Bidboard # 1922
Lot # 140
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $200.00
Current Bid: $100
Canada # 2845, 2847a (BK623)

Hoodoos Booklet. Two unaddressed and uncacheted First Day Covers of the 2015 issue UNESCO World Heritage Sites with mis-identified "Hoodoos" booklet stamps, plus the rare recalled $7.20 self-adhesive booklet of six x $1.20 stamps which includes two of the "Hoodoos" stamps. Withdrawn from post offices in a panic by Canada Post, not many reached private hands. The covers have different cancels in red and black from the same Mississauga, Ontario Post Office, #104368 in Central Parkway Mall, which is a verified Canada Post outlet so the Unitrade warning about manipulated dates does not apply. No Canada Post outlet would engage in spurious backdating. Estimate =