Bidboard # 1919
Lot # 289
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $3,662.69
Price Realized: $375

Large hoard of largely European issue singles, part sets and complete sets mounted on 173 old-time thin paper approval cards (many appear to be made just post-WWII era) from the Intercity Stamp Company out of Port Washington, New York. A vast array of material here including stamps from Russia, Tannu Tuva, Ukraine, Portugal, Germany, Albania, Croatia, Portuguese Colonies, Azerbaijan, Norway, Romania, Abyssinia, Armenia, Congo, Spain, China, Montenegro etc (too many to list). The owner has updated each approval card with a current Scott catalogue value. It is interesting to see the difference in pricing in today’s catalogue compared to what they sold for several decades ago. Owner’s 2020 Scott US$2930.15 =