Bidboard # 1918
Lot # 107
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $3,476.25
Price Realized: $725
Canada # BK54-BK71

Huge collection/accumulation of complete mint Centennial issue booklets, not often offered in such desirable quality or quantity. A total of 278 booklets neatly housed on 39 pages, the vast majority being Vario stockpages either black or clear. A highlight is a spectacular misperf error on BK71 (similar to that listed as BK71e T2 in the Adminware database) with the vertical perforations shifted 3mm to left resulting in a G2aL tagging error at left. Noted many varieties, as would be expected for this interesting issue, but not all identified and so catalogued conservatively as the cheapest variety in some cases (like BK54 and BK69). Total face value of the usable postage is $125.98. 2021 Unitrade