US$346.85= $433.56 $22.00
69 Canada #274/394 Plate Blocks. F/VF condition lightly duplicated mint selection of 38 different 1947 to 1961 period issues, 103 plate blocks in total. Noted quite a few different plate positions. See the scan of the owner's inventory list for the full story. Total Unitrade catalogue $457.60 $65.00
70 Canada #286/779, O19. Mint NH collection of early 1940s to 1970s period stamps, all in fresh and F/VF matched sets of plate blocks. All neatly organized and stored in one Unisafe brand stockbook. See the scan of the owner's hand-written inventory list for the full story. 2017 Unitrade. $733.50 $55.00
71 Canada #362, 363. Archival quality VF mint NH matched sets of blocks of 25 (half sheets of each corner position) of the 1956 issue 20c green Paper Industry (plate #2) and the 25c red Chemical Industry (plate #1). Valued as matched sets of plate blocks and 84 VFNH singles for each value. As fresh and pristine as the day they were printed. 2017 Unitrade. $462.60 $32.00
72 Canada #519-523, 524-528, 522i, 525i. Complete se-tenant sheets of 100 of the 1970 issue 5c and 6c Christmas stamps featuring the much sought after identical centre blocks of four and all sorts of Darnell listed identical pairs (not counted here). Each sheet is valued by Unitrade as one centre block, four plate blocks of ten, eight strips of five and sixteen singles. The 6c in the centre block has the "scratch through window" and the 5c in the centre block has the "dot between M and A". Each VF MNH sheet is brilliantly pristine and unfolded (most sheets we see have usually been folded, usually through the block). 2017 Unitrade. $564.00 $150.00
73 Canada #586/1364b. Well organized collection of 1973 to 1998 period issues, in mint VF NH singles, complete booklets, panes, souvenir sheets, plate blocks and coil strips. All laid out in three big fat stockbooks. The face values tend to run between 8c and 45c, with numerous higher face values. A varied and high quality lot of modern mint material. Total face value $1,201.71 $575.00
74 Canada #1174a. VF MNH matched set of inscription blocks of the rare Slater Paper perf 13.1 x 13.1 (1989) printing of the 59c Musk Ox from the popular "Mammals" series. 2018 Unitrade. $260.00 $100.00
75 Canada #1174i. VF mint NH matched set of plate blocks of the Autumn of 1989 printing of the 59c Musk Ox, Slater paper, perf 14.4 x 13.8. Unitrade notes that imprint blocks of this perf and paper variety are very scarce. 2017 Unitrade. $1,000.00 $425.00
76 Canada #1283a-1286b. Eight complete sets of all four 1990 issue Petro Canada 39c "Majestic Forests" mini-panes of four, all VF MNH. These panes were produced as a special promotion for Petro Canada. Getting hard to find. 2017 Unitrade. $400.00 $60.00
77 Canada #1407ai. Two examples of the famous Canada '92 "Signature Sheet", both VF MNH. Only 10,000 sheets issued. Printed for the CANADA '92 program, these souvenir sheets are printed on a distinctive paper stock and bear the marginal signature "Paul de Chomedy, Sieur de Maisonneuve". Listed in all major catalogues and illustrated in most albums. Needless to say missing from most collections. A nice little investment duo. 2017 Unitrade. $250.00 $80.00
78 Canada #1534ii. VF mint NH lower left position inscription block of four of the unissued 1992 Xmas 52c rate stamp. This stamp was produced for a proposed rate change that was postponed until a later date. A few of these 52c stamps somehow got out of the post office and into private hands. A very rare modern variety inscription block. 2017 Unitrade. $950.00 $350.00
79 Canada #1660ai, 2201a, BK251Aa (x 2). VF mint NH group of better 1997 to 2010 period Unitrade listed items, consisting of the limited edition overprinted Canada/Russia "Series of the Century" booklet pane of 10 (with folder and certificate), the 52c "Year of the Pig" Lunar New Year commemorative missing gold error and the provisionally overprinted Olympic themed "Vancouver 2010" booklet of 30 (x 2). 2017 Unitrade. $320.00 $95.00
80 Canada #1812i, 1813i, 1814i, 1818-1834. VF mint NH complete set of all seventeen December 1999 to March 2000 issue Millennium panes of four plus the 42c, 55c and 95c panes of one issued in October 1999. The panes of four were issued in response to collector criticism regarding a hardcover book containing the 68 stamps which sold at a premium to the face value. Total face value of the mint stamps in this lot is $33.24. Getting hard to find. 2017 Unitrade. $175.50 $60.00
81 Canada #1837ii, 1934ii, 1970ii, 2016ii, 2084ii, 2141ii, 2202ii. VF condition septet of Unitrade listed uncut press sheets, all Lunar New Year issues. The group consists of the 2000 Year of the Dragon, the 2002 Year of the Horse, the 2003 Year of the Ram, the 2004 Year of the Monkey, the 2005 Year of the Rooster, the 2006 Year of the Dog and the very hard to find 2007 Year of the Pig. The uncut sheets are all still in the original Canada Post mailing tubes. The total official issue price of the seven uncut press sheets is $186.65. 2017 Unitrade. $565.00 $110.00
82 Canada #2642ii, 2642. VF mint NH 2013 issue "Chinatown Gates" IMPERFORATE souvenir sheet of 8. This special and limited edition sheet was only available in the "Chinatown Gates Collection" and was overlooked as a major modern variety by most collectors. Only 8,888 issued. A real "sleeper" item, undervalued in Unitrade. Normal sheet included for comparison. Note that this imperforate variety ALWAYS sells for close to (and sometimes over) full catalogue. 2017 Unitrade. $194.00 $130.00
83 Canada #BK111A. VF quality investment group of 10 intact examples of the scarce March 1990 issue 50c Flag booklet, all perf 12.5 x 13 (perf change). 2017 Unitrade. $500.00 $55.00
84 Canada #BK623. Hoodoos Booklets. Two 2015 issue UNESCO World Heritage Sites Booklets. Both in VF mint condition. These examples of the rare recalled $7.20 self-adhesive booklet of six x $1.20 stamps each include two of the mis-identified "Hoodoos" stamps. Withdrawn from post offices in a panic by Canada Post, not many reached private hands. This booklet duo will be perfect for exhibition and display, as the wrong "Hoodoo" is also illustrated on the booklet cover. Estimate $150.00 $100.00
