Bidboard # 1885
Lot # 111
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $2,694.00
Current Bid: $1,125

Face Value Motherlode. Massive holding of 3c through 6c face value Canadian postage, offered as received. The lot consists of 2c values x 4,400 ($88.00), 3c values x 4,000 ($120.00), 4c values x 900 ($36.00), 5c values x 25,000 ($1,250.00) and 6c values x 20,000 ($1,200.00). The stamps have NOT been checked for papers, gums, tagging or plate varieties. Excellent range of issues, commemoratives and definitives, including multiples. Exceptional potential for "finds", particularly for the intrepid UV and magnifier equipped philatelic researcher. HUGE total Unitrade catalogue value (well over $22,000.00!). Conservatively valued as face value postage only. Total Face value