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Lot # Description Catalogue Value
or Estimate
1 Alexandretta #13-17. VF mint Light Hinge complete set of five 1938 issue "Death of Kemal Ataturk" mourning overprints. Harder to find than the Scott catalogue value would suggest. 2021 Scott Classic US$247.50= $309.38 $90.00
2 Australia #1/4013, C1/C8, L1/L119. Used collection of 2813 stamps and 8 souvenir sheets (as well as a dozen or so mint souvenir sheets and booklets) of 1913 to 2013 issues - a century of Commonwealth issues with many complete sets. The stuffed-full blue springback album contains 192 pages including some with stamps hinged on front and back. Valued in 2015 with an inventory list included. Owner's Scott catalogue US$5723.30 = $7,154.13 $775.00
3 Australia #1/470. Plus Back of the Book and AAT. All used 1913 to 1969 period collection of 475 stamps, all Hinged on the original Scott Specialty album pages. While few individual high values are present, this is still a pretty comprehensive group offering a great opportunity for the person interested in starting a used Australian collection. 2022 Scott US$2,750.50= $3,438.13 $375.00
4 Australia #2b/540, C4-C6. Lightly duplicated stock of 491 stamps, 1913 to 1948 period issues, all identified and priced on dealer "102" cards. Some faults noted (the faulty material has been taken into consideration in the pricing). The value of the mint and used material is more or less even. Victoria #222 was also noted in the lot. Owner's total Scott US$653.55= $816.94 $65.00
5 Australia #314/579, C1-C2, CO1;. Plus AAT #L1/L34. All VF mint NH selection of 61 different Australian stamps, 1921 to 1984 period issues, plus 30 different from the Australian Antarctic Territories. Mostly in complete sets. Includes the high value sterling currency "Navigators". All laid out, identified and valued on three Hagner brand stock sheets. 2021 Scott US$502.50= $628.25 $120.00
6 Austria #618A/1079, B298/B330, C61-C63.. Clean and comprehensive selection of 374 all different and all VF mint NH stamps issued between 1957 and 1968, including regular, semi-postal and air mail issues. All neatly laid out on pages removed from a formerly bound stock book. Very high "new issue" cost compared to catalogue value. 2022 Scott US$176.70= $220.00 $60.00
7 Australia #M1-M7, M2a. Complete F/VF mint all NH set of seven 1946-1947 "British Commonwealth Occupation Force of Japan" overprints in black plus the very rare overprint in BLUE on the 1d brown violet (#M2a). An undervalued WWII related provisional issue with a particularly elusive variety added in! 2022 Scott US$513.25= $641.56 $375.00
8 Australia and Area Collection - Eclectic and interestingly laid out mint and used 1913 to 1972 period collection of hundreds on pages in a fat springback binder. Noted singles, blocks, covers and cards from Australia proper including regular, airmail, official and other "Back of the Book" material as well as stamps and covers from Australian Antarctic Territories, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, New Guinea, Papua and PNG. While only the odd £1 value was noted, there's lots of good pickings here for the ardent aficionado of Aussie items. Owner's 2021 Scott US$2,589.00= $3,236.25 $230.00
9 Australian States - New South Wales #19. Sound, Fine and lightly cancelled used example of the 1852-1855 issue 6p brown QV imperf, plate II (background of coarse lines). Margins are well clear to close on all sides. 2021 Scott Classic US$425.00= $531.25 $60.00
10 Bahamas - Bermuda Collections. Mixed mint H/NH and used collection/selection of over 200 stamps, 1880s to 1990s period issues, all mounted on album pages or laid out on one Hagner brand stocksheet. The owner's older Scott catalogue valuations (2009-2012 editions) list the Bahamas at US$220.00 and the Bermuda at US$440.00. Estimate = $150.00 $50.00
11 Barbados #2/281. Mostly used collection of 224 stamps, 1852 to 1966 period issues, still mounted on the original Scott Specialty album pages. While there are a limited number complete sets there are more than a few useful higher value singles noted. Take a good look at the scans to determine quality and accuracy. Here's a good opportunity to acquire a very solid basis for expansion. Owner's 2021 Scott US$3,732.25= $4,665.31 $325.00
12 Barbados - Mint and used Selection. Lightly duplicated selection of 41 stamps and one cover, all laid out on two Hagner brand stock sheets. The owner's inventory notes (with "M" denoting mint): #60 (x 3) M, 63(x 2) M, 63a, 66(x 2), 67(x 4), 69/69a se-tenant, 73 M, 81 M, 82M, 83 M, 84 M, 87, 90 M, 91 M, 92 M, 95, 96 M, 98, 100, 107, 110, 124, 125, 130, 132, 133, 135, 143, 176, 178, 179 & 223. Also included is a cover dated August 1921 (not valued in the total). Owner's 2022 Scott US$936.00= $1,170.00 $70.00
13 British Commonwealth - "A South Pacific Stamp Collection" Compact 1983-1984 period collection of mint NH South Pacific stamps, used stamps and FDCs, all assembled during the consignor's travels through the area. The lot includes issues from Australia, AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling Islands, Cook Islands (including Aitutaki and Penhryn), Fiji, Nauru, New Zealand, Norfold Island, Pitcairn Island, Samoa and Tonga. Pretty high cost as "new issues". Estimate - $100.00 $42.00
14 British Commonwealth - 1935 GeoV Silver Jubilee Issues. Small VF used group (two better sets and one plate variety) consisting of VF CDS sets of Bahamas (#92-95) and St. Helena #111-114 (US$82.50 total), plus Bermuda #101 with the Stanley Gibbons listed "Bird by the Turret" constant plate flaw (SG #95m @£275.) Combined 2021 Stanley Gibbons and Scott Classic = $446.87 $44.00
15 British Commonwealth - 1977-1978 QEII Silver Jubilee/Royal Visit Collections. Neatly organized and comprehensive all mint NH collection of 484 stamps, 81 souvenir sheets, 18 complete booklets and 11 pieces of postal stationery. All laid out on manila stocksheets. The material is all "new issue" quality and each page has the catalogue value page total noted. The lot includes a complete set of the Scott CD328 design type souvenir sheets. 2021 Scott US$403.40= $504.25 $70.00
16 British Commonwealth - British Solomon Islands and Fiji Collections. Mostly used collection of 157 stamps from the British Solomon Islands, 1907 to 1968 period issues and 172 mostly used stamps from Fiji, 1878 to 1968 period issues, the majority still mounted on the original Scott Specialty album pages. While there are not that many complete sets, there are a useful number of higher value singles noted. Excellent basis for expansion. 2022 Scott US$1,094.60= $1,368.25 $180.00
17 British Commonwealth - N-Q Countries. Mint and used collections of British Commonwealth countries from N to Q, consisting of Niger Coast #1//56, Nigeria #2//737, Niue #41//94, Norfolk Island #1//100, North Borneo #35//296 and B15//J1, Northern Nigeria #1//29, Northern Rhodesia #1//70, North West Pacific Islands #11//44, Oman #27//326, Orange River #1//71, Pakistan #1//782b and O1//O112, Pakistan - Bahawalpur #22//O28, Papua #60//933, Penrhyn Islands #1//199, Pitcairn Island #1//73 and Qatar #7//324. A clean selection of mini-collections on computer-generated pages in a 3-ring binder with a total of 797 stamps on 183 pages, the highest single Scott catalogue value to be found in North Borneo (Scott US$214). 2021 Scott US$1039.20 = $1,299.00 $170.00
18 British Commonwealth - T-Z Countries. Mint and used collections of British Commonwealth countries consisting of Tanganyika #8//32, Tanzania #19//1475, Tokelau #2-3, Tonga #70//C150, Transvaal #123//284, J2-J3, Tristan da Cunha #1//286, Turks Islands #45/57, Turks & Caicos #1//1230, MR1/MR13, Virgin Islands #22/279, MR1-MR2 and Zanzibar #39//280. Also includes some more modern Uganda and United Arab Emirates. A clean selection of mini-collections on computer-generated pages in a 3-ring binder with a total of 511 stamps, much of the Scott catalogue value to be found in the Turks & Virgin Islands sections. 2021 Scott US$1164.65 = $1,455.81 $160.00
19 British Guiana #107/177. Mint and used selection of 31 different 1882-1910 period issues, all still in mounts on the original quadrille album pages. All identified by the consignor. Some pen cancels noted. 2021 Scott US$216.05= $270.06 $34.00
20 Canada #1. Lightly cancelled (partial 7-ring target) used 1851 issue 3p Beaver imperf on horizontally laid paper. Faulty but still a good "starter" example of this classic Canadian First Issue. 2022 Scott US$1,000.00= $1,250.00 $220.00
21 Canada #4a. Mint OG Hinged example of the brown-red shade of the 1852 issue 3p Beaver imperf, printed on medium wove paper. Sharp impression with four clear margins, light horizontal crease. 2022 Scott US$1,600.00= $2,000.00 $675.00
22 Canada #5. Sound and Fine used example of the 1855 issue 6p slate grey Consort imperforate on wove paper. The margins are clear of the frameline on 3½ sides (just touching at upper left). Nice light 7-ring target cancel. 2022 Scott US$1,150.00= $1,437.50 $450.00
23 Canada #5d. F/ VF used example of the 1855 issue grey violet shade of the 6p Prince Albert imperforate on thicker hard paper. Margins are large to just touching at lower right. This is the scarcest printing of this stamp and comes with a 2021 Vincent Graves Greene photo certificate. A very nice stamp! 2022 Scott US$2,750.00= $3,437.50 $575.00
24 Canada #7. Smudge cancelled and lightly creased used example of the 1855 issue 10p blue Jacques Cartier imperf on thin crisp paper. Still a decent pence era item that can be "upgraded" later. Comes with an AIEP certificate. 2022 Scott US$1,600.00 = $2,000.00 $325.00
25 Canada #7. Sound and moderately cancelled, four margin used example of the 1855 issue 10p blue Jacques Cartier imperf on thin crisp paper. An attractive pence era item. 2022 Scott US$1,600.00= $2,000.00 $270.00
26 Canada #9. Sound and Fine used 1857 issue 7½p green Queen Victoria imperforate on wove paper. Margins large to just in at upper left (as noted on the certificate). Rich deep colour, "21" (Montreal) 4-ring numeral cancel. Comes with a 2013 Vincent Graves Greene photo certificate which states "used, genuine". 2021 Scott Classic US$3,500.00= $4,375.00 $425.00
27 Canada #9. Used 1857 issue 7½p green Queen Victoria imperforate on wove paper. Margins range from large to close at bottom left. Moderate cancel, small thin noted in the AEIP certificate. Rich deep colour. Still a great looking early Canadian Classic. 2022 Scott US$3,500.00= $4,375.00 $425.00
28 Canada #12. Fine appearing used example of the 1858 issue perforated 3p Beaver. Tiny thin at top and sealed scissor cut at right noted for the record. All in all still a very reasonable example of this very short usage and rare transitional pence item. 2021 Scott Classic US$1,400.00= $1,750.00 $325.00
29 Canada #12. Fine used example of the 1858 issue perforated 3p Beaver. Light target cancel. All in all a very reasonable example of this very short usage and rare transitional pence item. 2022 Scott US$1,400.00= $1,750.00 $375.00
30 Canada #15. Fine mint no gum example of the 1859 issue 5c Beaver. Bright original colour, nice sharp impression. 2021 Scott Classic US$575.00= $718.25 $110.00
31 Canada #18a. Fresh mint no gum example of the 1859 issue 12½c "First Cents" issue in a rich and distinctive deep blue green shade. Small thin at right hand side noted for the record. 2021 Scott Classic US$1,050.00= $1,312.50 $260.00
32 Canada #20v. Fine mint no gum example of the 1864 issue 2c rose Victoria with the Unitrade listed "dash in lower right 2" plate variety. The shade is tending towards the deep claret rose. Valued as a regular #20 by Scott Classic. 2021 Scott Classic US$675.00= $843.75 $170.00
33 Canada #21/45. Mixed condition used selection of Large Queens (#21/28) and Small Queens (#35/45). Note both early and later printing of both issues. Expect a few faults in the group but offered as received. Unchecked for papers, perfs, shades or varieties. Significant total catalogue value. Estimate $200.00 $85.00
34 Canada #21c. Mint no gum example of the 1868 issue the ½c black Large Queen (perf 12 x 12) on the thinnest paper I've ever seen on a Large Queen issue (almost tissue paper). VF centered with a few short perfs (understandable due to the delicate nature of the paper). A great reference/research piece for the Large Queen specialist. Estimate = $100.00 $28.00
35 Canada #21c, iii, iv. VARIETY COMBINATIONS. F/VF lightly cancelled used pair of the ½c black Large Queen, perf 12 x 12, on thin paper. The right hand stamp has the Unitrade listed "spur in scroll at left" (#21iv), while the right hand stamp has both the "spur in scroll at left" (#21iv) and the "white area in the bun of hair" (#21iii) varieties. Valued in fine used condition as two singles with single varieties. 202s Unitrade= $150.00 $65.00
36 Canada #21iii/iv (x2), 21a, 21a/iv. VARIETY FOURSOME. All mint quartet of ½c black Large Queens all with Unitrade listed varieties, consisting of a basic #21a (perf 11½ x 12, Fine no gum), a #21a/iv (perf 11½ x 12 plus spur, Fine OG HR), and two #21iii/iv (perf 12 x 12, plus spur and white area in bun; one stamp F/VF OG H small thin, the other F/VF no gum). A great reference/research group for the Large Queen specialist. Owner's 2022 Unitrade = $740.00 $85.00
37 Canada #23. Sound and VF mint example of the 1869 issue 1c yellow orange Large Queen. Lightly Hinged on Full Original Gum. Great centering. A lovely stamp in all respects. Unitrade is $4,000.00 for a VF mint OG Hinged stamp ($2,000.00 for VF mint with a 100% premium for OG). 2022 Scott US$1,750.00= $2,187.50 $575.00
38 Canada #28. Fresh and well centered mint part OG HR example of the 1868 issue 12½c blue Large Queen. Small faults at right noted for the record. 2021 Scott Classic US$1,200.00= $1,500.00 $70.00
39 Canada #28. Reference Lot. Carefully researched and precisely identified study of 15 used examples of the 12½c blue Large Queen. All sorted for shades, perfs and papers. While the odd fault is to be expected, you will appreciate the accuracy and detailed effort made by the collector to properly classify this group. The lot includes clearly dated CDS cancels as well as Unitrade listed varieties. All valued as basic stamps by Scott Classic catalogue. A useful reference lot. 2021 Scott Classic US$1,875.00= $2,343.75 $170.00
