Bidboard # 1922
Lot # 133
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $150.00
Current Bid: $90
Canada # 544x

VARIETY (BK70c part pane). VF mint NH example of the 8c slate "Library of Parliament" Centennial definitive, in the fourth row of the partial booklet pane of 18 from Unitrade #BK70c, short printed at right. Still mounted on the original album page. Unitrade describes the error as "part of design missing from right margin 8c stamp in 4th row". Se-tenant with regular stamps above and below. Only about 100 examples of this eye-catching error are known. Unitrade is $250.00 for the intact error booklet but it's the single stamp that's the key. This may be an earlier state of the "short printing". See lot #90 from bidboard 1920 for another example. Estimate =