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Lot # Description Catalogue Value
or Estimate
1 Australia #2b/540, C4-C6. Lightly duplicated stock of 491 stamps, 1913 to 1948 period issues, all identified and priced on dealer "102" cards. Some faults noted. The value of the mint and used material is more or less even. Victoria #222 was also noted in the lot. Owner's total Scott US$653.55= $849.62 $95.00
2 Australia #1052/1405. Lightly duplicated stock of 583 stamps, 1988 to 1994 period issues, all identified and priced on dealer "102" cards. The odd fault noted. The value of the mint and used material is more or less even. Almost all VF quality complete sets with the face value of the mint needing to be taken into consideration when bidding. Owner's total Scott US$771.00= $1,002.30 $100.00
3 Australia #CO1, O1-O4, O6-O14. Fourteen mainly used overprinted Official Stamps (#O10 and O11 are mint H). The #O12 and O13 are CTO with gum, most others postally used. All are F/VF sound. Missing only #O5 to be a complete run. Owner's 2017 Scott US$407.75= $530.08 $120.00
4 Australia - Massive Collection. Mint and used 1913-2017 collection including many used sets to the top value in the GeoV and GeoVI period. The modern issues are comprehensive in both parallel mint and used condition, almost right up-to-date. You will note numerous small nuggets and minor gems in this group but the entire lot of thousands of stamps has been VERY CONSERVATIVELY valued for the usable face value of the modern mint decimal postage only. Total Scott catalogue value will be in the thousands. Australian face value AUD$941.50= $863.00 $425.00
5 Australia/New Zealand/ USA - Useful balance consignment, consisting of several hundred mint and used Australian stamps, all on stocksheets or dealer's cards; a smattering of NH New Zealand; and a double sided stocksheet of older mint and (mostly used) US airmails and special delivery stamps. Estimate $150.00 $40.00
6 British Commonwealth - "T" to "Z" countries. Mounted and annotated collection of 507 different stamps, 1884 to 1990 period issues from the Turks and Caicos Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Virgin Islands, Zanzibar and Zimbabwe. Strength in the issues from Turks and Caicos, Virgin Islands and Zimbabwe. See the scan of the inventory sheet for more details. 2019 Scott US$707.80= $920.14 $80.00
7 British Commonwealth - GeoVI Silver Wedding Malayan State Issues. VF mint VLH or NH complete run of all 11 Malayan State 1948 GeoVI Silver Wedding Omnibus sets, consisting of Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Selangor and Trengganu. 2020 Scott US$356.55= $463.52 $140.00
8 British Commonwealth - Anguilla/Uganda Stock. Nicely organized and identified dealer stock of 3,065 mint and used stamps from all corners of the British Empire. While the Scott number of every stamp has been determined and the stamps have all been placed in #102 dealer cards, housed in 3 long red dealer boxes, nothing has been priced. Total catalogue value of the entire lot is probably a couple thousand dollars. All that's needed is for the latest catalogue value to be written on the cards (if desired). See the scans of the 3 separate inventory lists to determine the number of stamps per country/colony. Estimate $300.00 $230.00
9 Cameroun #101/321, B1-B29, C1/C31, CB1-CB3, J1-J33. Trimmed Minkus album pages containing 328 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet (253 different stamps, 75 duplicates). Ranging from 1915 to 1946. Mixed mint hinged and used. Includes list of better items. Owner's 2016 Scott US$671.20= $872.55 $140.00
10 Canada #4. Fine appearing used example of the 1852 issue 3p red imperf Beaver on wove paper. Unusual segmented cork fancy cancel, small thin. 2020 Scott US$225.00= $292.50 $80.00
11 Canada #23. Mint no gum example of the 1868 issue 1c yellow orange Large Queen. Decent looking but thinned. 2020 Scott US$1,750.00= $2,275.00 $85.00
12 Canada #25. F/VF centered mint no gum example of the 1868 issue 3c red Large Queen. Small faults including irregular perfs at left. A scarce stamp in mint condition. 2019 Scott US$2,250.00= $2,925.00 $90.00
13 Canada #35. Study. Nicely mounted and extensively annotated lightly remaindered (no covers and a few stamps missing from the original exhibit) 15½ page study of the 1870 to 1897 issue 1c Small Queen. 131 stamps in total, mostly used (but including a few nice mint also) with shades, papers, cancels, multiples, plate flaws and printings noted and identified. Saw early printings and perfs as well as different imprint types. A better than good start to a study of this workhorse "Small Queen" containing material of great use even to an advanced collector! Estimate $325.00 $475.00
14 Canada #35/315, C1/C4, E1/E9, EO1, EO2, O1/O27, MR1/MR7, J1/J20, F1/F2b. Mint and used collection of 283 stamps, 1870-1951 period issues, all housed on Lighthouse SF album pages (hingeless). The collection begins with a run of most Small Queens, QV Leaf issues, Edwards including Tercentenaries, then GeoV through the end of GeoVI period with a good range of sets in the mix. A decent Back of the Book section rounds out this nicer than average quality collection. This being said expect the odd fault. Accurate 2014 Scott US$5,886.45= $7,652.39 $450.00
15 Canada #50-54, 56, 66-72, 87. All mint Hinged Victorian era selection, consisting of six 1897 issue Jubilees and eight different "Leaf" issues. A few of the "Leaf" issues have small faults including a creased 8c value. 2019 Scott US$1,190.00= $1,547.00 $140.00
16 Canada #60. Just Fine but otherwise sound CDS used example of the 1897 issue 50c ultramarine Queen Victoria Jubilee. 2020 Scott US$190.00= $247.00 $55.00
17 Canada #61. F/VF centered mint OG Hinged $1.00 lake QV 1897 Jubilee high value. Tiny thin in the upper margin. Still a scarce and attractive Victorian Classic missing from most collections we see. 2019 Scott US$1,000.00= $1,300.00 $190.00
18 Canada #67. Richly fresh and VF mint NH 1c blue green QV "Maple Leaf" issue of 1897-1898. Unusually deep blue green colour. Unitrade is $210.00 for VFNH. 2020 Scott US$115.00= $149.50 $95.00
19 Canada #68. Fresh and VF MNH example of the 1897 issue 2c purple Queen Victoria "Leaf". Unitrade is $240.00 for VF mint NH. 2020 Scott US$125.00= $162.50 $110.00
20 Canada #71. Fresh and F/VF mint NH upper sheet margin "OTTAWA - No - 1" plate strip of four of the 6c brown QV "Maple Leaf" issue of 1897-1898. The owner's Unitrade valuation for this strip is $2,355.00 but we have used the more conservative Scott valuation for four mint NH singles. 2020 Scott US$1,400.00= $1,820.00 $200.00
21 Canada #79, 89, 90, 91. Mint Quartet of 1898-1903 period Queen Victoria and EdwardVII issues consisting of the 5c blue "Numeral" (disturbed OG), the 1c Edward (OG LH), the 2c Edward (NH, light corner bend) and 5c Edward (OG LH). 2020 Scott US$650.00= $845.00 $95.00
22 Canada #81/244. F/VF mint Hinged selection of 1902-1938 period issues, all on one stocksheet. Includes singles, coil line pairs and booklet panes. Queen Victoria to King George V. The Bluenose is particularly nice. 2020 Scott US$1,526.50= $1,984.45 $210.00
23 Canada #84. Mint F/VF centered OG Heavy Hinge example of the 1900 issue 20c olive green Queen Victoria Numeral high value. 2019 Scott US$650.00= $845.00 $55.00
24 Canada #96-103. Complete mint no gum eight stamp pictorial set for the Quebec Tercentenary of 1908. A few short perfs and thins on the 2c value noted for the record but otherwise sound. A decent looking "starter" set. 2020 Scott US$998.00= $1,297.40 $100.00
25 Canada #96-103. Complete used eight stamp pictorial set for the Quebec Tercentenary of 1908. The five top values (5c to 20c) have superb "Sock on the Nose" July 28th 1908 Montreal "Orb" cancels. While most stamps in this lot have small faults, the 15c value is sound and superb. 2020 Scott US$694.00= $902.20 $90.00
26 Canada #100. Superb and perfectly centered mint full OG very light Hinge example of the 7c olive green "Montcalm and Wolfe" from the 1908 Quebec Tercentenary series. As nice a stamp as you'll find without paying 200% more for NH. Unitrade is $250.00 for VF mint H. 2020 Scott US$160.00= $208.00 $75.00
27 Canada #104v. Vibrantly fresh and Fine mint NH sheet margin block of four of the 1c GeoV Admiral, 1915 printing, dark green shade on grayish paper. 2019 Unitrade. $600.00 $55.00
28 Canada #117, 120. Fresh and F/VF pristine mint NH medium/high value GeoV Admiral duo, consisting of the 10c blue and 50c black brown. Great colour and perfect gum on both. 2020 Scott US$335.00= $435.50 $95.00
29 Canada #126a, 128a, 131, 132, 184. Fresh and F/VF mint NH selection of GeoV Admiral coils and sheet form coils consisting of Fine pairs of #131 and 132 (perf 12 coils); a VF vertical pair of #126a and a VF sheet margin block of 4 of #128a (imperf x perf 8 sheet form coils); and finally a Fine block of #184 (perf 12 x 8 sheet form coil remainders). 2020 Scott US$418.00= $543.40 $85.00
30 Canada #141-145, 146-148. Fresh and VF MNH 1927 issue GeoV Confederation and Historical sets complete. All select quality stamps. Unitrade is $272.00 for the VF mint NH group. 2019 Scott US$156.50= $203.45 $80.00
31 Canada #217P-227P. VF quality complete set of 11 different proofs on card in colour of issue of the 1935 GeoV "Champlain" set of 11. Only 400 sets of proofs were printed. Rarely offered for sale, especially in VF condition. 2019 Unitrade. $1,800.00 $400.00
