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Bidboard # 1946
Lot # 206
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $200.00
Current Bid: $24
Great Britain # 28/134

A tale of two notebooks. The first is a child’s scribbler probably from the 1960’s with about 220 used stamps from the Victorian-Edwardian period, including better, such as #28 x4 (catalogue $300.00 each), along with better issues throughout, including many different plate numbers and some cancel potential. Duplication in the Jubilee and KEVII issues, including some shade potential (the prices, mostly in pennies, are from another era!). Unfortunately, the stamps were heavily hinged to the pages, and some possibly even glued in place. So, despite there being a few thousand dollars in catalogue value here, the successful bidder may be advised to soak them all off. If that doesn’t "float your boat" the second "notebook" is a plate reconstruction booklet for #33, with 112 used and 1 mint copy all in their appropriate sheet location. The conditioning and hinging of these stamps are better. Estimate =