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Bidboard # 1947
Lot # 161
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $168.00
Current Bid: $160
Canada # 1441, 1442

Very Fine mint Never Hinged group of 20 full panes of 20 of the 1992 "Canada in Space" 42c hologram issue, all packaged and sold by Kasimir Bileski (over 30 years ago!). Bileski, always the promoter of errors and varieties, purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of these novel hologram sheets directly from Canada Post, scouring the panes for marketable varieties. He ended up finding missing holograms, mis-cut holograms, "black holes" and more before he was finished with his search. Although none of those appear to be here, the write-ups with these panes suggest some minor variety interest. We couldn't really see anything of particular note, but we are not Bileski. The panes are conservatively valued at face but should be worth more, just for the provenance! Total Face value =