32 Canada #284/288. Fresh and fault free F/VF (almost all VF) mint NH selection of 1949 "with POSTES-POSTAGE" GeoVI portrait issues, all in matched sets of plate blocks. All valued as VF mint but no NH premium (25%) premium has been added in order to compensate for any blocks that might not be quite VF. Noted better plate numbers and a a cracked plate on #284, plate #5 UL position (counted as a regular block @ $1.25). Nineteen different matched sets in total. See the scan of the handwritten inventory list for more details. 2019 Unitrade. $287.75 $110.00
33 Canada #289-293, 301. Fresh and fault-free F/VF (almost all VF) mint NH selection of 1950 "POSTES-POSTAGE omitted" GeoVI portrait issues, all in matched sets of plate #1 and plate #2 plate blocks, plus a matched set of #301 (plate #1), the 1950 issue 10c black brown "Fur Resources". The #289-293 set is complete for plate numbers and positions. 2019 Unitrade. $199.00 $90.00
34 Canada #400/436. Comprehensive 1962-1964 period collection, consisting of VF mint NH matched sets of plate blocks, more often than not with an accompanying cacheted and unaddressed First Day Cover. 108 plate blocks and 26 First Day Covers in total. All neatly housed in a 3-row stockbook with slipcase. See the scan of the consignor's inventory list for full details. Owner's accurate 2015 Unitrade. $367.85 $50.00
35 Canada #405bq. Top quality Post Office fresh wholesale investment lot of ten of the 1962 issue 5c violet blue QEII Cameo definitive, WINNIPEG 2-BAR TAGGED miniature panes of 20 (Unitrade $55.00 per sheet). All VF MNH. From the Kasimir Bileski estate. 2019 Unitrade. $550.00 $46.00
36 Canada #434q. VF mint NH investment lot of 35 examples of the 1964 issue 3c red WINNIPEG TAGGED "Star of Bethlehem" Christmas stamp miniature pane of 25. All in pristine condition. 2019 Unitrade. $525.00 $50.00
37 Canada #465A, 465Ai, 465Aii, 465Aiii, 465Aiv. Comprehensive mint (with used singles) collection of the 50c brown orange "Summer's Stores" Centennial high value in an as-new green stockbook, consisting of matched sets (including both smooth and streaky gums), corner blank and inscription blocks and singles. Includes a detailed inventory list and a bonus 1967 Centennial issue $1.00 bill with serial number. Fresh and neatly laid out collections like this don't come around that often. See the scan of the inventory list for more details. Owner's 2019 Unitrade. $2,267.35 $300.00
38 Canada #465Bi. VARIETY. VF MNH matched set of plate #1 plate blocks of the 1967 issue $1.00 carmine rose "Edmonton Oil Field" Centennial top value on NF paper with "streaky DEX gum" reverse side (unofficial) variety. See previous lot for the "smooth DEX gum". 2019 Unitrade. $500.00 $80.00
39 Canada #465Bi. VF MNH matched set of plate #1 plate blocks of the 1967 issue $1.00 carmine rose "Edmonton Oil Field" Centennial top value on NF paper with "smooth DEX gum" reverse side. Spots of gum loss on outer edges of selvedge of the lower right block noted for accuracy. See next lot for the "streaky DEX gum" (unofficial) variety. 2019 Unitrade. $500.00 $55.00
40 Canada #465Bii. VF MNH UR, LL & LR blank corner blocks as issued of the $1 carmine rose "Edmonton Oil Field" Centennial top value on HB paper (March 1971 printing). 2019 Unitrade. $750.00 $250.00
41 Canada #465Biii. VARIETIES. Interesting study lot of 14 VF MNH plate and blank corner blocks of the $1.00 carmine rose "Edmonton Oil Field" Centennial top value, all with PVA gum. The blocks are organized with carefully researched varying levels of paper fluorescence and fluorescent flecks evident. All conservatively valued as plate blocks on the LF paper. 2019 Unitrade. $800.00 $190.00
42 Canada #465Biv. VF MNH matched set of plate #2 plate blocks of the $1.00 carmine rose "Edmonton Oil Field" Centennial top value on MF paper with PVA gum (December 1971 printing). 2019 Unitrade. $500.00 $80.00
43 Canada #465i, 465ii. VF MNH matched sets of blank corner blocks of the 25c slate green "Solemn Land" Centennial on the 1967 printing non-fluorescent (NF), and 1971 printing hibrite (HB) papers. Both with DEX gum. 2019 Unitrade. $580.00 $130.00
44 Canada #465p, 465pi. VF MNH matched sets of blank corner blocks (as issued) of the 25c slate green "Solemn Land" Centennial with Winnipeg 2 Bar tagging, on both the 1969 printing DF and the 1971 printing HB papers. 2019 Unitrade. $1,200.00 $200.00
45 Canada #468A. CBN "Test Coils". Canadian Bank Note Company 1967 issue test coils in an imperforate strip of four (with DEX gum). These "FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY/AUX FINS D'ESSAI” coils were produced for use with the 6c orange Centennial coils to display the new coil dispensers. These test coils have been recently listed in Unitrade. "Must have" items for the Centennial collector. 2014 Unitrade. $140.00 $30.00
46 Canada #522i VARIETY, 528i VARIETY. VF mint NH examples of the 5c and 6c identical centre blocks from the 1970 Xmas "Childrens' Drawings" issue. Scarce blocks, listed in many catalogues and illustrated in many albums. The 5c block shows only a very faint "split dot" version of the "M.A" variety (#522iii), unlike any example of this variety I've seen to date, either an early state of this plate flaw or a later attempted correction (removal) of the dot. The 6c block is WITHOUT the "scratch through window" variety (much scarcer than a block with the variety and worth a 50% premium as such). Estimate $100.00 $36.00
47 Canada #582-585. VF mint NH investment group of 15 full mint NH philatelic (untrimmed, with full plate inscriptions and wide selvedge margins) panes of 16 of the 1972 issue 15c se-tenant Earth Sciences commemorative. A very high quality selection. 2019 Unitrade. $525.00 $70.00
48 Canada #593 T-3. UNTAGGED. VF MNH block of four of the Unitrade listed variety of the 1973 issue 8c blue QEII "Caricature", untagged and on MF paper. 2019 Unitrade. $200.00 $26.00
49 Canada #599, 600, 601. VF mint NH selection of $1.00 Vancouver and $2.00 Quebec high values from the 1972-1977 "Landscape" series, all in plate blocks. The lot consists of #599 x 4 (perf 12.5 x 12.0, plate #2), #600 x 3 (perf 11 x 11, plate #1) and #601 x 5 (plate #1). 2019 Unitrade. $325.00 $65.00
50 Canada #614a. VARIETY. Superb condition mint NH imperforate pair of the 1973 issue 15c RCMP "Musical Ride" commemorative, with the top stamp in the pair with the Unitrade listed DOUBLE PRINTING. This pair is in perfect and fault-free condition, unlike the majority of imperforates of this issue on the market, which almost always have creases and gum problems. You won't find a nicer pair than this! 2019 Unitrade. $900.00 $325.00
51 Canada #714/806. VARIETIES. VF MNH variety collection of the 12c blue, 14c red and 17c green "Parliament Building" definitives, consisting of a range of various constant plate varieties, paper fluorescences, tagging errors, perforation shifts and EFOs. A good start to an exhibition-level collection of these popular error-prone issues. Estimate $250.00 $36.00
52 Canada #839. Printing and Tagging Shift. VF mint NH example of the 1979 Christmas issue 15c "Wooden Train" with the silver "15" & tagging shifted 3mm to the right. The "5" of the denomination appears in right margin & the stamp is also a ONE-BAR TAG ERROR (G2aL) with single bar at left. This variety is listed in Darnell catalogue as #879a. Only two sheets of 50 with this combination error reported. This stamp is from position 18 from sheet #2. Darnell catalogue $150.00 $46.00
53 Canada #1283a-1286b. Eight complete sets of all four 1990 issue Petro Canada 39c "Majestic Forests" mini-panes of four, all VF MNH. These panes were produced as a special promotion for Petro Canada. Getting hard to find. 2019 Unitrade. $400.00 $60.00
54 Canada #1534ii. VF mint NH example of the unissued 1992 Xmas 52c rate stamp. This stamp was produced for a proposed 50c to 52c rate change that was postponed until a later date. A few of these 52c stamps somehow got out of the post office and into private hands. A very rare modern variety. 2019 Unitrade. $200.00 $55.00
55 Canada #1535ii. The rare and unissued 90c value 1994 Xmas proposed and rejected rate change, VF MNH. Fewer than 1,000 examples of the 90c stamp exist. The Post Office intended to increase the postal rates from 88c but changed their minds at the last minute. Somehow a few of these stamps made it onto the market. Oops! A famous modern "administrative" error. Issued 88c value included for comparison. 2019 Unitrade. $600.00 $160.00
56 Canada #1679. PRINTING SHIFT. VF mint NH block of four of the 1999 issue 10c "Woodworking" from the "Traditional Trades" definitive series with a very dramatic PRINTING SHIFT showing the black background shifted right so "10 CANADA" looks DOUBLED. A very interesting variety. We know of only 60 copies in total, all that were saved from one single sheet. Normal stamp included for comparison. Estimate $100.00 $42.00
57 Canada #1683a. Top quality VF mint NH imperforate pair of the 2000 issue 47c Queen Elizabeth definitive. From a unique sheet found near Elliot Lake Ontario in May 2001 (therefore only 50 pairs). A modern Elizabethan rarity of the highest order. 2019 Unitrade. $900.00 $260.00
58 Canada #1693ii. VF MNH pane of 4 of the $5.00 Moose "Extra Moose" variety consisting of a strong offset of the brown Moose, showing a clear impression facing left on the gummed side instead of facing right as on the front. A great mate for the Missing Moose variety. Unitrade states only 200 examples have been reported. Priced as four singles. 2019 Unitrade. $400.00 $90.00
59 Canada #1764b. VF+ MNH example of the 1998 issue 45c Xmas Angel in the very rare perf 13.1 x 13.6. Fewer than 500 mint examples of #1764b are known. See the next lot for an exponentially more elusive inscription block of four. 2019 Unitrade. $500.00 $140.00
