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Bidboard # 1951
Lot # 356
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $200.00
Current Bid: $16

A banker’s box with the balance of a consignment. Starts with a hingeless Lindner album with 1992-1999 mint Never Hinged stamps, including semi-postals (the printed pages are 1992-1994) and the balance used generic pages - about 400 stamps cataloging about US$500.00 plus an album that would set you back $200.00. There is a springback album with a clean used collection from the early issues up to 1990, including some East Germany. There is a small study of a couple hundred stamps with Berlin cancels on Vario-brand stockpages. A near-new Uni-Safe 32 page stockbook contains three pages of mint issues circa 1981 (perfect to help you with your sorting). Next are a couple of mint inflation-era panes and a big bundle of 1984-1990 new issue release "posters" (shows stamp, cancel, lengthy description - a few with press photo), a page of "potential" including some Germany states and post-WWII issues and even saw a few forgeries. Estimate =