Bidboard # 1856
Lot # 103
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $1,000.00
Price Realized: $1,000
Canada Precancels

UNLISTED ONE OF A KIND NEW FIND. Spectacular VF centered 1c deep green 1930 issue GeoV Arch/Leaf showing a very clear example of the MAJOR RE-ENTRY in the right-hand "1", with a type 7 Montreal QUE precancel, DOUBLE, ONE INVERTED. This precancel is presently UNLISTED in the Marasco & Field Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue (7th edition) but would theoretically have the catalogue designation Montreal Style 7-163b-M (or Montreal Style 7-163ii-M if you take the re-entry into consideration). New finds of precancels are few and far between, considering how much dedicated research has gone into their study. This piece is unquestionably a rarity of the highest order, very possibly unique. Estimate