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Bidboard # 1934
Lot # 97
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $584.00
Current Bid: $60
Canada # 519-523, 524-528, 522i, 525i

Complete se-tenant sheets of 100 of the 1970 issue 5c and 6c Christmas stamps featuring the much sought after identical centre blocks of four and all sorts of Darnell listed and Unitrade noted identical pairs (not counted here). Each sheet is valued by Unitrade as one centre block, four plate blocks of ten, eight strips of five and sixteen singles. The 6c in the centre block does not have the "scratch through window" (scarcer and thus worth a 50% premium) and the 5c in the centre block has the "dot between M and A". Each VF MNH sheet is brilliantly pristine and lightly folded (vertically between rows 7 and 8, well clear of the centre block). 2023 Unitrade=