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Bidboard # 1946
Lot # 88
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $150.00
Current Bid: $230

Accumulation of mint and used stamps in envelopes. At first glance, it would be easy to write this lot off as another accumulation of cheaper collector duplicates. More accurately, it is a Canada collection that was sorted and put in envelopes by denomination and never mounted. A quick poke through the various envelopes found a mix of used, mint, coils, booklet panes, souvenir sheets, multiples (the 2c envelope opened with a horizontal strip of 5 red Admiral coils), cancels and some "back of the book" (noting an Officially Sealed stamp). The first issues we noted were Victorian and looks to go up to about 2010. There are little pockets of mint postage (face likely to exceed $100.00) and some used Picture Postage issues. Every envelope gives you the feeling that anything is possible, but work will be involved in putting this into order. Thousands of stamps. Estimate =