Bidboard # 1855
Lot # 182
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $578.13
Price Realized: $46
Norway # 1242/1321

2000 and 2001 Annual Collections and Yearbooks. VF condition examples of both the hard covered/slip cased yearbooks and soft covered annual collection folders for the years 2000 and 2001. There are a total of 125 mint NH stamps, 15 booklets/booklet panes and 2 souvenir sheets in the four folders/books. The total face value of the useable postage in the lot is 1,163.30KR=$187.32CDN. Valued as mint stamps by Scott catalogue only, even though the books should be worth more. Missing stamps in the smaller folders are #1270-1271 and #1307. The rest are complete. 2018 Scott US$462.50=