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Victoria, BC
V8R 6N3

Phone (250) 385-1826
Toll free 1-888-685-1826
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No More Supplies Available
When we were a retail shop in Vancouver we offered a full range of philatelic supplies for sale. Now, as a home office in Victoria, we are no longer set up for retail of this type. If you're in Vancouver and need supplies, call Joe at Chantou at 604-321-7447. Joe is the western distributor for all coin and stamp needs. For online purchasing, go to Unitrade Associates in Toronto at http://www.unitradeassoc.com

Weeda's eBay and Facebook

We also have an eBay auction site and store: http://www.ebay.ca/usr/weedastamps

Visit Weeda Stamps on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weedastampsltd/

Discount Postage


Let us help you save money on your mailing and shipping needs. We can sell you almost any quantity ($50.00 minimum purchase) of full gum mint Canadian postage stamps. The different percentages of face value at which we sell are as follows:

  • mixed values 30c denominations and lower 65% (35% discount)
  • mixed values 30c to 60c denominations 70% (30% discount)
  • current domestic first class rates, 3 stamps 75% (25% discount)
  • current domestic first class rates, 2 stamps 80% (20% discount)
  • for higher denominations, special rates or to place an order, email us.
  • Price will be variable depending on your choice. Ignore the fact that the price shows as $0.00 to the right.

    Please email us with your choice at admin@weeda.com