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Edition #636  Friday, September 22, 2017


This year the annual British North American Philatelic Society convention was held in conjunction with the CALTAPEX exhibition and bourse in Calgary. It ran from the 1st to 3rd of September at the Calgary Hyatt Regency (700 Center Street SE). Firmin Wyndels and Andrew had tables at the show and drove to Calgary from Victoria. British Columbia at this time was having its worst forest fire season ever. The smell of smoke along their route permeated both outdoor and indoor areas. This is a view of the sunset at Golden BC through the ubiquitous smoke. To see what the stamp show was all about go to

Firmin's truck comes with a trip calculator theoretically telling you how much distance can be covered with the gas remaining in your tank. The leg between Revelstoke and Golden took a bit of a nail-biting turn when a good number of the theoretical remaining kilometres in the tank were suddenly significantly reduced and an annoying little yellow light appeared by the truck's fuel gauge. They glided into Golden on vapours. Success (if only by the narrowest of margins)!

Many tasks must be accomplished before the doors open at a stamp exhibtion and bourse. Rooms need to be booked, dealers need to arrange their stock. Setting up one's exhibit is a painstaking and often precarious undertaking.

The usually sartorially splendid Deveneys apparently travel in much less formal attire. Andrew and the Deveneys had dinner at an outdoor patio where Dave's buff looks and sleeveless style attracted many approving glances.

One of the older buildings in Calgary is now a popular all day breakfast joint called the 1886 Buffalo Café. See their website at

There's nothing better than a hearty breakfast before a long day of philatelic functions. From left to right are Firmin Wyndels of Victoria, Hugo Deshaye of Quebec, Chris Green of Ottawa, Tom Watkins of Victoria and Dwight Rindt of Calgary.

At the Deveney's table prior to the show opening, John Jamieson of the Saskatoon Stamp Centre and Ken Pugh try to determine what is real and what is not, philatelically speaking.

Murray Bialek offers remarks at the show's official opening. Jonathan Woensdregt, our eBay manager and star employee, stands in the background, fresh off his overnight Greyhound adventure.

The efficiently staffed show booth in the lobby offered show programs, souvenir covers and stamps and lots of generously offered information.

Chomping at the bit, waiting for the door to open are Bill Pawluck, Joe Smith, Charles Jacobson and Gary Tomasson.

As a National Level Show, the majority of the exhibits are quite advanced, carefully researched and thoughtfully laid out.

Firmin Wyndels' stock completely filled his pick-up truck and then some. He always ends up having something for everyone with his varied and fairly priced material.

While Joe Smith and Bill Pawluk quietly share a story, the Vancouver based father and son team of Gary and Mike Sagar smile for the folks back home.

Hal Kellett and Bill Longley conclude a mutually satisfactory transaction.

The Kensington Wine Market has regularly been voted the best wine, beer and Scotch purveyor in Calgary. Jonathan made the most of his visit, enjoying a leisurely tasting session prior to completing his carefully considered purchases. Check out their website at

After purchasing their carefully selected supply of Scotch, wine and craft beer, Firmin, Jonathan and Andrew headed to the Hayden Block Smoke and Whiskey Restaurant/Bar where they treated themselves to smoked brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey breast, barbecued pork ribs and a mess of sides including exceptional hushpuppies, broccoli salad, potato salad and smokestack corn. They highly recommend a visit to this establishment. See

One of the most welcoming and informal gatherings at the show was in the Amenities Room at the hotel. Here, after a long day of buying, selling, seminars, board meetings and other draining activities one could let one's hair down and engage in agreeable philatelic banter. Here, from left to right are Malcolm Newton from the Island of Jersey, Mike Street, Kayle Deveney, Elizabeth and Ian Kimmerly and Firmin Wyndels.

Here Doug Lingard acts as Amenities Room mixologist.

Comfy chairs and calming beverages make for pleasant philatelic exchanges. Here from left to right are Barry Casanova, Charles Livermore and Eldon Godfrey.

A very intense conversation centered around the main table in the suite. Chairing the discussion at the far end of the table is Hugo Deshaye, well known and respected postal history dealer from Quebec. Clockwise from Hugo are Peter McCarthy, Richard Thompson, Ken Pugh, Gary Steele, Ken Lemke and Bill Walton.

Clockwise from the far end of the table: Gary Steele, Ken Lemke, Bill Walton, Hugo Deshaye, Peter McCarthy, Richard Thompson, Ken Pugh and Doug Lingard.

Sometimes there's nothing better than a glass of wine or other select beverage to accompany an intimate conversation such as we see here between Kathy Hartley, Ron Majors (Grand Award Winner for his First Cents exhibit) and Peter McCarthy.

Even on Day Three, Firmin's table was still almost standing room only.

In every club there is a small hardcore unsung group of workers. Without their numerous hours of organization, promotion, communication, set up and break down, no philatelic venture of this type could even be remotely possible. Kudos to the brave band of stamp show heroes.

The Harrison Penny Red Collection

Back at the warehouse, we had a surprise visit from Peter Sakkit and his wife who live in Northern England. Peter collects Penny Reds among other things and was quite surprised to come across one of the largest holdings of plated Penny Reds in North America. If you're interested in this collection, please take a look at our eBay listing at

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Answer to Last Week's Salvation Army Quiz

We received nine correct answers to our last stamp identification quiz. That means a $9.00 donation to Salvation Army.

Here's the portion of the stamp we asked you to identify

Here's the answer - Canada #483, the 5c Lacrosse Players issued in 1968.

The Salvation Army Quiz

We show you a minute portion of the design of a postage stamp. You have to determine which stamp it is. Send us an email with your answer.

We hold a contest almost every newsletter. For every correct answer we will donate $1.00 to our favourite charity, the Salvation Army. Click here to go to the The Salvation Army International Home Page to see what services they offer to communities around the world.

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