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Bidboard # 1951
Lot # 26
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $160.00
Current Bid: $22
Burma - Japanese Occupation

Second offering of 21 different "Peacock" overprints on Burmese stamps and officials. Nice condition and Lightly Hinged and one is "signed" by the "President". Paying mind to the footnote in Gibbons: "Collectors are warned against forgeries of these overprints, often in the wrong colours or on the wrong values". This lot includes denominations, officials and revalues for which these overprints were never recorded. There are double overprints, inverts, even sideways overprints, one overprinted in on both the gum and face. We presume that these are all forgeries and are a bargain at less than $10.00 apiece. With the original album page. Estimate =