Bidboard # 1921
Lot # 18
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $2,937.50
Price Realized: $525
British Commonwealth

Commonwealth Cornucopia in one Card Box. Exceptional quality, all VF mint NH selection of 776 different stamps in 61 different complete sets, archivally stored, often in black Hawid mounts, all in black dealer cards. Almost all late GeoVI to early-mid QEII era (1970s) issues. Set values run from US$9.00 up to US$136.85 with many sets in the $20.00-$60.00+ range. The perfect lot for the Commonwealth collector/dealer looking for pristine and varied material without any of the "junk" sets often included in lots like this. See the 3-page hand-written inventory list for more details and to appreciate the provenance of the sets. 2022 Scott US$2,350.00=