Bidboard # 1858
Lot # 197
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $250.00
Price Realized: $350

Cartonful of Happiness. Useful, eclectic and fun mix of worldwide and Canadian material, all packed into one banker's box. This lot represents the last portion of a very large consignment that will be coming through our bidboard for the next while. In the carton we noted, in no particular order, mint Canada on two Vario stockpages, over 2,600 mint and used Japan (in envelopes and on Vario stockpages), 105 mint and used Korea, miscellaneous bits and pieces including blocks of older mint Fiji, French Polynesia, New Zealand and Sarawak. Dozens of #10 size envelopes contain over 15,000 mostly used stamps, carefully sorted into numerous separate countries. Sure to be finds, with half the work (the tedious sort) already done for you! An efficient sorting project, easily worth the estimate. Estimate