85 Canada #C1-C9. Fresh and VF mint NH complete set of 1928-1948 airmail issues. A very attractive quality mint run. Unitrade is $405.25 for a VF mint NH set. 2018 Scott US$215.00= $268.75 $65.00
86 Canada #C1-C9, CE1-CE4, CL8/CL52. Fresh, sound and F/VF mint H/NH lightly duplicated selection of 1926 to 1949 period Airmails, Special Delivery Airmails, Official Airmails and Semi-Official Airmails, including multiples. The lot also includes a set of four rouletted post-contemporary proofs of #CL42 in different colours (valued at $25.00). All laid out for visual inspection on two Hagner brand stocksheets. See the scan of the hand written inventory for more lot details. Total Scott/Unitrade catalogue value. $843.13 $70.00
87 Canada #C2. Fresh and F/VF mint NH block of four of the 1930 issue 5c olive brown Mercury airmail. Small gum wrinkle in the upper left stamp noted for the record, otherwise pristine and unblemished Never Hinged gum. 2018 Unitrade US$480.00= $600.00 $42.00
88 Canada #F2. Exceptionally well centered and fresh mint full OG, VERY VERY Light Hinge example of the 1876 issue 5c green Registration stamp. Barest trace of a hinge mark is noticeable (under magnification) at the upper right corner of the stamp. As nice a mint example of this classic "Back of the Book" issue you will see without paying triple for NH gum! Unitrade is $200.00 for mint Hinged. 2018 Scott US$150.00= $187.05 $210.00
89 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FCF1-FCF5. VF MNH set of all 5 Consular Fee revenue stamps, issued 1949-1971 and used on passports and consular documents. Superb centering throughout, including the key 25c blue (though with small corner thin on front at lower right). One of the most difficult revenue sets to find complete, this quintet has great colour freshness and eye appeal. 2017 Van Dam catalogue retail value. $1,028.50 $110.00
90 Canada #FWH1, FWH1d, FWH2, FWH3, FWH5, FWH6, FWH8, FWH10, FWH11, FWH12, FWH13, FWH21, QW3 (DQ5). Twelve Wildlife Habitat Conservation "Duck" booklets between 1985/2005, including the 1985 booklet signed by artist Robert Bateman and the Provincial Quebec 1990 Duck booklet of the "Common Loon". Also includes mint Postal Stationery cards Webb #VC1-VC5 (Manitoba), a First Day Cover of #1528 and the NHL All Star Eddie Shore (#101b under Thematic Collections). 2017 Unitrade and Webb combined. $553.95 $60.00
91 Canada #FWH3d. George McLean ARTIST SIGNED intact and VF condition 1987 issue $6.50 "On the Wing - Canada Geese" Federal Wildlife Conservation stamp booklet. This signed "Duck" booklet is listed in Unitrade and was listed in the 2005 Darnell catalogue but was not listed in the Van Dam catalogue (probably due to a typo) until the latest 2017 edition. The signed booklet is accompanied by a regular unsigned booklet for comparison. According to both Unitrade and Van Dam, this is the second best artist signed booklet (after the Bateman signed #FWH1d). The catalogue value total here is for both booklets. 2017 Unitrade. $125.00 $28.00
92 Canada #J1-5, J6-J10, J11-J14, J15-J20 plus extras. Mint H/NH (plus one no gum #J3) complete run of all the 1906 to 1965 period "purple postage dues", plus a few extras for shades and papers. Noted the odd small fault but all have been conservatively valued as Hinged basic types. 2018 Scott US$664.50= $830.63 $200.00
93 Canada #J11-J14. Post office fresh and select quality VF mint NH complete set of the 1933-1934 issue postage dues. Unitrade is $230.00 for a VF NH set. 2018 Scott US$115.50= $144.38 $120.00
94 Canada #MR6, MR7, MR7a. Mint trio of 1916 issue GeoV War Tax coils. Consisting of Hinge Remnant singles of #MR6 and #MR7a plus a NH pair of #MR7. 2018 Scott US$570.00= $712.50 $55.00
95 Canada #O1-O10, CO1, EO1. Fresh and VF mint NH complete run of first the 1949-1950 OHMS overprinted official set of nine plus the Official Airmail and Official Special Delivery stamps. Includes the very scarce 50c Lumbering (#O9, only 50,000 overprinted). All laid out on one Lighthouse brand Hingeless album page. Unitrade is $540.00 for this top quality group. 2018 Scott US$344.50= $430.63 $130.00
96 Canada #O16-O26, O28-O38, O40-O44, O46-O49, O38a, O39a, O45a, CO2. Nearly complete, fresh and VF mint NH/LH selection of the 1950-1963 issue "G" overprinted Officials including the Official Airmail. A superior quality group. All laid out on two Lighthouse brand Hingeless album pages. 2018 Scott US$187.75= $234.69 $65.00
97 Canada #O25, O27. Fresh and VF MNH examples of the $1.00 Train Ferry and $1.00 Fisheries high values, both with the official "G" overprint. Unitrade is $300.00 for the VFNH duo. 2018 Scott US$200.00= $250.00 $70.00
98 Canada #O231-O236. Fresh and VF mint complete set of six 1937 issue GeoVI definitives (1c to 8c values), all in 2NH/2LH blocks of four, all with 4-hole OHMS Official perfins. A great start to the GeoVI period officials. 2018 Unitrade. $287.00 $100.00
99 Canada #O245i. The aniline printing of the $1.00 Chateau Ramezay with 4-hole OHMS official perfin. Fresh mint, perfectly centered, LH. No stamp perforations have been damaged by the official perfin. 2017 Unitrade. $240.00 $150.00
100 Canada #O269, O270. Fresh and VF mint NH plate blocks of four of the 1946 "Peace" issue 10c Great Bear Lake (plate #2 LR) and 14c Hydroelectric Plant (plate #1, LL), both with OHMS official perfins. Perfin official plate blocks are much scarcer than the overprinted Officials. 2017 Unitrade. $108.00 $100.00
101 Canada #OX3. Fine mint NH example of the 1907 issue Dead Letter Office seal on white paper. Perfect unblemished original gum. 2017 Unitrade. $150.00 $44.00
