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Bidboard # 1932
Lot # 324
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $724.07
Current Bid: $90
Jersey # 4/639, J1-J46, N1-N8

Mint and 99% NH nearly complete collection for the 1943 to 1993 period, neatly laid out in a Stanley Gibbons padded hingeless album. A total of 675 stamps, 7 souvenir sheets and 1 booklet. Sadly, the top of the album has split and the first page has had the mounts react (likely) with the plastic softener of the inner album witch has caused the mount to shrink / adhere to the stamp. It is possible that these stamps could be salvaged, but we did not count in them in the total and would leave it as-is for the purchaser to do as they please. Besides that, a very clean lot. 2022 Scott US$536.35 =