40 Canada #29, 73, 91, 92. Sound, fresh and F/VF mint quartet of Victorian and Edwardian era issues, consisting of the 15c Large Queen (full OG LH), the 10c QV "Leaf" high value (LH) plus the 5c and 7c Edwards, (both OG HR). An attractive and fault free group of key and semi-key issues. 2022 Scott US$1,165.00= $1,456.25 $110.00
41 Canada #29-30. The two basic shades (grey violet and grey) of the 15c Large Queen. Both Fine+ mint OG hinged. 2022 Scott US$180.00= $225.00 $120.00
42 Canada #35/2314. Massive used stock/accumulation in twelve 3-ring binders neatly organized on 138 reinforced manila stockpages, with issues up to 2009 including many "Permanent" values. Unchecked for perforation, paper or plate varieties nor for tagging errors, though many of these are noted on the pages. Conservatively estimated at approximately 28,000 stamps! Estimate = $600.00 $260.00
43 Canada #36d, 38 (x 2), 39, 42.. All mint but mixed condition group of five Small Queens, consisting of: the 2c green, perf 11 ½ x 12, no gum; two shades of the 5c olive green, both no gum; the 6c yellow brown, OG Hinged, toned; and the 5c grey, OG HR. 2022 Scott US$2,540.00= $3,175.00 $140.00
44 Canada #41. VF mint NH example of the 3c vermilion later printing Small Queen. Near "Jumbo" margins, nice fresh and unblemished original gum. 2022 Scott US$135.00= $168.75 $130.00
45 Canada #41, 44. Fresh and Fine mint NH examples of the 1888 issue 3c bright vermilion and 1893 issue 8c violet black "later printing" Small Queens. 2022 Scott Classic US$685.00= $856.25 $75.00
46 Canada #41-45. Complete mint set of 3c to 10c "later printing" QV Small Queens, all sound and F/VF with full OG and and VERY light Hinging. Vivid original colours. 2022 Scott US$1,455.00= $1,818.75 $250.00
47 Canada #45. VF centered mint, full OG LH example of the brown red shade of the later 1890s printing of the 10c Small Queen. Unitrade is $900.00 for VF mint Hinged. Note, a small perf thin on the UR corner, which does not detract much. 2022 Scott US$675.00= $843.75 $110.00
48 Canada #46. Very Fine mint OG VERY LH (hard to see the hinge mark) example of the 1893 issue 20c vermilion Widow's Weeds. Bright colour, sharp impression. Unitrade is $600.00 for VF mint Hinged. 2022 Scott US$400.00= $500.00 $280.00
49 Canada #47. Fresh and Fine mint OG NH right hand sheet margin example of the high value 1893 issue 50c deep blue Widow's Weeds. 2021 Scott Classic for NH US$1,000.00= $1,250.00 $250.00
50 Canada #47. Fresh and VF JUMBO MARGIN mint OG Hinge Remnant high value 1893 issue 50c deep blue Widow's Weeds. Light diagonal bend noted for the record. 2022 Scott US$400.00= $500.00 $190.00
51 Canada #50, 51, 53, 54, 57, 58.. Great overall quality F/VF used sextet of 1897 QV Jubilee commemoratives, including some lovely VF CDS examples. 2022 Scott US$475.50= $594.38 $150.00
52 Canada #50-54, 51i. Fresh and VF mint NH sextet of low value 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee issues. All exceptionally well centered with pristine NH OG and bright colours. A great start to a mint NH set. Includes two shades of the 1c value. Unitrade is $1,230.00 for the VF mint NH group. 2022 Scott US$762.50= $953.13 $270.00
53 Canada #51, 54, 57.. Fresh mint trio of 1897 issue Queen Victoria Jubilee commemoratives, all in multiples. The lot consists of a fresh and F/VF NH block of four of the 1c orange, a NH sheet margin block of four of the 5c deep blue (some wrinkles/light creases so valued as Hinged) and an OG HR upper sheet margin part inscription pair of the 10c brown violet. 2022 Scott US$860.00= $1,075.00 $95.00
54 Canada #55. Fresh and Fine mint NH 6c yellow brown 1897 QV Jubilee commemorative in a partially separated (vertically) lower left corner block of four. Each individual stamp is sound, with pristine and unblemished gum. Valued as four NH singles. 2022 Scott US$2,300.00= $2,875.00 $220.00
55 Canada #57. Select quality VF+ mint NH full fresh OG 10c brown violet 1897 Jubilee issue.Rich true colour with sharp impression. Worthy of inclusion in any top-notch collection. Unitrade is $750.00 for VF mint NH. 2022 Scott US$400.00= $500.00 $350.00
56 Canada #59. Fresh and perfectly centered VF mint OG VLH example of the 1897 issue 20c vermilion QV Jubilee. Bright colour, fault-free. Unitrade is $450.00 for VF mint H. 2022 Scott US$275.00= $343.75 $210.00
57 Canada #60. SPECIMEN. Fresh and Fine centered HR example of the 1897 issue 50c ultramarine Queen Victoria Jubilee commemorative with "SPECIMEN" handstamp in purple. A couple of light surface scuffs at top noted for the record. 2022 Unitrade = $300.00 $90.00
58 Canada #61. Richly fresh, SUPERB quality mint OG Very LH example of the $1.00 lake 1897 issue Queen Victoria Jubilee. Mathematically centered within huge margins. An exceptional start to the mint high values of this classic commemorative series. Comes with a Vincent Graves Greene photo certificate which states "...mint, OG, genuine in all respects". Gem! 2022 Scott US$850.00= $1,062.50 $1,075.00
59 Canada #62. SPECIMEN F/VF centered HR example of the 1897 issue $2.00 Queen Victoria Jubilee commemorative with "SPECIMEN" handstamp in purple. Some overall fading and tiny thin noted for the record. 2022 Unitrade = $400.00 $130.00
60 Canada #62. Wonderfully fresh, SUPERB quality mint full OG Very LH example of the $2.00 dark purple 1897 issue Queen Victoria Jubilee. Mathematically centered within huge margins. An exceptional mint high value from this classic commemorative series. Comes with a Vincent Graves Greene photo certificate which states "...mint, OG, genuine in all respects". Unitrade is $2,000.000 for VF mint NH. 2022 Scott US$1,300.00= $1,625.00 $1,475.00
61 Canada #63. Fresh, sound and mathematically centered VF+ mint OG Hinged example of the $3.00 yellow bistre 1897 QV Diamond Jubilee issue. A more than respectable quality mint high value Jubilee, often considered to be the key value to the set. As nice a mint $3.00 as you'll find without paying a 200% premium for NH gum! Unitrade is $2,000.00 for VF mint Hinged. 2022 Scott US$1,300.00= $1,625.00 $1,325.00
62 Canada #64. Vibrantly fresh and VF mint full OG Very Lightly Hinged example of the $4.00 purple high value 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee issue. Rich original deep purple colour, minute hinge mark (at upper left corner) on otherwise perfect OG. Comes with a photocopy of the Vincent Graves Greene photo certificate of the original block that this stamp comes from. Unitrade is $2,000.00 for VF mint Hinged. Worthy of any top notch set of Jubilees. 2022 Scott US$1,300.00= $1,625.00 $1,325.00
63 Canada #65. VF centered mint full OG Very LH $5.00 olive green 1897 issue Queen Victoria Jubilee high value. A truly lovely example of the top value from this famous Commemorative series. Unitrade is $2,000.00 for VF mint Hinged. 2022 Scott US$1,300.00= $1,625.00 $1,325.00
64 Canada #66, 67, 68, 69. F/VF mint NH quartet of 1897-1898 QV "Leaf" issues all with bright original colours. A very good start to a Never Hinged set. 2022 Scott US$502.50= $628.00 $160.00
65 Canada #70, 71, 72. F/VF mint H trio of 1897-1898 QV "Leaf" medium values. The 5c blue on blue and the 6c brown are lovely VF stamps (lots of upside using Unitrade). The 8c orange is a VF "Jumbo" but has a slightly rounded Upper left corner. A very good start to a mint Hinged set (without the 200% premium for NH). 2022 Scott US$740.00= $945.00 $150.00
66 Canada #73. F/VF pleasantly centered mint NH example of the 1898 issue 10c brown violet QV "Leaf" series high value. Sharp impression, rich and deep original colour. 2022 Scott US$1,500.00= $1,875.00 $250.00
67 Canada #74, 75. VF mint NH examples of the ½c black and 1c grey green 1898 Queen Victoria "Numeral" issues. Unitrade is $300.00 for the mint NH duo. 2022 Scott US$125.00= $156.25 $110.00
68 Canada #77. Bright and VF mint NH example of the 1899 issue 2c carmine QV "Numeral", Die I. Unitrade is $270.00 for VF mint NH. 2022 Scott US$110.00= $137.50 $90.00
69 Canada #79-80, 82, 83, 84. All mint quintet of medium to high value 1898 Queen Victoria "Numeral" issues. Condition varies. The 5c and 6c have disturbed gum, the 8c and 10c are LH and the 20c has a large Hinge Remnant. 2022 Scott US$1,900.00= $2,375.00 $140.00
70 Canada #81. Fresh and VF mint NH example of the 1902 issue 7c olive yellow Queen Victoria "Numeral". Unblemished OG, great centering, sharp impression. Unitrade is $900.00 for VF mint NH. 2022 Scott US$280.00= $350.00 $130.00
71 Canada #83i. Richly fresh and VF mint NH example of the 1898 issue 10c QV "Numeral" in the Unitrade catalogue listed deep brown violet shade. Pristine and unblemished gum. 2022 Unitrade = $2,250.00 $825.00
72 Canada #85, 86. VF mint NH examples of the (pale) lavender and blue ocean shades of the 1898 issue 2c Xmas Map stamp. Both are very well centered with perfect gum. Unitrade catalogue is $360.00 for this VF mint NH duo. 2022 Scott US$200.00= $250.00 $130.00
73 Canada #89-95. Complete mint set of all seven 1903-1908 issue "Edwards". The 5c value is NH, with the balance of the set all OG Hinged. The 50c value is a very deep purple shade. 2022 Scott US$2,925.00= $3,565.25 $525.00
74 Canada #90A. Shades. Two VF mint imperforate pairs of the 1903 issue 2c Edward, consisting of a carmine shade (VFNH) and a scarcer dark rose carmine shade (VF H, some slightly disturbed OG). Both pairs are Type II. Nice to get different shades. Valued as the regular #90A. 2022 Unitrade= $150.00 $55.00
75 Canada #96, 97, 98. Select quality VF+ mint trio of fresh mint NH low values from the 1908 Quebec Tercentenary set. All mathematically centered within full margins, with great colour and perfect gum. Unitrade is $405.00 for the three VF NH stamps. As nice a start to a Never Hinged set as you'll see. 2022 Scott US$194.00= $242.50 $85.00
76 Canada #96-103. Complete eight stamp commemorative pictorial set issued for the Quebec Tercentenary of 1908. All mint and sound, generally Fine OG Hinged (the 10c and 20c values are no gum). 2022 Scott US$978.00= $1,222.50 $80.00
77 Canada #97. Canada #97, 97i. Two select quality mint NH examples of the 1908 issue 1c blue green "Cartier and Champlain" from the Quebec Tercentenary series. One stamp is a fat and VF+ "Jumbo" margin stamp, the other is a perfectly centered Unitrade listed "hairlines" variety. Both stamps have perfect and unblemished original gum. Great to get these both at the same time, especially this nice. 2022 Unitrade= $330.00 $110.00
78 Canada #103. Fresh and F/VF mint NH example of the 1908 issue 20c yellow brown Quebec Tercentenary "Champlain's Arrival" high value. Comes with a photocopy of the Vincent Graves Greene photo certificate for the original pair (this is the left hand stamp). 2022 Scott US$625.00= $781.25 $210.00
79 Canada #104, 105. LATHEWORK Fine centered mint lower sheet margin blocks of four of the 1c dark green and 1c orange yellow GeoV Admirals with 100% type "B" and "C" lathework in the respective selvages at bottom. The #104 block is no gum with minor perf separation and the #105 is NH but with minor perf tip toning at top so valued as Hinged. 2022 Unitrade= $450.00 $70.00
80 Canada #104, 106, 108, 109, 114, 119. LATHEWORK. Used sextet of GeoV Admiral Lathework pieces, consisting of #104 (Type B), 106 (Type B), 108 (Type B), 109 (Type D), 114 (Type D) and 119 (Type D). Note that a few of the pieces are a bit delicate. All valued as Fine mint Hinged. 2022 Unitrade = $735.00 $240.00
81 Canada #104/120, 123-124, 125-130, 131-134. Bright and colourful all mint group of GeoV Admirals, consisting of 12 different sheet form stamps and the complete run of all 12 different coil issues. Lots of "upside" VF stamps in the mix. 2022 Scott US$1,267.00= $1,583.75 $120.00
82 Canada #104-122. High class, fresh, fault-free and F/VF mint NH basic set of eighteen different 1911-1925 issue GeoV "Admirals", all laid out on one Hagner stock sheet. A much nicer than average offering of these first GeoV issues. A good number of VF stamps noted in the mix. Take a good look at the scan to appreciate the overall quality of these 20th Century Classics. 2022 Scott US$2,915.00= $3,643.75 $240.00
83 Canada #107e. Fresh and VF mint NH example of the 2c green GeoV Admiral, Unitrade listed 1923 dry printing. Great centering, rich original colour, nice margins, perfect gum. 2022 Unitrade = $90.00 $26.00
84 Canada #108. LATHEWORK. VF mint NH lower left sheet margin example of the 3c brown GeoV Admiral, (wet printing) with FULL type "D" inverted lathework in selvedge at bottom. 2022 Unitrade= $750.00 $180.00
85 Canada #112. LATHEWORK. Fresh, fault-free and F/VF NH lower sheet margin example of the 5c violet GeoV Admiral, (plates 15-18), with TYPE "D" LATHEWORK in selvedge at bottom. The lathework is closer to 95% complete, much more intact than the 60% more commonly reported and listed in Unitrade. Probably an earlier printing, before the lathework started to wear. 2022 Unitrade = $240.00 $130.00
86 Canada #112a. VF mint NH block of four of the 5c violet KGV Admiral on thin paper. Unitrade is $600.00 for a VF MNH block 2022 Scott US$350.00= $437.50 $75.00
87 Canada #112iii. LATHEWORK. Fine NH lower sheet margin pair of the 5c violet GeoV Admiral, "Retouched Frameline" (plates 19-20), with TYPE "D" LATHEWORK in selvedge at bottom. Both stamps have "WINNIPEG Man." precancels. The lathework is closer to 100% than the 80% more commonly reported. Unitrade notes in the introduction to the lathework section of the catalogue that "precancelled lathework blocks and singles are known. All are worth at least the value listed for the normals. Examples with rare precancels are valued much higher". This pair is valued as two basic Fine NH singles. 2022 Unitrade= $800.00 $190.00
88 Canada #119. VF mint NH example of the 1925 issue 20c olive green KGV Admiral (dry printing). Hard to find nicer. Unitrade is $450.00 for VF MNH. 2022 Scott US$275.00= $343.75 $100.00
