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Bidboard # 1928
Lot # 24
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $1,271.00
Current Bid: $13
British Commonwealth

Smaller Collection Aggregation. Useful range of 1860s to 1960s period material from a combined group of smaller collections, the balance of a much larger lot. The material consists of (in no particular order): Guyana #1/33, 1966 to 1967 period, Scott catalogue US$21.10; British Virgin Islands #1/201, 1866 to 1969 period, Scott catalogue US$90.25; Turks #45/52, 1882 to 1889 period, Scott catalogue US$16.50; Turks and Caicos #2/181, 1900 to 1969 period, Scott catalogue US$66.75; Maldive Islands #7/68, 1909 to 1960 period, Scott catalogue US$77.60; Tristan da Cunha #1/131, 1952 to 1969 period, Scott catalogue US$104.90; and finally a miscellaneous lot consisting of Barbuda, Batum, British Antarctic Territory, Brunei, Christmas Island, Nauru, New Guinea, New Hebrides, Niue, Norfolk Island, Pitcairn Islands, Scott catalogue US$639.90. The lot contains over 450 different stamps. Total 2002 Scott US$1,016.80=