Bidboard # 1859
Lot # 91
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $125.00
Current Bid: $28
Canada # FWH3d

George McLean ARTIST SIGNED intact and VF condition 1987 issue $6.50 "On the Wing - Canada Geese" Federal Wildlife Conservation stamp booklet. This signed "Duck" booklet is listed in Unitrade and was listed in the 2005 Darnell catalogue but was not listed in the Van Dam catalogue (probably due to a typo) until the latest 2017 edition. The signed booklet is accompanied by a regular unsigned booklet for comparison. According to both Unitrade and Van Dam, this is the second best artist signed booklet (after the Bateman signed #FWH1d). The catalogue value total here is for both booklets. 2017 Unitrade.