89 Canada #120. Post Office fresh and VF MNH example of the 1925 issue 50c black brown KGV Admiral (dry printing). Nice balanced margins all around. A real Admiral beauty! Unitrade is $300.00 for VF NH. 2021 Scott Classic US$200.00= $240.00 $85.00
90 Canada #120ii. Post Office fresh and VF MNH example of the 1923 printing of the 50c KGV Admiral, in the Unitrade listed brown black shade, WET PRINTING. Nice balanced margins all around. A true Admiral Gem! Unitrade= $1,050.00 $425.00
91 Canada - Admiral Bonanza - 55 mint, some NH lower values to hinged on most. Nice clean sound examples, though a few with hinge remnants. All figured at lowest Unitrade values even though some are VF and no premium for NH, thus a conservative value @ 2022 Unitrade= $1,125.00 $210.00
92 Canada #122. LATHEWORK. Fresh and Fine centered used lower left corner sheet margin pair of the $1.00 orange GeoV Admiral high value with 100% type "D" lathework in the selvedge at bottom. The left-hand stamp in the pair has a thin at top. Valued as two Fine mint singles. 2022 Unitrade = $600.00 $130.00
93 Canada #125-128, 130. Fresh and F/VF mint NH quintet of 1912 to 1924 issue KGV Admiral perf 8 (vertical) coils, all in fresh and fault free strips of four. A very decent looking set. 2022 Scott US$1,368.00= $1,710.00 $140.00
94 Canada #126c. VF+ perfectly centered mint NH vertical pair of the very rare wet printing part perforate (imperf x perf 8) 1c yellow Die I KGV Admiral sheet form coil. Only 22 sheets of these stamps were printed (so a maximum total of 1,100 pairs). Considerably fewer than the original number of mint pairs still exist, with very few remaining as nice as this pair. 2022 Unitrade= $1,250.00 $525.00
95 Canada #130. VF mint NH pair of the 1924 issue 3c carmine GeoV Admiral perf 8 (vertical) coil, die I, wet printing. The key value to the perf 8 set. Unitrade is $500.00 for a VF mint NH pair. 2022 Scott US$280.00= $350.00 $170.00
96 Canada #130a. VF centered mint NH vertical upper sheet margin pair of the very rare wet printing part perforate (imperf x perf 8) 3c carmine Die I KGV Admiral sheet form coil. Only 22 sheets of these stamps were printed (so a maximum total of 1,100 pairs). Considerably fewer than the original number of mint pairs still exist, with very few remaining as nice as this pair. 2022 Unitrade= $1,875.00 $700.00
97 Canada #131, 132, 134. F/VF mint 1 H/1 NH pairs of the 1915-1921 issue GeoV Admiral perf 12 coils. 2022 Scott US$178.50= $223.13 $38.00
98 Canada #131-134. VF mint NH complete set of all four perf 12 KGV Admiral coils. The key 2c green is particularly nice! Unitrade is $525.00 for a VF mint NH set. 2022 Scott US$289.00= $361.25 $65.00
99 Canada #133. Fresh and VF mint NH strip of four of the 1924 issue 2c green perf 12 GeoV Admiral coil, wet printing. The key Admiral coil. Great colour, perfect centering. Pristine and unblemished OG. Unitrade is $1,250.00 for a VF mint NH pair. 20221 Scott US$680.00= $850.00 $250.00
100 Canada #133. Fresh, VF and mathematically centered mint pair of the 1924 issue 2c green perf 12 GeoV Admiral coil, wet printing. The top stamp is Hinged while the bottom stamp is pristine NH. The key Admiral coil. Unitrade is $420.00 for a VF mint H/NH pair. 2021 Scott Classic US$255.00= $318.75 $65.00
101 Canada #134i. Mint NH paste-up strip of four of the 1921 issue 3c brown perf 12 KGV Admiral coil. A nicely balanced strip (many would classify as VF), this strip has been very conservatively valued as a VFNH paste-up and two FNH singles. 2022 Unitrade= $171.00 $120.00
102 Canada #135. VF mint NH example of the 1917 issue 3c brown Confederation commemorative. Very hard to find this well centered. Unitrade is $210.00 for VF mint NH. 2022 Scott US$115.00= $143.75 $90.00
103 Canada #136-140. All VF mint H/NH and used group of the later imperf and overprinted GeoV Admirals. Consists of a MNH pair of #136, a MH pair of #138, a mint no gum #136, a used #137 and a MNH #138 plus VF mint NH examples of #139 and #140. Lots of upside by Unitrade catalgoue. 2022 US$405.00= $506.25 $60.00
104 Canada #138. LATHEWORK. VF CDS used lower sheet margin imperforate block of four of the 3c carmine KGV Admiral with full type "D" lathework in margin. Used blocks of this particular issue are much harder to find than mint. Valued as mint. 2022 Unitrade = $300.00 $160.00
105 Canada #139. The 1926 issue provisional single line "2 CENT" overprint on the 3c carmine Admiral in a fresh and F/VF mint NH left hand sheet margin block of 6 (two stamps with natural straight-edges). 2022 Scott US$540.00= $675.00 $190.00
106 Canada #140. F/VF mint upper left corner part inscription block of 10 of the two line "2 CENTS" overprint on 3c carmine GeoV Admiral. All 10 stamps are NH, Hinged in the upper selvedge only. Note cutting guide arrow at left. Valued as 10 mint NH singles only. 2022 Scott US$475.00= $593.75 $70.00
107 Canada #141/310, C4/CE4. Mint hinged lot of 1927-1951 KGV and KGVI issues, including coil strips and plate blocks. Some NH noted (no premium added) and some with minor faults including gum thins. 2022 Scott US$747.55 = $934.44 $55.00
108 Canada #141-145,146-148,149-159,160-161. All F/VF mint and mostly NH (the only Hinged stamps are #159, 160 and 161) 1927 to 1929 period collection of 21 different GeoV issues. Includes a Never Hinged example of the iconic 50c Bluenose. 2022 Scott US$1,057.00= $1,321.25 $160.00
109 Canada #149-157. Bright, fresh and select quality VF mint NH partial 1928-1929 issue GeoV "Scroll" set, from the 1c value up to and including the 20c value. A great start to a truly top quality Never Hinged set. Unitrade is $580.00 for the VF mint NH group. 2022 Scott US$405.00= $506.25 $95.00
110 Canada #149-158, 160-161, C1. Fresh and F/VF mint H nearly complete 1928-1929 KGV "Scroll" issue set, running up to the 50c Bluenose, plus the two coils and the airmail issue. All sound and lightly to moderately Hinged. Only missing the $1.00 Parliament to be complete. 2022 Scott US$607.50= $759.00 $160.00
111 Canada #158. Fresh and VF mint OG NH example of the iconic 50c Bluenose high value from the 1928-1929 KGV Scroll issue. Great colour, pristine gum. A great showpiece addition to your GeoV "Scroll" series album age. No Canadian collection is complete without this beautifully engraved item (especially this nice!). Unitrade is $700.00 for VF NH. 2022 Scott US$425.00= $531.25 $210.00
112 Canada #159. Fresh and VF centered mint Very LH (at first glance appears to be NH) example of the 1929 issue $1.00 olive green Parliament high value from the GeoV Scroll set. The $1.00 Parliament is considered by many to be the key GeoV era high value. 2022 Scott US$300.00= $375.00 $85.00
113 Canada #160-161. F/VF mint NH pairs of the 1929 KGV "Scroll" coil set of two. Nicely balanced and fresh multiples. 2021 Scott US$300.00= $375.00 $75.00
114 Canada #160i. VF mint NH paste-up pair of the 1929 issue 1c orange KGV Scroll coil. 2022 Unitrade = $300.00 $140.00
115 Canada #161. Perfectly centered VF MNH strip of four of the 1929 issue 2c green KGV "Scroll" coil. As nice a strip as you'll see. Unitrade is $480.00 for a VF mint NH strip. 2022 Scott US$300.00= $375.00 $325.00
116 Canada #162-177,178-183,184,190-215. Neatly mounted all very high quality F/VF mint H/NH 1930 to 1935 GeoV period collection of 54 different stamps, including the "Arch/Leaf ", "Economic Conference", "Medallion" and "Silver Jubilee" sets plus all the commemorative and definitive singles. Lots of NH stamps in the mix but all conservatively valued as Hinged only. Lots of upside by Unitrade catalogue. 2022 Scott US$1,069.05= $1,336.31 $110.00
117 Canada #176. Intense deep dull blue shade of the 1930 issue GeoV 50c "Grand Pre", perfectly centered VF+/Superb, with pristine mint NH gum. As nice as they come! Unitrade is $600.00 for VF mint NH. 2022 Scott US$350.00= $437.50 $325.00
118 Canada #177. Fresh and VF+ mint NH example of the $1.00 dark olive green "Mount Edith Cavell" high value from the 1930-1931 issue GeoV "Arch" set. Perfectly centered and with pristine NH OG. Unitrade is $600.00 for VF mint NH. 2021 Scott US$350.00= $437.50 $300.00
119 Canada #178-183. Fresh and F/VF mint NH complete set of all six 1930-1931 issue KGV "Arch/Leaf" coils, all in fresh and fault free strips of four. A very decent looking set. 2022 Scott US$616.00= $770.00 $400.00
120 Canada #180iii, 181iii. F/VF mint NH line strips of four of the 2c green and 2c red KGV "Arch/Leaf" issue coils, each strip with the stamp to the left of the line showing the "Cockeyed King". Unitrade listed constant plate variety. Nicely balanced line strips, both valued as Fine NH. 2022 Unitrade= $247.50 $260.00
121 Canada #195-201. Attractively fresh and F/VF MNH complete 1932 issue KGV Medallion set of seven, plus the coil set of three. The 4c and 5c values are particularly nice. All in all, a very pretty group. 2022 Scott US$351.00= $438.75 $60.00
122 Canada #205-207, 205i-207i. All mint and mostly NH, F/VF selection of the 1c dark green, 2c black brown and 3c deep red 1933 issue GeoV "Medallion" coils, consisting of a single, pair and line pair of each value plus an additional line strip of four of the 1c value. All in mounts on the original album page, accurately valued and priced by the consignor. 2022 Unitrade = $685.29 $270.00
123 Canada #217-227, 228-230. VF mint NH complete 1935 issue GeoV "Champlain" set of eleven plus the complete set of 3 coils. Unitrade is $360.00 for a VF mint NH set. A very decent quality group and the last series issued for the reign of GeoV. 2022 Scott US$248.30= $310.38 $55.00
124 Canada #227, 227i. VF mint NH examples of the blue (#227) and Unitrade listed pale blue (#227i) shades of the 1935 issue $1.00 Champlain" high value. The shade difference is most noticeable in the background to the left and right hand "1"s. 2022 Unitrade = $255.00 $46.00
125 Canada #241-245. The 1938 Pictorial issue. Set of mint VF blocks of four (including #241a). Hinged top two stamps, NH bottom two stamps. An attractive group. 2022 Unitrade = $884.00 $110.00
126 Canada #241-245i, 241a. Select quality VF MNH set of the 1938 issue GeoVI "Chateau Ramezay" set of five plus the extra carmine rose shade of the 10c Memorial Chamber. Unitrade is $331.50 for the VF NH set. 2022 Scott US$227.00= $283.75 $55.00
127 Canada #249-262. Select quality VF mint NH complete 1942-1943 GeoVI War Issue set of fourteen in perfect Post Office fresh blocks of four. Unitrade is $1,026.00 for this carefully assembled high quality group of blocks. 2022 Scott US$693.80= $867.25 $170.00
128 Canada #249-262, 263-267, 278-281. Fresh and selected quality VF mint NH 1942-1943 complete GeoVI War Issue set of 14 plus both coil sets (in the perf 8 and the scarcer perf 9½ types). The high values are particularly nice. Unitrade is $382.50 for the VF mint NH group 2021 Scott Classic US$259.95= $324.94 $75.00
129 Canada #268-273. The 1946 'Peace Issue' set of six in mint very fine blocks of four. Top two stamps hinged, bottom two stamps NH. An always attractive GeoVI era set. 2022 Unitrade = $340.00 $60.00
130 Canada #268-273, 294. Select quality, archivally fresh and VF+ mint NH complete 1946 "Peace" issue set of six plus the 1950 issue 50c dull green "Oil Wells", all in pristine blocks of four. A great looking group! 2021 Scott Classic US$326.00= $407.50 $85.00
131 Canada #274/301. All F/VF mint NH duplicated dealer stock of hundreds, consisting of late period (1947-1950) GeoVI issues. Some commemoratives noted in the mix but the bulk of the value is in the "Postes/Postage" and "no Postes/Postage" definitive sheet form and coil definitives. Estimate $120.00 $32.00
132 Canada #454/465A. Massive used accumulation of low to high value Centennial definitives, offered as received and unchecked by us for varieties. Neatly arranged on 171 double-sided Vario stock pages (mostly 8-row, retail $2 each) in 3 like-new heavy duty D-ring binders. With some quick math this lot contains in the neighbourhood of 15,000 stamps and this could be a treasure trove for someone looking for paper types and tagging varieties. Huge potential catalogue value! Estimate = $350.00 $210.00
133 Canada #544x. VARIETY (BK70c part pane). VF mint NH example of the 8c slate "Library of Parliament" Centennial definitive, in the fourth row of the partial booklet pane of 18 from Unitrade #BK70c, short printed at right. Still mounted on the original album page. Unitrade describes the error as "part of design missing from right margin 8c stamp in 4th row". Se-tenant with regular stamps above and below. Only about 100 examples of this eye-catching error are known. Unitrade is $250.00 for the intact error booklet but it's the single stamp that's the key. This may be an earlier state of the "short printing". See lot #90 from bidboard 1920 for another example. Estimate = $150.00 $90.00
134 Canada #1172, 1172d. Two VF MNH plate/corner blocks of four of the 45c "Pronghorn", including the better perf 13.1 variety from the 1988-1990 Mammal medium-value definitive series. An elusive value from an increasingly popular series. 2022 Unitrade = $156.25 $70.00
135 Canada #1764b. VF MNH example of the 1998 issue 45c Xmas Angel in the very rare perf 13.1 x 13.6. Fewer than 500 mint examples of #1764b are known. 2022 Unitrade = $500.00 $150.00
136 Canada #2011b. VF mint imperforate pair of the 2003 issue 49c "Flag over Edmonton" booklet stamp (Fasson paper) with full inscription tab at bottom, proving conclusively that this is an ex-booklet pair. Normal pair with die cuts included for comparison. A scarce modern error. Valued as a regular imperf pair but the inscription should be worth a good premium. 2015 Unitrade = $200.00 $100.00
137 Canada #2045i-2048i. Complete set of 2004 "Write Me, Ring Me" issues consisting of four different special cards, each containing a souvenir sheet of 2 stamps and a phone card good for 15 minutes. There were only slightly more than 10,000 complete sets of these folders issued in total. Many of the butterfly (impossible to find) and dog (almost as hard to find) thematics have since been gobbled up by the topical market. These sets have been increasing and will increase greatly in price in the next few years. All still sealed in the original Canada Post packaging. 2022 Unitrade = $200.00 $120.00
