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Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Lot # Description Catalogue Value
or Estimate
1 Albania #21/260, J1/J38. Mint and used collection of 1913 to 1930 issues on album pages, most of the used still on piece and cut-to-shape to retain the cancel in its entirety. Unlisted overprints and the unoverprinted "Prince zu Wied" set have not been counted. Many of these early provisional overprints exist as counterfeits; these all look good but sold "as is". 2021 Scott US$953.20 = $1,286.80 $32.00
2 Albania #310-323, 332-344, B24-B27, C15-C21. Fresh and F/VF quartet of 1928 to 1945 period sets, consisting of the 1928 airmail set of 7, the 1929 pictorial set of 14, the 1943 German Administration overprinted set of 13 and the 1945 Red Cross semi-postal set of 4. Clean and attractive material. 2023 Scott US$376.50= $508.28 $42.00
3 Albania - Extensive accumulation from the early 20th century and including many sets going into issues of the early 1970s. Seldom seen in such an enticing quantity, with much mint including NH and both perforated and imperf sets and S/S in the more modern material. No certified/expertized stamps seen in the mix. Includes many overprinted issues and Back of the Book, especially Airmail and Postage Due issues as well as stamps unlisted or footnoted in Scott. Estimate = $220.00 $160.00
4 Alderney #1-126a. Complete MNH collection of 1983 to 1998 issues on deluxe hingeless Lindner 18-ring pages, 128 stamps and 4 souvenir sheets filling the pages, plus new supplement pages from 1999 to 2007 and 2009-2011. The supplement pages’ retail value is 6 Euros per page (plus shipping) and there are 32 pages in the sealed and open packs going up to page number 48. 2023 Scott catalogue value for the stamps is US$183.30. Estimate = $120.00 $42.00
5 Andorra #1/477a, C2/J52. French Administration. Mostly mint collection hinged and mounted on large-format Yvert & Tellier album pages, remaindered and then bolstered with better singles on dealer 102 cards. 216 stamps and 2 complete booklets, with all checked in mounts being Never Hinged. Includes many key Europa sets. 2022 Scott US$1185.85 = $1,600.85 $120.00
6 Argentina - A mildly duplicated Mint and Used stock of several hundred stamps on stockpages within a binder. The stamps have been laid out in Scott numbering order, with several better in the mix. We noted a questionable #5, which was not counted in the total. Although we are not certain of the year of the Scott catalogue used, it is certainly over 10 years old! Owner's older Scott US$1205.00 = $1,626.25 $16.00
7 Australia #3/37. Small but powerful collection of mint Roos and KGV Heads on a Stanley Gibbons printed album page, 15 stamps MH and MNH as noted on the page. All fresh and properly identified. 2021 Scott US$574.50 = $775.55 $22.00
8 Australia #46/98. Compact mint hinged or NH (as noted on the page) collection of Roos and KGV Heads on a Stanley Gibbons album page. 12 stamps in total, all fresh and correctly identified. 2021 Scott US$484.50 = $654.05 $16.00
9 Australia #66/76. Valuable mint collection of KGV Heads mounted on a Stanley Gibbons album page, 16 stamps with a NH #67b and perf/shade varieties noted. 2021 Scott US$545.75 = $736.75 $14.00
10 Australia #95/417. Mint collection of 1928-1966 issues on 18 Stanley Gibbons album pages, somewhat remaindered though still packing a punch with a total of 148 stamps and 2 booklet panes. Mostly MNH with some hinged and a few used, all fresh and correctly identified including perf and watermark varieties. 2021 Scott US$926.30 = $1,250.50 $22.00
11 Australia #95a. Fresh MNH condition pane of 4 of the 3p deep blue Kookaburra issued at the Melbourne International Philatelic Exhibition in 1928. Internal wrinkle at position 2 visible from the gum side. Full intact margins and perforations all around with a wide straight-edged selvedge at bottom. 2021 Scott US$260.00 = $351.00 $65.00
12 Australia #J39a/J94a. Very useful collection of mint green and carmine Postage Due issues of 1909 to 1960, a total of 34 stamps with NH as noted on the pages. Includes better perf varieties and both redrawings of the unwatermarked 1sh high value. 2021 Scott US$744.00 = $1,004.40 $30.00
13 Australia #J39-J49. Choice set of 11 postage dues mint, mounted on piece cut from album page. VG-VF centring. Some look like this may have been the only time they were hinged. The 2/- has some missing red on the right side of the numeral tablet (variety?). Indeed a scarce set! 2022 Scott US$1307.00 = $1,764.45 $85.00
14 Australia #J50-J56. Attractive mint postage due set, PLUS J63 mounted on piece cut from album page. VG-F centring. 2022 Scott US$171.75 = $231.86 $60.00
15 Australia #J64-J70. Set of 7 postage dues mint mounted on piece cut from album page. F-VF centring. 2022 Scott US$257.00 = $346.95 $65.00
16 Australia #J71-J80, J81-J83. Two sets of postage dues mounted on piece cut from album page. VG-VF centring. Some look like this was the only time they were hinged. 2022 Scott US$184.00 = $248.40 $46.00
17 Australia #J86-J95. Set of 10 postage dues mint PLUS the J94a redrawn mint mounted on album page. F-VF centring. 2022 Scott US$208.00 = $280.80 $16.00
18 Australia #OB22, O3/O14. Mint collection of 13 Official stamps on a Stanley Gibbons album page. The medium "OS" perfin is listed in the Scott Classic catalogue as #OB22 with the overprints nearly complete. Includes 2 NH stamps with pro-rated premiums applied. 2021 Scott US$406.75 = $549.10 $24.00
19 Australia - Valuable "Back of the Book" Selection. Mostly mint NH (a bit of Hinged and used also included) duplicated "Back of the Book" lot, the bulk of the value in the better mint NH 1950s issue postage dues. The mint material in the lot consists of #C2, C6 (x 3), C8 (x 4), J76, J79, J86 (x 12), J87a (x 16), J89 (x 14), J90 (x 16), J92 (x 17). The mint material catalogues US$ 1,335.75. The used material consists of #C1, C4, C5, C6, C8, J77, J81, O1 (x 2) and O3. The used portion catalogues US$121.00. Total 2023 Scott US$1,456.75= $1,996.61 $22.00
20 Australia and New Zealand - Useful assemblage from Down Under in 2 Stanley Gibbons Senator Medium springbacks and on 24 larger album pages. The albums contain mint and used collections with a smattering of early issues and focus on mint modern stamps up to 2001, hinged on quadrille pages with extra blank pages at the ends. Within these are a total of 774 stamps and 24 S/S with denominations up to $10 and total usable face values of A$178.16 and NZ$137.98. The loose pages hold a total of 333 used stamps including Aussie Roos and KGV Heads (with a 2021 Scott catalogue value of US$188.80 alone) while the Kiwi stamps span most of the 20th century and include Back of the Book issues. Also includes a mint gutter block of 50 of the 22c "Waltzing Matilda" se-tenant issue. Estimate = $250.00 $95.00
21 Austria #B1/B355. Mint hinged collection of semi-postal issues from 1914 to 1989, virtually all complete sets spaciously laid out in a short blue stockbook. 250 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet, fresh condition throughout. 2022 Scott US$663.15 = $895.25 $12.00
22 Austria - A duplicated Mint and Used collector's stock of several hundred (or more) stamps neatly arranged on stockpages within a binder. A nice array of material from early issues to the 1960's. Potential abounds for the Austrian specialist or postmark collector. Although we are not certain of the year of the Scott catalogue used, it is certainly over 10 years old! Owner's older Scott US$1499.00 = $2,023.65 $14.00
23 Austria - A second offering of duplicated Mint and Used collector's stock of several hundred stamps neatly arranged on stockpages within a binder. Note a good selectin of mint blocks, still in the original glassines from when purchased. Get comfortable with your catalogue and work your way through this one. Although we are not certain of the year of the Scott catalogue used, it is certainly over 10 years old! Owner's older Scott US$2154.00 = $2,907.90 $22.00
24 Austria - Attractive mint NH collection of 337 different stamps, 1937 - 2013 issues, lovely Post Office fresh F-VF, has some better values including #514-515, B260-B263, etc. 2022 Scott US$410.00 = $553.50 $13.00
25 Austria - Mint and (mostly) used collection in a pair of crimson springback albums containing issues from 1867 to 1980s, around 4,000 stamps including Bosnia & Herzegovina as well as Offices in the Turkish empire and occupation issues. Nicely organized with moderate duplication, sound condition throughout. Estimate = $200.00 $12.00
26 Austria - Motherlode of Austrian material for the specialist, intrepid generalist or variety/postmark hunter, neatly filling a banker's box. A stellar week's worth of sorting and organization which would make a fascinating basis for a specialized collection or addition to a dealer's stock. Contains regular issues from 1850, extensive Back of the Book material, Occupation issues, Offices abroad, and cancels from stamps used abroad in Italy, Poland and Hungary. In stockbooks, dealer lots, auction groups, a Scott Specialized album and various album pages. Estimate = $700.00 $17.00
27 British Commonwealth - Early QEII Set Quartet. Fresh and fault-free mint LH/NH selection of four early (1953-1977) period QEII complete sets. The group consists of St. Helena #140-152 (1953), South Georgia #17b-30b (1977), Norfolk Island #13-18 (1953) and Christmas Island #11-20 (1963). All the sets are lovely "old school" engraving. 2023 Scott US$210.40= $284.04 $28.00
28 Bermuda #385/817. A premium offering of 1979-2001 issues, Mint NH arranged in a 32 page Uni-Safe brand stockbook. A total of 335 stamps, 1 souvenir sheet, 1 miniature sheet and 3 booklets. Note, almost all of the mint singles are either margin or corner examples with selvedge. A very clean lot, well above average for what we see offered for this period. 2022 Scott US$1284.95 = $1,734.68 $42.00
29 Bermuda - Collection of 327 different used 1962 - 2018 issues, includes many higher values and lots of hard-to-find material! A top key value is included, #CD362 (Scott #865), catalogues US$ 50.00 alone! 2022 Scott US$523.00 = $706.05 $130.00
30 Bhutan #152-152F. The rare and popular "oddball" 1973 Phonograph Records issue. Each stamp has different content when played, including folksongs, the Bhutan national anthem and historical facts in English and Bhutanese. 2023 Scott US$461.50= $623.03 $140.00
31 Bhutan - A neatly arranged 1962-2002 collection in a "home-made" album using hanger stock-sheets inside a nice padded Lighthouse brand padded album (with slipcase). A total of 235 different stamps, mostly mint featuring many of the bright, topical (and sometimes "3-D") issues of Bhutan. A fairly nice run, which represents just under 20% of the issues for that time period. A great group to expand on, with some nice stock-pages and an album to boot! Estimate = $120.00 $44.00
32 Bolivia #C1/C118, 218. All mint collection of 119 different 1924 to 1947 airmail issues and one regular issue, all in complete sets. Only missing the two rare 1930 Zeppelin overprints and the related "bronze" ink overprints to be a complete run. The lot also includes imperf pairs of #C100a and C101a. All neatly organized and laid out on acid-free quadrille pages, with exceptional quality and completion noted throughout. 2023 Scott US$1,019.35= $1,376.12 $80.00
33 British Africa - Something Old, Something New(ish). Three final lots from the tail-end of a very large British Commonwealth consignment, consisting of: 15 stamps from Griqualand West, 1877-1878 period issues, (2021 Scott catalogue US$477.00 - identified and valued by the consignor); 68 stamps from Rhodesia & Nyasaland, 1954-1963 period (#141/190, 2021 Scott catalogue US$246.30); and 16 stamps from Rhodesia, 1966-1973 period (2021 Scott catalogue US$15.30). All still mounted on the original album pages. Owner's total 2021 Scott US$738.60= $997.11 $32.00
34 British Commonwealth - A "G" Group of Sets. Selection of all fresh and F/VF, H/NH complete 1950 to 1977 GeoVI and QEII sets from three different "G" countries: Gambia, Gibraltar and Ghana. All neatly laid out on Hagner brand stock sheets. The lot consists of: Gambia #153-167 (NH), 168-171 (LH), 175-187 (LH), 188-191 (LH), 193-205 (LH), 206-209 (LH) and 354-366 (NH); Gibraltar #127-130 (LH) and 147-160 (NH); and Ghana #5-13 (NH) and 25-27 (NH). 2022 Scott US$295.10= $398.39 $22.00
35 British Commonwealth - An "A-C" and "M" Countries/Colonies. All mint and all late 1930s to early 1950s GeoVI to early QEII period sets and (mostly) part sets, 102 different stamps in total, consisting of Antigua #84-93, Barbados #202-206, Bechuanaland Protectorate #124-136, Cayman Islands #122/149, Cook Islands #131-140, Cyprus #143/151 and Montserrat #89/125. A perfect lot for the worldwide collector using Harris "Citation" albums. 2022 Scott US$437.50= $590.63 $48.00
36 British Commonwealth - British Guiana #253-267, St. Helena #140-152. Two fresh and F/VF mint LH/NH QEII 1953-1954 long pictorial sets, consisting of the 1954 issue British Guiana set of 15 and the 1953 issue St. Helena set of 13. The high values in each set are NH. Great classic bi-colour engraving. Both sets are still mounted on the original cut-down album pages. Get them now before the inevitable surge in interest in early QEII material gains traction! 2023 Scott US$216.60= $292.41 $15.00
37 British Commonwealth - British Guiana to Dominica. A neatly laid out Mint / Used collection of 384 stamps, lightly hinged within a green Stanley Gibbons 2-post album. Strength in the mint, with several better sets including values to the Pound! Some Mint stamps of note are British Guiana #262-267, British Honduras #144-155, British Solomon Islands #89-105 and Cayman Islands #146-149. A nice selection, sure to please any Commonwealth enthusiast. 2020 Scott US$1010.55 = $1,364.24 $19.00
38 British Commonwealth - Choice group of 112 different QEII period used high values, each stamp catalogues US$ 5.00 & up. Each stamp is identified on the scans. Enjoy these scarce top-on-the-line modern stamps! 2022 Scott US$1162.00 = $1,568.70 $16.00
39 British Commonwealth - Countries "A to H" collection of several hundred Mint and Used stamps, lightly hinged on black quadrille pages in a springback binder. Several useful sets throughout, with better stamps noted. See the owner's inventory sheet for a breakdown of the catalogue value by country. Owner's older Scott US$1367.35 = $1,845.92 $15.00
40 British Commonwealth - GB and British Commonwealth Selections. Sorted and valued group of smaller collections/selections of mint and used material from a range of countries and colonies. The group consists of: GB #226/275, MH18/MH168; Jersey #7-21; Guernsey #41-55; Ireland #1/171; India #150/179; Virgin Islands #364-380; Cyprus #143-155; Barbados #267-280; Malta #191/330; South Africa #74-78; Solomon Islands #397-412; and St. Kitts-Nevis #107-118. A useful assortment for the wide-ranging Commonwealth enthusiast. All laid out on Hagner stock pages or the original album pages. 2023 Scott US$662.00= $893.70 $12.00
41 British Commonwealth - Nigeria to St.Helena. A second offering of the neatly laid out Mint / Used collection. This one consisting of 424 stamps in a green Stanley Gibbons 2-post album. Lots of mint sets here, with several high values (including "Pound" values). Some of the mint stamps of note are Nyasaland #107-111, Papua #C11-C15, Pitcairn Islands #20-30, British Qatar #1-25 and Rhodesia & Nyasaland #158-171 (missing only 164a). The stamps lift easily and appear to only be lightly hinged. A nice clean grouping. 2020 Scott US$1014.30 = $1,369.61 $15.00
42 British Guiana #205-209, 210-222, 234a, 239-241, 253-267. F/VF mint Hinged and (a few) used selection of 1931 to 1954 GeoV, GeoVI and early QEII period issues, including complete sets, better watermark varieties and high values. All neatly laid out on two Hagner brand stock sheets. 2023 Scott US$391.50= $528.53 $36.00
43 Brunei #14/75. Fresh mint hinged group of the "Scene on Brunei River" and "Dwellings in Town of Brunei" designs from 1907 to 1951, all different and carefully arranged with attention paid to watermarks, paper colour and perforation varieties. A total of 30 stamps with denominations up to the $10 high value. 2021 Scott US$309.75 = $418.16 $13.00
44 Burma #231/364, 2N37. VF MNH sets and singles, all different 1972 to 2004 issues, plus a small number of mint H/NH duplicates. Clean material like this can be very difficult to acquire and this offering represents close to a majority of the issues for the time period. 98 stamps plus an unused postal stationery envelope, with some bought in Myanmar as new issues. Independent Burma, later Myanmar, is a very manageably-sized country to collect - for instance the "1991 Year Pack" contains just a single stamp! 2021 Scott US$336.90 = $454.82 $12.00
45 Burma #O24. Mint no gum lower left part sheet block of 30 of the 1939 issue GeoVI 1 Rupee bright ultramarine and dark violet high value with "SERVICE" Official overprint. This will make a great showpiece page in any GeoVI, Burma or South Asia exhibit. 2023 Scott US$450.00= $607.50 $12.00
46 Canada #9p. Upper sheet margin part "(Hat)ch & Edson. New York." inscription proof in the deep green colour of issue on India paper on card of the green 7½p Queen Victoria (no SPECIMEN overprint) 1857 imperf pence issue. Popular with collectors as a viable alternative to the actual mint stamp (which in Scott catalogues US$15,000.00 in mint condition!). 2022 Unitrade = $350.00 $400.00
47 Canada #14/159. All used and generally sound and F/VF group of 21 different 1859 to 1929 period issues, running from the "First Cents" issues though Large Queens, Small Queens, Jubilees, an 8c Numeral, 50c Bluenose and $1.00 Parliament. 2022 Scott US$2,365.00= $3,192.75 $110.00
48 Canada #15/2438. A collector's used stock of Canadian stamps from 1859-2011, neatly arranged by catalogue number and arranged in FIVE Uni-Safe brand 64 page (32 page double sided) stock-books. While somewhat sparse in the early issues, the real strength of this collection is in the modern Canadian used, with a fairly comprehensive showing for the years 1990-2010. A few thousand stamps in total, ready to bolster any Canadian collection or be broken down for retail sales. Estimate = $325.00 $90.00
49 Canada #15/321, C1/E3. Mint and used collection of 1859 to 1953 issues from Canada, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, 577 stamps meticulously hinged on quadrille album pages in a springback album. Often the mint and used are presented on a single page in parallel. Good degree of completion from the eras of KGV and KGVI, with a standout Fresh and Fine mint 50c Bluenose. No coils though there are a handful of plate blocks in the later issues. 2023 Unitrade = $2,271.45 $130.00
50 Canada #15/877 plus Back of the Book. Mint and used 1859 to 1980 period collection, all neatly Hinged on Minkus album pages. Sparse in the 19th century material, the collection becomes much more comprehensive in the early 'teens. Mixed mint and (mostly) used in pre-1950 issues, it becomes almost exclusively mint between the mid-1950s right up to the last issues of 1980. A short list of items of note includes a mint 1897 QV 20c Jubilee, a mint 6c QV Leaf, used Tercentenaries to the 7c value, nearly complete GeoV period issues including Admirals, with the Bluenose set up to the 50c, GeoVI regular issues almost complete, decent "Back of the Book" representation with mint H #E5 & E7-E9, a used #O10 and more. Here's a lot that represents a solid base for expansion and completion. The total catalogue value will be in a couple of thousands of dollars. Estimate = $250.00 $120.00
