Bidboard # 1920
Lot # 191
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $43,000.00
Price Realized: $3,725

Massive Collection in Nine Lindner Albums. Large box packed with a huge, multi-century spanning mint and used collection of over 7,100 stamps (2,638 used and 4,496 mint), all housed in nine printed Lindner Hingeless albums. The material runs from the first issues of 1849 up to 2009. The collection is mostly used for the Ceres and Napoleon period up to 1875. Coverage then becomes more comprehensive for both mint and used material, with the mint stamps in the protective Hingeless plastic sheets, the used hinged on the page itself. After 2002, the collection is almost exclusively mint. The collection comes with a 73 page printed spreadsheet prepared by the owner, numbered and valued by Yvert & Tellier catalogue. Owner's total 2021 Yvert & Tellier 29,641 euros =