138 Canada #2299f, 2305f, 2366c. Ten archival quality VF MNH complete sets of the limited edition gold, silver and bronze "Vancouver 2010" overprints in the selvedge of three different Olympic souvenir sheets. A real sleeper set, probably the scarcest of all the Canada 2010 Olympic philatelic issues. Sure to increase in value due to the international appeal of Olympic topicals. All still sealed in the original Canada Post packaging. 2022 Unitrade = $650.00 $210.00
139 Canada #2586. Canada Post THANKS/MERCI! Picture Postage, Card and Pin Complete Kit. Complete Canada Post thank you "kit" consisting of a small presentation box containing two VF condition intact mint examples of the VERY limited edition booklet of 12 of the Permanent "THANKS/MERCI!" Truck and Rainbow design Picture Postage stamp, issued on November 30th 2020, ONLY TO CANADA POST EMPLOYEEES, plus a thank you card and matching rainbow pin. The booklets are very elusive and we've only just begun offering any for sale. While recognized and reviewed in numerous philatelic journals, Unitrade has yet to create an individual listing for this stamp, so we have used the Unitrade catalogue number for the frame design as our stamp reference. Two booklets are perfect for display purposes (front and back). Estimate = $200.00 $375.00
140 Canada #2845, 2847a (BK623). Hoodoos Booklet. Two unaddressed and uncacheted First Day Covers of the 2015 issue UNESCO World Heritage Sites with mis-identified "Hoodoos" booklet stamps, plus the rare recalled $7.20 self-adhesive booklet of six x $1.20 stamps which includes two of the "Hoodoos" stamps. Withdrawn from post offices in a panic by Canada Post, not many reached private hands. The covers have different cancels in red and black from the same Mississauga, Ontario Post Office, #104368 in Central Parkway Mall, which is a verified Canada Post outlet so the Unitrade warning about manipulated dates does not apply. No Canada Post outlet would engage in spurious backdating. Estimate = $200.00 $100.00
141 Canada #2847a (BK623). Hoodoos Booklets. Two 2015 issue UNESCO World Heritage Sites Booklets. Both in VF mint condition. These examples of the rare recalled $7.20 self-adhesive booklet of six x $1.20 stamps each include two of the mis-identified "Hoodoos" stamps. Withdrawn from post offices in a panic by Canada Post, not many reached private hands. This booklet duo will be perfect for exhibition and display, as the wrong "Hoodoo" is also illustrated on the booklet cover. 2022 Unitrade = $200.00 $190.00
142 Canada #3052/3136, B27. VF MNH collection of 2018 issues on Parliament-brand album pages, numbered 681-705 with extra blank pages at the end. Aside from the slightly confused 'Far and Wide' definitive section (with a jumble of booklet, souvenir sheet and coil issues but boasting the Fall '18 coil set from rolls of 5000 with valley at top left) this is a complete set of issues for the year with souvenir sheets, panes of 5 and singles from both souvenir sheets and booklets. Although the die cuts catalogue higher in Unitrade, singles cut from booklets can be harder to find. The total face value of the usable postage is $211.02 including 151 'Permanent' stamps. 2022 Unitrade = $456.00 $160.00
143 Canada #B1/O49. Massive Back of the Book stock/accumulation in three 32 double sided page stockbooks, the vast majority used with some mint noted as well. The consignor's total stamp count is 9441 between the 3 books. Significant representation of all BOB areas and with heavy duplication in Officials including perfins and overprints, plus a tidy section of revenues. The catalogue value is a combination of 2021 Scott Classic (for the perfins), 2022 Scott and 2022 van Dam catalogues. Scott US$4381.70 + van Dam C$440.15 = $5,917.28 $250.00
144 Canada #BK106a. VF complete booklet of the 33c "Greet More" Christmas 1989 issue pane of 10 on the scarcer High Fluorescence paper. Pristine unopened condition. Although easy to find as singles or pairs, an intact booklet is much harder to come by. 2022 Unitrade = $250.00 $85.00
145 Canada #BK106-BK109. Two complete sets of four VF condition intact mint NH 1989 issue Christmas booklets consisting of the 33c ($3.30), 38c ($3.80), 44c ($2.20) and 76c ($3.80) value booklets. These are a particularly scarce series of booklets. Nice to have two sets in order to display the covers as well as the panes themselves. 2022 Unitrade= $284.00 $150.00
146 Canada #C1/MR7. Used accumulation of Back of the Book material sorted and identified in glassine envelopes, a total of 705 stamps plus an additional 579 postal stationery cut squares mostly identifed by Holmes numbers. Noted a faulty #F3 and Unitrade subtypes in the early Special Delivery issues. Expect some faults in a lot this size, as well as much useful duplication. 2022 Scott US$1879.95 = $2,349.94 $100.00
147 Canada #C1-C9, CE1-CE4, CO1-CO2. Fresh and F/VF all mint NH complete set of 1928-1950 Airmail issues, the four Airmail Special Delivery stamps and both of the OHMS and G Official overprints. A very attractive quality mint run. All still in mounts on the original album pages. 2022 Scott US$251.60= $314.50 $44.00
148 Canada #C4. F/VF mint full sheet of 50 (lower right pane) of the 1932 issue 6c on 5c olive brown "Ottawa Conference" airmail. Minor gum disturbance on the bottom 10 stamps, otherwise a fresh and attractive rare early airmail sheet containing 40 NH stamps. 2022 Scott US$2,725.00= $3,406.25 $210.00
149 Canada #E1-E5. Fresh, sound and all F/VF mint NH quintet of the first five Special Delivery stamps, 1898 to 1932 period issues. Great colours, all with pristine OG. A very pretty group and an excellent start to these classic "Back of the Book" issues. 2022 Scott US$930.00= $1,162.50 $75.00
150 Canada #E2-E11. Complete mint run of all the Special Delivery issues from 1922 to 1946, all fresh and F/VF NH. All in all a superior quality offering, with the majority of the stamps in VF NH condition (big upside in Unitrade for VF). 2022 Scott US$635.75= $794.69 $120.00
151 Canada #F1, F2. Shade and Calendar Collection. Neatly mounted and partially annotated collection, consisting of 15 used examples of the 2c Registration stamp in various shades, MOST WITH LEGIBLE DATED CDS CANCELS. The dates run between 1876 and 1888. The vast majority of the cancels are from Ontario and further east). Also, there is a mounted group of 92 used examples of the 5c Registration stamp, with loads of shades running from deep blue green up to light yellow green. Expect the odd fault, but probably unchecked for plate flaws, re-entries etc. Ex-Horace Harrison. Take a good look at the scans for the postmarks and shades! Estimate = $200.00 $120.00
152 Canada #F2. Calendar Collection. Neatly mounted and annotated collection of 30 used examples of the 5c green Registration stamp, ALL WITH LEGIBLE DATED CDS CANCELS. The dates run between September 16th 1889 and May 2nd 1900 (very late date). The vast majority of the cancels are from Ontario and further West (including Territorial cancels). Expect the odd fault, but certainly this was a tough group to assemble. Take a good look at the scans for the postmarks! Estimate= $150.00 $65.00
153 Canada #J28i/J40. VF mint NH accumulation of "Third" and "Fourth" issue 1973-1978 period Postage Due plate blocks, often in matched sets. All with PVA gum, unchecked for paper types. Could be some Unitrade upside here. Estimate= $100.00 $40.00
154 Canada #MR1. Archivally fresh and VF mint NH block of four of the 1c green 1915 issue GeoV War Tax stamp. Perfect gum, colour and entering. Unitrade is $480.00 for a VF mint NH block. A great companion block to the #MR2 block in this sale. 2022 Scott US$280.00= $350.00 $60.00
155 Canada #MR1, MR2. Top-notch quality VF mint NH examples of the first two 1915 GeoV War Tax issues, consisting of the 1c green and 2c carmine. Unitrade is $240.00 for the VF mint NH duo. As fresh as the day they were printed! 2022 Scott US$135.00= $168.75 $55.00
156 Canada #MR2. Archivally fresh and VF mint NH block of four of the 2c carmine 1915 issue GeoV War Tax stamp. Perfect gum, colour and centering. Unitrade is $480.00 for a VF mint NH block. A great companion block to the #MR1 block in this sale. $325.00 $60.00
157 Canada #MR2B, MR2Bi, MR2C, MR2Ci, MR2D. Used quintet of five different used 1915 issue postal/fiscal provisional GeoV Admiral War Tax overprints. All valued in the grade of Fine. Total 2022 Unitrade = $300.00 $80.00
158 Canada #MR3, MR3a, MR5. Fresh and Fine mint Never Hinged trio of 1916 issue GeoV War Tax stamps, consisting of the 2c+1c carmine in both the Die I and very rare Die II versions, as well as the perf 12 x 8 Die I "sheet form" coil. 2022 Scott US$865.00= $1,081.25 $130.00
159 Canada #MR5. Fresh and F/VF mint NH example of the 1916 issue perf 12 x 8 carmine KGV 2c+1c War Tax, Die I. 2022 Scott US$140.00= $175.00 $32.00
160 Canada #O9. Perfectly centered and VF mint NH example of the 1949 issue OHMS official overprint on the 50c "Lumbering". This is the key overprinted Official, with only 50,000 printed. Unitrade is $330.00 for VF mint NH. 2022 Scott US$190.00= $237.50 $130.00
161 Canada #O10, O27. F/VF mint OG LH examples of the 1949 issue $1.00 Train Ferry with "OHMS" and 1951 issue $1.00 Fisheries with "G" Official overprints. 2022 Scott US$150.00= $187.50 $32.00
162 Canada #O25, O27. VF mint OG LH examples 1950 issue $1.00 Train Ferry and 1951 issue $1.00 Fisheries, both with "G" Official overprints. 2022 Scott US$170.00= $212.50 $36.00
163 Canada #OCE1-OCE4. Fresh and VF mint H complete set of all four 1942-1947 Special Delivery Airmails, all with 4-hole OHMS official perfins. Nice to get them all at once, especially this nice. 2021 Unitrade = $345.00 $22.00
164 Canada #R1, R2. Royal Hudson private railway mail stamps. Two complete sets of imperforate proof sheets of 8 of the 25c and 50c 1976 issue stamps. These were used to pay for the carriage of mail (mostly tourist mail) on the Royal Hudson train as it ran between North Vancouver and Squamish. Each sheet has an illustration on the reverse side. The 25c value (#R1) has a line drawing of the Royal Hudson steam engine and the 50c value (#R2) has a map of the Royal Hudson's route. A perfect lot for the collector wanting to display both sides of the sheets. Earl Covert's "Strike, Courier and Local Post" catalogue $80.00 as regular mint stamps. Includes a photocopy of the catalogue page. Estimate = $120.00 $40.00
165 Canada - "Coil Stamps" Group of 33 different mint coil pairs or strips, Arch issue through KGVI, each identified on the scans. Some are NH, but NO premium added! F-VF. 2022 Unitrade= $995.00 $160.00
166 Canada - A big bulk lot of off-paper and close-cut, single paper kiloware in a bulging banker's box, in many baggies but not sorted. Mostly modern & recent definitives, great for specialty hunting. 20 lbs total. Estimate = $125.00 $160.00
167 Canada - Annual Collections for 1977 to 1996. VF condition Annual Collections for the years 1977 through 1996 inclusive. These Canada Post yearbooks contain the mint NH stamps, souvenir sheets and booklets for these years. A high quality group of these impressive and informative publications. Total face value of the mint NH stamps, panes and souvenir sheets in the twenty volumes is $401.17. 2022 Unitrade $1035 = $1,035.00 $240.00
168 Canada - Annual Collections for 1999 to 2008. VF condition Annual Collections for the years 1999 through 2008 inclusive. These Canada Post yearbooks contain the mint NH stamps, souvenir sheets and booklets for these years. A high quality group of these impressive and informative publications. Total face value of the mint NH stamps, panes and souvenir sheets in the ten volumes is $371.68. 2022 Unitrade= $1,030.00 $290.00
169 Canada - Blocks / Plate Blocks. Five different better value mint blocks or plate blocks, includes #225 VF hinged, 226 VF hinged, 294 VF hinged LL plate 1, 321 VF hinged in margin UR plate 2, and #411 F-VF NH UL plate 1. 2022 Unitrade= $410.00 $55.00
170 Canada - Blocks. Group of 19 different mint blocks of four, each hinged on the top two stamps, bottom stamps are NH. Better include #145, 148, 156, 157, 175, 227, 261, etc. All figured at the lowest 2022 Unitrade values (even though some are VF centred), and no NH premium added for the NH stamps. A few have slight gum disturbances. 2022 Unitrade as stamps x 4 = $1,000.00 $110.00
171 Canada - Box of many thousands of $1 and $2 large size Scenic issues used definitives in a box, all off-paper. Bundled, in glassines & envelopes, and loose. Holds good potential for these issues have a number of well known varieties. Completely unchecked by us, so a huge research opportunity! Estimate = $250.00 $210.00
172 Canada - Cinderella Stamps. Group of 51 different, each identified by LaFreniere catalogue (plus a couple unlisted), mint & used. Strength in BC types with NO modern philatelic private couriers or Kaulbach Island. Values to 50.00 each. 2015 LaFreniere value (with a few estimated) = $503.50 $90.00
173 Canada - Mint High Values. Group of six $1 stamps mint, VF centred, hinged (no hinge remnants), clean sound examples. Includes #227, 245, 262, 273, 302 and 321. 2022 Unitrade = $343.00 $36.00
174 Canada - Mint NH stamp accumulation in three stockbooks. Late GeoVI to 1990’s assortment of mint stamps, neatly arranged within three 16 page stock-books. A postage PLUS lot, with better items throughout including #600 (with short $), special delivery & airmail stamps, George VI "Postes-Postage" plate blocks, Centennials, numerous $Dollar$ values and full sheets. Also includes, but not counted in the following total are a couple NFLD blocks, G Officials & used blocks. Conservatively counted as FACE VALUE only, but consideration should be taken for all the "extras" in this lot. Total face value = $374.61 $210.00
