Bidboard # 1859
Lot # 199
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $150.00
Current Bid: $75

Carton Conglomeration. Big packing box crammed with all kinds of groovy (and not so groovy) stuff, including (in no particular order) used Canada and worldwide in Black Cat cigarette tins; three fat 3-ring binders containing several thousand stamps and souvenir sheets, collector mounted on imaginatively manufactured custom card/pages, all alphabetically ordered A-Z; a 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee "cinderella" label set with special custom folder; several "junior" style albums, early 1900s to 1970s period (sparsely populated); unused manila stocksheets; various sizes of candy box, packed with all kinds of worldwide wonders; lots of loose sundry in envelopes and loose. Didn't see a kitchen sink (maybe in the next sale). Estimate