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Bidboard # 1951
Lot # 5
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $140.00
Current Bid: $11

Small filing card box with a fascinating mixture of 20th century issues, haphazardly sorted into glassine envelopes and then put in the box in a seemingly random order. There is some obvious value and other potential value throughout. The obvious is modern face value, including 1990’s complete booklets - about A$85.00 in face value. There are also a number of glassines with mint issues 1980-1995 - conservatively estimating A$100.00 face value. There is some earlier material, like mint Explorers to 75c and revalued 5c on 4c QEII booklet panes which could help round out your collection. If you are looking for potential, there is a small handful of King George V "Heads" envelopes holding wholesale used quantities perfect for hunting down cancels or printing flaws. We noted a bit of similar material from the Aussie States too, plus there are glassines with mint and used covering everything in between. It will require your patience to pull this all apart to make sense of it. Estimate =