175 Canada - Modern Used Goldmine. Unusually high quality accumulation of over 4,800 modern used commemoratives, on close cut single paper or off paper. The lot consists of three separate components, all usefully complimentary to each other. First, there are 3,000+, clean off-paper 1993-1995 43c commemoratives with a wide range but much is of better issues like Louisburg Fort, Maple Trees, Dinosaurs, Golf Courses. Good set building material and all is ready-to-sell for the bourse or eBay seller. Secondly, there is a group of 460 x used left and right hand versions of #1507-1508, the 1994 issue die-cut "Greetings" Quick Stick booklet stamps (this is one of the scarcest issues from the mid-1990s and in this quantity rarely seen). All the different label image options are present (7 different) and at $.90 each in Unitrade, great profit potential for online sellers! Thirdly, a selection of 1,400+ high quality 2009-2012 period commemoratives on close-cut single paper, no definitives or Xmas (note: this last group of 1,400 is identical to material in Bidboard 1918-Lot #142 which sold for $110.00). This lot represents great value and variety for the quality conscious dealer/collector of modern used Canada. Estimate = $250.00 $190.00
176 Canada - Modern used, 1 lb. only "P" commemoratives used on close-cut single paper, only true commemoratives, NO Christmas, Spring Flower Greetings, nor definitives. Includes a few 2020-2021 Covid issues. Includes a few semi-postals. Modern Canada is getting really hard to find since so few people use postal mail these days. Estimate = $200.00 $120.00
177 Canada - Modern Used. 245 different recent used 2017- 2021 issues, including 70 different Covid period issues up to Christmas 2021 and includes the very scarce 'Flying Postal Truck' issued only to postal employees. Also has seven 'picture postage' stamps. To illustrate how tough it is to find such a lot as this, just compare similar lots in our last few sales which have sold over estimated value, and this lot has even more recent Covid period issues! Estimate = $200.00 $250.00
178 Canada - Mystery Carton. Intriguing lot offered as received, consisting of stamps on album pages, in 3-ring binders, on stock cards, stock sheets and loose in bags. The carton measures 54cm x 36cm x 22cm and weighs 10+ Kilos. Contains thousands of mostly used stamps including hard to find and off-beat items. Very good value at the estimate. There are almost no covers in this lot and very little used on paper. This lot includes a decent selection of material, dating back to the 19th century. Estimate = $300.00 $230.00
179 Canada - Top Quality Modern Used Commemorative Mix. Exceptional offering of 1,000 select quality VF used 100% commemoratives off paper, consisting of recent issues from the last few years up to the 2021 period. Needless to say this type of material is very hard to find now and is only getting harder to find with every passing year. This particular supplier regularly offers us a superior quality mix, with the inevitable bidding war proving their true worth in the modern used Canada marketplace. Unfailingly one of our most popular modern offerings. Estimate $250.00 4890 $250.00 $80.00
180 Canada - UPU Delegate Presentation Book. VF condition 1957 UPU Congress Official Prestige Presentation Book issued by Canada Post and given out to delegates at the XIV Congress in Ottawa. Contains mint blocks of 32 different commemorative and definitive issues with face values to $1.00. Darnell catalogue lists this book as #SP18. Very rare, as this is only the second or third one we've handled. Estimate= $150.00 $120.00
181 Canada Cancels - 1 lb. mostly modern postmarks on stamps or on piece with stamp. Great variety, across Canada. 99% are hand cancels, with lots of unusual types. A good lot for the intrepid cancel hound. Estimate = $100.00 $26.00
182 Canada Cancels - 1930's cancel bonanza! 727 CDS & split ring cancels on 1930's and a few late 1920's stamps, mostly socked-on-the-nose strikes, nicely displayed by stamp issue on stock pages. Strong in western provinces. Unchecked for scarcer towns. Great cancel fun here! Estimate = $200.00 $85.00
183 Canada Cancels - BC British Columbia Split Ring cancels on stamp / piece. A neatly organized selection of 794 cancels from the late George VI / QEII era, sorted alphabetically on "102" cards in small box. While heavily duplicated in spots, there are still 160 different offices represented. Noted cancels from Barnhartvale, Blind Channel, Camp Lister, Falkland, Great Central, Haysport, Horsefly, Namu, Red Rock and Sidmouth. A good sorter lot for the cancel enthusiast. Estimate = $150.00 $160.00
184 Canada Cancels - Concentric Rings / "Bullseye" cancellation study mounted on "Elbe" quadrille album pages and within a 16 page red stockbook. A total of 342 stamps, almost all 1c Small Queens showing an array of varieties in the ring cancellations of the QV period. An extremely tough group to assemble, with many premium stamps including perf 11.5x12 & shades. Noted many pairs & strips (even a block of 8)! Also included is a photocopy reference guide to the cancels. An enticing group for the cancel hound or Small Queen collector. Estimate= $200.00 $85.00
185 Canada Cancels - Squared Circle postmark accumulation of 145 Canada-Wide cancels on a variety of QV / Edward stamps with strength in the Small Queen / Jubilee issues in a stockbook and arranged on a stocksheet. Duplicated in spots, but most strikes are well above average. Also included (but not counted in the above total) are a few dozen Admiral stamps selected for odd ball cancels. Estimate= $140.00 $120.00
186 Canada Covers #34. Single Franking. Single franking of the ½c black Small Queen, on a local unsealed (formerly) printed matter cover, circa 1896, Truro NS to Upper Stewiacke, Colchester County NS. 2022 Unitrade = $300.00 $24.00
187 Canada Covers #90. Plus Extras. Group of mostly 2c Edwards, mostly single frankings on Province of Ontario originating covers and cards. Over 130 (mostly) commercial covers and cards in total plus some additional material on piece. Lots of Brockville. This lot is a slightly messy and lightly remaindered former exhibit, with numerous annotations referring to the various cancel types with postmark varieties and anomalies noted. Great opportunity here for further study and expansion. Estimate = $200.00 $11.00
188 Canada Covers #600/1378. VF collection of 176 First Day Covers, 1972-1996 issues, housed in 2 Uni-Safe albums, consisting entirely of $1 to $5 denomination high values in singles, blocks and plate blocks. While most are Official FDCs there are also some private cachets and special cancels. Conservatively valued by the face value of the stamps only though the catalogue value will be substantially higher. Face = $1,015.50 $65.00
189 Canada Covers - Airmail FFC First Flight Covers 1920’s to 1940’s. Accumulation of 200 covers, arranged in a cover album and loose (in dealer sleeves). An absolute treasure trove hoard Canadian Airmail Flights all during the golden age of Canadian aviation. The vast majority of these covers are from the 1930s with a sprinkling of late 1920s or 1940s covers. Very seldom offered in large quantities. Expect some mild duplication (unchecked) and an array of frankings including may better throughout. Conservatively estimated at $1 per cover. Estimate= $200.00 $425.00
190 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postal History. Ellison & Grand Haven - A top notch duo of seldom seen, short lived BC post office split ring cancels. The first, Ellison BC 1913 split ring cancel incoming cancel on picture side of postcard (P.O. open 1912-1920) posted from O.L.&S RPO (Okanagan Landing & Sicamous RPO). Second, the very scarce Grand Haven BC 1932 Split Ring cancel cover (P.O. open 1924-1933). The Grand Haven is only the second example I have seen, a very scarce marking which makes sense when you realize how remote that Post Office was (west of Fort St. John). Choice pair, both from the collection of BC postal historian David Klus. Estimate = $200.00 $270.00
191 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postal History. Henningville & Hopington - A Duo of short-lived BC Post Office split ring cancels, from the collection of BC postal history pioneer Bill Robinson. A tough to find pair of cancels, still mounted on Robinson’s original exhibition / album pages. First, Henningville 1913 (P.O. open 1913-1917 only) on postcard to Winnipeg. Second, Hopington 1914 (P.O. open 1913-1936) with a Sperling Station cancel accompanying it, on a postcard to Sardis BC. The Hopington pages also comes with a 1935 split ring cancel cut square stamp / piece. A seldom seen duo. Estimate= $140.00 $200.00
192 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postal History. Historical group of 20 covers (no letters) from the correspondence of Historic / notable British Columbia family’s Crease / O’Reilly / Helmcken 1876-1910. First, two covers 1881 & 1889 from UK to Honorable Justice Crease (lawyer, politician and first Attorney General of BC). Second, 8 covers address to Peter O’Reilly (and family) at Victoria (Point Ellice), Yale and Ashcroft. O’Reilly was (among other things) a Gold Commissioner & Indian Reserve Commissioner. Lastly, 10 covers addressed to John Sebastian Helmcken (and family) at Victoria. Helmcken, a physician & politician was one of the most influential British Columbians of his time and played a pivotal role in BC joining confederation. Each cover is sleeved and reasonably priced. A nice chance for a BC collector to pick up a group of covers so large from these prominent families, or for a dealer to bolster their inventory of early BC postal history. Total retail as marked = $950.00 $260.00
193 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postal History. Trio of Closed Post Office / Split Ring / Registered covers from the collection / exhibit of BC postal history pioneer Bill Robinson, still mounted on pages as he presented them. First, Jesmond BC 1936 Split Ring Registered (P.O. open 1919-1960) to Ontario (note, the post office likely misplaced the registration hammer so an improvised "R" marking was done in pencil. Second, Rayleigh Mount 1936 Split Ring Registered (P.O. open 1919-1963). Lastly, Red Pass BC 1926 Split Ring Registered (P.O. open 1921-1976). A nice clean group, with a great pedigree. Estimate= $180.00 $120.00
194 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards by renowned BC Postcard Publisher TN Hibben. "Other BC" and Alberta (with one Manitoba card as well), two collections amalgamated into one lot showing cards from outside the usual realm of TN Hibben views. The first lot of Alberta is all Alberta / BC railway (CPR) connection cards (33 in total) showing stops and points within the Rocky Mountains of BC & Alberta. The second lot of "Other BC" contains 32 cards showing a variety of scene including Chilliwack, Kelowna, Revelstoke, Golden & an array of CPR railway scenes entering the Rockies. 65 Postcards in total, showcased in two padded Uni-Safe postcard albums (with dust jackets). Ex. Jack Wallace collection (co-author and contributor to the book - Picture Postcards Published by T.N. Hibben & Co., Victoria BC 1902-1914 by Jones / Wallace). Estimate = $200.00 $325.00
195 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards by renowned BC Postcard Publisher TN Hibben. Collection of First Nations, peoples and places. A seemingly all different selection of 52 cards, neatly arranged inside a padded Uni-Safe postcard album (with dust jacket). An astounding "social history" depicted as wanted by a largely European tourist market. Scenes from Victoria (where Hibben was based), to right up the Coast into the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii). Ex. Jack Wallace collection (co-author and contributor to the book - Picture Postcards Published by T.N. Hibben & Co., Victoria BC 1902-1914 by Jones / Wallace). Likely one of the largest holdings of First Nations TN Hibben postcards formed. Estimate= $250.00 $475.00
196 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards by renowned BC Postcard Publisher TN Hibben. Collection of Kootenays / Chinese Social History / Mining / Yukon / Hunting / Early Victoria & Ships. A choice group of 36 cards, neatly arranged in a postcard album. Many better cards throughout including sought after scenes of Phoenix / Greenwood, early view of Dawson, camping & hunting scenes, hotels, street views and ships. Ex. Jack Wallace collection (co-author and contributor to the book “Picture Postcards Published by T. N. Hibben & Co., Victoria, BC 1902-1914 by Jones / Wallace). All portions of The Wallace TN Hibben collection are offered in this sale. Please see other lots for more of the same collection. Estimate = $150.00 $210.00
197 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards by renowned BC Postcard Publisher TN Hibben. Collection of Vancouver & New Westminster postcards. Collection of 75 cards, arranged in a padded postcard album featuring an array of scenes including street, hotels, fishing, building, beaches, Stanley Park, ships and Exhibition grounds. All are early view, with the vast majority being pre-1910. Ex. Jack Wallace collection (co-author and contributor to the book (Picture Postcards Published by T.N. Hibben & Co., Victoria BC 1902-1914 by Jones / Wallace). Please see additional lots in this sale, which feature other portions of the collection offered intact as received. Estimate = $200.00 $325.00
198 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards by renowned BC Postcard Publisher TN Hibben. Collection of Vancouver Island view postcards. A total of 53 postcards, neatly displayed in a padded Uni-Safe postcard album (with dust jacket). Strength in the view of Nanaimo, but also a good showing of the rest of the Island including Chemainus, Cowichan, Cumberland & Comox. Ex. Jack Wallace collection (co-author and contributor to the book - Picture Postcards Published by T.N. Hibben & Co., Victoria BC 1902-1914 by Jones / Wallace). Please see additional lots in this sale, which feature other portions of the collection. Estimate = $140.00 $210.00
199 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards by renowned BC Postcard Publisher TN Hibben. Vancouver Island (including Victoria) selection of 91 postcards within two postcard albums. Many interesting views here, which include an array of CPR Steamships at Victoria, fishing in the Cowichan Valley, several Duncan views, Shawnigan Lake & Goldstream / Saanich Arm postcards. Please view pictures (which show all cards) to truly appreciate the scope of the lot. Ex. Jack Wallace collection (co-author and contributor to the book - Picture Postcards Published by T.N. Hibben & Co., Victoria BC 1902-1914 by Jones / Wallace). Please view other lots for more cards from the Wallace collection. Offered intact as received. Estimate= $250.00 $350.00
