Bidboard # 1886
Lot # 173
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $100.00
Price Realized: $110
South America

Four binder collection of 1890s to 1980s period 95% South America, including Argentina (525 stamps); Brazil (315 Stamps); Paraguay (320 stamps); Peru (310 stamps); some Costa Rica (170 stamps) mounted on blank pages in 3-ring binders (3 binders) with little to no duplication. Most identified under stamp by Scott number. In addition, on stock pages is Columbia which appears to be mostly one of a kind (there is some duplication in about 10 different stamps with a quantity of up to 20 or so of each (1,100 stamps, approx. 900 with no duplication); a bit of Africa, with Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Congo (160 stamps). Generally Fine, mixed M & U, with approximately 80% used. Later material includes some nudes and Disneys. Most are low cat value (under $1.00), but note many of single digit dollars. The total quantity of stamps approximately 2,500). Owner's Estimate