Bidboard # 1886
Lot # 146
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $425.00
Price Realized: $190
Germany and Area

Massive Stock. Very well organized and massive heavily duplicated stock of many thousands of mint and used stamps, mostly mid to late 20th Century material all neatly laid out in five fat stockbooks. The lot consists of Germany proper, (some) States and Colonies, plus WWII Occupations, Berlin, Federal Republic, Azad Hind, Allied Military Occupation, East Germany, as well as an interesting sampling of "Back of the Book" material. While there aren't any $100.00+ stamps in the mix, there is enough useful material in the $5.00 to $30.00 range as well as large quantities high quality elusive lower values to make this a very worthwhile lot for the German area collector or dealer. Estimate