60 Canada #1764b. Handpicked upper left corner VF+ MNH inscription block of four of the 1998 issue 45c Xmas Angel in the very rare perf 13.1 x 13.6. Fewer than 500 mint examples of #1764b are known and only a tiny handful of inscription blocks are in existence. Unquestionably one of the rarest modern issue plate blocks. Includes a block of the regular #1764 (perf 13.1 x 13.1) for comparison. 2019 Unitrade. $2,500.00 $800.00
61 Canada #1767/2194, 2465b, 2467b. Mint NH collection of 1999 to 2006 period issues (plus a couple from 2010), all archivally stored on hingeless pages in the original Lighthouse album, plus the 1999 issue hard cover Millennium collection book. A comprehensive offering of stamps, souvenir sheets and booklets, all conservatively valued as face value postage only but worth a decent premium as a collection. Total face value $453.83 $290.00
62 Canada #1812, 1812i, 1813, 1813i, 1814, 1814i, 1818-1834, UX125. VF MNH complete run of all the 1999-2000 Millennium miniature sheets including the basic set of 17 panes plus the additional six "Dove" thematic panes of 4 and 1 as well as the postal stationery post card. Total face value of all the stamps is $41.08. Becoming an increasingly difficult group to assemble, let alone complete. 2019 Unitrade. $200.00 $110.00
63 Canada #1969a. VF mint NH example of the 2003 issue 48c Year of the Ram Lunar New Year stamp with the Unitrade listed MISSING GOLD on Ram's Shoulder error. This eye-catching error comes from a very small group of sheets found in BC. A normal stamp is included for comparison. 2019 Unitrade. $600.00 $250.00
64 Canada #1991C-1991D. Two complete 2003 issue Canada-Alaska Cruise Ship Sheets. Both Post Office fresh and VF MNH. These very limited edition promotional "Picture Postage®" stamps were only issued for use on the 2003 season Alaska route cruise ships and are much scarcer than the Unitrade catalogue value would suggest. The 10 undenominated se-tenant stamps in each sheet were (and still are) valid for use as first-class international letter mail. The official printing figures total 50,000 but many were probably still unsold at the end of the cruising season and destroyed. We rarely find these sheets in collections we handle. 2017 Unitrade. $200.00 $85.00
65 Canada #2012. FORGERY. The 2003 issue 49c Queen Elizabeth II POSTAL COUNTERFEIT in a horizontal pair from the original forged booklet pane of 10. An excellent counterfeit that would (and did) certainly fool most postal authorities and collectors. Reportedly created in the Baltic states of Eastern Europe by former intelligence service agents. Estimate $100.00 $22.00
66 Canada #2156. VF mint NH investment lot of 25 examples of a scarce and "overlooked" 2006 Canada/USA co-issue souvenir sheet, commemorating Champlain Surveying the East Coast. The sheet contains 2 x 39c US stamps and 2 x 51c Canadian stamps. This sheet can be distinguished from the US Post Office edition by the bar code in the lower left corner (the US version has no bar code). 2019 Unitrade. $250.00 $70.00
67 Canada #2201a. VF MNH left-hand sheet margin example of the 52c Year of the Pig Lunar New Year issue with the "Missing Gold" error. Normal stamp included for comparison. I remember selling these for $400.00 when they were first discovered. 2019 Unitrade. $100.00 $60.00
68 Canada #2299f, 2305f, 2366c. Five complete VF MNH complete sets (still sealed in the original souvenir packs) of the limited edition gold, silver and bronze "Vancouver 2010" overprints in the selvedge of three different Olympic souvenir sheets. A real sleeper set, probably the scarcest of all the Canada 2010 Olympic philatelic issues. Sure to increase in value due to the international appeal of Olympic topicals. 2017 Unitrade. $325.00 $95.00
69 Canada #2844. Recalled Souvenir Sheet. Recalled 2015 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Souvenir Sheet. VF mint condition example of the rare recalled $8.40 souvenir sheet of five, including one misidentified "Hoodoo" stamp. The entire printing was withdrawn from post offices in a panic by Canada Post. The Unitrade catalogue value is irrelevant with regards to the actual market value of the sheet as the recalled souvenir sheet is proving to be much scarcer than the recalled booklet. Estimate $150.00 $130.00
70 Canada #B10-T1. UNTAGGED ERROR. Unitrade listed VF mint NH example of the 8c + 2c 1976 Olympic Games Basketball semi-postal, completely UNTAGGED. Much harder to find than the catalogue value would suggest. 2019 Unitrade. $80.00 $36.00
71 Canada #BK9a. FRENCH. Intact GeoV "Admiral" 1922 issue booklet. The covers have some erased writing on the front and a few "chipped" edges. The text is sans-serif capitals on rate sheet. The booklet contains one pane of four of each of the 1c yellow (#105a), the 2c yellow green (#107b) and the 3c brown (#108a). The panes are all sound, fresh and mint NH. The minor cover faults do not affect the contents in any way. A very rare French text booklet. 2019 Unitrade. $1,300.00 $210.00
72 Canada #BK10c. ENGLISH. Intact GeoV "Admiral" issue booklet, blue cover, slogans inside, small capitals, containing one pane of four of each of the 1c yellow (#105a), 2c green (#197b) and 3c carmine (#109a). The covers are all unmarked and in perfect condition The three panes are all sound and Fine. A very tough Admiral booklet in premium condition. 2019 Unitrade. $600.00 $260.00
73 Canada #BK20b. FRENCH. Elusive example of the 1933 issue GeoV "Medallion" booklet, containing four panes of six of the 1c dark green. The panes are all fresh and F/VF. Type II French text ("Recommendez"). The front cover is in unmarked VF condition but the back cover has some "chipping" on the edges noted for the record. 2018 Unitrade. $600.00 $140.00
74 Canada #BK82, BK82A, BK84, BK98. VF quality collection of 336 complete booklets of the 1982-1985 definitive issues, all neatly housed and identified in soft plastic pages, meticulously identified by the previous owner with regards to paper fluorescences and minor tagging varieties. All valued by Unitrade catalogue but some material goes beyond the scope of even this catalogue. 2019 Unitrade. $627.00 $210.00
75 Canada #BK111A. VF quality investment group of 10 intact examples of the scarce March 1990 issue 50c Flag booklet, all perf 12.5 x 13 (perf change). 2018 Unitrade. $550.00 $42.00
76 Canada #BK251Aa. Worthwhile investment booklet lot trio consisting of three VF mint condition complete unsevered booklets of thirty of the 48c Flag with the unannounced and provisional "Vancouver 2010" overprint which commemorated the awarding of the 2010 Winter Olympics to Vancouver BC (catalogue #1991). There was a very limited issue of this overprint (the overprinted stamp was not included in the Annual Collection or quarterly pack). The unsevered booklet of thirty is the only way to get the complete Post Office cover design, as the photograph runs across all three booklets of ten. Total face value as postage is $43.20. A "sleeper" booklet type and scarce Olympic topical. 2017 Unitrade. $180.00 $80.00
77 Canada #BK623 (x 2). Hoodoos Booklets. Two 2015 issue UNESCO World Heritage Sites Booklets. Both in VF mint condition. These examples of the rare recalled $7.20 self-adhesive booklet of six x $1.20 stamps each include two of the misidentified "Hoodoos" stamps. Withdrawn from post offices in a panic by Canada Post, not many reached private hands. This booklet duo will be perfect for exhibition and display, as the wrong "Hoodoo" is also illustrated on the booklet cover. Estimate $150.00 $60.00
78 Canada #BK649 (x 10). Investment lot of ten archival quality (still in the original sealed Canada Post packaging) complete 2016 issue 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK Prestige booklets, each booklet containing five different commemorative panes (#2912f, 2912g, 2912h, 2912i and 2916a). A very popular issue with all the regular supplies exhausted by fanatical Trekkies a long time ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away - that's Star Wars). These booklets regularly sell for well over the original issue price of $19.95 each and often sell for the full catalogue value of $40.00 each. 2019 Unitrade. $400.00 $230.00
79 Canada #BK686. Recalled Hanukkah Booklets. Two VF mint intact examples of the extremely scarce recalled 2017 Hanukkah self-adhesive "P" booklets of 10. These booklets were recalled by Canada Post within hours of issuance, with severe consequences threatened for any post office or outlet disobeying the order. These booklets are proving to be the scarcest recalls in recent Canadian philatelic history. The problem was the use of the Star of David as a motif, on both the front cover and on the "colour key" in the lower right corner of the pane. These regularly sell for over full catalogue value. Estimate $150.00 $80.00
80 Canada #C1-C9, CE1-CE4, E1-E11. Mint consignment balance of "Back of the Book" material including complete airmails, special deliveries and airmail special deliveries. The #C2 is Hinged, the #E1 is no gum and the #E2-E11 are Hinged. The other stamps in the group are NH. 2019 Scott US$664.85= $864.30 $55.00
81 Canada #CL6. Rare full pane of 8 of the 1926 issue Jack V. Elliot 25c red on yellow zig-zag background semi-official airmail. Mint Hinged/Hinge reinforced. 2019 Unitrade. $600.00 $140.00
82 Canada #CO1, CO2. Fresh and VF MNH blocks of four of the 7c Canada Goose Official Airmail with either the G or OHMS overprints. All 1946-1950 GeoVI period issues. Unitrade is $180.00 for VF mint NH. 2018 Scott US$114.00= $148.26 $50.00
83 Canada #E5. Perfectly centered and fresh VF MNH example of the 1932 issue 20c henna brown redesigned bilingual "CENTS" Special Delivery stamp. Unitrade is $200.00 for VF MNH. Very hard to find as well centered as this. 2020 Scott US$115.00= $149.50 $60.00