51 Canada #21/159, MR4. Generally F/VF mint NH/H selection of 25 different 1869 to 1929 period issues, all laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. The group includes Large Queens, Small Queens, Jubilees, Leafs, Numerals, Edwards, Tercentenaries, Admirals, a $1.00 Parliament and a War Tax issue. Ten stamps in the lot are NH and have been arranged on the stock sheet separate from the Hinged material. 2022 Scott US$3,268.50= $4,412.48 $110.00
52 Canada #34-47. One Hagner stock sheet containing a selection of mint (top two rows) and used (lower five rows) 1870 to 1897 issue Small Queens. Noted both early and later printings in the mix. The mint values, including both OG and no gum run from the ½c to 3c and the used cover the whole range from ½c up to 50c. A useful Small Queen starter kit/sampler. Valued as the basic stamps by Scott. The mint material totals US$1,015.00 and the used material totals US$685.50. Generally sound and Fine but expect a few faults in the group. 2023 Scott US$1,700.50= $2,295.68 $40.00
53 Canada #35, 35ii. VF+ mint full OG mint LH examples two different shades of the Ottawa printing 1c Small Queen, consisting of the Unitrade listed basic yellow shade (#35, choice, left-hand sheet margin) and the scarcer orange shade (#35ii, nice near "Jumbo"). 2023 Unitrade = $360.00 $150.00
54 Canada #35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44. Neatly organized accumulation of used Small Queens, mostly later printings but earlier shades and perfs were noted in the mix. The lot contains: 480 x the 1c value, 620 x the 2c value, 500+ x the 3c value, 200+ x the 5c value, 20 x the 6c value and 25 x the 8c value. Total Scott catalogue value as the cheapest shades/perfs is US$3,950.00 (=$ 5,332.50 CDN). Some faults to be expected but good potential for the Small Queen student. Estimate = $325.00 $280.00
55 Canada #35, 36, 37, 41. Original holding of used 1c, 2c and 3c Small Queens, all Hinged on black or quadrille 3-ring album pages. Offered as received. The total counts (including faulty) are: 1c x 436; 2c x 119; and 3c x 603. Noted a wide range of cancels including pen, 2-ring numeral, CDS, Fancy cork, Squared Circle and others. Unchecked for printings, papers, perfs, shades or varieties. Noted some earlier types in the mix. Could be finds for the Small Queen era collector. Estimate = $170.00 $110.00
56 Canada #36/131 Plus Back of the Book. All mint H/NH selection of 19 different (for catalogue number and shades) 1870s to 1920s period issues, all laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. The top two rows Are all NH, the bottom two rows are OG Hinged. Noted some nice VF stamps in both the Hinged and NH material. Owner's 2022 Scott US$2,098.00= $2,832.30 $55.00
57 Canada #39. Fresh, sound and F/VF mint OG Hinged example of the 1872 issue 6c yellow brown Small Queen. 2023 Scott US$600.00= $810.00 $42.00
58 Canada #41, 42, 43, 44c. Sound and Fine mint OG H/HR quartet of later (1888-1997) printing Small Queens, consisting of the 3c bright vermilion, the 5c grey, the 6c red brown and the scarcer grey shade of the 8c value. 2023 Scott US$820.00= $1,107.00 $26.00
59 Canada #46. Bright and VF centered mint example of the 1893 issue 20c vermilion Queen Victoria Widow's Weeds. Expertly regummed to appear NH. 2023 Scott US$400.00= $540.00 $60.00
60 Canada #47. Fresh and F/VF mint OG Hinge Remnant high value 1893 issue 50c deep blue Queen Victoria Widows Weeds. 2023 Scott US$400.00= $540.00 $42.00
61 Canada #51/1070. Mint and used collections from Queen Victoria to around 1985, plus a specialized mint KGVI Mufti collection. Lot consists of a Uni-Safe binder album with slipcase, 32 double-sided page deluxe stockbook with gilt spine, and small binder with the fully illustrated Muftis with flyspeck varieties, a coil end strip, booklet panes and plate blocks. Estimate = $140.00 $65.00
62 Canada #51P. Superb showpiece imperforate proof block of four in colour of issue of the 1c orange 1897 Jubilee issue. Archival quality, but with slight ozidization on the upper two stamps. 2023 Unitrade = $260.00 $36.00
63 Canada #52P. Vibrantly fresh and VF+ imperforate proof block of four on card of the 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee 2c issue in the deep green colour of issue. Even this lower value is getting harder to find in multiples. 2020 Unitrade = $260.00 $36.00
64 Canada #53P. Vibrantly fresh and VF+ imperforate proof block of four of the 3c bright rose 1897 Jubilee in the colour of issue. Even this lower value is getting harder to find in multiples. Fewer than 350 blocks can theoretically exist. A great start to a set of blocks. 2023 Unitrade = $200.00 $24.00
65 Canada #54P. Stupendous imperforate proof block of four of the 5c deep blue 1897 Jubilee issue. Deep rich colour, razor sharp impression. Fewer than 350 blocks can (theoretically) exist. 2020 Unitrade = $360.00 $75.00
66 Canada #74-78. All F/VF mint and all NH quintet of 1898-1899 QV "Numerals", consisting of the ½c black, 1c grey green, 2c purple, 2c carmine and 3c carmine. These five stamps can form the basis of a sound and attractive NH set. 2023 Scott US$585.00= $789.75 $12.00
67 Canada #83. VF mint OG H example of the 10c brown violet 1898 issue QV "Numeral. Unitrade is $750.00 for VF mint Hinged. 2023 Scott US$450.00= $607.50 $15.00
68 Canada #84. Fresh and F/VF mint NH example of the 1900 issue 20c olive green Queen Victoria Numeral high value. Centered slightly to the top, this stamp has great eye appeal. Great colour and perfect perfs. 2020 Scott US$1,300.00= $1,755.00 $210.00
69 Canada #89-92. Pleasantly fresh and F/VF MH quartet of 1903 issue Edwards. Light diagonal crease noted on the 5c value. Still a great start to a mint set. 2023 Scott US$575.00= $776.25 $10.00
70 Canada #93. F/VF mint OG HR example of the 1903 issue 10c brown lilac Edward. Attractively centered. 2023 Scott US$400.00= $540.00 $12.00
71 Canada #96-103. Complete eight stamp commemorative pictorial set issued for the Quebec Tercentenary of 1908. All mint and F/VF, OG Hinged/HR. While the odd bend was noted, there are some nice VF stamps in the group. All still mounted on the original Minus album page. 2023 Scott US$978.00= $1,320.30 $36.00
72 Canada #104-110, 112-114, 118-120. F/VF mint NH selection of 13 different 1911-1925 issue sheet form GeoV Admirals. A decent foundation for a mint NH set. Missing only 5 stamps to be complete. 2023 Scott US$1,362.50= $1,839.38 $65.00
73 Canada #104-119, 122. Nearly complete (missing only the 50c value) basic mint set of seventeen 1911-1925 issue GeoV Admirals, generally F/VF and OG LH/H/HR. Noticed some nice VF stamps in the group. 2023 Scott US$1,175.00= $1,586.25 $55.00
74 Canada #107, 109, 111, 112a, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 120, 122. Sound and F/VF mint OG Hinged group of 12 different 1911-1925 GeoV Admirals. Not a complete set but includes the key 5c dark blue and 10c plum. 2023 Scott US$970.00= $1,309.50 $65.00
75 Canada #114. Fresh and F/VF MNH sheet block of four of the 1924 issue 7c red brown KGV Admiral (dry printing). 2023 Scott US$260.00= $351.00 $12.00
76 Canada #117a, 117ii. VF mint NH examples of the Unitrade listed blue (dry printing) and light blue (wet printing) GeoV Admiral. 2023 Unitrade = $540.00 $110.00
77 Canada #123-130, 126b. All mint and almost all NH (only the pair of #129 is VLH) complete run of the perf 8 GeoV Admiral coils (both vertical and horizontal), including an extra Die of the 1c yellow. The #127 and #129 are in pairs. 2022 Scott Classic US$992.00= $1,339.20 $42.00
78 Canada #125-130, 131-134. Two complete mint NH GeoV Admiral coil sets, consisting of the 1912-1924 perf 8 (vertical) set of six and the 1915-1924 issue perf 12 (horizontal) set of four. 2023 Scott US$691.00= $932.85 $26.00
79 Canada #136. VF mint 2 H/4 NH imperforate block of 6 of the 1924 issue 1c yellow GeoV Admiral. A nice Admiral multiple. Unitrade is $500.00 for the VF H/NH block. 2023 Scott US$330.00= $445.50 $42.00
80 Canada #141-145, 146-148, 149-157, 160-161. All mint and F/VF selection of 19 different 1927 to 1929 period GeoV issues, consisting of the 1927 Historical and Confederation sets NH, then the 1c to 20c values from the 1928-1929 "Scroll" set H/NH (the 1c, 3c, 5c and 10c values are NH) plus the two coils that come with the set (both H). 2023 Scott US$502.50= $678.38 $10.00
81 Canada #158. Fresh and VF mint OG H example of the iconic 50c Bluenose high value from the 1928-1929 KGV Scroll issue. A great addition to your GeoV "Scroll" series album page without paying a 100% premium for NH. No Canadian collection is complete without this beautifully engraved item (especially this nice!). Unitrade is $350.00 for VF mint H. 2023 Scott US$225.00= $303.75 $46.00
82 Canada #190/237, C3-C5, E6, J6-J10, J15-J20. All fresh and F/VF mint H/NH nearly complete run of all the 1931-1935 GeoV period issues (plus the 1937 GeoVI Coronation commemorative). Includes the regular issue commemorative, definitive and pictorial stamps, Airmails, Special Delivery and Postage Dues. All still mounted on the original Minkus album pages. All noted for H or NH and valued on each page. Missing very little to be complete for the period. 2023 Scott US$753.65= $1,017.43 $10.00
83 Canada #227, 227i. VF mint NH examples of the Unitrade listed blue and pale blue shades of the 1935 issue $1.00 "Champlain Statue". Nice to get both shades at once, especially this nice. 2023 Unitrade = $255.00 $55.00
84 Canada #231/319, C7-C9, CE1-CE4, E8-E11. All fresh and F/VF mint H/NH nearly complete run of all the 1937-1952 GeoVI period issues. Includes the regular issue definitive and pictorial stamps, Airmails, Special Deliveries and Airmail Special Deliveries. All still mounted on the original Minkus album pages. All noted for H or NH and valued on each page. 2023 Scott US$666.70= $900.05 $10.00
85 Canada #231-236, 241-245, 241a, 246-248, 249-262, 268-273. All VF mint selection of complete 1937 to 1946 period long pictorial and commemorative sets, consisting of the 1937 GeoVI "Mufti" set of 6 (LH), the 1938 Chateau Ramezay set including the extra shade of the 10c (LH), the 1942-1943 "War" issue set (NH) and the 1946 "Peace" issue (NH). Upside if revalued by Unitrade. 2023 Scott US$409.25= $552.49 $10.00
86 Canada #231-321. Fresh, sound and VF all mint LH complete run of 1937 to 1953 GeoVI regular issues, including all the high value sets and singles (Chateau Ramezay, War and Peace pictorial sets, Fish Dollar, Totem Dollar). Both the perf 8 and 9½ War issue coil sets and the extra shade of the 10c Memorial Chamber are here. A great opportunity to fill the GeoVI section of your album all at once with high quality mint material! 2023 Scott cat US$470.70 = $635.45 $42.00
87 Canada #459, 468A. Incredible specialized collection of the 6c orange Centennial issue, carefully identified on the black album pages for paper fluorescence, ink fluorescence varieties, Winnipeg tagging and especially for the very many constant plate varieties that can be found on this issue. A flyspecker's paradise, with most of the CPVs annotated in detail including the plate positions. Usually with multiple confirming examples, these have a value of $5 each in Harris' Centennial issue handbook, and are undoubtedly the result of myriad hours combing through stamps. Also includes 13 Vario pages with singles on piece organized by cancel or off paper. A total of 1575 stamps plus one used counterfeit single with a total combined Unitrade/Harris retail value = $1,857.00 $110.00
88 Canada #780/1573a. Clean mint NH collection of nicely mounted stamps and souvenir sheets, 1979 to 1995 period issues, all in Hingeless mounts on 3-ring quadrille pages with each page in a clear page protector. Noted a few interesting items like artist-signed souvenir sheets. Saw face values to $5.00. A great lot for the collector wanting to catch up on the more recent era. Total face value= $370.31 $55.00
89 Canada #1292b. IMPERFORATE SE-TENANT SHEET MARGIN BLOCK. Choice quality XF mint NH left-hand sheet margin se-tenant block of four of the 1990 issue 39c "Legendary Creatures" commemorative. An eye-catching modern showpiece error for both the Canadian collector and specialist looking for that bit of "spectacular" for their exhibit. Unitrade states that only 50 imperf blocks exist. 2023 Unitrade = $2,500.00 $290.00
90 Canada #2586. Post Office - THANKS/MERCI! Picture Postage, Card and Pin Complete Kit consisting of a small presentation box containing two VF condition intact mint examples of the VERY limited edition booklet of 12 of the Permanent "THANKS/MERCI!" Truck and Rainbow design Picture Postage stamp, issued on November 30th 2020, ONLY TO CANADA POST EMPLOYEES, plus a thank you card and matching rainbow pin. The booklets are very elusive and we've only just begun offering any for sale. While recognized and reviewed in numerous philatelic journals, Unitrade has yet to create an individual listing for this stamp, so we have used the Unitrade catalogue number for the frame design as our stamp reference. Two booklets are perfect for display purposes (front and back). Estimate = $200.00 $75.00
91 Canada #2793i. VF MNH $2.50 Red Kelly AUTOGRAPHED "hockey card" format S/S from the 2014 NHL "Original Six" issue, with the silver foil holographic Canada Post sticker of authenticity. With only 500 produced and considering that Red Kelly passed away in 2019 these cards have proven very popular with stamp and hockey card collectors alike. The italicized Unitrade value remains a woeful attempt at pricing for these signed limited-edition cards. 2023 Unitrade = $225.00 $48.00
92 Canada #BK5f. Lot of 3 intact booklets with 2 panes of 6 of the 2c carmine KGV Admiral issue. "Change in Postal Rates" overprint on the front covers in shades of purple, with the staples placed low, centrally and high. Overall excellent condition, though no VF premiums added. 2022 Unitrade = $450.00 $65.00
93 Canada #BK71/BK84c. Wholesale lot of 312 complete definitive issue booklets tucked into a nicely fitting open-topped wooden box, including varieties noted with 18 copies of BK78c and 4 copies of BK78d, as well as a set of 10 of BK84c with orange covers. Total face value of $156, and the catalogue value does not include the 2.5x premium warranted for the counting marks on cover. 2022 Unitrade = $724.75 $65.00
94 Canada #BK81. Wholesale lot of 42 complete booklets with panes of 25 of the 17c green QEII definitive issue, 23 with counting marks on covers, unchecked for any paper type, fluorescence or printing varieties. Some writing noted on covers. Total face value of $178.50, valued with the counting mark premium but only on the cheapest variety #BK81b. 2022 Unitrade = $650.25 $90.00
95 Canada #BK82/BK100. Wholesale lot of 332 complete booklets from the 1982-89 Maple Leaf and Parliament definitive issues, consisting of 100 copies of BK82, 36 of BK82A, 43 of BK88, 49 of BK92, 18 of BK92b, 45 of BK96 and 41 of BK100. Total face value of $166, with no premiums added for counting marks on the covers. 2022 Unitrade = $714.00 $90.00
96 Canada #E5. VF mint NH example of the 1932 issue 20c henna brown "CENTS" Special Delivery stamp. Much more bi-lingual than the "TWENTY CENTS" of the previously issued #E4. Unitrade is $180.00 for VFNH. 2023 Scott US$115.00= $155.25 $16.00
97 Canada #F1, F2. Fine mint OG Hinged examples of the 1875-1896 issue 2c and 5c Registration stamps. 2023 Scott US$250.00= $337.50 $22.00
98 Canada #F2b. The scarcer yellow green shade of the 5c Registration stamp. Fresh and Fine, mint OG H. A very "short" stamp, caused by the generally poor setting of the perforating wheels. 2023 Scott US$300.00= $405.00 $12.00
99 Canada #J1-J5. Fresh and F/VF mint examples of the first 1906-1928 period Postage Due issues, all perfect OG NH except for the 5c value (VLH). 2023 Scott US$410.00= $553.50 $95.00
100 Canada #J6-J10, J11-J14 Plus Extras. Complete mint H/NH sets of the second (1930-1932) and third (1933-1934) Postage Due issues, including extra values of the second set, possibly collected for subtle shade varieties. All laid out on one Hagner stock sheet, organized for series and H or NH. 2023 Scott US$580.00= $783.00 $65.00
101 Canada #MR1. Archivally fresh and F/VF mint NH right-hand sheet margin block of six of the 1c green 1915 issue GeoV War Tax stamp. Perfect gum, perfs and colour. 2023 Scott US$420.00= $567.00 $10.00
102 Canada #MR1-MR5 plus MR2a, MR3a and MR3b. Basic mint set of all the sheet form 1915-1916 issue GeoV Admiral design War Tax stamps plus three Scott Classic and Unitrade listed varieties. All mint NH except for #MR3a and #MR5 (both Hinged). 2023 Scott US$820.00= $1,107.00 $11.00
103 Canada #MR2B, MR2Bi. Presentable Fine mint examples of the 1915 issue postal/fiscal provisional 5c blue GeoV Admiral with WAR TAX and WAR TAX/INLAND REVENUE overprints. Both are OG NH but the #MR2Bi has gum bends and is not quite fresh. 2023 Unitrade = $925.00 $130.00
104 Canada #MR2C, MR2D. Fine mint LH (#MR2C) and NH (#MR2D) examples of the 1915 issue postal/fiscal provisional 20c and 50c GeoV Admirals with WAR TAX overprints in black or red. 2023 Unitrade = $580.00 $60.00
105 Canada #MR6, MR6ii, MR7, MR7a. All Fine mint quartet of 1916 issue coil form GeoV War Tax stamps. The group consists of the 2c+1c carmine, Die I (#MR6, Hinged), the Unitrade listed 2c+1c rose carmine Die I (#MR6ii, Hinged part OG), the 2c+1c brown, Die II (#MR7, NH) and the rare 2c+1c brown, Die I (#MR7a, H). Note that the #MR6ii has been valued as a regular #MR6. 2023 Scott US$560.00= $756.00 $11.00
106 Canada #O1-O27, O30-O32, CO1-CO2, EO1-EO2. All mint, H/NH nearly complete run (missing only #O28 & O29) of all the 1949-1952 GeoVI period "G" and "OHMS" official overprints, including the Official Airmails and Official Special Deliveries. All still mounted on the original Minkus album pages. All noted for H or NH and valued on each page. 2023 Scott US$664.25= $896.74 $32.00
107 Canada #O9. Fine mint LH example of the 1949 issue OHMS official overprint on the 50c "Lumbering". This is the key overprinted Official, with only 50,000 printed. 2023 Scott US$190.00= $256.50 $28.00
108 Canada #O9-235/E10, O10-249/E11. Mint hinged lot of 4-hole OHMS official perfins organized by perfin type. Includes some NH stamps but all have been valued as hinged only and includes some lovely VF stamps. A sound lot with perfins in various positions. 2023 Unitrade = $715.75 $13.00
109 Canada #O9-C7. VF MNH lower left plate #1 pane of 50, 6c R.C.A.F. Training Plane airmail issue with Type O9 4-hole OHMS official perfins. A scarce intact pane, especially as plate blocks with official perfins can be hard to locate. 2022 Unitrade = $416.00 $70.00
110 Canada - Annual Collections for 1980-2016 inclusive plus the Millennium edition souvenir book (38 books in total). Although none of the books have the original shrink wrap, or are Post Office sealed, we have checked them to confirm that they are all complete with stamps. These books are the best way to collect modern issues and the books are a treasure trove of information on the mint issues that the books contain. Total face value of the MNH stamps contained in the books is $1340.40. 2022 Unitrade = $3,117.00 $250.00
111 Canada - Banker's box full of used collections, partial stocks and remaindered albums, with a reasonable variety from Queen Victoria to modern issues. Housed in stockbooks, albums and pages, with an especially notable section of Back of the Book including OHMS perfin Officials. Expect duplication as well as some mint stamps. Not checked closely for faults or varieties. A ton of fun for a long winter's night! Estimate = $250.00 $13.00
