Bidboard # 1886
Lot # 122
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $480.00
Price Realized: $60

National Christmas Seals: Unitrade #19, 21, 23-29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39. Rare full panes of 100 or 20 plus some singles of the 1936 to 1946 issue Unitrade catalogue listed Christmas Seals (English versions plus a few French versions). The odd Unitrade numbers refer to English text, the even numbers are French. Some of the panes have a bit of perf separation but in general the larger sheets are intact and NH (the panes of 20 and singles are Hinged). We'll be handling the next portions of a very comprehensive collection of Canadian issue seals over the next few bidboards. Stay tuned! 2019 Unitrade.