84 Canada #F1, F1a. Mint Hinged examples of the orange and vermilion shades of the 1875 to 1888 issue 2c Registration stamps. Nice to get both basic shades at the same time. 2019 Scott Classic US$270.00= $351.00 $42.00
85 Canada #FWH4b. The 1988 issue $6.50 "Pintails" Federal Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp in a full VF mint NH sheet of 16 with full marginal inscriptions. This is a much scarcer format than the more readily available booklet panes of one. Total face value $104.00. 2019 Unitrade. $325.00 $42.00
86 Canada #FWH8d, FWH9d and FWH13d. Federal Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamps. Trio of intact Federal Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp Booklets, all ARTIST SIGNED. The group consists of the 1992 $8.50 "Eider Duck" (signed by Kerri Burnett), the 1994 $8.50 "Ross' Geese" (signed by Adam Sakhavarz) and the 1997 $8.50 "Eider Duck" (signed by Brenda Carter). The booklets have some adhesions on the back covers from mounting and the #FWH10 has a bit of foxing but still an elusive group. 2019 Unitrade. $180.00 $12.00
87 Canada #FWH20b. The 2004 issue $8.50 "Mallards" Federal Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp in a full VF mint NH sheet of 16 with full marginal inscriptions. This is a much scarcer format than the more readily available booklet panes of one. Total face value $136.00. 2019 Unitrade. $560.00 $50.00
88 Canada #J8. Plate Block. Fresh and Fine+ upper sheet margin plate block of four of the 1930-1932 "Second issue" 4c dark violet postage due with the number "1" in the selvedge at top. The stamps are all NH, with a very LH area in the selvedge at top. Note that according to Unitrade, the number should be inverted. This block has a non-inverted number "1". Valued as Fine Hinged. 2019 Unitrade. $250.00 $42.00
89 Canada #J14. VF MNH lower left corner sheet margin block of four of the 1933 issue 10c dark violet postage due. Great colour, exceptional centering, perfect gum. 2019 Unitrade. $400.00 $55.00
90 Canada #MR1 (x 2), MR2, MR3, MR4, MR6. Small selection of the 1915 GeoV WAR TAX stamps consisting of #MR1 (x 2- NH), MR2 (NH), MR3 (Die 1 - NH), MR4 (Die II - H) and MR6 (used). 2020 Scott US$330,00= $429.00 $55.00
91 Canada #MR2D. Fresh and Fine/VF mint OG Hinge Remnant example of the 1915 issue 50c black Admiral overprinted WAR TAX in red. 2019 Unitrade. $180.00 $36.00
92 Canada #MR4i. F/VF MNH block of four of the Unitrade listed yellow brown shade of the 1916 issue 2c + 1c brown KGV War Tax (Die II). Catalogued as the regular #MR4 by Scott catalogue. 2020 Scott US$250.00= $325.00 $46.00
93 Canada #MR7a. Fresh and F/VF mint no gum "tab" strip of four of the 1916 issue 2c + 1c brown GeoV Admiral War Tax coil, Die I. A rare War Tax multiple, even without gum. The tab would have been the left hand part of a paste-up pair. 2020 Scott US$800.00= $1,040.00 $170.00
94 Canada #MR7iii. VF mint Hinged example of the yellow brown shade of the 1916 issue 2c + 1c the Die I KGV War Issue coil. The yellow brown shade is unlisted in Scott. A key Canadian War Tax item. 2019 Unitrade. $250.00 $42.00
95 Canada #O1/O45, CO1. All mint NH selection of high quality overprinted Official stamps, both OHMS and G overprinted types. All laid out, identified and valued on two stocksheets. Catalogued by Scott as singles. 2020 Scott US$352.55= $458.30 $140.00
96 Canada #O38ii. VF MNH Jumbo margin example of the rare Unitrade listed "blunt G" variety on the 1953-1955 issue definitive 50c "Textiles" official. As spectacular an example of this elusive variety as we have ever handled. 2019 Unitrade. $375.00 $260.00
97 Canada #OX4. Attractively centered and F/VF mint NH example of the 1913 issue brown black officially sealed stamp. Very hard to find Never Hinged. Some dealers/auction houses would be tempted to value this stamp as a "split grade" F/VF at $350.00 (VFNH @$600.00 + FNH @$100.00 ÷ 2 = $350.00). 2017 Unitrade as Fine NH. $100.00 $40.00
98 Canada #QW11/QW20 (DQ25/DQ52). Ten years worth (1998-2007) of Quebec Wildlife Habitat Conservation stamp panes of 1, all VF mint NH and still in the original folders. These are all mini-masterpieces of wildlife art. Listed in Unitrade, Van Dam and FFQ catalogues. 2018 Unitrade. $490.00 $180.00
99 Canada - 1950s Era Essay. A VF quality imperforate 4c yellow, black, green and red unadopted "Native Indian Head" essay from 1958. The very advanced design aesthetic for the era and the multi-colour printing would have made this stamp a real winner if it had been approved. Printed on NH gummed paper. Estimate $250.00 $70.00
100 Canada - Annual Collection/Souvenir Book Duo. Two scarce but only Fine condition Canada Post books, the first one being the rare "Some Canadian Postage Stamps" dark green hardcover book with embossed gilt text on cover containing MNH blocks of various 1961-1964 period issues. Note that this book is the 1965 revised edition. I don't know why this scarce tome isn't listed in Unitrade. 2005 Darnell lists this book at $50.00 (an unreasonably low price considering how seldom you see these books). Some soiling noted along page edges from handling. The second book is a scarce 1976 Canada Post Annual Collection, containing VF mint NH stamps but with some cover wear. Unitrade catalogue is $85.00 for the yearbook. Estimate $100.00 $85.00
101 Canada - Annual Collections for 1975 and 1976. Pristine quality Canada Post yearbooks, both in original envelopes. The 1975 and 1976 books are nearly as scarce as the much higher catalogued 1974 issue. 2019 Unitrade. $170.00 $55.00
102 Canada - Annual Collections for 1976 to 1986 plus Thematic Packs. Eleven consecutive years of Canada Post Yearbooks, all in perfect condition, almost all with intact original plastic sleeves, cardboard cases or shrink wrapping, containing mint NH stamps, souvenir sheets and booklets for the years 1976 to 1986 inclusive, plus a handful of thematic books/packs from the same time period. The total face value of the mint NH stamps in the eleven volumes and the bundle of thematic packs is $170.65. Owner's 2019 Unitrade. $500.00 $120.00
103 Canada - Annual Collections for 1992-2005 plus the 1999 Millennium Collection. 14 consecutive years of Canada Post yearbooks (Unitrade catalogue Annual Collections #35-48) plus an additional 1999 Millennium Collection (Unitrade catalogue Thematic Collection #88) containing the mint NH stamps, souvenir sheets and booklets for the years 1992 to 2005 inclusive plus Millennium issues. All the books are in VF to pristine condition. A great start to these impressive and informative publications. The more recent annual collections are much harder to find than the older volumes. Total face value of the mint NH stamps, panes and souvenir sheets in the 15 volumes is $519.12. 2019 Unitrade. $1,380.00 $325.00
104 Canada - BABNC "Baby Sisters" Centennial Era Sample Stamps. Decades old specialized offering of the British American Bank Note Company "Baby Sisters" engraved stamp samples, printed in various colours, perforation combinations and gum types. According to the original dealer handling this material (Gary Lyon Philatelist Ltd.), due to unequal numbers of the various varieties, there are only a very limited number of these lots capable of being prepared. This group consists of six multi-coloured imperf between pairs - two with additional perforated stamps to make eye-catching triptychs. We don't often see the multicolour printings. The lot includes a colour photo of the experimental pane format. A "must have" lot for the QEII Centennial issue specialist. Estimate $350.00 $400.00
105 Canada - CAPEX '78 thematic collection of specialized items including unusual First Day Covers plus various Canada Post different commemorative "day cancels" on cover, produced during the show, a small selection of foreign CAPEX issues, mint and on cover, a Japanese Post Office folder with a specialty PO booth cancel and a Greg Manning promotional brochure. The collection contains a total of 14 stamps, 17 covers, 1 postcard, 4 miniature panes/ souvenir sheets and 2 pamphlets. This lot represents elusive material that will undoubtedly upgrade any CAPEX themed collection. Estimate $100.00 $24.00
106 Canada - National Christmas Seals: Unitrade #3, 5, 7. Rare full panes of 100 of the 1928, 1929 and 1930 issue Unitrade catalogue listed Christmas Seals (English versions). We'll be handling the next portions of a very comprehensive collection of Canadian issue seals over the next few bidboards. Stay tuned! 2019 Unitrade. $325.00 $100.00
107 Canada - National Christmas Seals: Unitrade #9, 11, 13, 15, 17. Rare full panes of 100 of the 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934 and 1935 issue Unitrade catalogue listed Christmas Seals (English versions). We'll be handling the next portions of a very comprehensive collection of Canadian issue seals over the next few bidboards. Stay tuned! 2019 Unitrade. $400.00 $110.00
108 Canada - Coil Strips. Large accumulation of late period GeoVI and QEII (Karsh) coil strips, with a total of 1,005 stamps in (folded) strips up to 28 stamps long. Included in the mix are #297 (x 315), #299 (x 115 including 2 starter strips), #305 (x 386), #310 (x 109), #331 (x 28) and #333 (x 52). Nice overall quality and scarce in such long strips. Owner's 2019 Unitrade. $1,356.00 $280.00
