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Bidboard # 1946
Lot # 87
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $150.00
Current Bid: $325

A small envelope box with glassines, mostly mint material from the 1940’s-1970s. Includes lots of plate blocks, some miniature panes and a few complete booklets (including a 2c War issue). There are also a couple of glassines with miscellaneous mint, a couple 1c & 3c Jubilees, 1935 Silver Jubilee, various War issue, a bit of "back of the book" and some Bileski-esque phosphor and Christmas hyped material from the 1960’s. Probably 90+% is mint, but we noted some used material including 5c & 7c used 1908 Quebec Tercentenary stamps. There is too much material to do a detailed inventory, so take a good look at the photos to appreciate the scope of the lot. Perfect for those willing to put in the "sweat equity". Estimate =