112 Canada - Bountiful Bonanza in a Box. Mixed mint and used hoard of Canadian (and some Provinces) stamps. 1850s to recent, all packed into a double-height pizza box sized carton. The lot in includes stamps mounted in a 3-ring Minkus album, on individual sales cards, on stock sheets, in envelopes and loose. Noted some better material in the mix from all areas and eras, including regular and back of the book items, blocks, booklets, postal cards and more. Expect some faults in a lot of this type but a careful sort will prove profitable for the collector up to the sorting challenge. Of interest (shown in image 13,18,19) are pages of modern replica / forged stamps of Canada / Newfoundland (including $ value Jubilees). Estimate = $250.00 $270.00
113 Canada - Collection in Three Unity Albums. Mint and used 1870s to 2004 period Canada collection housed in a trio of Unity brand albums, consisting of many hundreds of different stamps and souvenir sheets. Sparsely populated and in very mixed condition in the earlies, with more completion and higher quality as it gets into the more recent material. There's probably around $50.00 in useable postage in the lot as some items that are particularly hard to find in used condition have been collected in mint condition. This collection will prove useful to the collector needing the more modern material in decent used condition. Estimate = $200.00 $80.00
114 Canada - Massive used stock filling a U-Haul moving box, consisting of a small box full of thousands of stamps sorted in envelopes, stockpages and stockbooks filled including blocks and Back of the Book, one 16 double-side page stockbook stuffed with approximately 2,800 copies of #135 and 2 chocolate boxes of bundleware. A perfect lot if you are searching for cancels or some of the harder to find modern blocks. Estimate = $350.00 $120.00
115 Canada - Mint collection mounted on pages in 2 Uni-Safe binder albums with slipcases, 1937 to 1985 issues. All checked were MNH and the collection has been conservatively valued for the usable postage. Face value = $220.63 $120.00
116 Canada - Modern group of 83 different COVID period used plus 2 used COVID period souvenir sheets, from March 2020 to recent 2022. Includes the famous "Thanks Merci!" flying postal truck, which had a very limited printing available only to postal workers. And, as a bonus the 'Sweet Treats' 2019 set issue used, and the 2020 'From Far and Wide' high value definitives used, with the $1.94 and $2.71 each in two different colour shades! These latest issues are so hard to find used. Estimate = $150.00 $44.00
117 Canada - Precancel Selection. Lightly duplicated group of 64 early precancelled stamps, ranging from bar/roller types on Small Queens up through various town/city types on Edwards, GeoV Admirals, Scrolls and Medallions. While there will be the odd fault or two in the group, there are a good number of scarcer types in the mix. The bar/roller types catalogue over $200.00 and the town/city types catalogue over $500.00. Unchecked for varieties. All neatly laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. Estimate = $200.00 $55.00
118 Canada - Presentation Book Darnell #SP16. The 1951 CAPEX Official Prestige Presentation Book, issued by Canada Post, with blue leatherette cover, embossed gold crest and text. Contains a VF MNH set of blocks of #311-314, the Canadian Stamp Centenary issue. Very limited issue and a key addition to any Souvenir Book collection. Only listed (and in our opinion severely underpriced) in the 2005 Darnell catalogue. Undervalued 2005 Darnell catalogue = $125.00 $100.00
119 Canada - Remarkable balance of consignment including a pair of collections in 2 albums, one mostly mint from the 1897 Jubilee issue to around 1972 and the other used from 2001 to 2005 and with several Migratory Game Bird Hunting stamps on license. Also includes an UL plate #2 block of 20 of the 5c violet McGee 1927 issue #146 with thin fault at position 15 (18 stamps NH), a page of plate blocks of #204 with faults, and quadrille pages of semi-officials and Queen Victoria issues with straight edges. Estimate = $300.00 $140.00
120 Canada - Supplies. A somewhat sparsely populated SET of SIX Scott Specialty albums (with matching slipcases) for Canada 1851-2019. Although there are several hundred stamps hinged throughout, the real draw to this lot is the reasonably used set of albums, which would retail for over $800 alone! These attractive green Scott International albums have been a staple of collectors around the globe for decades. The pages appear to be complete, but we have not fully checked the run (although blank Scott pages can be easily ordered to add where you like). Some of the pages need tidying up, but with a bit of work (note the pages in the later albums are out of order), these albums will be ready to handsomely display your Canadian collection. Estimate = $350.00 $95.00
121 Canada and Newfoundland - Collection in Two Volumes. Mint Hinged and used 1870 to 1952 period (plus smatterings of more recent) collections of Canada and Newfoundland, all mounted on old-time "Jarret" album pages. The Canadian portion of the lot includes a nearly complete basic set of used Small Queens, nearly complete used Tercentenaries, Edwards and Admirals, a nice used Bluenose and then mixed mint and used (sometimes both) up to the end of GeoVI period material. The "Back of the Book" section includes Airmails, Special Deliveries, Postage Dues and more. The Newfoundland section, while sparse, will still contain a few useful issues. Expect some faults in an old and original group like this. The estimate has taken the overall condition into account. Estimate = $250.00 $28.00
122 Canada and Provinces - VF condition green Scott National 2-post album containing a mint and used collection with a decent degree of completion from the Small Queens to King Edward VII, good degree during the reign of KGV including mint Admirals up to the $1 orange and the 50c Bluenose, and a very high degree from 1937 to 1990. Virtually all mint from the era of King George VI on, the modern with a usable face value of over $165. Also includes a good section of Back of the Book with nearly complete Postage Dues, a reasonable selection of Newfoundland and Provinces as well. Estimate = $350.00 $110.00
123 Canada Cancels - A small box filled with a "THREE PART" cancel on stamp / piece accumulation. The first portion consists of bundle of pages featuring an organized collection of hundreds of Manitoba postmarks (QEII) arranged alphabetically on home-made pages. The second portion is a group of glassines filled with postmarks sorted by province for BC / AB / SASK / MB. The third and last portion is section of pages featuring a couple hundred Prince Edward Island (QV to QEII) and Newfoundland (post-confederation) cancels, neatly identified on cards. A good sort for the postmark enthusiast. Estimate = $120.00 $22.00
124 Canada Cancels - British Columbia "Coastal & Islands" selection of postmarks. A neatly organized selection of 125 cancels on stamp or piece, neatly arranged by Post Office in mounts on large index cards. Many good cancels in here, often with more than one cancellation type shown for each. Some of the towns included are Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Port Mellon (including the 1st and 2nd openings, both RF E), New Brighton, Keats Island, Billings Bay, Philips Arm, Eddontenajon, Beaver Point, Lower Post, Thompson Sound, Roy, Jackson Bay, Cracroft, Bull Harbour, James Island, Musgrave and Seymour Heights. Of particular note is the invaluable notes on the back of each card, noting the collectors observation of early and late dates for each postmark (from the collection of noted BC postal historian Andrew Scott). Estimate = $140.00 $130.00
125 Canada Cancels - Collection of well over a thousand stamps with Saskatchewan cancels, most SON and all readable towns. Arranged alphabetically in a Uni-Safe 32 double-side page stockbook. Mostly stamps from the 1920s to 1960s, an immensely useful addition to your Prairie provinces collection. Estimate = $140.00 $85.00
126 Canada Cancels - Manitoba Postal History. A HOARD of Manitoba postmarks on Victorian issue stamps. A total of 316 stamps from 67 different cities / towns arranged on previous owner’s album pages. Some nice cancels in here, with many being SON (socked-on-the-nose) and having easily readable dates. A nice chance for the postmark or "calendar" collector to pick up so many at one time. Estimate = $120.00 $12.00
127 Canada Cancels - Manitoba Postal History. Cancels on stamps / piece selection of 133 CLOSED POST OFFICE cancels, QV to QEII with many better "D" and "E"rated cancels. Some of the offices of note are Ranchvale, Glenhope, Windygates (x2, both Victorian), The Narrows, Pulp River, Mink Creek, Union Point, Valpoy and Mezieres. Lots of nice material here for the postmark hound. Estimate = $140.00 $22.00
128 Canada Cancels - Used collection of over 1,500 stamps, all with CDS and SON cancels from across Canada. Mostly War issue and Centennial definitives, with a smattering of Queen Victoria, King Edward and a few modern. Owner notes a dealer's estimate retail value of $420.00. Estimate = $140.00 $12.00
129 Canada Covers #90a. Edward imperforate issue, usage on covers. An attractive cover duo, each featuring usage of the imperforate Edward VII issue. The first cover, franked with an irregular block of 5 pays the correct 10c registration rate from Montreal AP.24.1911 to Germany. The second cover, a dazzling LR corner block in combination with GeoV Admiral issues pays the correct 15c double weight registered rate from Halifax NS Sept 9.1913 to Kobe, Japan. Exotic usages of this issue are rarely seen, both of these being exhibition quality. Estimate = $220.00 $42.00
130 Canada Covers #C3. A tidy group of 18 examples of the C3 First Day Cover, posted from 18 different cities across the country with all addressed to The "Ecola Stamp Company" of Sandford, Florida. Finding these "different cities" groupings of the C3 FDC can be surprising tough to find addressed to a common addressee as many of these sets were broken apart of the past 90 years! 2023 Unitrade = $450.00 $12.00
131 Canada Covers #CL6, CL7. Jack V. Elliot Air Service. An attractive pair of 1926 flown Jack Elliot semi-official airmail covers, franked with examples CL6 and CL7 respectively. Both covers were carried on the Elliot offered Northern Ontario airmail service between Red Lake and Rolling Portage. 2023 Unitrade = $235.00 $80.00
132 Canada Covers #CL13, CL43. Patricia Airways and Exploration Co Ltd and Patricia Airways Ltd Airmail Service. A pair of semi-official covers, flown on the 1926 / 1928 Northern Ontario airmail service offered between Sioux Lookout and Red Lake. While similar in design types, the later "Patricia Airways Ltd" was not connected to the "Patricia Airways and Exploration" company. An interesting duo. 2023 Unitrade = $275.00 $85.00
133 Canada Covers #CL41. Western Canada Airways Air Service. An attractive and seldom offered example of the CL41 semi-official airmail stamp, used on the Western Canada Airways "Jubilee" first flight cover from Gold Pines, ONT July 1st 1927 to Rolling Portage ONT en-route to Winnipeg. An interesting usage, which fringes on a few different collecting areas such as Confederation (July 1 use), postal stationery (uprated stationery envelope) and illustrated cancels (iconic Maple Leaf postmark for the Jubilee Airmail flight). 2023 Unitrade = $375.00 $75.00
134 Canada Covers #CL42. Yukon Airways & Exploration Company Ltd Air Service. A trio of covers, being all different first flight legs of the 1928 airmail service offered in Northern BC / Yukon. The flights represented are Atlin to Carcross, Whitehorse to Atlin and Carcross to Atlin and each bears an example of the CL42 semi-official airmail stamp. Note, the Whitehorse to Atlin flight also features the Pilot (T.G. Stephens) signature. 2023 Unitrade = $195.00 $48.00
135 Canada Covers #CL46. Cherry Red Airline Ltd Airmail Service. An enticing lot of 10 covers, each franked with the semi-official airmail stamp CL46 and flown on runs by the company during the 1929-1931 seasons in Northern Saskatchewan. Note, one of the covers with a pair of CL46 stamps feature the "Snow on Wings" (CL46i) variety. A nice group, not often offered in quantities. 2023 Unitrade = $375.00 $75.00
136 Canada Covers #CL47, CL48, CL50. Commercial Airways Air Service. A trio of covers 1929-1931 each franked with a different Commercial Airways semi-official airmail stamp. The group of northern Alberta covers were each carried on a First Flight from Fort McMurray to Athabasca 1931, Edmonton to Fort McMurray 1930 and Edmonton to Grande Prairie 1929. 2023 Unitrade = $280.00 $48.00
137 Canada Covers #CL51 (2), CL52. Canadian Airways Ltd Air Service. A trio of covers, mailed on first flights in Northern Alberta (Edmonton / Fort McMurray) offered by Canadian Airways Ltd in 1932 / 1933 / 1934. Two of the examples (the 1932/1933 return flight of Edmonton / Fort McMurray) are franked with the CL51, while the 1934 cover from Fort McMurray to Edmonton is franked with the surcharged "10 Cents" CL52 stamp. A nice clean trio. 2023 Unitrade = $240.00 $32.00
138 Canada Covers - A group of 25 Peruvian WWII 1942-1945 censor covers, all sent by registered airmail to Calgary, Alberta. This interesting original find features an interesting glimpse of mail at the time between South America and Canada during the second world war. A small study or single frame exhibit could be made with this material alone. All appear to be sent from a family member working in the Oil Industry in Peru, back home to Canada. All covers feature CANADIAN censor tape, with a nice variety of different censor numbers. Estimate = $130.00 $12.00
139 Canada Covers - Alaska Highway Postcard Collection. A seldom offered selection of 50 postcards relating to the construction and route of the Alaska Highway, neatly arranged within a Unisafe brand padded postcard album. This 2700km long highway, constructed during WWII to connect the contiguous United States to Alaska through Canada. These postcards would have taken years to put together, as they are seldom offered in any quantity. Estimate = $140.00 $120.00
140 Canada Covers - British Columbia / Kootenays Postal History. Sheep Creek BC. A duo of items, neatly mounted on an album page featuring a cover and postcard. The cover, sent registered and posted from Salmo in 1911 (Sheep Creek Hotel CC) to Stockholm, Sweden at the correct 10c registered rate (5c postage PLUS 5c registration). The postcard, an early RPPC (real photo postcard) shows the Queen Mine at Sheet Creek. An interesting and historical pair from this ever-popular area of the province. Ex. Tracy Cooper collection, mounted on his original album page. Estimate = $160.00 $12.00
141 Canada Covers - British Columbia Coastal Steamships. A partial research archive, compiled by BC postal history pioneer Bill Topping on steamships owned by Mackenzie Bros, Grand Trunk Pacific Coast Steamship Co and CNR Steamships. A few dozen extensively researched pages, sprinkled with 6 postcards, 3 cancels on piece and 10 covers (along with some photographs and other relevant material). A nice lot for someone looking to continue on with the research into this fascinating area. Estimate = $120.00 $55.00
142 Canada Covers - British Columbia MPO Military Post Office / NPO Navy Post Office / FPO Field Post Office WWII cancels. A neatly mounted collection PLUS loose material consisting of 21 covers and 56 cancels on stamp / piece (many blocks or multiples). Lots of nice strikes in here, including large CDS cancels for the Prince Rupert, Prince George and Terrace MPO. Of particular note, is a cancel on piece of the seldom seen FPO 1126 (Williams Lake, Field Post Office).The mounted material is on "Walter Purkis" quadrille pages (interesting to an extent in themselves, as Purkis was a prolific creator of WWII Patriotic covers, but we never knew he made philatelic supplies!). Estimate = $120.00 $10.00
143 Canada Covers - British Columbia Postal History. Edward Registered mail to Europe. A trio of covers, from Revelstoke BC (1907 / 1911) registered to Sweden and Hillcrest BC 1911 registered to Naples Italy. Each cover boasts an attractive use, correctly paid at the 10c UPU rate (5c postage PLUS 5c registration). Registered mail to foreign destinations during the Edward period is scarce, especially from Western Canada. Ex. Tracy Cooper collection, mounted on original album pages. Estimate = $220.00 $12.00
144 Canada Covers - British Columbia Postal History. Specialized "modern" collection of North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Richmond BC postmarks from the collection of renowned BC postal historian Andrew Scott. A stunning study, neatly arranged in an over-size shoe box with hundreds of modern Vancouver POCON / RC (Retail Centre) and other misc postmarks from the past 20 years. This selection of covers represents the cream-of-the-crop of each postmark as collected from a major BC mailroom by the collector with the duplicates being sold off through various auctions over the years. See the previous lot for more from this specialized holding. These postmark lots would be near impossible to recreate. Estimate = $150.00 $12.00
145 Canada Covers - British Columbia Postal History. Specialized "modern" collection of Vancouver postmarks from the collection of renowned BC postal historian Andrew Scott. A stunning study, neatly arranged in an over-size shoe box with hundreds of modern Vancouver POCON / RC (Retail Centre) and other misc postmarks from the past 20 years. This selection of covers represents the cream-of-the-crop of each postmark as collected from a major BC mailroom by the collector with the duplicates being sold off through various auctions over the years. See subsequent lot for the next offering from this specialized holding. Estimate = $150.00 $12.00
146 Canada Covers - British Columbia Postal History. Vancouver BC, a duo album pages featuring two Edward registered covers and two early RPPC (real photo postcards). Of particular note, is a 9c registered rate cover sent to Australia in 1905, correctly paid at double empire rate (4c) plus registration (5c). The second 1907 registered cover is an unusual 7c+1c making up the 8c registered rate to USA. The postcards, show stoppers in themselves, feature views of Granville Street looking north and The Granville Bridge (from Fairview). An attractive grouping. Ex. Tracy Cooper collection, mounted on original album pages. Estimate = $220.00 $12.00
147 Canada Covers - British Columbia. The Post Offices and Postal History of the Sunshine Coast. A choice mini-collection of six covers and postcards, mounted on three album pages, all from the Sunshine Coast region of BC. The first page features TWO covers from Hopkins Landing (1922 / 1947) with the earlier example being an a stunning Admiral usage to Ponta Delgada AZORES. The second page shows both a postmark (split ring) and RPPC (real photo postcard) from Irvine's Landing. The third page features a 1950 registered cover from Sechelt, plus a RPPC of the Hotel (used 1931). In addition to the covers / postcards comes the title page of the exhibit these came from (by renowned BC postal historian Andrew Scott), plus two invaluable maps, showing the post office locations and periods open for the post offices of the Sunshine Coast. Estimate = $140.00 $38.00