109 Canada - Comprehensive Die-Cut Collection. Nearly complete mint collection of all the "die-cut to shape" self-adhesive singles, all from Canada Post collector quarterly packs running between the 2nd quarter of 2006 up to the 4th quarter of 2014. Consists of 229 different stamps in total. These die-cuts are very hard to find as they only came in collector's packs or annual collection albums and were not available over the counter as normal stamps. This format is the only way to get neat looking mint singles with intact backing. 2019 Unitrade. $652.00 $400.00
110 Canada Carton - Banker's box filled to the brim, containing, in no particular order, mint and used War Tax issues on 3-ring pages, green stockbook with mint and used Canada, Centennial, Caricature and Flower series booklets, Registration stamps, Postage Dues, Revenues, Perfins, Airmails, Airmail Special Deliveries, used material in 102 dealer cards, plate blocks, and Cinderellas. Lots of potential for finds. The lot also contains over $200.00 in mint face value. Estimate $450.00 $290.00
111 Canada - Face Value Motherlode. Massive holding of 3c through 6c face value Canadian postage, offered as received. The lot consists of 2c values x 4,400 ($88.00), 3c values x 4,000 ($120.00), 4c values x 900 ($36.00), 5c values x 25,000 ($1,250.00) and 6c values x 20,000 ($1,200.00). The stamps have NOT been checked for papers, gums, tagging or plate varieties. Excellent range of issues, commemoratives and definitives, including multiples. Exceptional potential for "finds", particularly for the intrepid UV and magnifier equipped philatelic researcher. HUGE total Unitrade catalogue value (well over $22,000.00!). Conservatively valued as face value postage only. Total Face value $2,694.00 $1,125.00
112 Canada - Modern Canada uncancelled postage stamps on paper, consisting of 1,000 x "P" (permanent stamps, presently 90c) definitive issues. Primarily coil issues Unchecked for shades and types. Offered as received. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps $900.00 $230.00
113 Canada - Modern Canada uncancelled postage stamps on paper, consisting of 300 x $1.90 rates, either single frankings of a $1.80 stamp with an additional 10c. Primarily coil issues Unchecked for shades and types. Offered as received. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps. $570.00 $130.00
114 Canada - Modern uncancelled postage stamps on paper, consisting of 1,000 "P" stamps, including commemoratives and latest 2019 issues. Face value of a "P" stamp is 90¢. Total face value of the uncancelled stamps. $900.00 $250.00
115 Canada - Presentation Book Darnell #SP16. The 1951 CAPEX Official Prestige Presentation Book, issued by Canada Post, with blue leatherette cover, embossed gold crest and text. Contains a VF MNH set of blocks of #311-314, the Canadian Stamp Centenary issue. Very limited issue and a key addition to any Souvenir Book collection. Only listed (and in our opinion severely underpriced) in the 2005 Darnell catalogue. As an added bonus, the lot includes a set of special cacheted covers, each one carried from Richmond Hill ON by different means (locomotive, helicopter, stagecoach and native runner). Valued as the book only. Undervalued 2005 Darnell catalogue. $125.00 $50.00
116 Canada - Sheets and panes. Collection of 34 used pieces. Eleven panes, 15 souvenir sheets and 8 sheets (part or full) in a blue Uni-Safe block album stockbook from 1972 to 2009. Includes three full sheets of #1442a "Canadian Space". The holograms come to life when held upright. Also a complete panes of #1737a "The RCMP 125th Anniversary" in two parts. Complete list included. 2017 Scott US$215.35= $279.96 $55.00
117 Canada - Top Quality Modern 1,000+ all "P" commemoratives used on paper, mostly 2015 to 2018 and a few 2019 issues. NO Christmas, NO greetings, NO definitives, includes a few semi-postals. Great variety! It's extremely hard to find modern Canada PURE commemorative used lots. Estimate $100.00 $70.00
118 Canada - Used Souvenir Sheets - 88 different used between 1982 and 2018 issues (between #913a and #3087), all postally used, though some have gum as they were placed in protective envelopes on registered parcels. Used are much scarcer than mint! 2019 Unitrade. $525.00 $180.00
119 Canada Cancels - BRITISH COLUMBIA POSTMARKS – A rather MARVELOUS lot. Many of these items are noted as being under discussion for inclusion in "the next catalogue" as they are presently unlisted. Michael Sagar's MOON 1950-1973 catalogue is included. Many are on #8 fronts, with 40 different closed post offices on the fronts - almost all are "C" for rarity. Hundreds, probably a few thousand more that are not only MOONs but CDS dated. Sub post offices do not offer a rarity factor and there are a few openings of 3 yrs or less (a 1969 Nelson sub 4 and MOON, open less than 1 year; Courtenay Sub 1 open 1971-1972; Surrey Sub 8, open 1969-1971). Here is the possibly unique aspect - there are 18 with special notes attached that speak to the postmarks (mostly MOONs) that look as if they are written maybe by Fred Bailey himself on covers. Some of these are addressed to him, indicating they are unlisted or not known. Includes notes re differences of listed items with side note in red saying, "Mike agrees", with notes such as "New # will be issued" to cover this newfound variety. There is at least one of Arnot's. There are approximately another 100, mostly #8s; on quick view these do not seem to have any rare status. Also 19 black plastic double-sided stock pages with mostly MOON cancels on stamps in sleeves. Finally, a brown envelope with loose stamps with mostly MOONs – a few are closed POs such as "Premier BC". Generally Fine overall. Total of 150+ covers plus a few thousand postmarks on stamps and catalogue with scripted additional notes. The student of this area should find a small treasure here. Estimate $250.00 $475.00
120 Canada Covers - First Day Cover Motherlode. Banker's box containing 1,264 carefully stored First Day Covers, with issues ranging from 1968 to 1987 plus a couple of more recent FDCs. Clean and neatly typewritten addresses on the early private cachets, unaddressed on the more recent Canada Post cacheted covers. Pretty comprehensive for the period and an excellent basis for expansion. All neatly stored chronologically in cover boxes. Estimate $120.00 $70.00
121 Canada Covers - Karsh/Wilding Issues. Three volume extensively annotated exhibit/collection of Karsh and Wilding era covers and cards including just about every aspect of Canadian postal history for this time period. Noted local letters, forwarded letters, perfins, officials, postage dues, postal stationary, special delivery, foreign destination, free frankings and a myriad of other directional markings, rates, and usages. 134 pieces in total with all individually retail priced. An excellent lot for the Elizabethan era collector or dealer as all the research and pricing has been done for you. Owner's total retail price $883.50 $350.00
122 Canada Perfins - Three pages containing 277 company/government /private perfin stamps, several in mixed condition. All different in stamp, issuer or pattern, raging from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. Perfin factor "F". Owner's estimate $700.00 $190.00
123 Canada Revenues Van Dam #BCL57(x 5), BCL57a. British Columbia Law Stamps. VF MNH lower left corner block of six of the $10.00 light red from the 1958-1970 eleventh series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. Catalogued as 5 mint NH regular singles and one "flaw above C of COLUMBIA" (#BCL57a, plate position #16). A great revenue showpiece. 2017 Van Dam. $437.50 $85.00
124 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FB34, FB35, FB36. Fresh but mixed condition high value trio of 1865 "Second Issue" Federal Bill Stamps, consisting of the $1.00 green and red (sound used), the $2.00 red and violet (mint OG, vertical crease and pulled corner perf) and the $3.00 red and blue (mint OG, pulled corner). Hard to find in any condition. Upgrade at a later date. 2017 Van Dam. $1,175.00 $65.00
125 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FPS23/FPS58. Fresh and F/VF mint NH selection of 18 mixed "Second" and "Third" issue Postal Scrip stamps (larger and smaller sizes). Mixed sets like this is how the Post Office sold them to collectors. Owner's 31st edition Van Dam catalogue. $270.00 $32.00
126 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FSC11. The 1897 issue Widow Queen Victoria $1.00 blue Supreme Court Law stamp with blue control number. Fine used, usual centering and normal punch cancel. 2017 Van Dam. $135.00 $17.00
127 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FX95-FX97, FX98-FX102. Top quality selection of "3-leaf" Federal Excise Tax stamps, consisting of mint NH pairs of the 2c, 3c and 6c coils and a complete VF mint no gum as issued set of all five imperforate issues. 2017 Van Dam. $601.25 $85.00
128 Canada Revenues Van Dam #FX103/FX135, FX125a. Very nice quality almost all mint (#FX115 and FX128 are used and mounted sideways on the stocksheet) selection of surcharged "3-leaf" Federal Excise Tax stamps. No faults, all the mint are OG and some are NH but no NH premiums have been charged. Only missing a couple of the extremely rare issues to be a complete run of the surcharges. 2017 Van Dam. $1,205.50 $250.00
129 Canada Revenues Van Dam #NBT1d. VF mint no gum as issued New Brunswick 1¢ black on white paper Tobacco Tax Stamp in an IMPERFORATE BETWEEN horizontal pair. This pair comes from a small find of uncut panes made at the 2008 BNAPS show in Halifax. 2017 Van Dam. $100.00 $22.00
130 Canada Revenues Van Dam #OTG3. Mint NH upper sheet margin strip of three of the 3c on 50c 1928 issue Ontario Provincial GASOLINE TAX Stamp with full "FIFTY CENTS" imprint in margin. Straight edge at right. No Blue C's on gum side (scarce thus). A nice Provincial revenue showpiece! Valued as three NH stamps but worth more. 2017 Van Dam. $240.00 $50.00