102 Canada #UX427. UNESCO Hoodoo Postcard Stamp Error. Ultra rare recalled 2015 UNESCO Dinosaur Park Canada postal stationery picture post card, depicting the wrong Hoodoos image. This dramatic and popular error stamp was released in the form of booklets, souvenir sheets, First Day Covers and prepaid international rate postcards. This postcard is the by far the rarest form of the error, as very few postal outlets carry this type of product and only a handful escaped the recall at the Canada Post National Philatelic Centre. The official recall was made less than 48 hours after the stamp release. It is estimated that as few as 25 examples of these post card errors made it into the hands of a few very lucky collectors (who had standing orders for pre-paid postcards) before the Post Office doors slammed shut. Estimate $1,000.00 $450.00
103 Canada - Modern Mint. Clean and VF mint Never Hinged selection of 1970s to 1990s period mini-panes and souvenir sheets including better such as the 1972 15c Geophysical panes (regular and tagged), the 1992 42c Canada Day sheet, the four 1990 39c Petro-Canada panes of four, etc. The lot is conservatively valued at face value only. Includes one stocksheet of mint Hinged older issues, starting in the 1930s. Total face value $486.32 $250.00
104 Canada - Modern uncancelled commemoratives on paper. On paper Canada uncancelled postage stamps, consisting of 1,000 x "P" (permanent stamps, presently 85c) definitive issues only, all commemorative issues, mostly recent. Unchecked for shades and types. Offered exactly as received. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps $850.00 $240.00
105 Canada - Modern uncancelled definitives on paper. On paper Canada uncancelled postage stamps, consisting of 1,000 x "P" (permanent stamps, presently 85c) definitive issues only, primarily the scenic and wildlife issues. Unchecked for shades and types. Offered exactly as received. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps $850.00 $230.00
106 Canada - Modern uncancelled on paper. On paper Canada uncancelled postage stamps, consisting of 1,000 x "P" (permanent stamps, presently 85c) definitive issues primarily the beaver issue. Unchecked for shades and types. Offered as received. These cost $1.00 each if bought individually at the Post Office. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps. $850.00 $230.00
107 Canada - Modern uncancelled on paper. On paper Canada uncancelled postage stamps, consisting of 300 x $1.20 definitive stamps (only the mountain goat issue). Unchecked for shades errors and types. Offered as received. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps. $360.00 $210.00
108 Canada - Modern uncancelled on paper. On paper Canada uncancelled postage stamps, consisting of 400 x $1.80 definitive stamps (only the bird issue) Unchecked for shades errors and types. Offered as received. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps. $720.00 $400.00
109 Canada - Recent used commemoratives - Plastic bag tightly crammed with 1 lb commemoratives only (no Christmas, no greetings) of the last 5 years or so on single close-cut paper. Estimate $100.00 $75.00
110 Canada - Thematic Pack Selection. VF condition selection of 27 different Canada Post Thematic packs as listed in Unitrade catalogue. An informative and attractively designed group. See the scan of the owner's inventory list for the full story. Total Unitrade catalogue $370.50 $70.00
111 Canada Cancels - Newfoundland. Selection of approximately 500 clean and legible cancels on five double-sided stockpages (removed from a stockbook). Some are on stamp alone, others are on stamp on piece. The vast majority are CDS and Split Rings from the 1950s to 1980s period. Duplication noted but this includes different hammer types. This particular offering consists of "B" to "W" towns. Nice to get a decent quality large group of infrequently offered Newfie/Labrador material. Owner's estimate $250.00 $130.00
112 Canada Cancels - Western Canada RPO Cancels. Western Canadian region duplicated collection/accumulation of 219 Railway Post Office cancels on stamp, on piece and on two covers. All are very legible CDS strikes. The eras represented in this lot are from the 1920s to 1950s period (plus one from 1899). Noted a nice range of directional markings and different train numbers. An uncommon assemblage of popular railway/transportation related material. Owner's estimate $220.00 $160.00
113 Canada Covers - First Flight Covers. Generally F/VF condition selection of mainly 1930s to 1950s period First Flight Covers. 90 covers in total with some duplication. A quick inspection didn't turn up any rare flights but there's still a very decent range offered in this lot, perfect for the budding aerophilatelist. Estimate $200.00 $42.00
114 Canada Literature - "The History of the Post Office in British North America 1639-1870". A seminal work on the beginnings and growth of the Canadian Post Office, written by William Smith in 1920. This particular book was a Canadian Post Office gift to a delegate at the 1922 Dominion Postal Conference in Ottawa and is autographed by Charles Murphy (Secretary of State for External Affairs from 1909 to 1911, Postmaster General 1921-1926 and acting Secretary of State of Canada 1925-1926). Fine condition, hardcover, ex-Bowen Island Library. A fascinating look at early US and Canadian history from a postal perspective, full of useful facts and figures. Estimate $150.00 $190.00
115 Canada Literature - "The Post Offices of British Columbia 1858-1970". This is the original masterwork listing of BC Post Offices by George H. Melvin. His limited edition 1972 book has become the basis for numerous more recent works and is a "must have" tome for any serious BC postal historian. This book is numbered #340. We usually only get this book for sale every couple of years. But a couple have recently "come out of the woodwork" due to the interest expressed by clients bidding on our bidboard. F/VF condition, with a relatively tight spine and negligible cover wear. A similar example sold for $210.00 in a recent sale. Estimate $150.00 $55.00
