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  Discount Postage

ave money on your mailing and shipping needs. We can sell you almost any quantity ($50.00 minimum purchase) of full gum mint Canadian postage stamps. The different percentages of face value at which we sell are as follows:
  • mixed values 30c denominations and lower 65% (35% discount)
  • mixed values 30c to 60c denominations 70% (30% discount)
  • current domestic first class rates, 3 stamps 75% (25% discount)
  • current domestic first class rates, 2 stamps 80% (20% discount)
  • for higher denominations, special rates or to place an order, email us.
  • Price will be variable depending on your choice. Ignore the fact that the price shows as $0.00 to the right.

    Please email us with your choice at firmin @

  No More Supplies Available

When we were a retail shop in Vancouver we offered a full range of philatelic supplies for sale. Now, as a home office in Victoria, we are no longer set up for retail of this type. If you're in Vancouver and need supplies, call Joe at Chantou at 604-321-7447. Joe is the western distributor for all coin and stamp needs. For online purchasing, go to Unitrade Associates in Toronto at
  Weeda's eBay and Facebook

We also have an eBay auction site and store:

Visit Weeda Stamps on Facebook:

  Discount Postage - 30c to 60c ($1000 face value at 65%)

30c to 60c $1200 face value @ 65%
  Ebay Purchases

Ebay Purchases
  Canada - Selection of Covers -

  Canada Postage Canada Postage - $50 @70%

  VGG Submission

Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation Submission
  Postage - 100x $1 Stamps @80%

  Mystery Box


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