Bidboard # 1920
Lot # 44
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $500.00
Price Realized: $350
Canada # 37, 41

and Shades in an Incredible Calendar Collection. Extensively studied and detailed 1870 to 1898 period calendar based study of 322 used examples of the 3c Small Queen, all chronologically laid out on Hagner brand stock sheets. Each and every stamp has been identified for date of cancellation, perforation gauge and paper type. Includes over 40 examples that can be classified as perf 11 types (the collector more accurately measures them at 11.6). Wide range of shades and cancels, including better. Here's your "date stamped" road map to the most complex value of the long running Small Queen series. 298 stamps have clear DAY, MONTH & YEAR cancellations, 24 stamps have clear MONTH & YEAR dates. Expect a few faults in a research group of this type but you rarely see as well arranged and carefully examined group as this. Take a really good look at the scans to appreciate both the value and work that went into this collection. Probably decades in the making! Estimate