116 Canada Literature - Railway Related Duo. Two extremely useful and informative Transportation/Railway Post Office "must have" philatelic works, consisting of Ludlow's classic 1982 "Catalogue of the Canadian Railway Cancellations and Related Transportation Marks" and Susan McLeod O'Reilly's 1992 "On Track, the Railway Mail Service in Canada". Ludlow's work is the archetypical source of information on the postmarks of this specialized field while more specific information regarding the historical context of postal communication and transportation may be found in O'Reilly's publication. Both books are in VF condition. Estimate $100.00 $110.00
117 Canada Perfins - Neatly organized and identified collection of 450 private and Provincial perfins, all carefully laid out on Vario brand stocksheets. The collection consists of three distinct components, consisting of: 1) C24 (CNR) 162 stamps including different perf positions, doubles, ribbed papers (both vertical and horizontal) plus shades; 2) P18 & P19 (PS) Province of Saskatchewan 160 stamps including different dies, perf positions, doubles, ribbed papers (both vertical and horizontal) plus shades; 3) S15, S21 & S22 (S.L/ACo. & SUN LIFE) 128 stamps including different perf positions, doubles, ribbed papers (both vertical and horizontal) plus shades. The time period runs from late Queen Victoria up to QEII plus Back of the Book material. A very hard to assemble group. Take a good look at the scans to appreciate the quality and range of the lot. Owner's estimate $550.00 $350.00
118 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FU1-FU13. Federal Unemployment Insurance. Comprehensive selection of 1941 issue Federal Unemployment Insurance stamps consisting of a complete mint H/NH set (#FU13 has a thin) and 9 different with SPECIMEN overprints (all NH except for #FU1 SPECIMEN). All neatly laid out on one Hagner stocksheet. 2017 Van Dam. $501.25 $250.00
119 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FU4 (x 24), FU5 (x 8) in booklet. Complete 1945-1946 issue Federal Unemployment Insurance Commission book, containing a total of 32 stamps (applied monthly). The issues are the 40c bistre (x 24) and the 43c light blue (x 8). Nice to have a properly used book (most were handed back to the employer on termination of employment). Note the odd split stamp (usually to cover cross-over weeks) as well as "absent" entries for vacation or other reasons. Van Dam states "documents scarce to rare". Valued for the used stamps only. 2017 Van Dam. $640.00 $95.00
120 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FU96-FU105, FU97-FU104. Federal Unemployment Insurance. Exceptional and comprehensive selection of 1968 issue Federal Unemployment Insurance stamps consisting of a complete MNH set ($456.25) and a short SPECIMEN set, also NH, missing the $3.12 value ($281.00). All neatly laid out on one Hagner stocksheet. The #FU96 with SPECIMEN overprint is split and as such, not counted in the total. 2017 Van Dam. $706.25 $210.00
121 Canadian Provinces - FORGERIES. Ten different pre-Confederation fakes, from different forgers and of differing qualities. Includes BC (x 2), NB (x 2) and Newfoundland (x 6). Noted a few less often seen types in the mix. Estimate $150.00 $75.00
122 Canadian Provinces - British Columbia #7. Nice deep blue shade of the 1865 issue 3p "Seal of BC", perf 14 x14. Fresh and Fine mint no gum. A great start to this pre-Confederation Colony. 2018 Scott US$160.00= $200.00 $70.00
123 Canadian Provinces - British Columbia #8. Fresh, sound and Fine very used example of the 1867 issue 2c on 3p brown Seal of BC, perf 14 x 14. Note partial #3(5) numeral cancel in blue. 2018 Scott US$150.00= $187.50 $85.00
124 Canadian Provinces - British Columbia #9. F/VF used example of the 1869 issue 5c on 3p bright red "Seal of BC", perf 14 x 14. Note two partial strikes of a numeral cancel, probably "35". 2018 Scott US$250.00= $312.50 $120.00
125 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick #1. F/VF appearing lightly cancelled used example of the 1851 issue 3d red imperf on blue paper, margins large to just touching at one corner. Small paper irregularities only noticeable from the back. Still a scarce pre-Confederation Provincial "number one". 2018 Scott US$550.00= $687.50 $60.00
126 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick #2. Sound and F/VF used example of the 1851 issue 6p olive yellow Imperf with a clear and light strike of the NB grill cancel in blue. 2018 Scott US$1,200.00= $1,500.00 $250.00
127 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick #3P. VF condition proof pair (large Hinge Remnants) and single in black on thin card of the Unitrade listed 1851 issue 1 shilling imperforate, plus another proof single printed on regular paper stock. This single has had a bluish/purplish ink unevenly applied (as a test?). Only the three proofs on card have been valued. 2017 Unitrade. $2,250.00 $400.00
128 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick #5P, 7TC, 8Piii. Decimal series proof trio, consisting of a Proof in brown (no SPECIMEN overprint) of the 5c Connell on india paper (as the actual stamp was never issued to the public, this is the only reasonable way to fill that empty space in your album), the 2c Victoria in rose on card and the 5c Victoria in yellow green on india with SPECIMEN overprint type C in red (shallow thin). A pretty group. 2017 Unitrade. $425.00 $260.00
129 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick #6, 6a, 7, 8, 9, 10. Sound and F/VF used selection of 6 different 1860-1863 period pre-Confederation decimal issues, including the two shades of the 1c Locomotive. 2018 Scott US$267.50= $334.38 $48.00
130 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick #6-11. Complete mint set of all six 1860-1863 decimal issues. All fresh, sound and F/VF, several with OG (Hinged on #6 & #9-11, gum not often found on these stamps). Nice to get them all at once. 2018 Scott US$302.50= $378.13 $75.00
131 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #18, 22. Superb mint NH top quality Post Office fresh examples of the 1861-1862 issue 4p and 8p rose pence issue imperforates. The lovely sheet margin #22 is printed on very thin, almost pelure paper. Unpriced in Scott for Never Hinged. 2017 Unitrade. $340.00 $110.00
