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Price Realized: $130
Canada Covers

Gilles Villeneuve Error FDC. Here's your chance to acquire a very rare UNOPENED post office pack of four Formula 1 commemorative FDCs, including the rare Gilles Villeneuve error cover. Only days after their initial release, all of the Gilles Villeneuve official first-day covers (OFDCs) were recalled in panic because Villeneuve's birthplace, found on the reverse of the OFDC, was incorrectly identified. Instead of Villeneuve's actual birthplace of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qué., his birthplace is erroneously listed as Berthierville, Qué., which is about 120 kilometres north of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. A total of 11,000 Villeneuve OFDCs were originally printed and issued on May 15th but the vast majority were recalled within days, with very few, if any, reaching postal counters. A new version is available now online to pre-order with delivery and in post offices by mid-June. A potential modern FDC rarity of the highest order. Estimate