148 Canada Covers - Collection of RPO cancels on 20 covers/postcards and over 1,400 stamps all meticulously sorted and identified in envelopes. A reasonable quantity to make a welcome addition to an existing collection or to start fresh! Estimate = $140.00 $22.00
149 Canada Covers - First Flight Covers (FFC). An accumulation of 175 covers, in a small box (with a few US flights too, often to Canada. A nice glimpse into the hey-day Canadian airmail during the late 1920's to the 1940's including some better usages such as uprated stationery, booklet stamps, coil strips and some interesting airmail etiquettes (labels). Note, a portion of these covers have staple holes on the left side, likely from being mounted in some aviation-dreaming young collector's scrapbook. Estimate = $130.00 $70.00
150 Canada Covers - Manitoba Postal History. A choice group of 8 different "RF E" closed post office cancels. A cream of the crop offering which features Mona (1912), Cromer Station (x2 1911,1912), Coultervale (1903), Midway (1897), Kildonan West (1914), Inkster (1907), Sheppardville (4x cancels on stamps and an 1884 postcard written at Sheppardville, but posted at Brandon) and Bernice (1911). All are neatly laid-out on the previous owner’s album pages. Estimate = $180.00 $20.00
151 Canada Covers - Manitoba Postal History. A neatly arranged and mounted collection of 22 covers or cards and several pieces, all posted from CLOSED POST OFFICES of Manitoba. Offices of note are Burnbank, Butler Station, Marney, Moline, Pomeroy, Silver Plains, Rabbit Point, Vivian Station, Wisla and Zelena. Several registered covers noted, with the quality of strikes being generally above average. A nice showing from this province, which is seldom offered in postal history offerings. Estimate = $180.00 $20.00
152 Canada Covers - Manitoba Postal History. A varied offering of 29 post office cancels on cover / postcard (mainly spilt rings), plus 9 cancels on stamp or piece. Nice strikes throughout this lot with many of these offices now closed, being offered as received on the original pages of the previous owner. Some of the cancels of note are Bannerman, High Bluff (Victorian), Holmfield (Map Stamp), Kawende, Matheson Island, Brandon (1882), Mayfield Station and Meadowvale. Estimate = $130.00 $20.00
153 Canada Covers - Manitoba Postal History. An interesting group of "Criddle Family Correspondence" being mail to the well-known family of the Aweme / Treesbank area. A total of 10 covers and postcards, almost all Victorian era alongside the previous owner’s accumulated printed research. Of particular note, is a used example (with faults) of postal stationery EN5a (Webb), the Victorian issue stationery cover with a rounded backflap (Webb Catalogue $650 alone) and some nice strikes of Two Rivers, Aweme and Tressesbank. A nice lot for the Manitoba Postal Historian! Estimate = $200.00 $22.00
154 Canada Covers - New Brunswick Postal History. A collection of New Brunswick town postmarks on stamps / pieces / postcards and covers, from QV to modern, arranged by the collector on home-made pages within a binder. A nice variety of postmarks noted, such as split rings, CDS, machine cancels and more. A nice lot, offered as received and sure to please the postmark hound. Estimate = $120.00 $200.00
155 Canada Covers - Ocean Falls, British Columbia. A mini-collection of 36, mainly RPPC (real photo postcards) arranged in a padded Uni-Safe brand postcard album. These seemingly all-different cards give a great glimpse into the period 80+ years ago when the pulp-mill, sawmill and dam were in full swing, making for a flourishing community. It would take a bit of work to put these cards together, gathered over many years by the previous owner. Estimate = $140.00 $55.00
156 Canada Covers - OHMS Perfin / Official Mail 1940's correspondence. An original find of 77 covers, dating from 1940-1947 addressed to Dr. J.A. Pearce c/o The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory at Victoria BC. The vast majority of these covers are franked with either the War Issue or Peace Issue airmail stamps, but also a few others including GeoVI Mufti. A nice original group to study, preserved likely by the fact that Dr. Pearce was one of the founding members of the Vancouver Island Philatelic Society and a prominent philatelist in Victoria. Estimate = $140.00 $10.00
157 Canada Covers - Postal Stationery ERRORS. A duo of envelopes, the first being EN116 George VI 4c issue and the second being EN161 QEII Cameo issue. Both envelopes show a DOUBLE PRINT error, both in clear and dramatic fashion and of note, the QEII Cameo example also shows doubling of the "Pull Open For Postal Inspection / Tirer Pour Inspection Postale" on the back on the envelope. Although both unused, both have some "bumping" along the edges, likely from travelling around from collection to collection over the past 60+ years! A seldom seen duo. Estimate = $120.00 $22.00
158 Canada Covers - Postal Stationery. Queen Victoria / Edward / GeoV selection of 17 CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) illustrated stationery postcards. Although duplicated, this selection represents a nice span of usage and with a variety of different back-printings. All are used, with a couple better cancels noted (Elphinstone MB 1902, Montreal 1902 Experimental "Geary" machine). Unchecked by us for stationery types, so have your WEBB Stationery Catalogue handy when sorting out these ones! Estimate = $180.00 $120.00
159 Canada Covers - Two volume Military Mail collection containing over 100 cover and 140 stamps, all identified and in alphabetical order. Volume 1 focuses on WWII with M.P.O.'s, N.P.O.'s, Alaska and stamps of Newfoundland, while Volume 2 covers later decades and includes Europe, Japan and UN Emergency Force. Previous owner's retail price = $554.00 $80.00
160 Canada Covers - Usefully duplicated collection of Canada Post Official First Day Covers from 1975, 1999 and 2015-2020 in 3 albums, 261 FDCs in matched sets of plate blocks or quadruplicated souvenir sheets. Housed on protected pages, in a Uni-Safe FDC album and on 22 Vario pages in a Uni-Safe 3 ring album with slipcase. Valued conservatively by the face value of the stamps only with a huge upside if using Unitrade. Face value = $561.77 $80.00
161 Canada Covers - Usefully duplicated collection of Canada Post Official First Day Covers from 2008 and 2012-2013, a total of 179 FDCs in a Uni-Safe FDC album and 19 Vario pages in a Uni-Safe 3 ring album with slipcase. Consists of matched sets of plate blocks and souvenir sheets in quadruplicate. Valued conservatively by the face value of the stamps only with a huge upside if using Unitrade. Face value = $500.68 $80.00
162 Canada Covers - Victoria BC, a small collection of early RPPC (Real Photo Postcards). A visually stunning group of 10 premium views from the Victoria area. Including several different views of Gorge Park showing Regattas, Fairs and "Boating" in the waterway. Also included are postcards showing the Parliament Buildings, Beacon Hill Park bridge and the Parliament Assembly Hall (this one by the famous BC photographer Philip Timms). An attractive glimpse into Victoria from over 100 years ago, through premium postcards. Estimate = $130.00 $12.00
163 Canada Covers - Victoria, British Columbia Postcard Collection. A philatelic time-machine back to a Victoria BC of one-hundred years ago, neatly presented in a postcard album. A total of 108 postcards, almost all being from the pre-1920 period including RPPC (real photo postcards). An array of views including street scenes, harbour, ships, churches, hospitals, hotels, schools, stores, residences and prominent buildings. Have fun scrolling though the pictures on this one. Estimate = $180.00 $130.00
164 Canada Covers - Voluminous collection of 193 Military First Day RCAF covers on Forces Air Letter postal stationery, many with beaver pictorial cachet. Neatly housed in plate block pages with a few pages holding covers with corner mounts. Estimate = $160.00 $12.00
165 Canada Revenues #BCL23 (x 22), BCL23d (x 3). VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the 25c green from the 1912-1926 fifth series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. Three of the stamps (plate positions #1, #4 & #7) have Van Dam listed plate scratches (#BCL23d). Catalogued as 22 regular mint NH singles and the 3 varieties. 2022 Van Dam = $138.75 $32.00
166 Canada Revenues #BCL38. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the 30c orange from the 1942-1948 eighth series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. 2022 Van Dam = $375.00 $46.00
167 Canada Revenues #BCL51. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the 10c grey from the 1958-1970 eleventh series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. 2022 Van Dam = $234.38 $40.00
168 Canada Revenues #BCL52. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the 50c olive brown from the 1958-1970 eleventh series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp, DAVAC gum. 2022 Van Dam = $234.38 $40.00
169 Canada Revenues #BCL55. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the $3.00 orange from the 1958-1970 eleventh series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. 2022 Van Dam = $468.75 $80.00
170 Canada Revenues #BCL57 (x 24), BCL57a. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the $10.00 light red from the 1958-1970 eleventh series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. Catalogued as 24 mint NH regular singles and one "flaw above C of COLUMBIA" (#BCL57a, plate position #16) variety. A great revenue showpiece. 2022 Van Dam = $1,625.00 $130.00
171 Canada Revenues #BCL58 (x 24), BCL58a. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the $20.00 blue high value from the 1958-1970 eleventh series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. Catalogued as 24 mint NH regular singles and one "horizontal bar joining 2 and 0 at right" (#BCL58a, plate position #3) variety. A great revenue showpiece. 2022 Van Dam = $2,275.00 $150.00
172 Canada Revenues #BCL60. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the $2.00 magenta from the 1958-1970 twelfth series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. 2022 Van Dam = $218.75 $46.00
173 Canada Revenues #BCL61. The $5 BC Law, red brown rouletted with partial SALMON arm BC oval registry cancel, perhaps this small court is the reason for why this stamp is the highest valued modern BC Law stamp. 2022 VanDam = $250.00 $32.00
174 Canada Revenues #BCL63. VF MNH complete pane of 25 of the very rare rouletted $1.00 blue with pale red underprint from the 1981 thirteenth series "Standing Justice" provincial law stamp. 2022 Van Dam = $7,812.50 $160.00
175 Canada Revenues #FB37/FB51. Mint stock of second-quality 1868 Third Bill issue Federal revenues from a retired dealer, apparently all NH but with no premiums added as most have faults from minor to major including creases and pulled perfs. Not checked for any paper types or perf varieties, some of which carry a substantial premium now that they are listed in the van Dam catalogue. A total of 367 stamps including marginal markings. Note that the catalogue value is for sound stamps, of which there are few here. 2022 van Dam = $1,859.00 $46.00
176 Canada Revenues - FG, FWM, FEG Sampler. All sound and used or mint NH lightly duplicated selection of Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian period Federal Gas Inspection, Electricity & Gas Inspection and Federal Weights and Measures revenue stamps, all laid out on two black stock pages. 2022 Van Dam = $344.45 $12.00
177 Canadian Provinces - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Mint Sampler. All mint selection of 17 different 1860 to 1872 period issues, all laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. The lot consists of NB #1-3; NS #8-9, 11-13; and PEI #4-7, 9-11, 14, 15. A good start to the pre-Confederation issues from this trio of Canadian Maritime Provinces in mint condition! 2023 Scott US$509.50= $687.83 $70.00
178 Canadian Provinces - Nova Scotia #8-9, 11-13; Prince Edward Island #11-15. Sound, fresh and ALL NEVER HINGED selection of 11 different 1860-1872 period decimal currency pre-Confederation issues. A difficult group to assemble and a very pretty group. 2023 Scott Classic US$298.50= $402.98 $32.00
179 Canadian Provinces - British Columbia #3. Roughly cut used example of the 1865 issue 5c rose "Victoria". While this stamp exists in both imperforate and perforated states (with the perforated type being much cheaper), the margin at left plus the margins at top and bottom offer a plausible argument for this being the scarcer imperf type (a #3 catalogues for US$11,000.00 in Scott) rather than a trimmed #5. Are you willing to roll the dice? Estimate = $325.00 $46.00
180 Canadian Provinces - British Columbia #7. Mint no gum example of the 1865 issue 3p blue "Seal of BC", perf 14 x 14. Fresh deep colour. 2023 Scott US$250.00= $337.50 $55.00
181 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #11A/171, C7/C16. All mint H/HR/no gum selection of 34 different to 1860 to 1933 period stamps, including #28a, 113, 114, 144, 171, etc. A bit of everything here. 2022 Scott US$1,252.50= $1,690.88 $42.00
182 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #24/59. All used selection of 27 different (including shades) 1865 to 1896 period issues, all laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. The lot consists of #24, 26, 27, 28, 30-34, 37-44, 46, 49, 51-54 and 59.. Expect a fault or two in the lot. A good start to the 19th century issues in used condition from this popular and storied Canadian Province! 2023 Scott US$1,345.00= $1,815.75 $75.00
183 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #27/225, C14. All used, generally sound and F/VF group of 67 lightly duplicated 1865 to 1933 period issues, including lots of useful material. 2022 Scott US$735.80= $993.33 $32.00
184 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #28 VARIETY. VF mint no gum example of the 1870 issue 12c pale yellow brown Victoria with full "American Bank Note co. New York" inscription in the left-hand margin. The Walsh/Butt Newfoundland Specialized catalogue lists this variety as #29j. An eye-catching Newfoundland "First Cents" variety. 7th Edition Walsh/Butt US$250.00= $337.50 $60.00
185 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #28/130. All mint selection of 23 different 1860s to 1920s period issues, all laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. Most OG Hinged (a couple of no gum). Noted some useful VF stamps in the mix. Owner's 2022 Scott US$1,108.70= $1,496.75 $70.00
186 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #28/59. All mint OG/no gum selection of 13 different 1865 to 1896 period issues, all laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. The lot consists of #28, 32, 32A, 35, 36, 41, 43, 46, 48, 56-59. Expect a small fault or two in the lot. A good start to the19th century issues in mint condition from this oldest British Colony and newest Canadian Province! 2023 Scott US$1,001.50= $1,352.02 $17.00
187 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #44/229 Plus Back of the Book. All mint H/NH selection of 33 different (for catalogue number and shades) 1880s to 1940s period issues, all laid out on one Hagner brand stock sheet. The top three rows are all NH, the bottom two rows are OG Hinged or no gum. Noted some nice VF stamps in both the Hinged and NH material. Owner's 2022 Scott US$1,146.50= $1,547.78 $80.00
188 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #78-85, 86 Plus Shade. All F/VF mint Hinged 1897-1901 Royal Family set plus the 1908 issue 2c rose carmine Map. The Royal Family set includes and extra shade of #80 and a block of four of #78. 2023 Scott US$239.00= $322.65 $22.00
189 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #78-85, 86 Plus Shade. All F/VF mint OG Hinged/no gum (#81, 85) 1897-1901 Royal Family set plus the 1908 issue 2c rose carmine Map. The Royal Family set includes and extra shade of #80. 2023 Scott US$222.00= $299.70 $10.00
190 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #104-114. F/VF mint Hinged 1911 Royal Family set of 11. A great early Royalty topical set with three different Kings or future Kings of England depicted, as well as a Governor General of Canada. A bit of gum soak on the 15c value noted for the record. 2023 Scott US$368.25= $497.14 $24.00
191 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #115-126. F/VF mint H complete set of twelve of the "Trail of the Caribou" WWI memorial issue of 1919. A great WWI thematic series. 2023 Scott US$293.25= $395.89 $24.00
192 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #131-144, 145-159. Fresh and F/VF mint H/NH complete 1923-1924 Pictorial set of 14 plus the 1928 issue "original" (unre-engraved Publicity set of 15. Both sets valued as Hinged. 2023 Scott US$327.20= $441.72 $24.00
193 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland #212-225, 212a, 217b, 221b, 223b, 224b, 225a. F/VF mint LH/NH complete 1933 issue Sir Humphrey Gilbert set of 14 plus extras. Includes all the basic stamps that are perf 13½ x 13½ plus all the additional values (7c, 9c, 14c, 20c, 24c and 32c) that come in perf 14 x 14. Some very nice VF stamps in this group. All valued as mint Hinged. 2023 Scott Classic US$338.60= $457.11 $55.00
194 Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland - Cover HOARD. Approximately 500 covers, neatly arranged in an envelope box, almost all from the 1940's and addressed to the Newfoundland Butter Company in St.Johns. The covers have been arranged by slogan types / town postmarks / and "Late Fee" (6c). A good chance to get an original hoard of covers, with postmark and corner card interest throughout. Estimate = $300.00 $24.00
195 Ceylon and Sri Lanka - An attractive collection of Ceylon (1857-1972) and then Sri Lanka (1972-2013) including back-of-the -book issues. A mixed mint and used collection neatly arranged in TWO Scott International green albums (new style, 3-ring holed) with slipcases (retail over $300 alone). A good showing for the British Empire (Ceylon) portion, including several of the better early issues, but the strength lies within the Sri Lanka portion, which is about 80% complete for the period. An excellent collection to be built upon, house in two high-end albums. Estimate = $300.00 $42.00
196 Chile #5, 8, 11. Sound trio of early "Columbus" imperfs, consisting of the 1854 issue Santiago print 10c deep blue (wmk "e") used, the 1855 issue London print 5c brown red on blued paper (wmk "c") used, and the 1862 issue London print 1c lemon yellow (wmk "a") mint. We don't often see early Chile on our bidboard. 2022 Scott Classic US$358.50= $483.98 $10.00
197 Chile - A duplicated collector's stock of Mint and Used stamps, neatly arranged on stockpages within a binder. The stamps have been laid out in Scott numbering order, with some better noted. Although we are not certain of the year of the Scott catalogue used, it is certainly over 10 years old! Owner's older Scott US$1279.00 = $1,726.65 $12.00
198 China - PRC #538/935. Used or CTO collection of 1960 to 1967 issues in sets and part sets. An attractive lot, virtually all fresh with only a couple minor faults such as the adhesion/tear at lower right on #622. 2021 Scott US$523.35 = $706.52 $16.00
199 China - PRC #569-573. Mint set of 5 of the 1961 "Buildings" issue for the 40th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, with light general gum disturbances and a small area of light adhesion at lower right of the 4f value. 2021 Scott US$692.50 = $934.88 $16.00