131 Canada Revenues Van Dam #PEW1f, SW5f. Two different complete VF mint NH provincial issue "Duck" sheets of 8, consisting of the 1995 $6.00 "Canada Geese" PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND WILDLIFE FEDERATION stamp by Brent R. Todd and the 1994 $6.00 "Wood Ducks" SASKATCHEWAN WILDLIFE FEDERATION stamp by Wayne Dowdy. Original total issue price face value $96.00. 2017 Van Dam. $315.00 $15.00
132 Canada Revenues Van Dam #SL68-SL78. Saskatchewan Law Stamps. Archival quality VF mint NH complete set of all eleven 1968 issue rouletted Provincial law stamps. The face values of the eleven stamps run from 5c to $50.00 with a total face value for the set of $91.90. 2017 Van Dam. $120.00 $22.00
133 Canada Revenues - 100 BC Supreme Court and County Court documents, each with BC LAW stamps, dates range 1918 to 1958 (most are 1930s-1940s). A rare find of complete documents. Note 10¢, 50¢, $1, $2, and $5 stamps, but uncatalogued. The usual one fold on each document affects a few stamps, some odd faults, a couple are partial documents. Estimate $150.00 $110.00
134 Canada/Newfoundland - Balance of Consignment. F/VF mint Hinged selection of 34 different Newfoundland stamps on one stocksheet and a 1943 to 1946 period selection of Canadian stamps (all War of Peace series issues) on a second stocksheet. Estimate $100.00 $60.00
135 Canadian Provinces - British Columbia #6. Mint OG Hinged example of the 1865 issue 10c blue "Victoria", perf 14 x 14. One short perf at left noted for the record. 2019 Scott US$500.00= $650.00 $100.00
136 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick #1. Sound and attractive used example of the 1851 issue 3d red imperf on blue paper, margins nearly all around. Clear grill cancel. A scarce pre-Confederation Provincial "number one". 2020 Scott US$550.00= $715.00 $60.00
137 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #44. VF mint NH sheet margin block of four of the 1887 issue 1c deep green "Edward, Prince of Wales" with "British American Bank Note Co. Montreal" Inscription in selvedge at left. Conservatively valued by Unitrade as four VF mint NH singles. 2019 Unitrade. $480.00 $160.00
138 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #56. Fake Die Proof Duo. Two different colours (black brown and red brown) of the "MONTREAL FAKE" Newfoundland Dog vignette ENGRAVED PROGRESSIVE DIE PROOF (40x54mm), DIE SUNK on card. The items created quite a stir when they first appeared on the market. Estimate $120.00 $20.00
139 Canadian Provinces - Nova Scotia #13. VF mint lower sheet margin full "American Bank Note Co. New-York" inscription block of six of the 1860 issue 12½c black Victoria. All fresh and well centered, five stamps pristine Never Hinged (the top middle stamp is Hinged). Nice little pre-Confederation multiple. 2019 Scott US$442.50= $575.25 $120.00
140 Chile #348/795, C124. Mint NH collection of Flora and Fauna (mostly birds) stamps. The bulk of the catalogue value is in the very elusive #254-255 and #C124 panes of 25. Owner's Scott US$332.35= $436.47 $70.00
141 China - ROC #1100/1164, B14-B16, J127-J130. Comprehensive near complete run of VF mint (no gum as issued) 1954 to 1957 period sets and souvenir sheets, all mounted in a special limited edition presentation book for the XIV Congress of the Universal Postal Union held in Ottawa in 1957. Includes better material like #1121-1123, 1135, 1136, 1143-1148, B14-B16 and C65-C67. Very few of these deluxe presentation books were produced, as they were only intended for high ranking UPU Congress participants. A very scarce publication, conservatively valued only for the catalogue value of the stamps in the book. 2020 Scott US$898.70= $1,168.31 $210.00
142 Falkland Islands #81-106. F/VF mint H/NH complete run of 1937 to 1949 period GeoVI issues, all complete sets. A popular colony and reign in overall very nice condition. 2019 Scott US$379.40= $493.22 $75.00
143 France #452/2030. Top quality MNH collection of 656 (99% different) stamps, 1942-1987 period issues (no Back of the Book). A lovely start to the stamps of this era including numerous complete sets, beautiful multicoloured engraved stamps, EUROPA issues, the famous large format ART stamps, various Marianne types and others. Vive la France! 2016 Scott US$543.90= $707.07 $180.00
144 French Equatorial Guinea #1/202, B1/B38, C1/C43, CB2-CB5, J1-J21. Trimmed Minkus album pages containing 299 stamps (290 different, only 9 duplicates). Ranging from 1936 to 1958. Mixed mint hinged and used. Includes list of better items. Owner's 2016 Scott US$1,461.75= $1,900.28 $280.00
145 Germany #585A-593. Wonderfully fresh and VF mint NH 1948 issue Type "A" (single line) Posthorn overprint set of 17, for use in the United States and British Zones. 2019 Scott US$375.00= $487.50 $160.00
146 Germany #665-668, 670-690, B309-B324. Nearly complete mint Hinged run of all the early 1949 to 1952 period Federal Republic issues (missing only #669), including commemorative, definitive and semi-postal sets. All still mounted on the original cut-down album pages. 2019 Scott US$941.10= $1,223.43 $120.00
147 Germany #C38-C39. Zeppelin Cover. Rare Canadian destination 1930 "Graf Zeppelin" South American Flight cover with a 10 mark (1 x #C38, 2 x #C39) franking! Friedrichshafen Germany departure cancel and (faint but clear) Lakehurst NJ machine transit cancel on reverse. The #C38 and one of the #C39 airmail stamps have small faults (minor surface scuffs). A key Zeppelin flight. Estimate $500.00 $400.00
148 Germany - WWII Occupations Collection. A very decent mint and used WWII "sampler" of various German Occupation issues, including Poland General Government, Luxembourg, Bohemia-Moravia, Alsace, Russia and Ukraine. Lots of complete sets, all laid out on the original album pages. See the scan of the hand written inventory for more info. 2019 Scott US$256.70= $333.71 $170.00
149 Great Britain #1. F/VF used four margin example of the famous "Penny Black", still hinged on the original inscribed sheet of paper (it was given as a gift to a budding philatelist sometime in the 1800s). Unchecked for plate number. 2019 Scott US$320.00= $416.00 $150.00
150 Great Britain #2b. Fresh, sound and Fine used example of the 1840 issue 2 Pence imperf in the scarce full and deep bright blue shade. Clear Maltese Cross cancel in black. This stamp is from one of the earlier printings. A key British Classic. 2019 Scott Classic US$1,000.00= $1,300.00 $140.00
151 Great Britain #7d. Used example of the 1854 issue embossed 6p red violet, with inverted "VR" watermark (wmk 19). Slightly cut into the design at right. A rare early Victorian issue. 2019 Scott Classic US$1,000.00= $1,300.00 $95.00
152 Great Britain #37. Mint OG HR wing margin example of the 1862 issue 3p pale rose, watermark 24 (Heraldic Emblems). A rare mint Victorian era classic. A few irregular perfs at bottom noted for the record. 2019 Scott US$2,500.00= $3,250.00 $160.00
153 Great Britain - Presentation Packs. VF selection of 42 different Post Office packs, 1981 and 1983 to 1988 period sets. Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue numbers consist of packs #129 and then #147/194. The total face value as useable postage is £45.04=$76.60 CDN. Owner's older 2012 SG GB Concise £165.75= $281.80 $44.00
154 Great Britain - Quartet of Post Office Yearbooks for the years 1992-1995. Hardbound Royal Mail yearbooks, illustrated in colour, with slipcase containing all the commemorative issues for the four years. SG Concise £240.00= $408.00 $60.00
155 Great Britain Booklets #BK125, BK145/BK193. VF condition mint selection of 33 different large format "Prestige" type booklets, beginning with the 1969 issue "Stamps for Cooks" and ranging all the way up to the 2010 issue King George V commemorative booklet. A very popular format with collectors. The useable face value total of the stamps in the booklets is £206.81=$341.25 CDN. 2018 Scott US$1,230.00= $1,599.00 $200.00
156 Great Britain Guernsey - Mint never hinged 1969-1988 period collection which appears to be all MNH, all neatly laid out on printed hingeless Schaubek album pages. 408 stamps and 14 souvenir sheets in total, mostly complete sets. Not missing much to be complete for the time period. Estimate $200.00 $80.00
157 Iran #2076-2082 (x 6), 2128-2137 (x 5). Two different archivally fresh and VF mint NH complete sets, consisting of the 1981 issue pictorial set of 10 (x 6 complete sets) and the 1983-1984 Religious and Political Figures set of 10 (x 5 complete sets). Hard to find due to the US embargo on Iranian material (eBay has a ban on all things Iranian). Clean and useful sets for the collector/dealer. 2019 Scott US$140.00= $182.00 $26.00
158 Japan #394/3956 plus "Z" issues. Very clean and outstanding quality collection/selection of 436 stamps, 9 souvenir sheets/miniature panes and 1 booklet pane, all carefully arranged on various types of stocksheets. Almost all mint NH, with an organized smattering of CDS used in some of the more recent. Very high total face value. Owner's Scott US$662.15= $993.22 $210.00
159 Liechtenstein #1/442 plus Back of the Book. Mint hinged and used collection on a variety of album page types. 293 lightly duplicated stamps in total, all identified and priced with pencil notes on each page. Excellent basis for expansion. See the owner's inventory list for more details. 2019 Scott US$1,138.35= $1,479.86 $150.00
160 Mexico - Collection in Stockbook. Mint and used collection of 491 stamps, earlies though recent plus "Back of the Book" material, all neatly laid out and identified in a black page Uni-safe stockbook. Owner's accurate Scott US$580.00= $754.00 $70.00