200 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards by renowned BC Postcard Publisher TN Hibben. Balance of collection, an astounding 318 postcards (including a couple dozen that are not Hibben) housed within a file box, two albums and several loose pages. An array of cards spanning the province, but with strength in Victoria and area (including intact booklet format cards, which are always tough to find). Several better "Ship" postcards including two different examples of "The Beaver", the first steamship to operate in the Pacific Northwest. Large lots of quality BC cards are seldom offered in quantity. A great lot for the avid card collector or show / internet dealer. Ex. Jack Wallace collection (co-author and contributor to the book - Picture Postcards Published by T.N. Hibben & Co., Victoria BC 1902-1914 by Jones / Wallace). Offered intact as received. Estimate = $500.00 $925.00
201 Canada Covers - BC British Columbia Postcards. Select group of 8 different RPPC (Real Photo Postcards) featuring early sought-after scenes from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. First in the group is a pair of cards featuring early (1909) sightseeing bus / tourism postcards published by "The Stanley Park Photographers" each identified on back. Next, two "construction" featuring "Driving Last Pin" of the Second Narrows Bridge 1908 & "Building new water tanks for Sweeney Cooperate 1911." Followed by cards showing HRH Prince of Wales Visit 1919, Vancouver BC memorial service 1936 King George V and Vancouver 1912 Tourism / Pennant. Lastly, a very nice scene of Newport BC, with a matching Newport Beach BC 1912 split ring cancel. A good quality lot, not seen on the market in decades. Ex. Jack Wallace Collection. Estimate = $120.00 $110.00
202 Canada Covers - FDCs 2005-2010. Collection of 183 First Day Covers from 2005 to 2010 (of the 193 issued) in 6 Canada Post real wood boxes, including singles, souvenir sheets and joint issue covers. All of the collections appear to be incomplete, with the 2005 box containing 32 FDCs (issued with 38), 2006 with 36 (issued with 32), 2007 with 28 (issued with 29), 2008 with 27 (issued with 32), 2009 with 29 (issued with 30), and 2010 with 31 (issued with 32). These collections have proven popular and hard to find, and could be quickly completed with a little searching. The original issue price of the 6 boxes was $452.53. Estimate= $150.00 $85.00
203 Canada Covers - The Story of Canada Collection. The complete four volume collection of 83 different deluxe gold cacheted First Day covers making up "The Story of Canada" Excelsior Collector's Guild set. Each FDC is on a special page and includes a mint Canadian stamp (different from the stamp on FDC) that ties into the story of the FDC. An attractive, informative and hugely expensive early 1980s production (original issue cost of this lot was probably well over $600.00). Estimate $150.00 $140.00
204 Canada Revenues #FX34. LARGE DIE PROOF. Large format American Bank Note Company "index copy" sunken die proof of the 1915-1928 issue 1/10c Excise Tax stamp in the carmine colour of issue, order #X-G-212, printed on a 5¾" x 7" file card. Tiny corner chip at upper left corner noted for the record. A very scarce production piece. Estimate = $500.00 $70.00
205 Canada Revenues #OW1, OW1d.. Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. The 1993 first issue "Ruffed Grouse" Wildlife Conservation stamp by the artist, Fenwick Lansdowne. Consists of a VF mint NH pane of 1 in the original folder and a cacheted First Day Cover. Fenwick passed away recently, with his work becoming more recognized, appreciated and popular than ever. 2022 Van Dam= $155.00 $42.00
206 Canada Revenues #YL13b. Yukon Law Stamp Error. Rare and Fine used example of the closely spaced yet distinctly evident double printing of the silver overprinted Law stamp, punch cancelled on piece. 2022 Van Dam = $750.00 $38.00
207 Canada Revenues - 16 page stock book with one collector's Canada revenue stamp accumulation of 900+ items. Looks like he just placed them in this stock book as he came across them, but never organized it. Could be some hidden treasures. Estimate = $200.00 $300.00
208 Canadian Provinces - Mint NB, NS and PEI Sampler. Decent quality, all different selection of 22 mint H/no gum pre-Confederation issues from the three founding Maritime Provinces. Expect the odd small fault. A great introductory lot of these important early BNA issues. 2022 Scott US$814.50= $1,018.30 $60.00
209 Canadian Provinces - Mint Selection. All mint, mostly OG H/HR (the NB #10 is no gum) selection of 10 different Victorian era issues, consisting of: Canada #45; New Brunswick #10; Nova Scotia #9, 11 & 12; and PEI #6, 11, 12, 15 and 16. 2022 Scott US$873.00= $1,091.25 $55.00
210 Canadian Provinces - British Columbia #7a. VF mint OG HR example of the pale blue shade of the 1865 issue 3 penny "Seal of BC". A very fresh and well centered stamp with a fat right hand wing margin. Unitrade for VF OG = $600.00 $55.00
211 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #212-225, 249-252, 253-270, C19, J1-J6, J7. F/VF mint Hinged selection of 44 different stamps, 1933 to 1949 period issues, all in complete sets. Includes the 1933 Sir Humphrey Gilbert set of 16 and the complete basic set of postage dues. 2022 Scott US$277.20= $346.50 $85.00
212 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #3. Fine mint no gum example of the 1857 issue 3p green triangle imperf. Clear to large margins on all sides. 2022 Scott US$800.00= $1,000.00 $110.00
213 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #24a. with INSCRIPTION. VF centered mint no gum example of the 1865 issue 2c green Codfish on thin yellowish pelure paper with full "American Bank Note Co. New-York." inscription in margin at bottom. Listed in the Walsh/Butt Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue as #26c. One pulled perf at bottom noted for the record, otherwise sound. Valued as a regular stamp. 2022 Scott US$165.00= $206.25 $55.00
214 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #31. Fresh and Fine mint NH example of the 1865 issue 24c blue "Victoria" on thin translucent paper. A small area of natural "gum skip" noted for the record. 2021 Scott Classic US$200.00= $250.00 $42.00
215 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #87-91, 93-94, 96-97, 100, 103. Generally F/VF, all mint Hinged selection of the lithographed and engraved versions of the 1910-1911 "John Guy" commemoratives. 2022 Scott US$585.30= $731.63 $240.00
216 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #145-159, 163-171. Two complete 1928 to 1931 period GeoV era sets consisting of a fresh and F-VF mint H 1928 issue original unwatermarked pictorial set of 15 and F/VF mint H 1929-1931 issue re-engraved unwatermarked pictorial set of 9. 2022 Scot US$288.35= $360.44 $190.00
217 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #211. VF mint NH block of nine of the 1933 issue "L & S Post." (Land and Sea Post) overprint on the 15c brown "Dog Sled and Airplane" airmail issue, perf 13.8 x 13.8. These overprints come in compete settings (panes) of 25. In this block you will notice very poor overprint spacing and some VERY light and incomplete impressions of the doble bars that are supposed to block out the "AIR MAIL" text at the sides. A nice little plating multiple of this slap-dash provisional. Unitrade is $236.25 as nine VFNH singles. 2021 Scott Classic US$153.00= $191.25 $32.00
218 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #C2. F/VF mint NH example of the 1919 issue "Trans-Atlantic AIR POST, 1919, ONE DOLLAR" overprinted airmail stamp. Only 6,000 printed. 2021 Scott US$325.00= $406.25 $110.00
219 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #C12. The 1932 Dornier DO-X $1.50 airmail flight tied by St. John's May 20th, 1932 slogan cancel on business (#10) sized cover, addressed back to St. Johns with a June 2nd, 1932 St. Johns receiver on back. Two light file folds at left not affecting the stamp. 2021 Scott Classic for flight cover US$400.00= $500.00 $110.00
220 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland - 203 mint all NH, a duplicated dealer's stock, but no more than 5 of each. Clean lot. Figured @ lowest 2022 Unitrade values and no premium added for NH, so a very conservative Unitrade value = $411.00 $140.00
221 Canadian Provinces - Nova Scotia #2, 3. Used examples of the two distinct shades of the 3d blue Nova Scotia imperf issue, consisting of the 1851 bright blue printing and the later dark blue printing. Each has a small paper fault noted for the record. 2022 Scott US$525.00= $656.25 $65.00
222 Canadian Provinces - Nova Scotia #4. F/VF appearing used example of the 1851 issue 6p yellow green imperf. Moderate and unobtrusive grid postmark. Small thins noted on the AIEP certificate. Still a very decent looking pre-Confederation classic. 2015 Scott US$825.00= $1,031.25 $90.00
223 Canadian Provinces - Nova Scotia #8. Decently centered, fresh and F/VF mint OG (disturbed) part sheet of 49 of the 1860-1863 issue 1c black Victoria. Note two complete "American Bank-Note Co. New-York" imprints in the margins. A very pretty pre-Confederation Provincial multiple. 2022 Scott US$735.00= $882.00 $42.00
224 Canadian Provinces - Prince Edward Island #1. F/VF centered used example of the 1861 issue 2p dull rose Victoria, perf 9 x 9. Nice appearance, with full perfs all around but has a tiny pinpoint thin (as often seen with this soft paper stock). Rare and attractive even with faults. 2022 Scott US$325.00= $406.25 $160.00
225 Chile - Chile and Peru Collections. While not complete, these two country collections are usefully comprehensive, both perfect candidates for expansion and eventual completion. The Chile section contains 675 stamps with a Scott value of US$492.15 and the Peru contains 858 stamps plus 2 souvenir sheets with a Scott value of US$925.55. 2022 Scott US$ 1,417.70= $1,772.12 $160.00
226 Cyprus #30-32, 39, 41-43. Barefoot. Large group of 149 full-sized documents from the District Court of Famagusta (now also known as Gazima), consisting of 1sh (26), 2sh (23) and 5sh (7) King Edward VII 1903 issue revenues on Taxation of Costs ledgers from 1901 to 1905, and 4 1/2pi (4), 9pi (3), 18pi (10) and 45pi (121) King George V trilingual revenues on full court judgments from 1914 to 1922. All King George V issues appear to be the 1912 issue with Multiple Crown CA watermark. 2019 Barefoot "British Commonwealth Revenues" Tenth Edition catalogue value is for the stamps alone but they are worth much more used on full documents. 2019 Barefoot £4765 = $6,552.04 $250.00
227 Cyprus - Mostly used collection of 172 stamps, 1880 to 1967 period issues, the majority still mounted on the original Scott Specialty album pages. While there are not that many complete sets, there are a useful number of higher value singles noted. Excellent basis for expansion. 2022 Scott US$1,068.40= $1,335.50 $120.00
228 France - Collection of 370 different mint, some NH, 1904 - 1964 issues, in hingeless mounts in a French album. Lots of better material, including #247, 249, 252 NH, 263, 300a NH, 311 NH, 347 NH, 615a, 913, 955, etc. Just regular issues, no Semi-postals or air mails. VG-VF centred. 2022 Scott US$ 1305.00 = $1,631.25 $160.00
229 France - Modern Booklet and Souvenir Sheet "Doubles" StashExceptional top quality mint NH, nicely balanced stash of late 20th century and 21st century souvenir sheets, semi-postal booklets and (a few) large format se-tenant blocks. ALMOST ALWAYS TWO EXAMPLES OF EACH. Marvelous range of increasingly hard to find material. This is the perfect lot for the show or internet dealer, collector needing clean modern material (with extras for trades) or even the individual needing recent postage! The "new issue" face values are 3,548 francs ($781.32 CDN) and 771 euros ($1,113.72 CDN) for a total of $1,895.04 CDN! Owner's 2020 Scott US$4759.00= $5,948.75 $725.00
230 Gibraltar #110d. "watermarked sideways" mint lightly hinged F-VF centred, a rare example of this variety! #110c NH provided for comparison. Stanley Gibbons values this variety #124ab @ £800.00. 2022 Scott US$ 500.00 = $625.00 $75.00
231 Gibraltar - 475 stamps + 8 souvenir sheets, all mint, some hinged earlier & all NH from #200 onwards. Includes #100-103 NH, 107-118 H, 121-122 NH, 144 H, 159-160 H, 186-199 H, 340-355A NH including all the 'a' numbers, 416-430 NH, etc. Nearly complete for time period 1931-1994. 2022 Scott US$ 908.75 = $1,135.94 $425.00
232 Gibraltar - Collection. Mostly used collection of 120 stamps, 1886 to 1969 period issues the majority still mounted on the original Scott Specialty album pages. While there are not that many complete sets, there are a useful number of earlier and higher value singles noted. Excellent basis for expansion. 2022 Scott US$1,101.60= $1,377.00 $75.00
233 Great Britain #1. on Cover. The famous 1840 issue "Penny Black" on 1840 folded letter to Reading. Deep shade with indistinct red "Maltese Cross" cancel. December 13th (?) 1840 Reading receiver on reverse. 2021 Scott for #1 on cover US$750.00= $937.50 $150.00
234 Great Britain #1, 2. Fine appearing used duo of the world's "First Issues" consisting of the 1840 issue Queen Victoria "Penny Black" and the scarcer "Two Pence Blue". Margins full to just in, red and black Maltese Cross cancels respectively. Unchecked for plates. The #1 is sound, while the #2 has a small marginal thin at upper right. Great start to a GB or Worldwide collection! 2022 Scott US$1,325.00= $1,656.25 $210.00
235 Great Britain #3. Complete Reconstructed Sheet. Used group of 240 examples of the 1841 issue "Penny Red" imperf, faithfully reconstructing an entire sheet by corner letter position. On the whole a very decent quality offering. The actual individual plates and shades have not been identified so there's lots of potential additional upside for the collector willing to further study and plate each stamp. Valued by Scott catalogue as basic stamps. 2022 Scott US$7,800.00= $9,750.00 $400.00