200 China - PRC #586/803. VF MH 1961 to 1964 issue sets and part sets, fresh with hinge marks on the gum sides otherwise fault-free. 2021 Scott US$588.50 = $794.48 $16.00
201 China - PRC #804-805, 818-820, 828-832. VF MNH trio of 1964-1964 issue sets, spots of gum disturbance on #820, otherwise fresh and fault-free. 2021 Scott US$447.50 = $604.13 $16.00
202 China - PRC #842-849. VF MNH 1965 issue People's Liberation Army set of 8. A choice condition ideological set issued just prior to the Cultural Revolution. 2021 Scott US$360.00 = $486.00 $16.00
203 China - PRC #938-948, 949, 950, 952, 953, 954, 956, 965-966. VF quality CTO selection of 19 different 1967 issue Chairman Mao Cultural Revolution propaganda commemorative stamps including the famous "Thoughts of Mao" set of 11, six values (including the key #954 and #956) from the "Great Teacher" set and the complete "18th Anniversary" set of 2. Some minor tarnishing noted on the "Thoughts" set (as usual). All housed in a red silk covered presentation folder. 2023 Scott US$1,350.70= $1,823.45 $16.00
204 China - PRC #957-959. VF used (CTO) complete set of three 1967 issue 25th Anniversary of Mao Tse-tung's "Talks on Literature and Art". A superior quality and rare set from the heart of the Cultural Revolution. 2023 Scott US$455.00= $614.25 $130.00
205 China - PRC #969, 970, 975, 979, 980, 981. All mint NH selection of 5 different values from the 1967-1968 "Mao's Poems" series plus the "Lin Piao's Epigram on Mao Tse-Tung" single. Expect the usual minor bend or scuff on the gum, endemic to the issues of this period. 2023 Scott US$1,162.50= $1,569.38 $170.00
206 China - PRC #1586 First Day Cover. VF+ example of the rare and extremely popular 1980 issue "Year of the Monkey" Lunar New Year stamp on an unaddressed, cacheted, premium "red cancel" First Day Cover. Perfect condition, no toning or faults. The buy price for this key modern cover is very close to the full Scott catalogue value for the mint stamp and the FDC is actually much scarcer! Valued as mint. 2023 Scott US$1,900.00= $2,565.00 $13.00
207 China - PRC #1696/2191. 1981 to 1988 issue VF MNH sets, singles and blocks of 4 plus many S/S and "commemorative sheet" which resemble souvenir sheets but have no postal validity. A few very of the sets are incomplete, though the vast majority are unbroken as these were generally collected as new issues, with accompanying "New Issue Bulletins" from the early 80's. 2021 Scott US$1158.35 = $1,563.77 $13.00
208 China - PRC #2462b/2886. VF MNH collection of sets and souvenir sheets from 1996 to 1998, including S/S originally issued earlier and now overprinted in the margin. Mainly collected as new issue blocks of 4, many of which have been broken into singles and blocks of 3. 2021 Scott US$445.70 = $601.70 $10.00
209 China - PRC - Balance of collection in several parts, starting with a useful mostly used collection in a Scott Specialty album which is remaindered but still has much value including a used #30 and regional issues, Annual Collections for the years 1994, 2002 and 2006-2008 in hardcover books with slip cases, a small stockbook, and several Post Office collections or collector folders. Noted better partial sets from the 1960’s as well as unidentified overprints and surcharges. Estimate = $400.00 $10.00
210 Cuba - Accumulation on album pages, in envelopes and in a retired APS circuit book, consisting of mint and used sets, singles and souvenir sheets with a particular emphasis on airmail issues. Material like this is not easy to come by with the moratorium on all things Cuban on online American platforms. Estimate = $120.00 $22.00
211 Cyprus #168-200. An attractive Mint LH trio of sets, neatly laid out on Stanley Gibbons quadrille album pages. Post Office fresh colour on these ever popular QEII sets, with both the original issued set, plus the "Republic" overprint. 2023 Scott US$261.05 = $352.42 $12.00
212 Denmark #3/48. Mixed condition (expect faults) all used selection of 35 lightly duplicated stamps, 1851 to 1902 period issues. All neatly laid out on one Hagner stock sheet. Owner's total Scott catalogue (including material with faults) is US$1,218.50=$1,644.975 CDN (@1.35). Unchecked for varieties or cancels. Estimate = $150.00 $13.00
213 Denmark - A collector's duplicated Mint and Used stock of several hundred stamps from earlies to the 1980's, neatly arranged on stockpages by Scott number within a binder. The owner's much older (at least 10 years) Scott Catalogue comes in at US$1933.00, but we have estimated this the early stamps are in mixed condition. Estimate = $120.00 $12.00
214 Denmark - Two Album Pages with over 60 different mint and (mostly) used 1850s to 1930s period issues, all still Hinged on the original cut-down album pages. Includes the early imperfs and roulettes, decent regular issues and a good representation of "Back of the Book" material. Any visibly damaged material has not been valued in the total. The consignor has sub-totalled each row of stamps to assist in valuation. Owner's 2022 Scott US$775.55= $1,046.99 $12.00
215 Dominica - Mint and used collection on Steiner pages to 1994, about 80% completion between 1935 and 1984 with some interesting sets and S/S present in later years as well. Much thematic interest throughout. A nice clean collection of this popular country, mostly hinged with some NH. Nearly 800 stamps and 90 souvenir sheets. Estimate = $200.00 $22.00
216 Dominican Republic - A loosely organized and very good start to a collection of this often-maligned Caribbean country with better single items, souvenir sheets, etc. Many Airmail issues from #C1 and a mostly mint collection in a deluxe interleaved vintage album. Estimate = $150.00 $12.00
217 Ecuador - A collector's duplicated Mint and Used duplicated collection, arranged on old album pages and stocksheets within a binder. Several hundred stamps here from early issues to the 1970's, with several better sprinkled throughout. A good opportunity for someone with a good working knowledge of the stamps of Ecuador, as there is potential for some "sleepers" to be found. Although we are not certain of the year of the Scott catalogue used, it is certainly over 10 years old! Owner's older Scott US$790.00 = $1,066.50 $85.00
218 Egypt - A collector's duplicated Mint and Used stock of mostly UAR issues, neatly arranged on stockpages within a binder. A fair showing of issues, including dozens of mint blocks, still in the glassines from when originally purchased. Although we are not certain of the year of the Scott catalogue used, it is certainly over 10 years old! Owner's older Scott US$1080.00 = $1,458.00 $15.00
219 Egypt Postal History - A selection of covers and postcards, offered as received from a local estate. A total of 44 items from the 1890's to 1960's, each individually sleeved (and some priced by dealers when purchased by the original owner). Lots of better items throughout including postal stationery / registered / airmail etc. A nice clean lot. Estimate = $120.00 $13.00
220 El Salvador - Collection of 1867-1963 issues in a Scott Specialty album containing 969 stamps and 3 S/S, plus mint and used extras on album pages, old sales cards and in glassine envelopes. Estimate = $120.00 $13.00
221 Estonia - Uncommon accumulation of mint and used issues of the Republic from 1919-1940, as well as MNH stamps and S/S from the newly independent Republic after the collapse of the Soviet Union from 1991 into the 21st century. The modern material is all in individual glassine envelopes and often difficult to come by. Estimate = $120.00 $19.00
222 Faroe Islands #7/388. A comprehensive mint NH collection 1975-2000 neatly arranged on Linder (oversize) stock-sheets. The collection consists of 152 different blocks (mostly in complete sets), 13 souvenir sheets (6 different) and 32 booklets (20 different). A nice group, only mildly duplicated featuring a nice array of topical issues. 2023 Scott US$1175.55 = $1,586.99 $42.00
223 Faroe Islands #207. Wholesale batch of 144x the 1990 issued souvenir sheets issued for the 50th anniversary of recognition of the Merkid Flag by the British. Each sheet is USED with a clean Torshavn 2002 CDS cancel. Total 2023 Scott US$648.00 = $874.80 $12.00
224 Finland #21/1275, B1/B214, C3/C9, M1-M7, Q6. Thousands of mint and (mostly) used stamps, sorted in glassines with a representative selection laid out on a couple of Hagner stock pages. The two pages incorporate issues from 1876 to 1916 and include #21/81 and B1/B93, with both colour and perf varieties. Of note #22a, 53 and 72a (mint). The #23 (32p) in the top row is mint but damaged upper left. Pages are 2019 Scott US$522.75 (=$705.71 CDN @1.35). Lots of duplication in the glassines. Estimate = $400.00 $15.00
225 France #3, 6, 7 12-15, 16-19, 38. Used selection of 11 different imperf French Classics, beginning with the 1849 Ceres issues, then the 1850s Empire issues, ending with one 1870 Bordeaux issue. Generally sound and F/VF. 2023 Scott US$663.85= $896.30 $46.00
226 France #9. Sound and fresh four margin (close on right) VF used example of the 1849 issue 1fr light carmine Ceres imperf. Valued as the basic #9 but could be the better dark carmine shade (#9c @ US$1,075.00=$1,451.25 CDN). 2023 Scott US$650.00= $877.50 $55.00
227 France #132. Fine / Very Fine Mint Never Hinged example of the 20fr Liberty and Peace issue of 1926. Stunningly rich colour pristine NH gum. 2022 Scott Classic US$500.00 = $680.00 $46.00
228 France #329. The 1937 "PEXIP" souvenir sheet of four, VF used, postmarked in margins with special June 18th 1937 Exhibition hexagonal show cancels. The stamps themselves are still uncancelled (and NH). Valued as the four mint NH stamps only. 2022 Scott US$360.00= $486.00 $40.00
229 France #1429/3299. An enticing group of 88 different mint NH souvenir sheets and miniature sheets, 1975-2007. All are post office fresh and feature a nice variety of topical themes as found on the French commemorative issues. A nice chance to acquire so many different at one time! 2023 Scott US$1028.75 = $1,388.81 $100.00
230 France #2099a/2898, B600a/B705b. A mint NH 1988-2002 collection in a deluxe Unisafe brand padded album (with slipcase), consisting of 707 stamps, 34 souvenir sheets, and 50 booklets. A very nice, near complete run for the time period which is almost all different, with the only duplication being when the stamps where issues in booklets, which the collector shows both the single stamps from the booklet PLUS the complete booklet. Nice clean lots such as this are seldom offered. 2023 Scott US$1992.45 = $2,689.81 $95.00
231 France #2099a/3288a. A fresh intact selection of 44 different booklets issued during 1988 to 2007, being a complete run of the commemorative stamp booklets for that time period. Lots of interesting topical material here as is often found in the French stamps of this period. 2023 Scott US$762.50 = $1,029.28 $12.00
232 France #2939/3299. A more-modern selection of 39 different souvenir and miniature sheets from the 2003-2007 period. All are post office fresh, mint NH. This is much more recent material than is usually seen. 2023 Scott US$476.75 = $643.61 $22.00
233 France - Group of approximately 175 early used Classics filling three stocksheets, with imperforate and perforated Napoleon and Ceres issues, with emphasis on postmarks. We note many with Paris Stars, numbered lozenges and CDS cancels. Many faults, still a useful lot and overall fine. Estimate = $200.00 $14.00
234 France - Valuable group of 41 Classic used imperforate stamps from Maury #1 to 48. Identified by a previous owner as #1, 2, 3 (pair), 9 (x3), 10 (x8), 11 (x7), 12 (x2), 16 (x5), 17 (x6), 17a, 17b, 39 (x3) and 48. Some faults including thins on #2 and #3. Good range of shades and postmarks, overall nice quality. 2019 Maury catalogue €6395 = $9,250.00 $75.00
235 French Colonies - Mint and (mostly) used assemblage of French colonial issues with a focus on Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and St. Pierre & Miquelon which includes a better section of modern used with useful duplication. Take a close look to fully appreciate the scope. Estimate = $150.00 $22.00
236 French Guiana #18/29. Mint hinged group of 11 "GUYANE" diagonal overprinted 1892 issues, all with small handstamps on reverse (including "F.B. Turpin London"). The 5c green without gum also with a misplaced period after E variety. Most with large part original gum, and a few short perfs noted as is common for these 19th century issues. 2021 Scott US$865.00 = $1,167.75 $65.00
237 French Offices in China - Canton #26, 30. Fine used example of the 50c carmine and 5f red lilac 1903-04 overprints, with light corner cancels and clear overprinting. The 50c is the key value and the 5f is the top value to the set. Lot also includes the balance of a collection of French Offices in China, French Indo-China and French India on cards and pages. 2022 Scott US$582.05 = $785.77 $34.00
238 German States Hamburg #1, 3, 4, 6, 14, 20. Close-cut but otherwise sound example of the 1859 issue ½s black imperf "first issue" plus another five used imperforate and perforated "earlies". 2023 Scott US$902.00= $1,217.70 $17.00
239 Germany #2/27. Impressive used collection of 1872-1874 Empire first issues showing the central embossed Eagle motif with small and large shield. Except for the MNH #23 (expertized and stamped "DR. OERTEL" on the gum) every stamp appears to have been selected for above-average centering and an interesting cancel. 2021 Scott US$2949.15 $3,981.35 $40.00
240 Germany #29/585c. Excellent used collection hinged and mounted on Scott album pages, nearly complete for the period with 468 stamps and lacking only a few high values. Contains a section of se-tenant and tete-beche pairs which have been valued by the Michel catalogue, as well as a few pages of interesting oddments at the end which have not been counted including train cancels, plate varieties, covers and more. 2021 Scott US$1830.65 = $2,471.35 $14.00
241 Germany #38/397. Mint collection on Scott album pages for issues of 1880 to 1932, mixed H/NH condition with NH items as early as #45 and noted on pages. A total of 321 stamps, including the "DFUTSCHES" variety #66a in a lower right positional vertical strip of 3. 2021 Scott US$1229.70 = $1,660.05 $15.00
242 Germany #398/664. Mint hinged collection of 1933 to 1949 issues from the dawn of the Third Reich to post-war occupation period, 238 stamps missing only the 40pf Hindenburg #410 to be complete. The 1948-51 "Bautenserie" definitive issue is an exceptional accumulation in fresh NH condition and complete with perf 11 as well as nearly complete with perf 14, and also has the Type II variety on 3 DM high value. 2021 Scott US$1263.45 = $1,705.65 $44.00
243 Germany #B1/B67. Mint hinged or NH sets of 1919 to 1934 semi-postal issues, 65 stamps in total and lacking only the 2 scarce to rare souvenir sheets to be complete for the period. The 1933 Wagner opera set has two stamps perforated 13½ x 14, #B50a and B53a. 2021 Scott US$1073.70 = $1,449.45 $20.00
244 Germany #B1/B67. Used collection of 1919 to 1934 semi-postal issues, nearly all complete sets. The 1933 Wagner opera set has the 20pf + 10pf blue value with perf 13½ x 14 variety (#B55a). 66 stamps on Scott 2-post album pages. 2021 Scott US$1181.85 = $1,595.45 $12.00
245 Germany #B68. VF used example of the famous 1935 issue OSTROPA souvenir sheet of four. Note some minor cracking in the letters and numbers of the watermark that are associated with the effects of the dangerously acidic gum (no gum on the block now). Razor sharp special OSTROPA show cancels (29.6.35). Hard to find nicer but still "handle with care". 2023 Scott US$825.00= $1,113.75 $15.00
246 Germany #B69/B297. Mixed MH/NH (and noted on the pages) collection of 1935 to 1947 issues, 222 stamps and 8 souvenir sheets with a high degree of completion. 2021 Scott US$1636.20 = $2,208.85 $20.00
247 Germany #B69/B308. Carefully curated used collection of 1935 to 1949 issues on Scott album pages, 277 stamps and 6 souvenir sheets. Also includes a 1938 cover addressed to Western Australia with Vienna cancels from after the German annexation of Austria. 2021 Scott US$1189.65 = $1,606.00 $22.00
248 Germany #B292-B293. VF CDS used 1945 issue "Storm Trooper" semi-postal set of two, each stamp tied on piece with proper April 21st 1945 Berlin CDS cancels. The set was only on sale for a few days in Berlin so used examples of these stamps are rare. Numerous CTO and forged sets/covers exist. Sold "as is". 2023 Scott US$1,800.00= $2,430.00 $65.00
249 Germany #B298/B576. Mostly MNH collection of semi-postal issues from 1948 to 1973 on Scott album pages. 222 stamps, 6 souvenir sheets and 1 booklet pane with covers. All in complete sets and virtually complete for the time period. 2021 Scott US$971.05 = $1,310.90 $12.00
250 Germany #B309/B516. Outstanding used collection of 1949 to 1973 Federal Republic issues on Scott album pages, very nearly complete for the period including shades. A total of 225 stamps and 6 souvenir sheets. 2021 Scott US1020.15 = $1,377.20 $12.00
251 Germany #C1/C34. Used collection of 1919 to 1923 airmail issues including a 1923 cover sent to Zurich from Munich, complete for the period and only missing the later 1927 issue 15pf lilac rose German Eagle #C29 (included with another lot in this sale). 2021 Scott US$859.95 = $1,160.90 $11.00
252 Germany #C1/C64, MC1, MQ1-MQ3, O1/O103, P1-P2, S1/S22. Back of the Book collection on 9 Scott album pages, mint hinged and NH including mixed sets such as #C46-C56 where the key top values are NH. The Hindenburg Zeppelin set #C57-C58 retains the dark brown original gum which is notable as many collectors have since removed the gum, which contains sulphuric acid, in an attempt to preserve the paper. 188 stamps nearly all in mounts. 2021 Scott US$1196.55 = $1,615.30 $16.00
253 Germany #C29/C64, MC1, MQ2, OL1-OL20, P1-P2, S1-S22. Lovely used Back of the Book collection including Airmails, Military stamps, local Officials, Newspaper stamps and Franchise issues of 1927 to 1955. A total of 72 stamps on Scott 2-post album pages and including scarcer items such as the "SUDAMERIKA FAHRT" Graf Zeppelin.2021 Scott US$1105.15 = $1,491.95 $12.00
254 Germany #C40-C42. F/VF used set of the "POLAR FAHRT 1931" airmail overprints for the Polar flight of the Graf Zeppelin. A rare set in sound condition. 2021 Scott US$980.00 = $1,323.00 $22.00
255 Germany #CL1-CL4. Used set of the June 10, 1912 issue semi-official airmail stamps. Very early examples in the field of aerophilately and including the 1M "Gelber Hund" surcharges. Issued for the first Rhine-Main airmail flights in Germany between Darmstadt and Frankfurt am Main. 2022 Scott Classic US$322.50 = $435.35 $12.00
256 Germany #O1/O103. Nearly complete collection of used 1920 to 1942 issue Officials hinged and mounted on Scott album pages. The Third Reich swastika issues include the noteworthy 50pf dark green top value. None of the "Dienstmarke" overprints have expertization marks and there are notes in the margin regarding the high values indicating that #O46 is a fake (thus not counted). Forged overprints exist and so sold "as is" though most of the important items in this valuable collection had a solid provenance. 2021 Scott US$2312.60 = $3,122.00 $11.00
257 Germany - A collector's mildly duplicated collection on home-made pages filling a 3-inch binder. A sorter's delight with a bit of everything form German States to modern and almost everything between. Likely a couple thousand stamps here, with both mint and (mostly) used. The previous owner believed that the catalogue value was over US$4800, which is possible, but we found it safer to assess and estimate the lot. Potential lurks for the intrepid collector on this one. Estimate = $250.00 $11.00
