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Bidboard # 1932
Lot # 87
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $1,857.00
Current Bid: $110
Canada # 459, 468A

Incredible specialized collection of the 6c orange Centennial issue, carefully identified on the black album pages for paper fluorescence, ink fluorescence varieties, Winnipeg tagging and especially for the very many constant plate varieties that can be found on this issue. A flyspecker's paradise, with most of the CPVs annotated in detail including the plate positions. Usually with multiple confirming examples, these have a value of $5 each in Harris' Centennial issue handbook, and are undoubtedly the result of myriad hours combing through stamps. Also includes 13 Vario pages with singles on piece organized by cancel or off paper. A total of 1575 stamps plus one used counterfeit single with a total combined Unitrade/Harris retail value =