132 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #28, 31. Sound, fresh and F/VF mint 1870 issue 12c pale red brown (no gum) and 24c blue (full OG HR) Victorias. 2018 Scott US$160.00= $200.00 $38.00
133 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #41, 97. Two fresh and F/VF superior quality mint NH singles, consisting of the 1880 issue 1c violet brown Edward and the 1910 issue 15c grey black GeoV lithographed high value from the Guy issue. 2017 Scott Classic US$310.00= $387.50 $100.00
134 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #43. Superb mint, full OG VLH, perfectly centered within big fat margins example of the 1896 issue 1c brown Edward, Prince of Wales. Unitrade is $200.00 for VF mint H. 2018 Scott US$140.00= $175.00 $65.00
135 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #51, 52. VF mint OG LH Victorian era duo, consisting of the 1887 printing umber brown and the scarcer 1896 printing violet brown shades. Very nice to get both shades at once to avoid confusion. The owner's Unitrade valuation for VF mint Hinged is $270.00. 2018 Scott US$195.00= $243.75 $170.00
136 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #78-85, 86. F/VF mint H/NH 1897 to 1901 Royal Family set of 8 plus the 1908 issue 2c rose carmine "Map of Newfoundland". The better values from the Royal Family set (#82, 83, 84, 85 & 86) are all pristine NH. 2017 Scott Classic US$343.00= $428.75 $190.00
137 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #115-126, 131-144. Two complete 1919 to 1924 period mint sets, consisting of a F/VF mint Hinged 1919 "Trail of the Caribou" set of twelve commemorating the services of the Newfoundland contingent in WWI (the 2c, 4c and 6c values no gum) and a 1923-1924 pictorial set of 14, all F/VF OG Hinged. 2018 Scott US$460.30= $575.38 $110.00
138 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #128, 129, 130. Fresh and F/VF mint complete set of the 1920 provisional "THREE CENTS" surcharges including the key Type I on 15c scarlet (bars 10 mm apart). The #128 has perfect NH gum, the #129 is OG Hinged and #130 is a NH block of four. 2017 Scott US$449.00= $561.25 $100.00
139 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #184c. VF+ mint NH imperforate pair of the 1932 issue Perkins Bacon (20.6 x 27 mm) printing 1c black codfish definitive. Hard to find with gum, let alone Never Hinged. 2017 Unitrade. $90.00 $50.00
140 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #186c. Perfect VF mint NH imperforate pairs of both the Die I and Die II types of the 1932-1937 issue 2c green KGV "Perkins Bacon" definitive. Great to get both dies at the same time, especially this nice. 2017 Unitrade. $180.00 $65.00
141 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #260ii. VF mint NH upper sheet margin imperforate pair of the 1941-1944 Waterlow printing of the 10c brownish black "Salmon King of the River", each stamp with the usual security punch hole. Usual offset from printing process on reverse. 2017 Unitrade. $225.00 $38.00
142 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #C1. FORGERY. Expertly executed faked example of a very rare Newfie overprint, consisting of the scarce "FIRST TRANS-ATLANTIC AIRPOST APRIL 1919" Hawker flight airmail overprint on 3c brown Caribou. The forged #C1 comes with a 2011 Vincent Greene photo certificate (the certificate alone costs $45.00). Estimate $100.00 $55.00
143 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #C2. Fresh and perfectly centered VF mint VLH example of the 1919 issue $1.00 Trans-Atlantic Air Post overprinted airmail stamp. Only 6,000 printed. Unitrade is $300.00 for VF mint Hinged. 2018 Scott US$225.00= $281.25 $75.00
144 Canadian Provinces - Prince Edward Island #3. Used example of the 1861 issue 6p yellow green, perf 9 x 9. Very well centered and decent perfs but some thins noted, due to the nature of the very soft paper stock. Otherwise lightly cancelled and an attractive addition to any pre-Confederation Canadian collection. 2018 Scott US$1,200.00= $1,500.00 $170.00
145 China - PRC #13/2060 plus Back of the Book. Two hundred and twenty-one mint and used stamps, 1950 to 1986 period issues, all neatly laid out on five Hagner brand stockpages. Where applicable the stamps are the valued as re-issues. On page 5 are Back of the Book items which are identified by the consignor in the note at the bottom of the page. Owner's 2016 Scott US$445.85= $557.31 $40.00
146 Cyprus #28-37. Complete 1894-1896 Queen Victoria set of ten. Mint hinged, watermark 2. F/VF. 2018 Scott US$318.50= $398.15 $190.00
147 Dahomey #1/278, B1/B16, C1/C254, J9/J39. Collection on black stockpages (5 sides) and three double-sided Harris album pages. MH/MNH/used and CTO. F/VF. Total of 252+ stamps. Also includes complete three page inventory. 1899-1974 period issues. The republic changed its name to The People's Republic of Benin in 1975. 2018 Scott US$719.30= $899.15 $100.00
148 East Africa and Uganda #31-39. Fresh mint OG Hinged set of 9 of the 1903-1908 King Edward VII issues. A particularly attractive set with bright original colours. 2018 Scott US$131.25= $164.06 $140.00
149 Falkland Islands #107-120. Fresh and VF OG mint hinged 1952 issue KGVI pictorial set of 14. 2018 Scott US$209.65= $262.00 $75.00
150 Falkland Islands - Double-sided stocksheet with 100 different postally used 1952-2017 issues, F-VF. Very hard to find postally used and way undervalued by Scott. 2018 Scott US$147.50= $184.40 $38.00
151 Finland #9 , 13. The 1866 to 1874 period "Coat of Arms" 20p blue (surface scuff) and 10p black on laid paper (short perf). Both type lll roulette. A scarce classic duo. 2017 Scott US$347.50= $434.38 $55.00
152 Great Britain #1. Sound and Very Fine used four clear margin example the Famous 1840 issue Penny Black imperforate. Deep shade, light red Maltese Cross cancel. Position "QH". Unchecked for plate number. 2018 Scott US$320.00= $400.00 $200.00
