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Bidboard # 1947
Lot # 198
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $200.00
Current Bid: $95

An older 40-page (unusual in itself) stockbook with a wild ride of 100 years of Canada stamps. In order of appearance, we noted mint GeoVI sets with "OHMS" (including O9, hinged, minor thin) and "G" overprints (includes O25). This first page alone catalogues about $500.00. Next up is some Thomas McGee issues (no gum) and a number of 1935 Silver Jubilee mint sets (hinged). This accumulation gives way to several pages of more common mint issues from the 1940’s-1980’s, before returning to a couple of pages of QV-GeoV singles and a few "back of the book" blocks (all mint, Hinged). Next is some GeoVI-era material including coils, a few plate blocks followed by some special delivery and postage dues (followed by more modern mint material). The material then jumps back to GeoV, this time mint and used, and then finally reverts one final time to the "back of the book" with more special delivery and official material. We should also note there are two pages of "revenue" and used "back of the book" that finishes off this exhausting listing. Estimate =