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Bidboard # 1940
Lot # 360
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $200.00
Current Bid: $250
United Nations

Bigger and Better Box. In reverse-chronological order, there are about 100 new issue presentation cards covering 1986-2012 arranged in 40 Vario-brand 1-pocket pages. There is a random assortment of 38 lightly duplicated World Heritage prestige booklets circa 2000-2005 (these catalogue $15-20 each). The collection then goes back to the earlier days of the UN, with some interesting FDC, meters, permit and even a US International Reply Coupon cancelled at the UN New York office. Saw some UNESCO-themed FDCs from non-UN entities. There is a handful of new issue stamps and souvenir sheets from the late 60’s-mid’70s that don’t appear to have been touched since they were bought and there are a few sheets of the 1 ½ c first UN headquarters issue. Estimate =