153 Great Britain #10/21. Properly identified selection of seventeen used 1854-1857 issue Two Penny Blues, all "Star in Corners" perforated types. Duplication and faults noted in the mix but a great offering for the student of early GB. The lot has been identified and valued in parallel by both Stanley Gibbons and Scott catalogues. The SG value is 4,565.00 (=$7,532.25 CDN). See the detailed hand written co-listing for more details. 2017 Scott US$5,105.00= $6,381.25 $200.00
154 Great Britain #29 Study. Properly identified selection of fifty-eight used 1858 issue Two Penny Blues, all "Letters in Corners" perforated types. Duplication and faults noted in the mix but a great offering of plates and types for the student of early GB. The lot has been identified and valued in parallel by both Stanley Gibbons and Scott catalogues. The SG value is 2,345.00 (=$3,869.25 CDN). See the detailed hand written co-listing for more details. 2017 Scott US$1,805.00= $2,256.25 $80.00
155 Great Britain #29, 30. All 7 plates of the 1858-1869 Wmk. 20, perforation 14, blue 2 pence issue. Mostly fine or better, but plate 12 has a small thin. 2013 SG Concise 351.00=CDN $585.00. Nice to get them all together. 2018 Scott US$345.00= $431.25 $32.00
156 Great Britain #30 Study. Properly identified selection of sixty used 1869 issue Two Penny Blues, all "Letters in Corners" perforated types. Duplication and faults noted in the mix but a great offering for the student of early GB. The lot has been identified and valued in parallel by both Stanley Gibbons and Scott catalogues. The SG value is 2,004.00 (=$3,306.60 CDN). See the detailed hand written co-listing for more details. 2017 Scott US$1,950.00= $2,437.50 $75.00
157 Great Britain #33 Plates. Basically complete (missing only #77) run of 1864 issue Penny Red plate numbers, all used. 151 stamps in total, all mounted on old tatty SG album pages. The plates are all identified by the owner but a quick scan proved him to be accurate. There are a good number of faulty stamps noted in the mix but this lot represents a great starter lot for the GB collector that can be upgraded at a later point in time. The SG catalogue value for this group is 2,227.50 (=$3,675.38). 2017 Scott US$2,208.00= $2,760.00 $140.00
158 Great Britain #44, 49, 61, 83. Four incarnations of the 1865 issue 3 pence rose issue. Almost complete, generally fine or better collection of 16 different plate numbers. Expect a few minor faults and a couple of copies have previous owner marks or pencil notations on the back. #44 (plate 4), #49 plates 5-10, #61 (plates 11-18, 20 - perfin), #83 (plate 21). Note: the black cancellations have obscured some of the perfs, but they are intact. 2013 SG Concise 1,410.00= CDN$2,340.00. 2018 Scott US$1,267.50= $1,584.37 $120.00
159 Great Britain #313/1472, B2-B5. Very comprehensive, high quality and neatly laid out collection of 1953 to 1992 period commemorative issues, all in VF mint (almost all NH) and parallel VF used complete sets (plus a few extras and souvenir sheets). There are 776 mint stamps plus 801 used stamps in total. All the stamps are on VF condition Hagner brand stockpages. The total useable face value of the mint NH material is 152.44=$442.18 CDN. 2018 Scott US$1,082.91= $1,353.64 $170.00
160 Great Britain #1473-2080 plus BK1141. Very comprehensive, high quality and neatly laid out collection of 1993 to 2002 period commemorative issues, all in VF mint NH and parallel VF used complete sets (plus a few extras). There are 543 mint stamps (and one booklet) plus 561 used stamps in total. All the stamps are on VF condition Hagner brand stockpages. The total useable face value of the mint NH material is 267.99=$442.18 CDN. 2018 Scott US$1,319.40= $1,649.25 $210.00
161 Great Britain Booklets SG #E1/DX40. VF condition, lightly duplicated selection of 33 different stitched and "Prestige" type pre-decimal and decimal currency booklets (46 booklets total) all neatly stored on various types of stockpages. See the scan of the owner's detailed spreadsheet for the full story. All identified and valued by Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue. Owner's accurate SG Concise cat 384.40= $634.25 $95.00
162 Great Britain Booklets SG #FA1/FU7B, GA1. VF condition, duplicated selection of 78 different folded decimal currency booklets (118 booklets total) all neatly stored on various types of stockpages. The face values of the individual booklets run from 10p to 1.80. See the scan of the owner's detailed spreadsheet for the full story. All identified and valued by Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue. Owner's accurate SG Concise cat 594.45= $743.00 $120.00
163 Great Britain Booklets SG #LX2/LX16, KX1/KX9, HA8/HD7. Intact mint, VF quality, lightly duplicated selection of Christmas, Greetings and Non-Value Indicator booklets. 29 booklets in total, with almost all 1st and 2nd class rate stamps. The total face value as postage is 135.32=$223.28 CDN. See the scan of the owner's neatly printed spread-sheet inventory for the full story. 2017 SG Concise 378.00= $623.70 $75.00
164 Iceland #1. Sound and Fine used example of the 1873 issue 2 Skilling ultramarine. Neat corner partial CDS cancel. A rare first issue. 2018 Scott US$3,000.00= $3,750.00 $210.00
165 India #6. VARIETY. Used "on piece" example of the 1855 printing of the 4 annas red and blue Queen Victoria imperf. When examined using Stanley Gibbons catalogue, the stamp is SG #23 (fourth printing, frame Die II, Head Die III) valued @ 550.00= $907.50 CDN. The "113" numeral cancel is a Cooper type 6. A popular Indian Classic. 2018 Scott US$500.00= $625.00 $180.00
166 Ireland #1/319. Lightly duplicated mint and used collection of 303 stamps, 1922 to 1972 period issues, all neatly arranged in one stockbook. Noted Europas, complete sets and individual high values, both mint and used. Expect a few faults in the mix. See the scan of the inventory list for more details. 2018 Scott US$1,551.45= $1,939.31 $150.00
167 Ireland #14. VF mint OG NH 1922 issue overprinted 10sh gray blue GB GeoV Seahorse. A key early Irish provisional. 2018 Scott US$450.00= $562.50 $130.00