161 New Zealand - Collection of 1,400+ postally used 1983-2016 issues Scott number sorted on eight double-sided Vario stock pages, loaded with high values and many sets. No semi-postals or other Back of the Book. Note #1359Fh error. F-VF and an exceptionally clean lot. 2018 Scott US$2,122.00= $2,758.60 $325.00
162 Pitcairn Islands #1/84. Mint hinged (plus a few used) collection of 77 different 1940-1967 Geo VI and QEII era stamps, only missing a couple of individual stamps to be complete for the period. Includes better sets and singles, such as #1-8 (MH) and #30 (MH). 2016 Scott US$270.00= $351.00 $42.00
163 Romania/Russia Thematics - Mostly mint collection of mainly Romania (plus a few Russia), leaning heavily thematically towards flora, fauna and fine art. 454 stamps, 14 souvenir sheets and 7 miniature panes. Noted imperfs, numerous complete sets and a lot of excellent subjects in the mix. Owner's Scott US$373.60= $485.68 $26.00
164 Saar #B43. Superb CDS (MERZIG 27.12.32) used example of the 1932 issue 5fr+5fr red brown "Widow's Mite" semi-postal high value. An exceptional stamp worthy of the finest collection. 2019 Scott US$290.00= $377.00 $50.00
165 Saudi Arabia #C18-C21. Fresh and F/VF mint OG LH quartet of 1960-1961 issue high value 30p, 50p, 100p and 200p Type I (Saud cartouche) airmails. 2019 Scott US$235.00= $305.50 $42.00
166 Sierra Leone #575/2970. Almost all mint NH collection of Flora, Fauna (mostly birds) and Art themed stamps (16) and souvenir sheets/miniature panes (42) Mainly complete sets. Very clean and comprehensive for the subjects. All mounted and Scott catalogue numbered on quadrille pages and stocksheets. Owner's Scott US$385.30= $500.89 $75.00
167 Singapore #62/604. Almost all mint H and (mostly) NH collection of Flora, Fauna (mostly birds) and Art themed stamps (71), booklets (2) and souvenir sheets/miniature panes (2). Mainly complete sets. Very clean and comprehensive for the subjects. All mounted and Scott catalogue numbered on quadrille pages and stocksheets. Owner's Scott US$335.75= $436.47 $90.00
168 Switzerland #8, 10, 11, 12. A most satisfactory quartet of F/VF used early Swiss Classic imperfs. All in nicer than usual condition. A great start to your first page of early issues from this popular country. 2019 Scott US$1,255.00= $1,631.50 $210.00
169 Switzerland #15, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 38, 39. Eight different used 1854-1862 period Seated Helvetia imperfs. A very appealing lot of early Swiss Classics. 2019 Scott US$1,307.50= $1,699.75 $240.00
170 Switzerland #31. Used example of the 1fr lavender Seated Helvetia imperf, with yellow silk thread, in F/VF condition with a nice "Sock on the Nose" 1859 CDS cancel. Decent, but not entirely complete margins. 2019 Scott US$1,000.00= $1,300.00 $160.00
171 Turks Islands #43 (x 2) 45-47, 48-53; Turks & Caicos #78-89. Mint and used selection of 1881 to 1945 period issues, consisting of the 1881 4p x 2 used examples, with the balance of the lot all mint Hinged. The original sales sheets come with the lot, so anything you don't need is completely ready for resale. Owner's Scott US$314.05= $408.26 $110.00
172 USA #11, 15, 24, 26, 63 (x 2), 65 (x 2), 69, 73, 76, 77. Twelve 1855 to 1866 period Classics in generally F/VF sound used condition. Expect the odd small fault but the consignor feels that the successful bidder will be very pleased with this group. Owner's 2017 Scott US$791.00= $1,028.30 $75.00
173 USA #11/117. Very mixed condition selection of 35 used classics, with very high total catalogue value but most faulty (some seriously, but a few sound and scarcer). Among these are the first two 10c imperfs, identified as #13 and 14 respectively. Both are sound with close margins. The first 3c is #25 with surface abrasions. There are five grilled examples, consisting of #87 (x 2), 94, 98 and 100. The latter, the 30c orange (catalogue value US$1,000.00) has trimmed perfs. Owner's 2017 total Scott for the lot US$5,108.50= $6,640.40 $170.00
174 USA #15L6. Lightly cancelled used example of the 1847 issue D. O. Blood and Co Local Post (successor to the Philadelphia Dispatch Post local post). 2018 Scott US$200.00= $260.00 $70.00
175 USA #17, 36. Imperforate and perf 15½ x 15½ used examples of the 12c black Washington. The #17 has a pen cancel and the #36 is very well centered but with minor perforation faults. Nice to get both at the same time. 2020 Scott US$550.00= $715.00 $55.00
176 USA #70a. Very well centered VF used example of the 1861 issue 24c Washington in the brown lilac shade, with centrally struck concentric ring cancellation in blue with partial red receiving cancel. This is an exceptionally attractive stamp, and would be at home in the very best collection. 2020 Scott US$325.00= $422.50 $140.00
177 USA #219-229. The 1890-1893 last (small) Banknote set, with owner identified catalogued colour varieties for most values. Includes #220a (cap on left 2) and #220c (cap on both 2's). Generally Fine used and mainly sound. There are twenty-seven stamps in total. 2017 Scott US$433.55= $563.62 $60.00
178 USA #E1-E11, E5a. Twelve used Special Delivery stamps, generally in Fine condition but expect the odd small fault, straight edge, etc. Owner's 2017 Scott US$475.25= $617.85 $24.00
179 USA #UX3, UX5, UX7-UX9, UX18 Postal Cards. Thirty-five used Postal Cards, the vast majority in Fine or better condition. Mainly from numerous small towns in Georgia, with a few noted from Florida and New York. Dates of usage run from 1876 to 1891 (plus 1924). All the cards are fully described in detail and are ready for addition to your collection or resale. All the accurate research and pricing has been done in advance. Total original retail US$376.00= $488.80 $46.00
180 USA - Collection in Sentinel Album. Almost all used collection of hundreds of 1851 through 1974 period issues, including decent "Back of the Book" material all laid out on CWS "Sentinel" album pages. Total catalogue value is in the several thousands of dollars but the overall condition in very mixed and the collection includes some misclassified stamps. This being said, there are quite a good number of sound and worthwhile items in this lot. Note that the illustrations in the album are often in colour and may be mistaken for the actual stamps if the scans of the lot are not carefully viewed. Estimate $500.00 $280.00
181 USA - Harris Citation album plus slim stockbook (made for safety deposit box) with collection of mint and used stamps, some duplication, from the 1930s to 2013. I don't have a total number of stamps but there are thousands. Mostly used stamps, messily mounted, but only the mint is counted at face value. Includes mint booklets, souvenir sheets, mini panes, full sheets, transportation coils, etc. Total face value of only usable postage US$438.66= $570.26 $240.00
182 USA - Mint Collection in 6 Albums. Very high quality all mint (and possibly all NH) 1930 to 1994 period collection, neatly housed in six printed White Ace brand albums with their trademark "bulletproof" plastic slipcases. 2,574 stamps and 23 full sheets/souvenir sheets total. While there are no particularly valuable individual stamps in this collection, you couldn't ask for a nicer quality start to a "top of the line" US mint collection. The six White Ace pages, albums and slipcases alone retail for over $300.00 new. The entire lot has been VERY CONSERVATIVELY valued for the useable face value postage contained in the six volumes. Catalogue value will be many times this amount. Total face value US$535.08= $695.60 $325.00
183 USA - Mint Never Hinged "Plus Value" Collections. Modern MNH US lot as received. The vast majority of the stamps are in either annual collection folders, annual collection albums, or commemorative books. In the mix, noted 1973/1999 year sets, a lovely boxed "WWII Remembered" series of hardcover albums with illustrated dust case, the Americana Definitive series in a special hardcover book, plus a stockbook containing all MNH blocks, mostly 1980s period stamps. Conservatively valued for the usable face value contained in the albums but worth more as souvenir articles. Total Face value US$302.94= $393.82 $210.00
184 USA Canal Zone #60/159. Seventy used and (mainly) mint Hinged stamps from 1921-1971, all neatly mounted on three quadrille album pages. Owner's accurate 2017 Scott US$404.50= $525.85 $120.00
185 USA Covers - First Day Cover Collection. Varied and high quality selection of 1,491 US First Day Covers, ranging from 1961 to 1976. Interesting mix of issues and cachets, neatly typewritten addresses on most. Estimate $150.00 $44.00
186 USA Covers - Large Banknote Issues plus #231. Selection of identified, accurately and extensively described older covers, each cover individually housed in a window front sales card. The Banknotes are mainly 3c franked but several are 6c rates and one is a 13c Registered rate. There are also three 2c rates and one 4c rate. Mainly from the east coast, ranging from New York to Georgia. All well described. Forty-two Banknote covers in total with society pricing totaling US$445.50 plus eight Columbian issue covers, each franked with the Landing of Columbus stamp (#231). These are F/VF and from a variety of towns in Florida to California. All are the Columbians are 1893 and 1894 dates. Society pricing for these is US$255.00. A great group for addition to your collection and completely ready for individual resale also (the research and pricing is already done). Total Retail price US$700.50= $910.65 $80.00
