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Bidboard # 1936
Lot # 180
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $240.00
Current Bid: $150

Carton-full (medium size box) of odd's n' ends. An all-Canadian treasure trove of odd and ends, in need of a good sort. Some of the items of note are a 1996 Canada Post Super Heroes "collector pack" (containing a comic, FDC and mint booklet of stamps), old-time stockbook with several hundred used stamps QV to GeoVI with many better cancels, couple hundred Canadian FDC's from the 1970's to early 2000's, Lighthouse brand album pages with 1950's-1970's mint QEII era (about $50 in face value alone, with values to $2.00 and "Back of the Book" material), 1972 / 1973 Year "Souvenir Collections", stockpage with 1898 Maps / Edwards / Tercentenary issues, stockpage with various used Admiral mid/high values used, stockpage with GeoV OHMS perfins in blocks / singles, 5 Canada Annual Collections 1990-1994 (face value $145.24 alone) and lastly a red-binder stuffed with a couple thousand QV to QEII used and arranged on manila stocksheets including "back of the book" issues. A fun sort ahead for the buyer of this lot. Estimate =