Bidboard # 1858
Lot # 69
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $326.40
Price Realized: $85
Canada # 1283a-1286b, 1696a, 1971, 1812, 1812i, 1813, 1813i, 1814, 1814i, 1818-1834, 1-ST, 2-ST, S72

VF quality selection of better modern issues, consisting of (in no particular order: VF MNH complete run of all the 1999-2000 Millennium miniature sheets including the basic set of 17 panes plus the additional six "Dove" thematic panes of 4 or 1; two of the 2007 Purdy's commemorative envelopes; the 1983-1984 experimental "Stick 'Tic" Xmas labels; the complete set of all four 1990 issue Petro Canada 39c "Majestic Forests" mini-panes of four; and the 2003 issue "NHL All Stars" 48c miniature pane of 6. 2017 Unitrade.