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Bidboard # 1936
Lot # 9
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $480.67
Current Bid: $60
British Colonies

Antarctic Complete Set Selection. Clean and F/VF mint Hinged and (mostly) NH selection of Antarctic region complete sets from: British Antarctic Territory (58 different stamps, 1969 to 1984 period, all NH, Scott #20/116, catalogue value US$218.15); Falkland Island Dependencies (9 different stamps 1946-1949 period, Scott #1L1-1L8, 1L13, all LH, catalogue value US$26.00 and a further 23 different stamps, 1980-1985 period Scott #1L38/1L95, all NH, catalogue value US$16.40); and finally, South Georgia (16 different stamps, 1963-1969 period issues, all LH, Scott #1-16, catalogue value US$95.00). The 2sh value from this last set has a small stain noted for the record. A lovely lot with great topicals and thoughtful designs. Total 2022 Scott US$356.05=