236 Great Britain #3. Numbered Maltese Cross Duo. Two used examples of the 1841 issue Penny red imperf, both with premium London numbered Maltese Cross cancels, numbers #10 and #12. A sound and Fine pair, each with legible and decently struck postmarks. 2021 Scott Classic US$675.00= $843.75 $80.00
237 Great Britain #3. Scarce Multiples A scarce used block of four and an ever scarcer used block of six of the 1841 issue Penny Red imperf. The two upper stamps in the block of four are thinned but the balance of the stamps in the two blocks are sound. Considering that only multiples up to blocks of four are valued in Scott Classic, the lot has been valued as two blocks of four and an additional two singles. 2021 Scott Classic US$765.00= $956.25 $140.00
238 Great Britain #4. Maltese Cross Trio. Three used examples of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue, all with premium Maltese Cross cancels. One stamp has a plain Maltese Cross cancel, while the two others have much scarcer London Numbered Maltese Crosses, numbers #2 and #8. A sound and Fine group, all with legible and decently struck postmarks. 2021 Scott Classic US$2,050.00= $2,562.50 $140.00
239 Great Britain #4, 4a. MULTIPLES. Three used strips (2 x strips of four and one strip of nine) of the 1841 issue 2 Penny blue imperf. Uneven margins on all the pieces but still very rare multiples. Scott Classic values strips of THREE at US$425.00 per strip, so strips of four (AND NINE!) should be worth a substantial additional premium. Estimate = $1,000.00 $130.00
240 Great Britain #5. VF appearing used example of the 1847 issue 1sh pale green embossed imperf with vertical silk threads. Margins well clear to huge on all sides. Some minor splitting along the vertical silk security thread does not detract from the much nicer than usual appearance of this difficult early high value imperf. 2022 Scott US$1,000.00= $1,250.00 $160.00
241 Great Britain #33. (Plates 86, 179, 212). Three different sheet margin part inscription mint OG multiples of the popular 1864 issue perforated "Penny Red", consisting of a block of 6 of plate #86, a block of 5 of plate #179 and a block of 4 of plate #192. Nice range of marginal inscriptions. Start reconstructing your mint Penny Red sheet collection today! 2021 Scott Classic US$1,062.00= $1,327.50 $210.00
242 Great Britain #33. Plates on Cover Plus Extras. Nearly complete run of "Penny Red" plates (missing only plates #77 and 225) on cover, plus a couple of additional covers thrown in for good measure. Collected over decades, this group represents a near life-long quest to complete a set of plates of these popular GB Classics. Conservatively valued by Scott Classic catalogue, which is a general basic valuation for the most common cancels and usages. An excellentr candidate for further research and expansion. 2021 Scott Classic over US$3,400.00= $4,250.00 $575.00
243 Great Britain #58. PLATE #9. Sound and Fine used example of the RARE PLATE 9 of the 1870 issue ½p rose "Bantam" cancelled with a clear strike of the "132" barred numeral postmark (Brighton). The plate number is clearly visible at right. Unquestionably a plate 9! 2022 Scott US$850.00= $1,062.50 $230.00
244 Great Britain #111-122. Fresh and VF mint complete set of all twelve Queen Victoria "Jubilees", 1887-1892 period issues. Mostly LH (a couple of values with light pencil notes on gum), this is a superior quality offering of these late Victorian era issues. 2022 Scott US$653.20= $816.50 $875.00
245 Great Britain #142, 209. Used examples of the 1902 issue £1 blue green Edward and the 1929 issue £1 black GeoV UPU commemorative. Both stamps have small faults (the #142 has a damaged upper right corner and the #209 has a rounded lower left corner). More than acceptable "spacefillers" that you can swap out and upgrade at a later date. 2021 Scott Classic US$1,500.00= $1,875.00 $260.00
246 Great Britain #166/2613. Used collection of KGV, KGVI and QEII issues mostly in complete sets and with a 10/- Seahorse high value, a total of 2194 stamps hinged to pages and housed in a tall 4-ring binder. Also includes a small amount of mint stamps with a usable face value of 12.39. The stamp total includes sections of Machins (up to 5 denominations) and Regional issues, but these are not included in the catalogue total. 2022 Scott US$2555.25 = $3,194.06 $160.00
247 Great Britain #U1. The 1840 issue 1d Mulready envelope, plate A162, used, addressed to Sherborne, Dorset. Maltese Cross cancellation in black with "Ringwood/Penny Post"¯ two-line line postmark in black on front. "RINGWOOD AU 8, 1841" transit postmark on reverse with "SHERBORNE AU 9 1841" receiver. Much scarcer in used condition than mint. Some light mounting adhesive noted on reverse. A clean and attractive example of the world's first pre-paid envelope. 2021 Scott Classic US$525.00= $656.25 $120.00
248 Great Britain #U3. F/VF used 1840 issue 1p black "Mulready" letter sheet. Neat Maltese Cross cancel. A very respectable example of the world's first pre-paid 1 penny letter sheet. 2021 Scott Classic US$500.00= $625.00 $100.00
249 Great Britain #U4. Unused 1840 issue 2p blue "Mulready" letter sheet, position a90. Faults (including creases and tears). Still a very presentable and rare example of the world's first pre-paid 2p letter sheet. 2021 Scott Classic US$440.00= $560.00 $60.00
250 Great Britain - Booklet Assortment. Clean selection of 188 lightly duplicated QEII period late pre-decimal and early decimal era booklets, all housed in two small dealer binders. Note that some of the common design covers have different issue dates (as listed in SG Concise). Valued by the consignor using the 2018 Scott catalogue. Owner's 2018 Scott US$1,334.50= $1,668.13 $250.00
251 Great Britain - GB & Jersey Booklet accumulation. A VF lot of 37 complete booklets from Great Britain, Gibbons #H17//DX1, and 25 booklets from Jersey, Gibbons #SB1//SB32. Also included are 9 complete 'Stamp Sachets' from Jersey which are noted but not given a booklet number in the Gibbons "Collect Channel Islands" catalogue as the stamps are not bound into the covers. Very clean 1955 to 1981 issues mounted on album leaves and stored on stock pages. 2010/2017 Gibbons £362.15 = $615.55 $160.00
252 Great Britain - GB / Isle of Man / Guernsey / Jersey. 1990’s to 2010’s. A small box (shoebox size) containing hundreds of MINT sets, singles and souvenir sheets, as ordered from the British Philatelic Bureau. We arranged a selection / sampler on two stockpages to give you an idea of the type of material in the lot. Original purchase price would have been a few hundred GBP. Estimate= $200.00 $220.00
253 Great Britain - High Catalogue Value Amalgamation of Smaller Lots. Bundled batch of five smaller GB lots, all intact as received. The group consists of: 1) Study lot - shades, postmarks, etc. 39 stamps frrom Scott #113 to #183; includes 179 - 181, retouched Seahorses set. Scott 2022 value $1,120.00 USD; 2) Study lot - shades, postmarkss, etc. 53 stamps, Scott #s 20, 101, and 118. 2022 Scott value is $575.50 (all 9 copies of #122, 1 shilling green are various faded shades with 2022 Scott value for #122 only is $72.50 = $652.50). Estimated total value 2022 Scott +/- $750 USD; 3) Study lot - shades, postmarks etc.. Lot of 69 stamps includes Scott 179 to 181, 311/312, 373/374, and 527/28, Scott 2022 value $1212 USD; 4) Odd lot of 19 stamps includes Scott #251, 316M, 326, 1478, MH176M (x 2), Morocco Agencies Scott #6, 21M, 202M, 203M, 206, 435, 515/17 set, Turkish Empire 15M, 31, 53, plus Great Britain annual Collector Packs 1978 to 1981 (Stamp value only in Collector Packs $36.75). Total Scott 2022 value $333+ USD; 5) Scott #126, clear margins and CDS cancel. All the stamps (apart from the Collector Packs) are laid out on stock sheets for viewing. Take a good look to determine overall quality. Owner's total 2022 Scott US$3,632.50= $4,540.63 $260.00
254 Great Britain - Local Islands Postage Stamps. Mini-Goldmine of some lesser-known or lesser-seen local posts, including: 1961 Lundy "Europa" stamp sets and imperforate souvenir sheets (x 20ish); a sheet of Lundy "2 Puffin" airmails; Carn Iar (Summer Isles) "Bird" set of six in full mint NH sheets of 30; quantities of Sanda Island "Sailing Ships" stamps and souvenir sheets including "Apollo-Soyuz" (1976) link-up overprints sets of 2 sheets. Scarcer material from a popular area of para-philately in dealer pleasing quantities. Estimate = $200.00 $110.00
255 Great Britain - Mint Stamp and Booklet Selection/Accumulation. Small box packed with a concentrated offering of all mint pre-decimal commemoratives, Wildings and Machins (including coil strips), plus 20 duplicated early decimal currency Prestige booklets. Uncatalogued but quite a bit of value (both catalogue and face) is lurking here. Looks like a worthwhile sorting project! Estimate = $250.00 $85.00
256 Great Britain - Plethora of Post Office Presentation Packs and Year Sets. Clean and diverse offering of 194 mostly different 1967 to 2008 period British Post Office produced mint stamp packs, consisting of individual set Presentation Packs, limited edition 3-D packs, stamp show issues and annual collections. All with original wrapping (the cellophane on some earlier packs has shrunken and/or split). Useful range of sets. Total useable face value £235.12=$399.70 CDN Consignor's SG Concise total £1,204.00= $1,505.00 $240.00
257 Iceland - Group of 46 different better used, early to modern, all ID'ed on the scan. Note #17, 18, 206, 233, 261, 277, 285, etc. Some are the key issues of sets. Nice clean examples. 2022 Scott US$ 645.00 = $806.25 $170.00
258 Iceland - Selection of 36 different better mint hinged, including #75 perf 13, 76 perf 13, 156-161 no gum (used valued more than mint), 289-296 set light hinged, etc. All ID'ed on the scan. 2022 Scott US$ 464.80 = $581.00 $70.00
259 Iran #90/695. Study collection of mint and used 1894-1925 issues, 263 stamps neatly laid out on six 7-row Hagner pages. The majority of the overprints are likely forgeries (as per the many Scott footnotes) and thus sold 'as-is'. Clean accumulations of Iran are difficult to come by as sales are restricted on many US-based online platforms such as eBay. Estimate = $180.00 $65.00
260 Ireland #16/1652, C1/J4. Mint and used collection of 1922 to 2006 issues on 91 computer-generated pages, 380 stamps with useful mint sections particularly in the 1950's and 1960's and going into the Euro era. 2021 Scott US$786.50 = $983.13 $85.00
261 Ireland - Mostly used collection of 216 stamps, 1922 to 1969 period issues, the majority still mounted on the original Scott Specialty album pages. While there are not that many complete sets and not many overprinted issues there are a useful number of higher value singles noted. Excellent basis for expansion. 2021 Scott US$799.00= $998.75 $75.00
262 Netherlands #33, 53. Fresh F/VF lightly cancelled examples of the 1872 issue 2.50 Guilder rose and ultramarine King William III and 1893 issue 2.50 Guilder bright rose and ultramarine Princess Wilhelmina (light crease). 2021 Scott Classic US$235.00= $293.75 $34.00
263 Netherlands Antilles #CB1-CB8. VF condition complete used set of eight 1941 issue airmail semi-postals, all still tied to piece by light CDS cancels. These stamps were issued by the Prince Bernhard Committee to purchase war materiel for the Netherlands fighting forces in Great Britain. 2022 Scott US$208.00= $256.00 $120.00
264 New Zealand #5/2042. Valuable used collection (plus mint souvenir sheets) from the Classic Chalon Head issues up to 2005, virtually all in complete sets in the Elizabethan era and with an impressive degree of completion up to 2002. A total of 1907 stamps on 91 album pages. The face value of the usable mint sheets is NZ$69.31. Also includes a page of Back of the Book with Scott #AR102/105 and C6. 2022 Scott US$7758.05 = $9,697.56 $750.00
265 Papua #1/121, C1/C12. New Guinea #122/1430. 99% VF mint (and mostly NH) 1901-2009 period collection of 1,731 stamps, 49 souvenir sheets and 4 booklets. All laid out and neatly mounted on hand drawn pages. A bit thin in the Hinged earlier issues, but very comprehensive in the more recent mint NH sets (HUGE new issue cost!). Scott catalogue numbers have been written on the page under each stamp (lift the black mount to read) and the catalogue value total is noted at the lower right corner of each page. 2022 Scott US$2,482.20= $3,102.75 $525.00
266 Romania #31/2398. and Yugoslavia 1/1026 & B1/RAJ25. Mint and (mostly) used collections up to 1972 issues in a thick Scott Specialty Series 2-post album. First is Yugoslavia 1921 to 1970 issues in sets and singles with a healthy Back of the Book section, all hinged to Scott album pages (up to 1973) with lots of room for completion, a total of 927 stamps. Romania starts at #31 from 1866 with the issues up to 1914 alone (the first 5 pages) cataloguing US$584 by 2022 Scott, with a high degree of completion throughout and a total of 1951 stamps. Estimate = $275.00 $170.00
267 Russia #230-233, 234-237, 238-241, 238a-241c. All mint Hinged selection of perforated and imperf 1922-1923 period "Worker/Soldier/Peasant" definitive issues, all in complete sets and still Hinged on the original quadrille album pages. Offered as received and sold "as is". 2021 Scott Classic US$337.00= $421.25 $48.00
268 Sierra Leone #242/421. An attractive array of 307 all different stamps from the 1963-1971 time period, neatly laid out and mounted on album pages. A very nice run from this country, from a time period when the postal administration really went for colour and design, along the trying a variety of stamp sizes and shapes (including some of the first self-adhesives "stickers"). 2021 Scott US$424.90 = $531.13 $120.00
269 Saint Helena #86. "Broken Mainmast" Variety. Fresh and sound CDS used example of the 1922 issue GeoV 8p violet and blue "Badge of the Colony" with the Stanley Gibbons listed "Broken Mainmast" plate flaw (SG #105a). A popular constant plate variety with Commonwealth collectors. 2021 Stanley Gibbons £375.00= $637.50 $160.00