258 Germany - Several hundred stamps, neatly arranged and organized on old dealer stock "102" cards being only BOB (back-of-the-book) Semi Postal and Official stamps. These cards were arranged and catalogued back in 2006 by the previous owner. Expect some faults and mild duplication, but overall a clean lot. Owner's much older 2006 Scott US$663.00 = $895.05 $11.00
259 Germany - Berlin #9N1/9N67. Mint H/NH collection of 1948-49 issues including complete overprinted sets with "BERLIN" in black or red. The first set in black all have the "Ing. Becker" expertization stamp of Ernst Becker, who was a BPP/AIEP expert until his death in 1971. Under the second set in red is a pencil notation that they were bought from Stolow in 1978 for US$475. Thirteen stamps in the first set are NH with the rest of the stamps previously hinged. 2021 Scott US$999.70 = $1,349.55 $20.00
260 Germany - Berlin #9N1/9N67. Used collection of 1948-1949 occupation issues in complete sets. Three stamps with red overprint including the key high values have been signed in pencil on the reverse by foremost expert Herbert Bloch, and two of the high value black overprints with "J&H STOLOW" expert marks on reverse. There is also a pencil notation on the album page that #9N1-34 were purchased from Stolow, and most of the important items from this lifetime collection had similar provenances. 2021 Scott US$2603.95 = $3,515.30 $14.00
261 Germany - Berlin #9N42/9N421, 9NB1/9NB152. Used collection of 518 stamps and 7 souvenir sheets on Scott album pages, 1949 to 1978 issues including semi-postals, nearly all in complete sets and with a high degree of completion. 2021 Scott US$1585.70 = $2,140.65 $14.00
262 Germany - Berlin #9N42/9N470, 9NB1/9NB186. Mint H/NH collection of occupation issues of Berlin, hinged and mounted on Scott album pages. A total of 610 stamps, 11 S/S and 1 booklet pane, 1949 to 1981 issues. 2021 Scott US$1475.00 = $1,991.25 $11.00
263 Germany Offices Abroad - Valuable used collection of German Offices in China as well as possessions in the South Pacific, 1897 to 1913 issues, with overprints as well as the Kaiser's Yacht common design. Consists of German Offices in China #1/52, German New Guinea #1/10, Caroline Islands #1/16 and Mariana Islands #13/28. The Caroline Islands 25pf orange is on piece with "Rohr" expertizing mark on reverse, while the Mariana Islands 3m is on piece with both "Bothe BPP" and "EBEL" marks on the reverse. 2021 Scott US$886.10 = $1,196.24 $65.00
264 Germany States - North German Confederation 1/24, O4, O6. Plus-value collection of used 1868 to 1870 issues on 2 Scott album pages, with useful duplication and particularly nice cancels. 2021 Scott US$465.30 = $628.15 $12.00
265 Gold Coast #73a/159. Mixed mint and used selection of 60 different 1913 to 1954 period issues, all laid out on two Hagner brand stock sheets. Noted a couple of complete sets and a good number of better singles with a decent representation of GeoV, GeoVI and QEII material in the mix. 2022 Scott US$397.00= $535.95 $34.00
266 Great Britain #1/883. Collection of mint and used 1840 to 1979 issues hinged to album pages in a springback album, starting with a faulty Penny Black and including GBP31.40 in mint decimal face value. Decent representation through all reigns with an excellent potential catalogue value. Estimate = $200.00 $12.00
267 Great Britain #3. Three Used Strips of Four. Three different Fine used horizontal strips of four of the 1841 issue imperf Penny Red. Plate positions S-A/S-D, T-G/T-J and C-G/CJ. Moderate and legible cancels. If valued as six used pairs, the group would very conservatively catalogue for US$405.00 ($546.75 CDN) in Scott Classic catalogue. Strips of four are much scarcer than pairs. Estimate = $200.00 $60.00
268 Great Britain #3, 5, 29. Balance of a Classic GB consignment, consisting of two Penny Red (#3) imperf singles on cover, a "cut to shape" used pair of #5 the (1 shilling green embossed) and a block of four of #29 ("thick line" 2p blue, perf 14 x 14, plate 9) on cover. Note that a used block of #29 OFF COVER catalogues for US$175.00 in Scott Classic catalogue. Estimate = $150.00 $12.00
269 Great Britain #3, 8, 16, 18, 20, 33. Massive collection of Queen Victoria Penny Reds on stockpages, a total of 1375 stamps organized with perforation and watermark varieties noted along with many numeral cancels identified. Over 1,000 examples of the Penny Red "Stars" #20 organized by position, providing an exquisite opportunity for plating studies. All the Penny Red "Plates" #33 are on piece with the plate number noted - these have all been valued att the basic Scott price of $2.75 each though better plates are included. An exciting group in a quantity not often seen. 2022 Scott US$15916.25 = $21,486.90 $65.00
270 Great Britain #4. Pair on Cover. Clearly cancelled and nicely tied sound and F/VF pair of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue on an 1850 folded cover to Lochgilphead. Two vertical filing folds, one fold just touching the edge of the left hand stamp in the pair. The letter was addressed to the prison board and the superintendent of police.A used pair OFF COVER catalogues for US$325.00 ($438.75 CDN). 2023 Scott Classic for a pair on cover US$750.00= $1,012.50 $19.00
271 Great Britain #4. Sound, fresh and F/VF used block of four of the 1841 issue 2 penny Blue. Very light cancel. 2023 Scott Classic for a used block of four US$1,350.00= $1,822.50 $36.00
272 Great Britain #4. Strip of 3 on Cover. Lightly cancelled and tied sound and F/VF strip of three of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue on an oversized folded letter to London, Barnsley transit on reverse. Strong vertical filing fold through the middle of the cover, well clear of the stamps. A used strip of three OFF COVER catalogues for US$425.00 ($573.75 CDN). 2023 Scott Classic for a strip of 3 on cover US$925.00= $1,248.75 $19.00
273 Great Britain #4. Strip of 3 on Reduced Cover. Moderately cancelled and soundly tied sound and F/VF strip of three of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue on a reduced (trimmed) 1849 cover. A used strip of three OFF COVER catalogues for US$425.00 ($573.75 CDN). 2023 Scott Classic for a strip of 3 on cover US$925.00= $1,248.75 $11.00
274 Great Britain #4. Used Strip of Five. Sound, fresh and F/VF used horizontal strip of five of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue. Plate positions A-A/A-E. Moderate and unobtrusive cancels. If valued as two used pairs and a single the strip would very conservatively catalogue for US$740.00 ($999.00 CDN) in Scott Classic catalogue. A strip of five is exponentially scarcer than a strip of four. Estimate = $350.00 $38.00
275 Great Britain #4. Used Strip of Four. Sound, fresh and F/VF used horizontal strip of four of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue. Plate positions P-I/P-L. Moderate and legible "399" numeral cancels. If valued as two used pairs, the strip would very conservatively catalogue for US$650.00 ($877.50 CDN) in Scott Classic catalogue. A strip of four is much scarcer. Estimate = $300.00 $32.00
276 Great Britain #4. Used Strip of Seven. Sound used horizontal strip of seven of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue. Plate positions H-A/H-G. Moderate and unobtrusive cancels, margins a bit uneven. If valued as three used pairs and a single the strip would very conservatively catalogue for US$1,065.00 ($1,437.75.00 CDN) in Scott Classic catalogue. A strip of seven is very rare and probably the longest multiple that we've handled. Estimate = $750.00 $60.00
277 Great Britain #4. Used Strip of Six. Sound, fresh and F/VF used horizontal strip of six of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue. Plate positions L-A/L-F. Moderate and legible "159" numeral cancel. If valued as three used pairs, the strip would very conservatively catalogue for US$975.00 ($1,316.25 CDN) in Scott Classic catalogue. A strip of six is much scarcer. Estimate = $600.00 $60.00
278 Great Britain #4. Used Strip of Three and Two Singles. Sound, fresh and F/VF used horizontal strip of three of the 1841 issue 2 Penny Blue plus two used singles. Plate positions K-J/K-L (strip) and T-K, Q-D (singles). Moderate cancels. A strip of three catalogues for US$425.00 and singles catalogue for US$90.00 each in Scott Classic catalogue. 2023 Scott Classic US$605.00= $816.75 $22.00
279 Great Britain #33 Plate 146. Fresh and Fine mint NH right-hand part inscription sheet margin block of four of the 1864 issue Penny Red, plate 146 positions K-I/L-J. Valued as four Hinged singles but a NH block should be worth a good premium. 2023 Scott US$260.00= $351.00 $30.00
280 Great Britain #104. VF used block of four of the 1884 issue 5p green, with multiple 1886 Registered cancels, sound and with very decent colour. A scarce multiple. Conservatively valued as four singles but multiples do command a premium. 2023 Scott US$840.00= $1,134.00 $13.00
281 Great Britain #410/647 PLUS Varieties. A specialized used collection of 1964-1971 pre-decimal QEII special / commemorative issues, organized on home-made pages in two binders. A total of 364 stamps and 1 FDC, including singles, blocks, varieties on both phosphor and regular issues. A great basis of a collection, that is just asking to be added to / built upon. Owner’s 2019 Gibbons GBP367.50 = $594.19 $12.00
282 Great Britain - A choice offering of 6 First Day Covers 1958-1961 mounted on sleeved home-made album pages. Issues represented are 1958 British Commonwealth Games, 1960 Tercentenary of the Post Office, 1960 European Postal & Telecom Conference, 1961 Centenary of P.O. Savings Bank, 1961 Second Anniversary of C.E.P.T and the 1961 Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. Each cover features a privately produced illustrated cachet. 2019 Gibbons GBP250.00 = $404.19 $10.00
283 Great Britain - A collection of 1121 different used 1980-2004, about 95% complete for the period, only large size stamps, no Machins, no regionals and with many sets. 2022 Scott US$1211.00 = $1,634.85 $14.00
284 Great Britain - Choice group of 29 different modern used souvenir sheets, 2002 - 2016, most with gum as these were placed in protective covers on philatelic parcels, one such cover accompanies the lot. These retail for catalogue value and above! 2022 Scott US$321.75 = $434.36 $60.00
285 Great Britain - GeoVI Era First Day Covers. Useful group of 1937-1951 period GeoVI First Day and "Special" covers. The selection begins with two 1937 Coronation FDCs, then the first definitives, two 1940 Penny Black Centenary, 1946 WWII Victory, two 1948 Olympics, 1949 UPU and 1951 Festival of Britain. The "Special" cover is one addressed to Winston Churchill at 10 Downing Street. Stanley Gibbons Concise £490.00= $663.05 $11.00
286 Great Britain - Guernsey #1/524, J1-J41, N1-N3 and Alderney #1/69. A mint & 99% Never-Hinged collection near complete for the 1941 to 1992 period for these Channel Islands. A total of 633 stamps, 19 souvenir or miniature sheets, 3 booklet panes and 2 booklets, all laid out in a hingeless Stanley Gibbons padded album. See the Isle of Man lot in this sale for more from this meticulous collection. 2023 Scott US$613.05 = $827.62 $48.00
287 Great Britain - Northern Ireland QEII Machin mint cylinder blocks of 6. An uncommon offering of 34 mint NH blocks from the beginning of the decimal release 2 1/2p through the 34p issues. A tough to find group, neatly displayed on sleeved home-made album pages. Only a couple missing, with the spots ready for them when found. Owner’s much older 2010 Gibbons Catalogue GBP265.00 = $428.51 $42.00
288 Great Britain - QEII Machin pre-decimal / decimal specialized booklet collection 1967-1997 mounted on home-made, well written album pages within 8 binders. An extremely useful group, with almost all the work done on identification / classification. The previous collector delves into tagging and paper types with a high-level care and accuracy. A very tough lot to assemble, with a total of 256 seemingly all-different booklets. A few have been "exploded" to show content, but the majority are intact booklets, neatly displayed open to show contents within mounts. Owner’s much older 2010 Gibbons GBP1304.80 = $2,111.62 $210.00
289 Great Britain - Used study lot of the 2/6 Brown Seahorse consisting of 20 x #179 and 43 x #222. Generally nice sound examples, though expect a few heavier cancels and a few short perfs. This stamp can be a lot of fun for the specialist! 2022 Scott US$2475.00 = $3,341.25 $14.00
290 Great Britain - Used study lot of the 5/- Red Seahorse consisting of 21 x #115 and 21 x #223. Generally nice sound examples, though expect a few heavier cancels & a few short perfs. Another fun British stamp for the specialist! 2022 Scott US$3675.00 = $4,961.25 $15.00
291 Great Britain - Wooden candy box, repurposed and filled with philatelic sweets. Over 550 stamps, mostly used QV to QEII, with strength in the earlier issues neatly arranged on dealer stock-cards and organized into sleeved groupings. Only a cursory look through was done by us, offered as received by the consignor who reports over US$2000 catalogue value. A nice clean group, needing additional sorting. Estimate = $180.00 $38.00
292 Greece - Enticing accumulation of collections nearly filling a banker's box, containing a like-new mostly empty album, three Scott Specialty albums, a couple of file folders with album pages and stockpages, and a small binder with sales cards holding better mint hinged top values (this alone with a catalogue value of US$526.90). Also contains Greek-related issues of Epirus, Crete, Thrace and Corfu. Lots to play with! Estimate = $300.00 $12.00
293 Greece - Mint and used jumble with semi-organized sections on stockpages or album pages plus some usefully retained auction cards. Hundreds of stamps with many better sets noted during a quick sift. Excellent value to be uncovered with a little determination. Estimate = $300.00 $13.00
294 Hong Kong #1/143. Mixed condition, almost all used selection of 220 duplicated 1862 to 1937 period issues, Victorias, Edwards and Georges, all laid out chronologically on four Hagner stock sheets (carefully checked for watermarks). The consignor has not valued what they consider to be severely damaged stamps. This group could be useful for the cancel and variety collector, as the there's a good range of cancels, company chops, perfins and shades in the mix. Take a good look at the scans to determine overall quality and accuracy. Owner's 2022 Scott US$1,573.65= $2,124.43 $11.00
295 Hong Kong #154/858, J23-J28. Plus Macao and Sundry. Mixed condition, almost all used selection of 386 duplicated 1938 to 1999 period issues, GeorgeVI and QEII reigns, all laid out chronologically on nine Hagner stock sheets (carefully checked for watermarks). The lot includes a small selection of 1994-1995 period Macao (cat US$16.80). Could be better Stanley Gibbons or Yang listed paper types in the mix. Owner's 2022 Scott US$985.70= $1,330.70 $12.00
296 Hong Kong #376/1545a. VF MNH sets and part sets of 1981 to 2012 issues, plus some used QEII definitives including the long set #490-504, in 2 stockbooks and an accumulation of new issues with original GPO covers and informational inserts. The majority of the issues are from before 1996 when Hong Kong was still under British dominion. 2021 Scott US$547.10 = $738.59 $20.00
297 Hong Kong - Comprehensive collection of 598 different used 1937- 2021 issues, includes complete sets & many high values. Generally F-VF sound examples. This one will be a real pleasure for the successful bidder. 2022 Scott US$1149.00 = $1,551.15 $13.00
298 Iceland #10/198. Mint and used collection of 124 different stamps, 1882 to 1935 period regular issues (no "back of the book" - see a following lot in this sale). All still Hinged on the original Scott Specialized album pages. A good number of better individual stamps noted in the mix, with all the "TELUR" (revenue) cancelled items noted and discounted appropriately. Unchecked for better cancels or varieties. 2022 Scott US$1,858.45= $2,508.91 $11.00
299 Iceland #171/437, B7/B18, C3/C26, O20/O44. Organized mint and used balance of duplicates from a large Iceland collection, all organized, laid out, identified and valued on Hagner stock sheets. The lot includes some Scott unlisted "meter" stamps, not counted in the total. 2022 Scott US$663.70= $896.00 $12.00
300 Iceland #176, 177, 178, 179, 181. Post Office fresh and F/VF mint NH quintet of 1930-1931 re-drawn Christian X issues, consisting of the 1e yellow green and red, the 3a bistre brown, the 4a grey and red, the 6a dark grey and the key 10a chocolate. A great high quality start to an important 20th century set. 2023 Scott Classic US$695.25= $938.59 $19.00
301 Iceland #181. Fine Mint Never Hinged example of the 10 ore chocolate brown Christian X issue of 1931-1933. Post Office fresh colour, and pristine NH gum. 2022 Scott Classic US$575.00 = $776.25 $19.00
302 Iceland #184. Rare Post Office fresh and F/VF mint NH example of the 1930-1931 re-drawn 40a claret Christian X issue. Considered by many to be the key value to the series. 2023 Scott Classic US$1,100.00= $1,485.00 $70.00
303 Iceland #185, 186, 187. Fresh and F/VF mint Hinged trio of high values (1k dark blue and light brown, 2k chocolate and dark green and 10k yellow green and black) from the 1931-1933 re-drawn Christian X series. The 10k value has a few horizontal bends noted for the record, otherwise an excuse free group. 2023 Scott Classic US$532.50= $718.88 $26.00
304 Iceland #186. Post Office fresh and F/VF mint NH example of the 1930-1931 re-drawn 2k chocolate and light brown Christian X issue high value. This is the other key value to this series. 2023 Scott Classic US$1,100.00= $1,485.00 $80.00
305 Iceland #199/398, B1/B24. Mint H/NH and used collection of 107 regular issue and semi-postal stamps and 2 souvenir sheets, 1933 to 1968 period issues. Very light duplication noted (some sets are here in both mint and used condition). All still Hinged on the original Scott Specialized album pages. 2022 Scott US$923.05= $1,246.12 $36.00
306 Iceland #C1/C31, CO1, O4/O69. Mint Hinged and used collection of 99 lightly duplicated "back of the book" stamps (often parallel for mint and used), 1876 to 1959 period issues. All still Hinged on the original Scott Specialized album pages. Items of note include #C4-C8 (mint), O5a (imperf mint single) and a range of 1930 "Millenary" issues with official overprints. 2022 Scott US$2,030.20= $2,740.77 $90.00
307 India and States - Over 900 stamps, neatly arranged on old dealer stock "102" cards. A mostly "British Empire" stock, which was catalogued in 2006 at USD$1123.70 (well over $1500 Canadian). Lightly duplicated, but with lots of useful sets and singles. The popularity of Indian stamps has been on the rise since this selection was catalogued, so many have likely increased in value. Unchecked for postmarks, where there will be some interest too. A nice lot to break apart and sort through. Estimate = $220.00 $90.00
308 Indian States Nabha #O6a. Mint OG LH example of the 1885 issue "SERVICE." overprinted ½ anna green Official, with the Scott and Stanley Gibbons listed "period after SERVICE" variety. The original dealer's 10 year+ old lot description and net price (US$) is included with the lot. One toned perf tip noted for the record. Still a very rare Classic Indian variety. 2023 Scott Classic US$210.00= $283.50 $15.00
