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Bidboard # 1943
Lot # 6
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $240.00
Current Bid: $55
Australia # 1/378

Can dealer’s stocks ever be considered "fun"? We think that this one meets the test. Starts with lots of used ‘Roos and GeoV "Heads", which a quick check of some of the better indicates that they are accurately identified with cancel potential everywhere and unchecked for print varieties. This is followed by a number of mint 1930’s issues with value, including 3x pound-value "Robes" and 2x £2 "Arms" and a £1 Explorer. There are several mint and used blocks which include some imprint blocks. The binder evolves into a used collection of the same era (lots of nice SON cancels) with a bit of "States" material. Finally, there are three collection fragments from 1930 to 2000, with everything from a mint pound "Arms" to modern used commemoratives. Not your usual grab bag from down-under. Estimate =