168 Israel - Six albums with mint hinged and used Israel singles and blocks. Four of the albums have the same range of pages from 1948-1970, one of the other albums has mint hinged blocks with mint H and used singles and the final album has pages and stamps from 1970-1999. Probably a couple of thousand stamps total. Great start for a beginner to fill up with extra albums for your duplicates. Owner's estimate $250.00 $160.00
169 Italian States - Tuscany #4, 5. Sound and Fine used examples of the 1851-1852 issue 1 crazie carmine and 2 crazie blue "Lion of Tuscany" imperfs, both tied to the original piece of envelope. A nice pre-Republic state item. 2017 Scott Classic US$380.00= $475.00 $90.00
170 Jamaica #75-87, 79a. Mint hinged complete set of 12 of the 1919-1921 KGV pictorial issue up to the "Supreme Lord" 10 shilling dark myrtle green value. Note that the 2 p blue and dark blue is the better Scott listed shade. 2018 Scott US$213.30= $266.63 $95.00
171 Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania #66/85. Sound mint OG Hinged nearly complete set (missing only the 10c orange and brown, catalogue value $1.60) of the 1938-1954 period KGVI pictorial definitive issues, with two different perf varieties on the 50c gray black and red violet. 2018 Scott US$218.40= $273.00 $85.00
172 Leeward Islands #103-115, 124, 125. Fresh and VF mint H/NH selection of 1938-1949 period GeoVI issues, all valued as Hinged and as the basic, least expensive types. Includes a few duplicate values. Noted some better gum types and shades in the lot, so decent upside potential if revalued by Stanley Gibbons catalogue. 2018 Scott US$190.70= $238.38 $110.00
173 Netherlands #4/586, 751 plus Back of the Book. Mixed mint and used 1864 to 1979 period collection of 796 stamps and souvenir sheets, all housed in a high quality springback hingeless Lighthouse brand album. Expect a few faults in the mix but noted lots of better sets, part sets and singles in the mix. See the scan of the inventory list for more details. 2018 Scott US$4,093.50= $5,116.88 $475.00
174 Netherlands #86. VF appearing mint example of the 1905 issue 10 guilden orange Queen Wilhelmina high value. Shallow thin in the upper margin. Still one of the key 20th century Dutch issues. 2018 Scott US$775.00= $968.75 $500.00
175 Netherlands #101. Sound and F/VF condition mint full OG Hinged example of the 1913 issue 10 guilder red on straw. A key Dutch high value, missing from most collections. 2018 Scott US$800.00= $1,000.00 $475.00
176 New Zealand #31/198 plus a bit of Back of the Book. Generally F/VF mint Hinged and used collection, ranging from early Chalon Heads up to mid-reign GeoV sets, all neatly mounted on quadrille album pages. Lots of useful sets and singles noted. All the individual stamps and sets have been identified by Scott catalogue and totalled page by page with light pencil annotations. The Chalons have been transferred to a Hagner stocksheet for better viewing. 2018 Scott US$1,863.65= $2,329.56 $240.00
177 New Zealand #199/301, B1/B41 plus copious Back of the Book. Clean and F/VF mint Hinged and used collection, all neatly mounted on quadrille album pages. Lots of useful sets and singles noted, including regular, Semi-postal, Airmail, Special Delivery, Official, Insurance, Postage Dues and other types of stamp issues. All the individual stamps and sets have been identified by Scott catalogue and totalled page by page with light pencil annotations. 2018 Scott US$1,899.60= $2,374.50 $190.00
178 New Zealand - Double-sided stocksheet with 218 different used high values 1994-2016, all stamps catalogue $1.00 each or over, mostly the set top values! F-VF. 2018 Scott US$578.50= $723.15 $80.00
179 Papua New Guinea - Clean and comprehensive VF mint NH 1972-2001 period collection, all in mounts on printed White Ace album pages. Appears to be complete for the period. A total of 640 stamps and 17 souvenir sheets, packed with beautiful designs and many popular topical favourites. Owner's Scott US$1,156.80= $1,446.00 $160.00
180 Seychelles #38-48. Fresh and VF OG Hinged 1903 KEVII definitive issue complete set of 11, all with "SPECIMEN" overprints in black. Scott catalogue value for the regular issue is US$160.75 (=$200.94 CDN) but the "SPECIMEN" set is listed in Stanley Gibbons catalogue as #46s/56s. 2016 Stanley Gibbons 225.00= $371.25 $140.00
181 Sweden #67/417 , B1/B41, C1/C8, O28/O55, Q1-Q2. Clean, high quality specialized mint and used 1910 to 1949 period collection of 788 stamps, all neatly mounted in an Axel Edvardsson album. The printed pages have spaces for shades, varieties and subtypes that aren't in regular albums. Some duplication to be expected but potentially a great source of useful material for the Swedish specialist. All valued by basic Scott catalogue and totalled on each page in light pencil. 2018 Scott US$1,634.40= $2,042.50 $160.00
182 Switzerland #2O27, 2O28, 2O29, 2O30, 2O56. VF CDS used quintet of Official overprints on 1922 to 1937 period high value League of Nations issues. 2018 Scott US$562.50= $703.13 $220.00
183 Switzerland #2O70-2O90, 3O62-3O82, 3O83-3O93, 7O1-7O20. VF mint quartet of Official use overprinted sets for international organizations based in Switzerland, consisting of the 1950 UN European Office set of 20 (Hinged), the 1944 League of Nations set of 21 (NH), and the 1944 and 1950 Labour Bureau sets of 21 and 11 (both LH). 2018 Scott US$450.20= $562.75 $100.00
184 Switzerland #5O1-5O5, 5O6-5O25, 5O6/5O25. Two different VF mint Official use overprinted sets for the World Health Organization, based in Switzerland, consisting of the 1948 set of 5 (Hinged), the 1948-1950 set of 20 (Hinged), and an additional nearly complete VF CDS used 1948-1950 set (missing only #5O21). 2018 Scott US$336.50= $420.63 $60.00
185 Switzerland #352, B144, B178, B206. Superior quality VF mint quartet of 1945 to 1955 period souvenir sheets, consisting of the 1945 Dove of Basel (NH), the 1948 IMABA (H), the 1951 LUNABA (H) and the 1955 Lausanne sheets. 2018 Scott US$465.00= $581.25 $75.00
