Bidboard # 1902
Lot # 87
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $5,000.00
Price Realized: $1,525
Canada # 1601b (BK190 IMPERFORATE)

VF mint condition, pristine and intact 1996 issue "Special Occasions" Greetings Booklet #3, containing a self-adhesive pane of ten 45c stamps, WITH THE DIE-CUTTING COMPLETELY OMITTED. Only four panes have recorded and one of these panes has been separated into 3 sections. Needless to say, as one of the 3 remaining panes this is a modern booklet error of the utmost magnitude. The booklet comes with a 2010 APES photo certificate which states, in part "genuine in all respects". Never seen one before! 2020 Unitrade.