Bidboard # 1857
Lot # 132
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $358.00
Price Realized: $170
Canadian Provinces - Newfoundland # 87, 87ix, 87xiim, 87xiv

VF mint block of 4, each with a variety, of the 1c deep green "King James I" from the 1910 lithographed John Guy issue, perforated 12x11. The upper left stamp is position 41 with the "NFW" variety, the upper right stamp with "JAMRS" variety plus many extra dots in "NEWFOUNDLAND POSTAGE" at top, the lower left stamp is with an unlisted "O'NE" variety and the lower right stamp, position 52, is with the "ONE'CENT" variety. The latter variety is perfect NH, the balance of the block is with light gum disturbances. 2017 Unitrade.