186 Switzerland #B116, B119. Choice quality examples of the rare 1941 and 1942 issue semi-postal souvenir sheets, both CDS used. The duo consists of the 1941 Pro Juventute sheet of 2 and the 1942 National Fete Day sheet, tied to an official PTT card with "Bureau de Poste Automobile Suisse 15/VI/42" First Day Cancel. 2018 Scott US$575.00= $718.75 $80.00
187 USA #10, 10A, 11, 11a (x 2), 25, 26 (x 2). Sound and generally F/VF used octet of 1851-1861 period 3c Washingtons, both perf and imperf, including various Die types. All sorted and identified by a very experienced US collector. 2017 Scott US$598.00= $747.50 $55.00
188 USA #32, 33, 35 (x 2), 36. Four 10c green Washingtons (three different) and one 12c black Washington, all in sound, used condition. 2017 Scott US$880.00= $1,100.00 $170.00
189 USA #63, 65, 68, 69, 73, 76, 77, 78a, 78b. Nine used early (1861-1866 period) classics, mainly sound (a few with some negligible perf faults noted for accuracy). An attractive, useful and better than average group. The #78a (the 24c greyish lilac Washington) is particularly nice. Owner's 2017 Scott US$1,448,00= $1,810.00 $140.00
190 USA #63, 65, 68, 73, and 78a. Attractive and sound F/VF used quintet of 1861-1866 issue classics. A pretty and useful group. 2017 Scott US$598.00= $747.50 $80.00
191 USA #99. The rare 1867 issue 24c gray-lilac Washington with the elusive "F" grill. VF centering for the issue with a lovely bold segmented cork cancel. A couple of extremely minor perf irregularities, stated for the record only. This is a very scarce stamp, missing from most collections. Owner's 2017 Scott US$1,600.00= $2,000.00 $250.00
192 USA #112, 113, 114, 115, 119. Five of the 1869 issue first pictorial set, all in sound, used condition. Owner's 2017 Scott US$687.50= $859.75 $150.00
193 USA #230-240, 285-290, 294-299. Twenty-three sound and generally F/VF used stamps from the 18931901 period, consisting of the Columbian set to the 50c, the Trans-Mississippi set to the 10c, and the Pan-Am set complete. The owner notes that he considers this group to be in much better than average condition. Owner's 2017 Scott US$740.95= $926.19 $80.00
194 USA #C1-C6. Sound and Fine used complete run of all six 1918 to 1923 issue "Jenny" airmail stamps. 2017 Scott US$175.00= $218.75 $55.00
195 USA #O21, O29, O58. Mint and used trio of Federal Officials, consisting of the 15c vermilion "Dept. of the Interior" (used), the 10c purple "Dept. of Justice" (mint OG HR) and the 2c dark green "Dept. of State" (used). 2018 Scott US$435.00= $543.75 $26.00
196 USA - Cover Goldmine. Original holding of 316 covers, mostly 1932 to 1967 period plain and cacheted First Days but also including First Flight and Special Flight covers. Noted a good number of 1940 "Famous Americans", a 1934 "Little America", two 1932 "U.S.S. Akron" flown airship covers, as well as Sea Post and some less common cachets. The consignor appears to have valued all the covers as FDCs by the Scott US Specialized catalogue. Owner's Scott US$1,077.00= $1,346.25 $190.00
197 USA - USPS Commemorative Panes. VF condition duplicated selection of United States Postal Service commemorative panels, all containing mint NH blocks of four or souvenir sheets, consisting of panel #40 (1974 Developmentally Challenged children), panel #73 (1997 Bicentennial 13c), panel 534 (1998 Spanish American War 32c Remember the Maine) and nine complete sets of four of panels #263-266 (1986 issue AMERIPEX 22c Presidents sheets). The total face value of the mint stamps that accompany these panels is US$73.48 = $ 91.85 CDN. Owner's 2016 Scott US Specialized US$317.00= $396.25 $65.00
198 Worldwide - Banana Box Bonanza. Clean and well organized consignment as received, all packed into one heavy duty banana box. The eclectic offering includes (in no particular order) a special 1977 issue album "Official International Tributes to Princess Diana" containing 86 different Commonwealth and worldwide cacheted FDCs commemorating Princess Diana's death; over 1,000 used GB (mostly late 20th century commemoratives) neatly laid out on manila stockpages, two United Nations Minkus albums containing scattered mint H/NH (and some used) issues from the Geneva and Vienna Offices, mainly late 1980s to mid-2000s period as well as a UN stamp catalogue; a special album containing "The International Collection of World Wildlife First Day Covers" (54 cacheted covers, each with a detailed write-up); Canadian pound mix on paper; three empty Unisafe FDC albums and one Unisafe Plate Block album. The original cost of these collections and albums would have been huge. Estimate $150.00 $90.00
199 Worldwide - Carton Conglomeration. Big packing box crammed with all kinds of groovy (and not so groovy) stuff, including (in no particular order) used Canada and worldwide in Black Cat cigarette tins; three fat 3-ring binders containing several thousand stamps and souvenir sheets, collector mounted on imaginatively manufactured custom card/pages, all alphabetically ordered A-Z; a 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee "cinderella" label set with special custom folder; several "junior" style albums, early 1900s to 1970s period (sparsely populated); unused manila stocksheets; various sizes of candy box, packed with all kinds of worldwide wonders; lots of loose sundry in envelopes and loose. Didn't see a kitchen sink (maybe in the next sale). Estimate $150.00 $160.00
200 Worldwide - Carton of Joy. A "nicer than you would expect" worldwide accumulation in one banker's box, consisting of several thousand mostly used Germany and States, chronologically organized on manila stocksheets, plus a neatly organized and worthwhile A-Z worldwide mint and used accumulation in envelopes in two shoeboxes (no Canada, GB, USA or British Commonwealth) with decent strength in a good number stamps and souvenir sheets from less common countries. Duplication noted but some nice surprises lurk. The perfect cure for boredom on those long winter nights. Estimate $150.00 $220.00