Bidboard # 1918
Lot # 255
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $2,167.69
Price Realized: $450
Saint Pierre and Miquelon # B1/B14, C1-C82, CB1-CB3, J10/J92, Q3-Q4

Fantastic Back of the Book collection of the French colony of St. Pierre et Miquelon with Airmails complete up to 2007 (and needing only #C83 to be a complete set), plus useful semi-postals, Postage dues and a couple Parcel stamps. MNH, MH and used condition with a few early airmails (#C10, C13, C14, C16-C18) partly stuck down to the album page. A choice MNH example of the submarine "Surcouf" 1962 issue #C25 is a highlight. 2021 Scott US$1734.15=