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Edition #633  Friday, July 14, 2017

Highway 20

Last year's trip to Ocean Falls took us up through 100 Mile House to Williams Lake then along Highway 20 to Bella Coola. This is Chilcotin territory, one of the areas presently most affected by this year's forest fires.

Stands of beetle killed pine trees dominated the landscape for large stretches along the highway.

A short distance beyond Williams Lake, Highway 20 becomes a wide, graded gravel road.

A lack of water is not the problem with this year's fires. The large areas of tinder dry, decade old pine is.

Nimpo Lake is a large and lovely body of water along the highway just before Tweedsmuir Park begins.

As you can see here, Tweedsmuir Provincial Park has also been severely affected by the pine beetle.

Heckman Pass Summit is where Highway 20 begins its final descent down into the coastal town of Bella Coola.

Unaffected trees stand in stark contrast to their dead brethren.

The Freedom Road down to Bella Coola winds its way down hairpin turns with grades up to 18 percent.

When we drove the road it had recently been graded and there had been a bit of light precipitation. This created ideal driving conditions with no washboard, ruts or dust.

The Freedom Road is the only road into Bella Coola and it has been closed on numerous occasions during this fire season.

The people of the interior have been in our thoughts during this time of crisis. The memories of our trip last year are all the more vivid for the fact the landscape will again be changed dramatically the next time we see it.

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