Bidboard # 1902
Lot # 92
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $150.00
Price Realized: $130
Canada # 2847a (BK623), 3051a (BK686)

Two recalled error booklets. The first is the 2015 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Hoodoos) Booklet, the scarce recalled $7.20 self-adhesive booklet of six x $1.20 stamps, including two of the misidentified "Hoodoos". Withdrawn from post offices in a panic by Canada Post, not many reached private hands. The second booklet is the famous November 2017 recalled Hanukkah booklet. This booklet was recalled in a panic by Canada Post (almost within hours of the official issue date) due to the use of the Star of David as a design element, both on the cover and on the pane. The official explanation was that the Menorah is the symbol of Hanukkah, not the Star of David. The new revised booklet has a different cover and pane design. A nice modern OOPs! duo. Estimate