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Bidboard # 1947
Lot # 31
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $1,395.10
Current Bid: $130
British Commonwealth

Fifteen Countries/Colonies in Red Box. Mint and used organized stock of 1,388 lightly duplicated stamps from 15 different countries/colonies. Lots of complete sets (set values up to US$16.20) and useful singles (values up to US$17.50). The detailed breakdown is: Jersey 475 stamps (catalogue US$370.45); Bermuda 77 stamps (catalogue US$68.55); Montserrat 166 stamps (catalogue US$89.30); Norfolk Island 52 stamps (catalogue US$46.80); Pitcairn Island 23 stamps (catalogue US$9.45); Maldives 11 stamps (catalogue US$63.85); Malta 13 stamps (catalogue US$9.00); Tristan da Cunha 316 stamps (catalogue US$151.00); Samoa 21 stamps (catalogue US$27.10); Fiji 31 stamps (catalogue US$17.20); Gilbert & Ellice 39 stamps (catalogue US$24.65); British Solomon Islands 51 stamps (catalogue US$24.30); Tobago 5 stamps (catalogue US$9.55); Trinidad 26 stamps (catalogue US$30.55); New Zealand 81 stamps (catalogue US$91.05). Owner's total 2016/2020 Scott US$1,033.40 =