309 Indian States Gwalior #90-96, 112, 114-117. Lovely F/VF mint selection of 12 different 1938 to 1949 overprinted Indian issues. The 1938-1940 3p to 6a low value set of seven is Hinged but the five 1945-1949 issue large format 1r, 5r, 10r, 15r and 25r high values are all pristine OG NH. The original dealer's 10 year+ old lot description and net price (US$) is included with the lot. Scarce material! 2023 Scott Classic US$448.00= $604.80 $46.00
310 Indonesia #2L63. Sound example of the very scarce 1948 surcharged issue for use on Sumatra, 5f on 40s brown. Nicely used with an appropriate contemporary cancel. Rarely encountered in any condition, a charming rustic local issue necessary after the post-war Dutch blockade of the East Indies. 2021 Scott US$650.00 = $877.50 $22.00
311 Indonesia #333/599, B58/B214, J65/J84. plus Netherlands New Guinea #1/47, B4/B34, J1-J6. Mint and used 1950 to 1968 period duplicated Indonesia collection of over 500 stamps and souvenir sheets, plus a small collection of over 75 different 1949 to 1962 period Netherlands New Guinea issues. Loose stamps, formerly slipped under Hinged stamps on the album pages, have been transferred to Hagner stock sheets for safety. 2022 Scott US$390.50= $527.18 $10.00
312 Italian Offices Abroad - China - Peking #12/20. Mint hinged nearly complete set of the 1917-1918 ‘Pechino’ overprinted issue for use in the city now known as Beijing, lacking only the 10 lire high value. The 20c brown orange value is unwatermarked as it should be (see Scott footnote); the 2c is NH and the 5c has no gum. 2022 Scott US$510.50 = $689.18 $44.00
313 Iran #935/998. An 80% complete run of regular issues for the 1950-1954 period, all are Mint w/ small hinge remanent except for #935-940 which is used. Neatly displayed on a two-sided stock-sheet with accompanying catalogue numbers for easy identification. Some of these sets can be quite tough to find (as the catalogue value indicates. 2023 Scott US$915.50 = $1,235.93 $24.00
314 Ireland - A collector's conglomerated duplicated Mint and (mostly) Used stock on homemade pages, album pages, stocksheets - all put together within a binder. The owner report's that the catalogue value is over US$1850.00 in Scott, we have decided to estimate this lot based on the somewhat disorganized array of material. Potential lurks for the intrepid collector on this one. Estimate = $130.00 $12.00
315 Isle of Man #1/576, J1a/J25. Mint & 99% Never-Hinged collection near complete from 1958 to 1993 neatly arranged in a hingeless Stanley Gibbons padded album. A total of 623 stamps, 20 souvenir sheets or miniature sheets, 7 booklet panes and 5 booklets. A very clean offering, with a high-end album to boot! 2022 Scott US$600.65 = $810.88 $60.00
316 Italy #B17-B19. F/VF used 1923 issue "Benevolent Fund of the Black Shirts" semi-postal set of three. 2023 Scott US$480.00= $648.00 $10.00
317 Italy - A collector's conglomeration of pages, packet, stocksheets and more, packed into a small box. Several hundred stamps here, from early issues to the 1970's. Although somewhat disorganized, potential lurks for someone to sit down with the catalogue and give these a good sort. Estimate = $100.00 $10.00
318 Italy - Over 325 stamps, neatly arranged and organized on old dealer stock "102" cards from the 19th century to the 1970's with the vast majority of the material being pre WWII. Mildly duplicated and with some minor faults note, these cards were originally catalogued by the previous owner back in 2006. Owner's much older 2006 Scott US$777.80 = $1,050.03 $10.00
319 Japan #148-158. Mostly mint 1915-1919 commemorative sets hinged and mounted on a vintage album page, including a choice VF example of the key 10c ultra and dark blue "Ceremonial cap" high value from the nomination of the Prince Heir Apparent issue. 2021 Scott US$913.50 = $1,233.25 $80.00
320 Japan #318a, 323a. The 1941 set of National Parks souvenir sheets including the original folder. Both sheets are MNH. Note a couple of normal paper inclusions and a small margin tear at the UL of #323a. Otherwise a VF and attractive set of sheets. Catalogues much higher in Sakura. 2023 Scott US$350.00= $472.50 $12.00
321 Japan #425a/579. Mostly mint collection of 1948 to 1953 commemorative issues in sets and souvenir sheets of 1, with "National Treasures", "Scenic Spots" and "Men of Culture" as well as the earlier 1945 issue for Formosa (Taiwan). Hinged and mounted on 5 smaller vintage album pages. 2021 Scott US$943.15 = $1,273.25 $16.00
322 Japan #614/1384, B12-B31a. Collection of MNH sheets in 3 small sheet folders, consisting of 96 panes and 7 S/S issued from 1955 to 1979. Includes the complete Tokyo 1964 Olympic semi-postal issues. The face value alone is 24905 Yen (=CAD$237). 2021 Scott US$1217.50 = $1,643.63 $24.00
323 Japan - Over 225 stamps, neatly arranged on old dealer stock "102" cards from the late 19th century to the 1980's. Mildly duplicated and with some faults noted, these cards were originally cataloged in 2006 by the previous owner. Owner's much older 2006 Scott US$437.00 = $589.95 $17.00
324 Jersey #4/639, J1-J46, N1-N8. Mint and 99% NH nearly complete collection for the 1943 to 1993 period, neatly laid out in a Stanley Gibbons padded hingeless album. A total of 675 stamps, 7 souvenir sheets and 1 booklet. Sadly, the top of the album has split and the first page has had the mounts react (likely) with the plastic softener of the inner album witch has caused the mount to shrink / adhere to the stamp. It is possible that these stamps could be salvaged, but we did not count in them in the total and would leave it as-is for the purchaser to do as they please. Besides that, a very clean lot. 2022 Scott US$536.35 = $724.07 $42.00
325 Korea - Over 220 stamps, neatly arranged on old dealer stock "102" cards from the late 19th century to the 1970's Duplicated in areas and with some faults noted, these cards were originally catalogued in 2006 by the previous owner. Owner's much older 2006 Scott US$391.00 = $527.85 $12.00
326 Libya #2/1668, C51/O7. Mint and used collection on computer-generated pages to 1985, 580 stamps and 15 S/S about 50% complete from 1924 to 1969, sparse thereafter with colourful and interesting issues to 2002 included at the end. A nice clean collection including issues of Fezzan. Owner's Scott US$952.85 = $1,286.30 $15.00
327 Luxembourg and Liechtenstein - A combined offering of over 325 stamps, mind and used, neatly organized on old dealer stock "102" cards. The original owner catalogued these stamps out at US$754.45 (over $1000 Canadian) back in 2006. Mildly duplicated, and although the condition is mixed (especially in the earlier issues), there are still lots of useful stamps mixed throughout. Estimate = $100.00 $28.00
328 Macao #2/28. Used sets and singles of 1884-87 issues with the "Portuguese Crown" design and surcharges. The 80r on 100r circle surcharge is #16b without the accent on the "e" and has a thin. 2021 Scott US$309.00 = $417.15 $11.00
329 Macao #259-263, 268/288, 292, 306/315. Fresh mint 1931-41 issues in sets and part sets, including the key top 3p and 5p values from the "Portugal" allegorical issue of 1934. 2021 Scott US$596.75 = $805.61 $10.00
330 Macao #767/1196. Post Office Fresh VF MNH sets and souvenir sheets spaciously laid out in a blue stockbook. Collected as new issues from 1995 to 2006 with some trilingual information pamphlets in original "Divisao de Filatelia" envelopes. 179 stamps and 24 souvenir sheets. 2022 Scott US$436.70 = $589.55 $12.00
331 Mexico - Stamp and Cover/Card Collection. Amateurishly mounted but otherwise clean and F/VF condition 1950s to 1980s period collection/selection of stamps (mostly regular and airmail issues) plus First Day Covers and Maximum Cards. All housed in two binders. Completely unchecked for catalogue value but there are almost always "sleepers" for watermarks or perfs in this time period. Most of the mint stamps are in blocks of four. Take a good look at the scans! Looks like a fun sorting project for the both the Mexico and topical collector. Estimate = $200.00 $10.00
332 Monaco #3/122. Group of early used issues from 1885 to 1937, a few have a rounded corner else mostly fine. We note several CDS cancels including some fully dated. 2023 Scott US$514.50 = $694.55 $14.00
333 Netherlands - Accumulation of mint and used sets and singles in a sparsely populated vintage album, small stockbooks and glassines in an old candy box. Includes #1 and #3 from the first issue of 1852 and a very good stock of semi-postal issues as well as some seldom-seen revenues. Estimate = $200.00 $12.00
334 Netherlands Antilles #13/348, C1/J56. plus, Surinam 17/252, C13/J57. Mint and used collection of 1889 to 1973 issues for these two Dutch colonies, 330 stamps on quadrille album pages. Mostly in complete sets and with Back of the Book semi-postal, airmail and Postage Due issues. Fresh and appealing condition. 2021 Scott US$1062.05 = $1,433.75 $30.00
335 Netherlands Antilles and Suriname - Delightfully disorganized accumulation of mint and used sets and singles from the Dutch Caribbean countries in 2 small stockbooks and a file folder full of album pages, old auction cards (such as Antilles mint #C47 and #C49 from a 1970 H.R. Harmer auction) and glassine envelopes. Estimate = $180.00 $12.00
336 Netherlands Antilles/Curacao #1/377, B1/B139, C4/C44, CB13/CB36, J21-J30. Clean and neatly mounted mint Hinged and used 1873 to 1975 period collection of regular, semi-postal, airmail, airmail semi-postal and postage due stamps, all still mounted on the original album pages. While not complete, this lot is usefully comprehensive with a good number of complete sets and better values in the mix. An informative look into the Dutch colonial influence, both past and present in the Caribbean area. Note that the stamps laid out on the Hagner stock sheet have been transferred from the original album pages for safety (they were loose). 2022 Scott US$1,071.80= $1,446.93 $17.00
337 Netherlands Indies #1/332, B1/B57, C1-C18, J7/J56, O1-O27. Clean and neatly mounted mint Hinged and used 1864 to 1949 period collection of regular, semi-postal, airmail, official and postage due stamps, all still mounted on the original album pages. While not complete, this lot is usefully comprehensive with a good number of complete sets and better values in the mix. An enlightening look into the Dutch colonial past in the present-day country of Indonesia and a difficult group to assemble. Note that the stamps laid out on the Hagner stock sheet have been transferred from the original album pages for safety (they were loose). They were valued when they were still on the album pages so the individual page totals may occasionally be out of line. 2022 Scott US$1,554.60= $2,098.71 $22.00
338 New Zealand #9/118. Two stock page offering of 99 duplicated used 1857 to 1907 period issues. Widely varied quality noted and as such the consignor has listed but not valued any (most) of the more damaged material. Unchecked for varieties or cancels. A decent study lot. Owner's 2021 Scott US$1,062.00= $1,434.92 $13.00
339 New Zealand #122-125. Christchurch Exhibition issue mint, hinged. Rough perforations are normal for this issue, thus a few short perfs. Wee tiny perf stain on back of 1/2d, otherwise a rarely seen and beautiful set! 2022 Scott US$461.00 = $622.35 $110.00
340 New Zealand #126-129. The perf 14 x 15 small size set of three mint hinged VF centred, plus the redrawn 1d 'Commerce' mint hinged fine centred. A really scarce group! 2022 Scott US$420.00 = $567.00 $19.00
341 New Zealand #130-139. Mint Hinged SET, F-VF centred. An above average offering with post office fresh colour. 2022 Scott US$290.25 = $391.84 $24.00
342 New Zealand #144-164. Mint hinged set of the engraved issues. All are perf. 14 x 13 1/2, except #145a, 153b, and 156a which are perf 14 x 14 1/2, value is thus adjusted. Lovely set, mostly F-VF. 2022 Scott US$251.25 = $339.19 $40.00
343 New Zealand #182-184. Mint hinged set, including the colour shades #182a and 183a, VF centred lovely examples. 2022 Scott US$487.35 = $657.92 $26.00
344 New Zealand #185-198, 203-216. The two definitive sets mint hinged but watermarks not checked as they are mounted on two album pages as received. Also includes #199 - 201, 218 - 222, 223 - 225, and an example of #216a perf. 12 1/2. F-VF. Not easy to find these two definitive sets together. 2022 Scott US$369.35 = $498.49 $17.00
345 Nicaragua - Collection in a Scott Specialty album plus stamps on loose album pages, sales cards and in envelopes and dealer cards, very decent representation throughout with many complete sets and hundreds of extras including perf and imperf S/S. Estimate = $150.00 $22.00
346 Norfolk Island #1/121. All mint H/NH selection of 1947 to 1968 period complete sets, including some in blocks or strips of four. A nice offering of attractive topical sets from this South Pacific Australian Territory. 2021 Scott US$210.20= $283.77 $15.00
347 North Viet Nam #1L2/1L61. Wonderfully fresh and comprehensive (nearly complete) mint run of the 1945-1946 Viet Minh provisional issues, mostly overprints on issues of French Indo-China. 62 different stamps in total. All housed in Hingeless mounts on well laid out and informative 3-ring "NuLine" album pages. Cross referenced for Michel, Stanley Gibbons and Yvert & Tellier catalogue numbers (North Vietnamese stamps were formerly unlisted in Scott due to a US embargo). Here's your chance to acquire a properly identified and top quality collection of the early issues of what is now the "official" Viet Nam, including some very rare sets. Hard to find in North America. 2023 Scott US$628.00= $847.80 $85.00
348 Oltre Giuba #J1-J9. Nearly complete fresh mint Hinged set of the rare 1925 issue overprinted Postage Dues, missing only the 5 lire high value. The 60c value has a pulled corner perf, otherwise a sound and scarce group. 2022 Scott Classic US$395.00= $533.25 $15.00
349 Papua New Guinea #74/278, C1/C15. Mostly mint H/NH 1917 to 1968 period collection of 179 different stamps, both regular and airmail issues. Lots of complete sets in the GeoVI and QEII material. All still mounted on the original album pages. 2021 Scott US$491.15= $663.05 $80.00
350 Poland - A sturdy 2" thick box filled with album pages, glassine envelopes and packets, upwards of a couple thousand stamps from the early to late 20th century. With a quick look noted many sets as well as souvenir sheets, and more than one example of the prepared but never issued 1989 General Korczynski stamp footnoted in Scott. Estimate = $100.00 $10.00
351 Russia - A collection (lightly duplicated) of Mint and Used, laid out on home-made album pages in TWO 2-inch binders. A diverse offering, from early issues up the 1990's (with a few even more modern). The previous owner reports that the Scott catalogue value is over US$3200.00, but further work is needed to properly identify the earlier issues and much of the modern "used" is CTO cancelled to order material. A nice lot to sit down and sort out over a weekend. Estimate = $140.00 $12.00
352 Saint Pierre and Miquelon #169/259. All mint H/NH 1937 to 1942 period collection of 50 different stamps, all in mounts on the original album pages. Includes pre-WWII issues as well as a useful selection of "FRANCE LIBRE F.N.F.L." WWII provisional overprints. 2023 Scott Classic US$831.20= $1,122.12 $180.00
353 Scandinavia - Greenland, Finland, Denmark, Faroe Islands & Iceland. Very clean group of collections of countries of Scandinavia, with the earlier issues generally used and the majority mint, all hinged to pages in 3 Gibbons Senator Medium springback albums. Issues from as early as 1907 with all ending at 1988. A total of 2468 stamps and 24 S/S with standout Greenland (#1-9, 10-18, 35, etc.) as well as many complete semi-postal sets from Finland and lovely Airmails from Iceland. The mint Denmark was catalogued at US$669.10 by the previous owner and contains much usable face value. A worthwhile dive into this popular Northern European area. Estimate = $325.00 $65.00
354 South Africa / SWA - 1947 UPU Presentation Book. Intact (but with cover wear) Post Office Presentation book prepared for delegates to the 1947 UPU Congress in Paris, France. The specially produced album contains a range of mint se-tenant pairs including South Africa #45/67 and 103-105 as well as South West Africa #108-120 & 156-158. "Cartes de Visite" of three South African postal officials are also included. The stamps contained in the album catalogue in Scott for over US$375.00 ($506.25 CDN). Estimate = $250.00 $85.00
355 Spain #605A-605F "MUESTRA" Overprints. The famous 1938 issue "Submarine Mail" set of six in F/VF mint NH condition. These stamps were intended for use on a proposed submarine mail route from Barcelona to Mahon (Minorca). This particular "MUESTRA" (specimen/sample) overprinted set was sent by Spanish and UPU officials as a sample of current Spanish issues to Postmasters of foreign post offices. Valued as a regular NH set but much scarcer. 2023 Scott Classic US$425.00= $531.25 $80.00
356 Spain #606-614. Fresh and Fine mint OG Hinged 1938 "Militia" set of 9. This set was sold only at the Philatelic Agency and for foreign exchange. A great topical WWII "precursor" set. 2023 Scott Classic US$298.25= $402.64 $38.00
357 Suriname #1/423, B1/B225, C1/C54, CB4-CB5, J17/J47. Clean and neatly mounted mint Hinged and used 1873 to 1975 period collection of regular, semi-postal, airmail, semi-postal airmail and postage due stamps and souvenir sheets, all still mounted on the original album pages. While not complete, this lot is usefully comprehensive with a good number of complete sets and better values in the mix. An informative look into the Dutch colonial past in the Americas and a difficult group to assemble. 2022 Scott US$1,010.75= $1,364.51 $110.00
358 Sweden #7/218, J1/J22, O3/O18. All used (or no gum valued as used) 1858 to 1924 period selection of 20 different stamps, both regular and "Back of the Book" issues. A couple of stamps with small faults noted for the record. 2023 Scott US$1,211.50= $1,635.53 $12.00
359 Switzerland #2O17/10O8. Lovely sound lot of overprinted Official issues from several different bureaus, 1922 to 1960 issues with some duplication including 4 examples of the 10 fr green high value #7O20. All used, scarcer and more desirable thus. 2021 Scott US$1350.15 = $1,822.70 $17.00
360 Switzerland #56. Mint no gum example of the 30c ultramarine on white paper 1867 Sitting Helvetia issue key value, accompanied by a 1999 R. Berra-Gautschy photo certificate of authenticity quoting the Zumstein catalogue number 41. Fresh and well centered, a very attractive stamp. 2021 Scott US$620.00 = $837.00 $34.00
361 Switzerland #C1/C45. Accumulation of Airmail issues along with 2 album pages of stamps on piece with pictorial airmail cancels. The early 1919 and 1920 issues are uncertified and likely have forged overprints and/or cancels, though they are attractive and useful spacefillers at the very least. 127 mint and used stamps in total. Estimate = $240.00 $22.00
362 Switzerland - A somewhat messy accumulation of mint and used stamps and souvenir sheets going back to the early imperf Sitting Helvetia issues, including 3 stamps (Scott #64 and #65) expertized and signed with accompanying certificates from Werner Liniger and Walter Abt. The Classic issues of this country present a pleasantly challenging area with many (sometimes) subtle varieties in the paper, gum and perforations. Lot also includes a mostly empty set of Scott Specialty pages to 1951, and when all tallied this will surely have an impressive catalogue value. Estimate = $300.00 $15.00