187 Vatican City #1/589 plus Back of the Book. Collection of all mint (hinged and never hinged) 1929-1975 period collection of 481 stamps and 2 souvenir sheets, all in black plastic mounts on Lighthouse pages in a top of the line Lighthouse 2-post binder. 85% complete from 1940 to 1975. Excellent basis for expansion. See scan of the owner's inventory list for more information. 2019 Scott US$555.75= $715.98 $140.00
188 Worldwide - Banker's box treasure stuffed full with all sorts of goodies, including 1953 British Commonwealth Coronation set complete mint NH (cat. US $169.00), two older USA collections with some nice material, Mint mostly NH UN collection including Europe offices, many stock pages heavily loaded with GB stamps, a big box crammed full of hundreds of #102 cards with each card crammed full of stamps, and last but not least are many hundreds more stamps in glassines, on pages, and #102 cards scattered loosely in the box. Heavy, but 20 lbs. of stamp fun. No kiloware in this box! Estimate $250.00 $280.00
189 Worldwide - Heavily Duplicated Collection/Stock. This lot represents another installment of the balance of an alphabetically organized worldwide stock of many thousands, all laid out on Vario stockpages in five high quality 3-ring binders. There are multiple examples of quite a few stamps in the collection, often stacked one on top of another. The stamps from the most countries are not the higher value issues. We determined that the best way to value these lots is to count the number of double sided Vario pages that the stamps are housed on in order to give an idea of the representative quantities of stamps. This lot contains: Cambodia/Columbia on 84 pages; Congo/Ecuador on 99 pages; Egypt/German Southwest Africa on 62 pages; Ghana/Guyana on 54 pages; Haiti/Iraq on 90 pages. Very useful material for the worldwide collector, packet maker, show or internet dealer. Estimate $250.00 $210.00
190 Worldwide - Carton with intact consignment. Wood grain banker's box containing, in no particular order: a big fat binder with linen hinged quadrille pages; a coffee tin packed to bursting with mostly used Worldwide stamps off paper; two plastic bags containing Canada pre-1965 and Christmas issues used; a "Modern" junior stamp album packed with issues up to the 1940s; a box of #102 cards stuffed with sorted used Denmark; a Unitrade Canada catalogue (2000 edition); used Scandinavian stock in mall stock book; an old "Premier" stamp album (no stamps); "nearly new" Scott 2-post International pages with Canada and Province sections up to 1953 (only a small amount of stamps), "Traveler" stamp album containing a few stamps; a Stanley Gibbons GB album containing Queen Victoria through early QEII; Canada 1967 Centennial box containing used Canadian blocks and souvenir sheets. Estimate $100.00 $28.00
191 Worldwide - Consignment Carton as Received. Eclectic, interesting, and potentially valuable banker's box containing very eclectic and potentially interesting material. Noted, in no particular order, Greek miniature panes, Hong Kong, Japanese, and China stamps mint, used and on cover, Easter seals, Christmas seals, used Canada off paper in quantity including older, MNH 1990s period PRC in blocks, old Chinese and Canadian family photos, sports cards, annual reports for various companies, old menus, Japanese and other foreign related cards, postcards, documents, receipts, 45rpm record, foreign bank notes and coins, Dr. Who drink coasters, Bruce Lee practical Kung Fu DVD, small wooden carving from Quebec, old Daily Columnist cookbook, unopened Dr. Who collectible cards, and city of Sidney BC canine license tags. Overall an astounding little ephemeral time capsule. Estimate $100.00 $42.00
192 Worldwide - Mass of Sorted Stamps on Paper. Very large carton (26"x 19"x 10" or 66mm x 48mm x 26mm) packed to bursting with used Worldwide stamps on paper (as well as some off paper), in varying quantities, from 18 different countries/areas. All sorted into separate plastic bags. The contents consist of Africa 150 grams, Asia 300 grams, Australia 100 grams, Austria 30 grams, Canada 8,350 grams, Cyprus 20 grams, Czech 50 grams, East Germany 550 grams, Germany 1,100 grams, Greece 50 grams, India 100 grams, Italy 200 grams, Scandinavia 100 grams, South Africa 100 grams, Spain 150 grams, Switzerland 3,100 grams, UK 700 grams and USA 2,550 grams, for a total weight of 17,700 grams (39 pounds). All-in-all a very decent quality selection, including both older and more recent issues. Estimate $250.00 $42.00
193 Worldwide - Massive "A-Z" Worldwide Collection in 10 Scott Postage Stamp Albums. Many thousands of mint and used stamps in 10 Scott International Albums. Some volumes are more sparsely populated than others but all-in-all a great project to expand upon. The volumes run as follows: Volume 1 Abyssinia to Bhutan; Volume 2 Bolivia to China; Volume 3 China to Egypt; Volume 4 Estonia to Guatamala; Volume 5 Guinea to Jugoslavia; Volume 6 Jordan to Mozambique; Volume 7 Mozambique to Philippines; Volume 8 Philippines to St Vincent; Volume 9 Salvador to Sweden; and Volume 10: Switzerland to Zanzibar. While not many complete sets were noted, there are numerous pleasant surprises throughout the nine albums for the serious world collector. Excellent basis for expansion. Housed in two banker's boxes, so take shipping costs into account when bidding. Estimate $600.00 $800.00
194 Worldwide - Souvenir Sheets. Clean and varied lot of souvenir sheets, consisting of a mint H/NH and used selection of approximately 100 pieces. Noted strength in Liechtenstein, Austria, United Nations, Germany, Russia, French Africa, France, Netherlands, Vatican and sundry. Generally very high quality noted throughout. Estimate $120.00 $55.00
195 Worldwide - Stamp Jumble Jamboree. Medium sized carton containing: junior stamp albums, some mint USA stamps in envelopes, thousands of Canadian 1940s-1950s era bundles, mostly late 1940s George VI and early QEII definitives, all neatly packed in cigar boxes, a battered Scott 1949 volume 1 (containing the Americas and British Commonwealth, used stamps off paper in Black Magic chocolate tin, a nice mix of stock pages and album pages (some interesting material noted), WW postal stationery and revenue cut squares, GB 1967 presentation pack, loose used stamps on and off paper, Harris deluxe album "sparsely populated", a remaindered Scandinavian approval book. Estimate $100.00 $32.00
196 Worldwide - Three Stockbook Selection. Three stockbooks of mostly used material as received consisting of over 1,300 Ireland stamps, mostly 1950s to late 1990s (heavy duplication of some); a book of older selections of Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Curacao, Dominican Republic, plus a smattering of other worldwide countries (probably over 2,000 stamps); and a third book with 3,300 stamps including: Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Mozambique, Spain, Haiti, Morocco, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, and other countries. Very heavy duplication of some. Estimate $120.00 $60.00
197 Worldwide - Used Pound Mix. Neatly sorted and weighed carton of used on and off paper stamps, consisting of several groups combined into one lot consisting of: 1.029 Kg, (approximately 2.3 lbs) of mainly Canadian stamps on paper, mixed commemoratives and definitives, Hi Values included unchecked for varieties (the lot contains approximately 4,500-5,000 stamps); US stamps on paper 1.293Kg (approximately 2.8 lbs) of mainly US stamps on paper, mixed commemoratives and definitives (the lot contains approximately 6,000 stamps, unchecked for varieties); 1.041Kg (approximately 2.3 lbs) of mainly US stamps on paper, mixed commemoratives and definitives (contains approximately 5,000 stamps, unchecked for varieties); 654 grams (approximately 1.4 lbs) of worldwide off paper, mixed commemoratives and definitives (contains approximately 4,100 stamps, unchecked for varieties); 528 grams (approximately 1.2 lbs) of Great Britain Machins on paper, earlies and some regionals mixed in, unchecked for varieties (contains approximately 2,500 stamps); and 203 grams (approximately 0.45 lbs) Canada off paper mix stamps on paper, mixed commemoratives and definitives, many inscription blocks, includes hi values, unchecked for varieties (contains approximately 1,300 stamps). Estimate $150.00 $80.00
198 Worldwide - Wonderland as Received. Banker's box packed with albums and stock books containing, in no particular order: stockbook of older used Austria (including revenues), stockbook of mixed general world, an empty Afghanistan album, worldwide on 102 cards, 1974 Australia UPU presentation album with stamps (unusual!), 1985 Canada Post annual collection, large quantities of worldwide on various types of stockpage including some better, stockbook of general used worldwide. Estimate $200.00 $70.00
199 Worldwide Latin America - "Amerika" - a German made "Schwaneberger" stamp album with spaces up to 1939 in like-new condition, has hundreds of Latin America stamps, no North America or British colonies stamps. Heavy, weighs 13 lbs, but you won't find a finer made album than this! Cheap at this estimate, mostly valued for the stamps only. Estimate $100.00 $85.00
200 Worldwide Supplies - GERMAN MADE, QUALITY MICROMETER for determining paper thickness to 1,000th of an inch. Mitutoyo micrometer. Highest quality, German made. Excellent down to the thinnest. Built so as to fit comfortably for one hand operation while holding stamp with other hand. Comes in box to protect when not being used. Any student of papers should not be without this quality instrument. Each instrument has a serial number – this one is 7301. See: https://tinyurl.com/y6f62o3y. Like new. Retail new US$175.00= $227.50 $200.00