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Bidboard # 1946
Lot # 242
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $1,653.75
Current Bid: $60
Iceland # 1-7

Mixed condition grouping of 1873 issues. Including #1 (no gum, rounded corner...but catalogues $1,050.00), #2 (mint, tone spot, hinge remnant, $175.00), #3-#7 are all used, and all faulty, and would catalogue $7300.00! However, Scott footnotes read "False and favor cancellations are often found on #1-7. Values are considerably less". Facet prices post-period favour cancels at 10-30% of their regular catalogue values. Regardless, given the condition of the stamps, we are only counting the catalogue value of the first two stamps in this lot, and the others can act as attractive space fillers until something better comes along. 2023 Scott US$1,225.00 =