363 Switzerland - Two-volume collection of mint and used 1855-1983 issues in Minkus albums containing over 1,000 stamps and 1 S/S with many complete sets and high values. Ample room for expansion on these high-quality pages. Estimate = $220.00 $26.00
364 Switzerland - Usefully eclectic lot in 3 volumes, consisting of a Franchise stamp/cut square collection/exhibit, green stockbook with mint and used issues from the "Sitting Helvetia" issue, and a Scott Specialty album with pages to 1984, somewhat sparse while providing an excellent foundation for a collection including room for the extensive Back of the Book section. Estimate = $120.00 $15.00
365 Thailand - An array of 114 First Day Covers or Special Event Cancel covers from the 1957-1995 period. This interesting offering features many of the attractive stamp sets of the period. Soaking the stamps off these covers for your collection would to be total sacrilege, as many of these stamps are tough to find nicely used. Conservatively estimated at less than $1 per cover. Estimate = $100.00 $10.00
366 Togo - An absolutely incredible run of 8 Palo albums, giving the run of stamps of Togo from 1897-2010. Several hundred mint and used stamps scattered throughout (see pictures). Note the pages as produced by PALO have full colour examples printed on the album pages, so look closely to determine which stamps have been placed over-top, and which are just part of the printed page. Easily one of the nicest set of albums we have ever handled in the past few years, with a good run of issues already in-place giving you a hefty foot-in-the door to collecting this popular West African Nation. Estimate = $650.00 $60.00
367 Tonga #1172/1244. A choice group of 29 different mint NH souvenir sheets and miniature panes from the 2012-2014 period on stock-sheets within a binder. A nice array of topicals, being much more recent material than we usually see from this country. 2023 Scott US$508.75 = $686.81 $24.00
368 USA #115. Fresh and well centred mint no gum example of the 1869 issue 6c ultramarine "Washington" with "G" grill. Sheet margin straight edge at right. Minor surface scuff at upper right noted for the record. Valued as mint no gum. 2023 Scott US$1,000.00= $1,350.00 $34.00
369 USA #124. Mint OG (disturbed) example of the 1875 issue 2c brown "Post Horse and Rider" on hard white paper. No grill. Sheet margin straight edge at right. 2023 Scott US$600.00= $810.00 $44.00
370 USA #O3, O18, O27, O28, O49, O83, O84, O85. All mint selection of 8 different 1873 issue Officials, most no gum (#O27 and O83 are OG H). Includes issues from Agriculture, Interior, Justice, War and Post Office Departments. 2022 Scott Classic $1,070.00= $1,444.50 $42.00
371 USA - Collection/Accumulation in Three Binders. A black binder trio consisting of: a mint and used Classic through 1960s period collection of stamps and souvenir sheets mounted on black pages, mixed condition (expect some faults) but includes better; a second volume containing mint 1971 to 1988 period issues (over US$100.00 useable mint face) plus mint and used "Back of the Book" (mostly airmails); and finally, hundreds of mostly used duplicates on manila stock pages (including some older and better). Offered as received. Looks like a good research project, particularly in the older material. Estimate = $250.00 $210.00
372 Viet Nam #1/511, B1-B3, C1-C14, MR1-MR2, 1515-1575. Vietnam 1951-1975 plus Vietnam Democratic Republic 1985. An interesting collection, of mostly Mint hinged (but in mounts) arranged in a Minkus brand "Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam" album. The first portion (Vietnam 1951-1975) is represented with 592 stamps (catalogue US$1565.30), while the second portion (Vietnam Democratic Republic 1985) is featured with 39 stamps and 3 souvenir sheets (catalogue $50.75). Although the majority of the stamps in this album are hinged, the highest value set (Vietnam #1-13, catalogue US$250.00) is Mint Never-Hinged. A great foot-in-the-door to collecting this very popular country. Total 2022 Scott US$1616.05 = $2,181.67 $200.00
373 Virgin Islands #21-28 SPECIMEN. Fresh and VF condition 1899 "Virgin Mary" set of eight, all with "SPECIMEN" overprints in black. Listed in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue as #43s/50s. Stanley Gibbons £190.00= $309.00 $12.00
374 Wallis and Futuna #90/275, B9, C1/C103. All fresh, sound and F/VF selection of 132 different stamps and one souvenir sheet, 1930 to 1981 period issues, including regular stamps, semi-postals, airmails and postage dues. An unusually nice component of the lot is the 1930 postage due set in pristine blocks of four. All in top quality complete sets. Great topicals and better sets from a perennially popular French Overseas Territory. 2023 Scott US$445.05= $600.82 $28.00
375 Worldwide - A philatelic treasure-trove. An enticing mix of stamps, souvenir sheets, covers and stationery from around the globe, neatly packed into one banker’s box. Noted stamps from Denmark, Japan, Great Britain, USA, Ghana, "Sand Dunes", Belgium, France, China Yugoslavia, Hong Kong, Russia and Vatican (to name a few). A good variety of material throughout, well worth a sort out over a cold week or two this winter. Estimate = $140.00 $75.00
376 Worldwide - Banker's Box Bonanza. A disparate mix with potential for the intrepid philatelist, all packed into one standard size banker's box. The lot contains: a small quantity of worldwide stamps sorted into two orange file boxes; a red box packed with semi-sorted used GB Machin issues; an ancient worldwide Schaubek album, sparsely populated but all older stamps (could be finds); Harris Senior Statesman worldwide album (mostly Canada and US but with "samplers" of other countries; hundreds of mixed worldwide stamps on manila stock pages; mint and used modern GB on stock pages; mint and used starter collection of Canadian Provinces on Minkus album pages. Estimate = $150.00 $18.00
377 Worldwide - Beefy 4" thick Scott International Postage Stamp Album for the years 1840 to 1940 with countries from Aden to Zululand, in very reasonable condition given the vintage. These "all in one" albums are getting harder and harder to find, let alone so well-filled with stamps. Lots to discover within. Estimate = $250.00 $40.00
378 Worldwide - Delightfully varied balance of consignment packed into one carton, containing a vintage Harris "Senior Statesman" album with well over 1,000 stamps and a surprising section of PR China up to the mid-1960s, mint and used collection of Russia, two albums of British Africa, worldwide and British Commonwealth stock including topicals in 2 long boxes, valuable collection of clean modern Suriname, Japanese souvenir sheets, Newspaper and Telegraph stamps from the Philippines, used Netherlands collection, stockbooks and a topical collection of globes/maps in a springback album. Also included are 15 Pan-American Airlines lithographs with enclosed 1986 AAMS Convention Banquet sheets signed by astronaut Hank Hartsfield. Estimate = $350.00 $42.00
379 Worldwide - Exciting group of 106 different used modern high values, minimum $5 each up to $65 each catalogue value, 1950 to recent, each stamp catalogued and priced on the scans. "G" to "Z" countries, F-VF. 2022 Scott US$1267.00 = $1,710.45 $46.00
380 Worldwide - Extensive beginner's collection in 15 albums/binders, several thousand stamps from around the world and including mid-century Central Europe. An ideal lot to gift and excite a new or young collector. Estimate = $150.00 $0.00
381 Worldwide - Final part of a huge hoard of Olympic-themed topical stamps and souvenir sheets, all complete sets in glassine envelopes and 1 stockbook. Virtually all mint with some CTO included in the brown stockbook, which has issues going back to the 1920 Antwerp Games as well as many scarcer issues. The majority is related to Olympics from 1976 to 1992, both Summer and Winter Games, and were bought as new issues from Weeda Stamps over 30 years ago (and untouched since) with an original cost of $1831.35 plus taxes. Sure to reward a careful sort and with fantastic catalogue value potential. Estimate = $400.00 $42.00
382 Worldwide - Large ESTATE Banker's Box Offer #1. The first offering in this sale of largely mixed and unsorted material coming from a large collection / estate that we are currently working through. The wide range of items in these lots is sure to please any worldwide collector / dealer looking to sort through a very diverse group of material. Items we noticed in this lot consist of Egypt (1866-1959) on two pages with a catalogue of US$152.00, Bulgaria collection in stockbook (from Weeda's Bidboard 942!), 1920's Strand Album with a few hundred stamps, a spring-back album with a smattering of Classic Romania, Mongolia on pages, few hundred BURMA issues including better, pack of French FDC sheetlets, several hundred Netherlands Indies (dealer stock), Netherlands Indies part sheets (old P.O. stock), Turkish stamps on pages, 1981 Royal Wedding (large lot of souvenir sheets, sets and booklets) and lastly...hundreds (if not thousands) of stamps still on dealer stockcards from around the globe. This one, as with the following lots will be a great sort for any intrepid sorter. Estimate = $200.00 $55.00
383 Worldwide - Large ESTATE Banker's Box Offer #2. The second offering in this sale of largely mixed and unsorted material coming from a large collection / estate that we are currently working through. The wide range of items in these lots is sure to please any worldwide collector / dealer looking to sort through a very diverse group of material. Items we noticed in this lot consist of Burma on album pages, Bahrain on pages, New Zealand dealer stock, Germany on pages (reportedly cataloging $200), various countries sorted on stocksheets (Malta, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ceylon, Costa Rica), Hungary 1300+ all different in stockbook, mint San Marino, Zimbabwe sheets, Whales of Greenland P.O. pack, large stockbook of Barbuda, Martinique on pages, Barbados collection on pages, Bermuda 160 diff on Scott Specialty pages, bird topicals and lastly DOZENS on of OLD-TIME bidboard lots (still on original pages, including Weeda Stamps from 1982!) This one, as with the preceding and following lots will be a great sort for any intrepid sorter. Estimate = $200.00 $130.00
384 Worldwide - Large ESTATE Banker's Box Offer #3. The third offering in this sale of largely mixed and unsorted material coming from a large collection / estate that we are currently working through. The wide range of items in these lots is sure to please any worldwide collector / dealer looking to sort through a very diverse group of material. Items we noticed in this lot consist of 1000+ different "Balkans" on pages, 900+ Hungary on pages, Monaco, Czech collection on Minkus pages, Portuguese Colonies, Commonwealth Omnibus Royal issues from 1977-1990, Guyana souvenir sheets and covers, Libya on pages, Worldwide sheets, Great Britain 1987 / 1988 yearbooks (with stamps), large India / Spanish Sahara binder (with Indian revenues), 1930's Strand WW album with a few hundred stamps, Russia on pages, Fiji on paged and Bermuda souvenir sheets. Many of these items are still on the old auction page from when originally purchased (some decades ago). This one, as with the preceding and following lots will be a great sort for any intrepid sorter. Estimate = $200.00 $38.00
385 Worldwide - Large ESTATE Banker's Box Offer #4. The fourth offering in this sale of largely mixed and unsorted material coming from a large collection / estate that we are currently working through. The wide range of items in these lots is sure to please any worldwide collector / dealer looking to sort through a very diverse group of material. Items we noticed in this lot consist of Antigua souvenir sheets, 16 page stockbook of Brazil, Bahamas classics in retired circuit book, Strand album w/ few hundred stamps, 67 different Samoa (cat US$200+), Commonwealth souvenir sheets, Canal Zone, Netherlands on pages, Japan classics, Japan TB seals, Japan illustrated cancel postcards, a well-organized "Dunes" collection on pages, Somalia on pages, New Zealand dealer stock, Portuguese Colonies, Bermuda, French revenues, 600+ Paraguay on pages, Marshall Islands FDC sheetlets, Cuba 1871-1960 (cat US$225), Liberia on pages and an envelope of Norway. This one, as with the preceding and following lots will be a great sort for any intrepid sorter. Estimate = $200.00 $36.00
386 Worldwide - Large ESTATE Banker's Box Offer #5. The fifth offering in this sale of largely mixed and unsorted material coming from a large collection / estate that we are currently working through. The wide range of items in these lots is sure to please any worldwide collector / dealer looking to sort through a very diverse group of material. Items we noticed in this lot consist of Russia on pages, South American souvenir sheets, Mint France on dealer cards, Germany (Berlin) on pages, Italy on pages, Portugal on pages, Mint Indonesia Blocks (hundreds), a hundred or so Worldwide miniature sheets, Iraq / Lebanon in book, Bermuda mounted in album, Germany mint sheets and a France (modernish) cancel collection (an old Eaton Auction lot). What is likely the largest draw of this lot are the thousands of stamps still on dealer stockcards or in glassines from around the globe. This one, as with the previous lots will be a great sort for any intrepid sorter. Estimate = $200.00 $80.00
387 Worldwide - Lovely collection of mostly VF MNH philately-related and Stamp-on-Stamp topical souvenir sheets from countries too numerous to list. Just shy of 200 sheets and panes including Cinderellas and issues from Philatelic Exhibitions going back to JIPEX 1936 in South Africa. Estimate = $120.00 $32.00
388 Worldwide - Lovingly assembled collection of issues from South, Central and North America as well as the Caribbean, representing 45 different countries from Argentina to Virgin Islands. Arranged alphabetically in French, with some stamps hinged to strips cut from an Yvert & Tellier album, in a 32 double-sided page stockbook. Didn't see any issues past the 1930s and filled with regular and oddball items. Around 2,970 mostly used stamps neatly presented, with British Commonwealth and French and Spanish Colonial issues. Estimate = $400.00 $44.00
389 Worldwide - Mint NH Sets Bonanza consisting of 161 different sets (911 different stamps + 21 souvenir sheets), 1947 to recent, lots of better and high catalogue value sets, all F-VF, alphabetical sorted and housed in a Lindner stock book. Huge topical interest. Study the scans and remember all are NH! 2022 Scott US$1865.00 = $2,517.75 $48.00
390 Worldwide - Select group of 93 different high values mint, each stamp catalogues 5.00 & up! Classics to 1960, non later. Each stamp is catalogued and valued on the scans. Some are NH. 2022 Scott US$1067.00 = $1,440.45 $55.00
391 Worldwide - Small box jammed full with 8 lbs. mostly foreign stamps, both on and off paper in baggies. A mostly unchecked group, which should hold some potential for the intrepid sorter. Estimate = $100.00 $36.00
392 Worldwide - Smorgasbox - Banker's box packed with all kinds of worldwide stuff, including British Commonwealth, Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America and much more. Noted some part and complete sets, Classics through modern material, stamps, souvenir sheets, booklets, souvenir packs, Latvian Cinderella labels, early Sweden, post war etc. The conntents of the carton are loose, on album pages, in stock books, sorted into envelopes and folders. Sorting and cataloguing will prove to be a fruitful undertaking. Estimate = $250.00 $55.00
393 Worldwide - Topical collection featuring "Marine Life" from around the world, remaindered with 624 stamps and 7 S/S hinged and mounted on quadrille album pages, mint and used with many sets noted. Canada makes a significant contribution to a collection like this, and all Canadian stamps checked are MNH. Includes a printed checklist with 2008 Scott values, as well as a similar checklist for seashells on stamps. Estimate = $110.00 $24.00
394 Worldwide - Weird and wonderful accumulation of 425 generally used oddments in a 20-page pocket stockbook. Issues from the 1850s to 1930 with locals, revenues, labels, fakes, forgeries and yes, even stamps. Unusually broad variety with much scarce material. Sure to be an interesting sort with items you have not encountered before! Estimate = $100.00 $36.00
395 Worldwide - Winter Wonderbox. U-Haul Carton packed with a particularly rewarding (IMHO) conglomeration of stamps in stock books, on stock pages, albums, individual album pages, envelopes and loose. Saw lots of worldwide Classic issues (in varying conditions), collections intact as received (noted a Penny Black in one GB section), a small collection of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos and Virgin Islands, good strength in Canada and British Commonwealth, a Lindner Canada Hingeless album containing mint and used stamps, a Schaubek Canada album with matching slipcase containing mint and used stamps (high total catalogue value) and lots of other fun stuff. The winter months will melt away into Spring and Summer before you have finished sorting this hoard! Estimate = $450.00 $220.00
396 Worldwide Covers - A banker's box, stuffed with like 1500 plus covers from around the globe. Although most covers seem to be dollar or under covers, the sheer value alone is sure to produce some hidden items of interest. Good for a sit down and sort, keep the ones you want and sell off the remainder. Estimated at only 10c per cover! Estimate = $150.00 $10.00
397 Worldwide Ship Postcards - Album containing 139 mostly vintage cards from the pre-1920 classic postcard period. Many better items noted throughout including passenger steamships. Although these came from a local collection, these cards were priced at one time by a dealer. The total retail as marked on the cards comes out to $1356.00. Estimate = $160.00 $80.00
398 Worldwide Supplies - Manila Stocksheets. A small box containing 100 lightly / moderately used stocksheets. The standard 3-ring hole punch pages are ready to be given a binder and live another day. The "new" retail cost on these is $150.00. A very cost-effective way to store your duplicates without having to pay retail for them. Estimate = $80.00 $42.00
399 Worldwide Topicals - An "Overprints on Stamps" topical collection. An attractive collection, neatly arranged in alphabetical order on hanger stocksheets (about 150 in total, worth a fair bit on their own) within two green 3" binders. Over 1100 different stamps in total, both mint and used with many better items throughout. Once delved into, the collecting of overprint issues can be quite fascinating for variety of reasons which the stamp needed to be overprinted (often for special usages, not originally anticipated when the stamp was originally issued). A nice tidy lot. Estimate = $200.00 $80.00
400 Worldwide Topicals - Triangle Stamp Collection. An exquisite collection of over 1000 mint and used stamps, each "triangular" in shape. Lots of interesting and colourful issues throughout, with strength in the many Mint NH sets from across the globe. Organized alphabetically within four 3-inch binders, mounted on over 200 like-new Hagner stock-sheets (worth a fair penny on their own). A great chance to acquire a large holding of this ever-popular stamp topical collecting area. Estimate = $325.00 $60.00