270 Spain #1/269, MR1/27, O1/10.. One hundred and three stamps from the 1850-1899 period. The material is in both mint Hinged and used (some both) condition. There are a few obvious faults but mainly sound with some minor flaws. The mint stamps on line five of the second stock page have a catalogue value of $450.75 and are highly collectible. The used telegraph stamps, with punched holes, are priced as bar cancelled (where catalogued as such) or at 10% of used pricing (see #269). In particular reference to #210 the consignor states "it's nice to get a $1,900.00 stamp for $10.50!". Also, the #48 is an excellent example of this scarce stamp.Owner's estimated 2019 Scott US$845.50= $1,056.88 $190.00
271 Sweden - Choice selection of 289 different and very modern 2011 - 2020 issues used, sorted on stock pages. Nice clean lot, includes high values. 2022 Scott US$ 407.00 = $508.75 $95.00
272 Tibet #14-16, 17a, 18, 18a. Exciting lot of the 1934 'Third issue' set in complete sheets of 12 on thick or thin toned native paper, each carefully identified for the plate setting. The 1/2t yellow sheet is from Setting IVc, 2/3t blue is from Setting III (with a Sergio Sismondo certificate for a DIFFERENT sheet), 1t reddish vermilion is from Setting IV (privately perforated with Geoffrey Flack certificate), 2t in a faded orange vermilion colour from Setting IIa (not certified) and the 4t green from Setting II with substituted cliche at position 12 (measuring 25mm x 25mm) expertised twice, signed on front by Tibet expert Kurt H. Dahnke and with 5 backstamps by Tibet expert Dr. F. Alfred Orth. Also includes incredibly detailed colour copies of sheets and individual cliches for the majority of the sheets in this lot, with still more room for research. 2022 Scott US$905 = $1,131.25 $325.00
273 Trinidad and Tobago - Collection on Quadrille Pages. Mint and used collection of 614 stamps, 8 souvenir sheets and one First Day Cover, 1896 to 1991 period issues. A bit light on the earlies, but pleasingly comprehensive in the high quality more recent material. Lots of sets, great topicals. All mounted on quadrille album pages. A great start to the popular issues of this tropical island group. 2022 Scott US$852.40= $1,065.00 $180.00
274 Trinidad and Tobago - Mint and used collections of 1860 to 1990 issues, a total of 188 fresh stamps hinged on computer-generated pages. The 5sh #88 with small thin, with lots of useful singles and omnibus issues. 2021 Scott US$816.60 = $1,020.75 $85.00
275 United Nations - 1951-1993 Period Collection in 3-Ring Binder. All mint Hinged collection of over 1,000 stamps and souvenir sheets, all Hinged on black pages 3-ring pages. Virtually complete run for all three Offices for the 1951 to 1993 period (New York, Geneva and Vienna), less the NY #38 sheet. Of particular note are the numerous Flag sheets and the Survival of the Forests mini-panes. Huge total "new issue" face value in US Dollars, Swiss Francs and Austrian Schillings. Owner's Scott catalogue total is well over US$1,000.00. Estimate = $150.00 $100.00
276 USA #11, 24, 26, 63 (x 2), 65 (x 2), 68, 73, 71, 72, 94, 86, 87. Fourteen used Classics in generally Fine condition, mostly sound with a few minor faults to be expected. Owner's 2019 Scott US$1,538.50= $1,923.13 $240.00
277 USA #28. Used example of the 1857- 1861 issue 5c red-brown "Jefferson", Type I, perf 15½ x 15½. Light cancel, with some perf faults noted. Still a very scarce and collectible stamp. 2021 Scott Classic $1,050.00= $1,312.50 $110.00
278 USA #153, 155. Used examples the 24c purple "Winfield" and 90c "Perry" from the 1870-1871 issue Large Banknotes series (both no grill). 2021 Scott Classic US$535.00= $668.75 $65.00
279 USA #156-163, 165-166 219-228. (incl #220a and 220c). Thirty-nine Banknotes from the 1873 and 1898 issues in generally Fine used condition, most sound but with a few minor faults noted in the mix. Includes many of the catalogued colour varieties. Some of the high value stamps on line 5 of the scan have the minor faults (the 10c, 12c and 30c. appear to be sound). Owner's 2019 Scott US$1,128.95= $1,411.19 $230.00
280 USA #210. Remarkably fresh and mint NH upper sheet margin strip of six of the 1883 issue 2c red brown "Washington" with the full "AMERICAN BANK NOTE COMPANY" inscription in the selvedge. This stamp was issued to meet the new reduced first class rate which went into effect on October 1st 1883. Conservatively valued as six mint NH singles but inscription pieces are worth a decent premium. 2021 Scott Classic US$810.00= $1,012.00 $110.00
281 USA #230-239. (plus the 2c broken hat variety), 285-291, 294-299, 323-330, 397-404. Sixty-two used lightly duplicated early commemoratives in generally Fine used condition, all laid out on a double-sided Vario brand stock sheet. A few minor faults may be found but these, according to the consignor, are few and far between. Catalogued colour varieties (identified and valued by the consignor) are included for many of the issues. Owner's 2019 Scott US$1,226.45= $1,533.06 $250.00
282 USA - Big Binder of Back of the Book and Bonus Material. Fat 3-ring binder loaded with album and stock pages containing a wonderfully diverse range of "non-standard" material consisting of federal and state revenues, stamp show cinderellas, postage due covers, officially sealed stamps, test atm machine and coil stamps, cancelled cheques (with revenues), precancels, domestic money order receipts, cigarette tax seals, plus lots of other items. Days of profitable research and fun sorting here for both listed and more obscure material! Estimate= $250.00 $210.00
283 USA - Modern Mint Face in Folders and Books. Mostly 1970s to 1990s period min US stamps, the majority housed in commerorative or post office annual folders. Some booklets incomplete, with the incomplete noted and taken into account. Some of the later coffee table style books do not contain stamps but are still included in the lot as they are loaded with seful stamp info and great illustrations. Conservatively valued for the useable postage only. Total face value US$168.34 = $210.43 $140.00
284 USA - Stampless Steamship Cover Quintet Five different 19th century stampless covers/folded letters all "Steamship" related. Includes New York and Boston destinations. Estimate = $150.00 $50.00
285 Worldwide - 15 lbs modern fill a banker's box, on single close-cut paper and off paper, most every country but no Canada. Not sorted, and it will take several seasons to get through all of this! Estimate = $100.00 $95.00
286 Worldwide - A former major dealer's stock of mostly used, all sorted by country into glassines or on manilla stock pages (no binders). Many many thousands of stamps! Duplication of course, but it is mild and there is a great variety. Majority is modern, and it is all off-paper! Ex B. Schulze Stamps Ltd. 20 lbs. in a full banker's box. Estimate = $250.00 $280.00
287 Worldwide - Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador. Group of Latin America country collections on album pages and with Cuba organized on manila stockpages in 2 thick binders. Conservatively estimated at 5000-6000 stamps, with much potential for the specialist in the early issues of Cuba especially. If you are new to this area there is a wealth of material to dive into! Estimate = $200.00 $210.00
288 Worldwide - Crammed Carton as Received. Liquor box sized carton, packed to the brim with worldwide material on stock pages, in binders and in albums. The contents consist of (in no particular order): mint and used 1960s to 1970 period USA stamps and postal stationery on manila stock pages; older Europe and general worldwide on notebook pages; mostly used Canada collection of hundreds on "Parliament" album pages and manila stock sheets ; around $20.00 face in mint Canada face in blocks and panes; Australia on manila stock sheets; a handful of Canada Post stamp products; and finally a sparsely populated Statesman world album. Estimate = $150.00 $75.00
289 Worldwide - Dominica, East Africa & Uganda & Egypt. Trio of collections on 166 computer-generated pages, mint hinged and used, not many complete sets, 1867 to 2000 issues. Consists of Dominica #4/1383 and MR3-5, East Africa & Uganda #31/42, and Egypt #13/1760 and B1/O92 plus some revenues. A total of 593 stamps. 2021 Scott US$628.30= $785.38 $65.00
290 Worldwide - Eclectic Boxload. Near-bankers box sized carton, bursting with worldwide material in shoe boxes, baggies, loose and in one older album. The contents consist of (in no particular order): two shoe boxes crammed with over 2 kilos of glassines of used and mint worldwide stamps; large baggie of Canadian stamps on paper; smaller baggie of US mint and used stamps (mosty 1890s to 1970 period issues); 180 grams of stamps stripped from and older album (mostly Commonwealth countries); a JFK memorial cover; mint sheet of US State Birds; and a large baggie containing Canadian stamps. Estimate= $150.00 $160.00
291 Worldwide - Europa First Day Covers Huge collection/accumulation/hoard of Europa and Europa themed covers, from the earliest issues of 1956, all the way up to 1987. Over 700 covers in total. Valued as FDCs by the consignor's 2007 Michel catalogue. 2007 Michel €5,068.00= $7,100.00 $170.00
292 Worldwide - Extra Meaty Balance of Consignment. Where's the meat? It's here in this cut-down carton of clean, almost all mint NH material, consisting of attractive bits and pieces from a much larger original consignment. Noted in the lot were: dozens and dozens of duplicated VF mint NH 1940s to 1970s period Canadian blocks and plate blocks, including definitives, commemoratives and Back of the Book material; VF NH Hong Kong #253-254 (1970 Year of the Dog); mint NH GB Wildings; mint NH Norfolk Island sets; mint and used Australia including older; older used and modern mint New Zealand and Ross Dependency (lots of sets); Papua New Guinea sets; and some British Antarctic Territory. This lot offers useful duplication as well as a wide range of clean, mostly Commonwealth issues. Estimate = $250.00 $425.00
293 Worldwide Covers - A Postal History smorgasbord of 641 covers and postcards, filling a medium size box. A real range of items here, from across the world but with strength in Europe (Germany in particular). Noted stampless, airmail, hand illustrated, 3rd Reich, paquebot, censor and postal stationery. A great lot for the cover hound, or dealer looking to add to their show / online material. Estimate = $250.00 $190.00
294 Worldwide Covers - Canal Zone postcards. Group of 36 EARLY cards (1908-1918), with 14 used and 22 unused, arranged neatly in a Uni-Safe postcard album with slipcase. Lots of interesting early views of towns, locks, Navy Ships etc. Of note, is a 1918 postcard with uncommon boxed "Passed by Censor" handstamp. Estimate = $120.00 $110.00
295 Worldwide Covers - French Indochina / Vietnam. An attractive accumulation of 74 different cards, all but one appear to be dated 1910 and earlier. Lots of interesting view, making for an interesting glimpse into life in French Southeast Asia at the time. All cards are individually sleeved and priced dealer sleeves from many years ago (note most are priced in the $10-$15 each range). A good lot for either to add substantially to their collection, or dealer looking to break these apart for show / internet retail. Estimate = $180.00 $270.00
296 Worldwide Covers - Great Britain, UN, USA First Day Covers. Worldwide lot of collections of FDCs, sleeved in boxes or housed in albums, filling a U-Haul box measuring 18"x12"x11". Contains: 213 Fleetwood FDCs from Great Britain, 1976-85 issues; 117 Colorano silk cachet FDCs from Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man; 176 FDCs of the United Nations (from all 3 offices) plus 25 mint blocks of 4-10 stamps; 183 USA First Day Cancelled covers and postal stationery cards including officials, 1969-1985 issues; and 47 FDCs from various countries including a section of Ireland going back to a 1929 First Air Mail cover. Also includes a 1981-82 Fleetwood "Trains & Boats & Planes & More" red album with 58 mint stamps mounted on informative cards. Estimate = $120.00 $180.00
297 Worldwide Covers - Old time MOURNING cover collection, 107 covers (many with enclosures) dating from 1822 to 1955 arranged on stockpages in an older cloth covered binder. These black-borders envelopes were often used to express or notify of death, loss, grieving or mourning of a loved one. This lot spans the globe, with better items throughout including stampless, registered and lots of Queen Victoria frankings. Large groups of Mourning covers are seldom offered and it has been many years since this group has seen the light of day. Estimate = $200.00 $150.00
298 Worldwide Covers - South-East Asia Postcard Collection. Very unusual and seldom seen group of 100 postcards from Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam, neatly arranged in a cover album. Many interesting views throughout which date from the early 1900’s to 1980’s with the majority of cards being pre-WWII. Please see the Indochina-Vietnam collection of cards in this sale for the companion lot to this one (from the same estate). Estimate = $120.00 $170.00
299 Worldwide Literature - Complete set of all six 2015 Scott International stamp catalogues, all VERY lightly used volumes. While there have been some major price changes (mostly for China and India), this set is still very useful for valuing most material and the numbers don't really change. New Scott catalogue volumes have been split into twelve A and B sub-volumes, retailing for over $1,100.00 per set in Canada. The Scott catalogue numbering system is the most universally recognized stamp numbering system used today. Estimate = $200.00 $42.00
300 Worldwide Supplies - Nearly new stockbooks. VF condition lot of thirteen stockbooks, most Uni-Safe and Lighthouse brands and ranging from 16 pages (8 double sided to 64 pages (32 double sided), all in extremely lightly used condition. There are persistent rumours about coming shortages for hobby accessories as a result of supply chain disruptions resulting from the COVID pandemic. Estimate = $100.00 $220.00