Bidboard # 1921
Lot # 233
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $563.44
Price Realized: $120
Iceland # 5/201, C3, O16, O24, O35

Fifty-two stamps from the 1873-1937 period in used or MH condition. Note that the #5 (catalogue US$1,450.00) has been carefully scrutinized (by the consignor) and appears to be properly printed, with correct perf gauge and the usual irregular perfs, with offset centering typical of the issue. However, the paper is heavier and off-colour, with no watermark than that normally associated with the issue. It is quite possible that this is a genuine anomaly but would take much more research to confirm. Consequently, we offer it as is and have not included any value for it in our totals. Apart from this the best stamps in the lot are #10, 12, 15, 74 (mint), and C3. Owner's 2019 Scott US$450.75=