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Bidboard # 1932
Lot # 52
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $2,295.68
Current Bid: $38
Canada # 34-47

One Hagner stock sheet containing a selection of mint (top two rows) and used (lower five rows) 1870 to 1897 issue Small Queens. Noted both early and later printings in the mix. The mint values, including both OG and no gum run from the ½c to 3c and the used cover the whole range from ½c up to 50c. A useful Small Queen starter kit/sampler. Valued as the basic stamps by Scott. The mint material totals US$1,015.00 and the used material totals US$685.50. Generally sound and Fine but expect a few faults in the group. 2023 Scott US$1,700.50=